Top 10 Harry Potter Fan Theories

Expect obvious spoilers if you haven't seen movies or books.
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1 The Dursleys were mean because they were under the effect of a Horcrux

Petunia was always jealous of her sister, because she couldn't be a witch. When Petunia was a child she even sent an owl to Dumbledore because she wanted to go to Hogwarts and when she couldn't go she called it a "Freak School." Then the Dursley's met Lily and James again and there was an argument and Vernon really hated Harry because he looked like his father. Vernon was a bad father anyway I mean to his son he egged him on with bullying not punishing and Petunia was a bad mother she ignored Dudley's behaviour thought he was a baby angel. Dudley was just a bully and a spoilt brat. Vernon was the head of his office Grunnings who make drills. When did parents give their child 36 presents?
Aunt Marge we don't really know much about her, except she is a Muggle Umbridge and she loves dogs.

2 The Deathly Hallows refers to Voldemort, Snape, and Harry, and Dumbledore's Death.

One died for power - Voldemort
One died for a lost love - Snape
One greeted Death as an old friend - Harry
And Dumbledore possessed all three hallows, and was greeted by Harry as the "old friend".

But the deathly hallows story was created before Harry met Dumbledore at Kings Cross, so they can't refer to them. It makes sense to be a reoccurence of the event though.

Did you know that Harry and Voldemort are both related to the Prevelles Harry is Ignotius and Voldemort is Cadmus.

3 Dumbledore is a time-traveling version of Ron Weasley

Personally, to me, this makes absoulately no sense. I... I can't even describe how little sense this makes to me

4 There might have been a war between the muggles and wizards, with the muggles being the winner

I love this theory. It does actually make sense. It would explain why wizards went into hiding. It also kinda explains why abracadabra and avada kedavra sound so much alike. Maybe abracadabra was Muggles mocking wizards?

How the crap would the muggles win?
the wizards would win. use a memory charm on the muggles, and hide so that another war couldn't happen!

Ever wonder how the Ministry of Magic may have been set up?

5 There are ghosts of former Hogwarts students that died there

I do believe this because Moaning Myrtle was a Hogwarts student. And I think there is more and we just don't know about them because Harry never met them. (We read the story in Harry's view so it is possible)

6 Draco Malfoy is a werewolf

He's suspicious, plus there is a literal werewolf walking around the Malfoy manor at night, he could just have possibly gotten annoyed with Draco and bit him.

K this is probably the weirdest one I've seen besides the Ron is Dumbledore and the Draco- Hermione ship.Like seriously,why would he be a werewolf?

7 Ginny may have given Harry a love potion

I really noticed. First off, in the 1st book to the 5th, Harry didn't really notice Ginny. Then later on in the half blood prince, when Fred and George have that store thing, Ginny is at the love potions. Then I suppose she bought it. Later when she kissed dean, hp is jealous or something I guess, then a little later he like... had a crush on her and it made no sense. He broke up with cho for some reason, and pays no attention to Ginny and in the next book/ movie he has a crush. Eh? They also say Ginny had a crush on Hp when they were young. So it is probably true that Ginny smuggled in a love potion.

8 The Defense Against the Dark Arts position was cursed by Voldemort

Yes, this was Dumbledore's theory around why he can't hold a DADA teacher for more than a year and, like most of Dumbledore's guesses, I'm pretty sure this is right too.

When Voldemort was apparently denied a position, the position was cursed so that it only could have one teacher per year.

I think it was cursed because Voldemort didn't want students learning to go against the dark arts.

9 Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor
10 Moaning Myrtle was an urban legend

She was basically a homage to a Japanese urban legend, Hanako, a ghost of a young girl who died in a bathroom and roams the bathroom.

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11 Neville wasn't bad at magic, but he was using the wrong wand

Yes, this makes perfect sense. He was using his dad's wand, which probably hadn't chosen him. As for Ron being able to use Charlie's wand, Wingardium Leviosa is a simple spell first of all, and secondly Charlie's wand might have liked Ron more than Frank Longbottom's wand liked Neville, so Ron was able to perform magic better with Charlie's wand than Neville was able to perform magic with his dad's.

He certainly was a whole lot better as the movie progressed, but for a time he of course was that one kid who couldn't get it right. Is it possible his first wand really just wasn't meant for him?

12 Harry never left the cupboard under the stairs

This is as pathetic as The Wizard of Oz.
I found out that Oz was actually a real place in the book not like the film which was Dorothy's dreamland.

This theory says that Harry created the Wizarding World all in his mind to escape the trauma from the Dursleys.

"Make a wish" - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone film.

13 Neville Longbottom is the real hero

Not necessarily. He's not 'the' hero, he was just the hero in that particular timeline. The Time Turner could've taken a wrong turn that led to a chain of events leading to someone else being killed and Voldemort still being immortal. Also, you have to remember that there's that part where Harry tells Neville to kill the snake. If Neville wasn't even alive, assuming the events where Neville is dead happened similarly to the events where Neville is alive, Harry would've just told someone else to kill Nagini, and if they succeeded, well then Voldemort is still dead.

14 The Sorting Hat sorts students based on what traits they value, not possess

Harry (who chose Gryffindor over Slytherin) but also I'd wager Hermione (who chose Gryffindor over Ravenclaw), as well as anyone who's family traditionally gets sorted into a house. It's hard to imagine every single Weasley being a Gryffindor or every single Malfoy a Slytherin, if your choice was determined by your personality (and not your choice)

What about Albus Severus Potter? He valued Gryffindor traits, yet he got put into Slytherin.

15 Harry is now immortal

"Either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives". Harry must've given up his own death upon victory over Voldemort.

Oh this has to be true. For one thing, he already died at Voldemort's hand. For another, he killed Voldemort! I hope Harry lives forever. GO POTTER!

"His scar had not pained him for nineteen years."
That's beautiful.

16 Crookshanks is actually the Potters' cat.

It actually makes sense.

The Potters had a cat, remember?
It also explains why Crookshanks hated Scabbers so much (he was Peter Pettigrew, who abandoned the Potters).

17 Rita Skeeter is J.K. Rowling

The four thumbs up for cursed child was written by Rita Skeeter do you realise that would be proving that the wizarding world does exist, Rita is not a Muggle.

WHAT?!?! But Skeeter writes false stuff. Remember? I don't believe it.

18 Dramione (Harry Potter)

If anybody wonder what this is it's the Draco x Hermione ship. I'm pretty sure on YouTube there is something saying that Emma Watson had a crush on Tom Felton or the other way around? I don't know but I think it's like that and this pic from the third book or movie has Hermione captured in a scene of just her and Draco. Oof

I hardly doubt that Draco hates Hermione and always will besides Hermione is so rude for accusing him of bribery for new broomsticks for the Quidditch team she needs to learn to mind her own business

19 Luna is Autistic

She laughs really loudly when someone tells a random joke.
She randomly mentions imaginary creatures.
Wears a necklace of butterbeer corks.
Bluntly honest.

20 Dumbledore is gay

Rowling may have confirmed it, but it wasn't in the books. Due to the rules of literature that I just made up, if it isn't mentioned then it isn't canon.

Actually confirmed. JK Rowling broke the silence and said yes, Dumblydore is gay

21 George Weasley is Willy Wonka
22 Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas are gay for each other

Deamus forever! This is 100% true. Just look it up, I know you won't! But really, this ship is so cute.

23 Dudley saw his bratty and bullying memories with the dementor and it terrified him

I'd say this is confirmed. After the attack in Order of the Phoenix Dudley became a much more remorseful person due to having treated Harry like crap the last few years. He at least shook hands with Harry before he and the rest of the Dursleys left for safety (in case anyone's wondering, this is a deleted scene in Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie as well).

Why he made Harry a cup of tea, and worried about Harry asked his parents if he was coming too when they had to leave in the seventh book.

24 Muggles hated The Fat Friar and Sir Nicholas because they used magic so the two were executed

Its true well if you go on the Harry Potter Wikia for the stories about them.
The Fat Friar worked in a Muggle Church, even though he was a wizard.
Sir Nicholas was caught in the times of witch killings.

I looked up how nearly headless nick died and he died because he accidentally gave a muggle tusks and was arrested and killed by getting hit 45 times with an axe.

25 Minerva McGonagall is a death eater

I personally think this is true because in the chamber if secrets she doesn't even help stopping the basilisk and also when Cedric Diggory dies she doesn't shed a SINGLE TEAR! I mean what is up with that! Remember when I said that in the Chamber of Secrets she doesn't stop the basilisk, well also she doesn't even stop Harry and Ron going into the chamber. And yes, she was taking big gasps after they came out if the chamber and weren't killed. But when Cedric Diggory dies she doesn't even gasp or cry. I think she was gasping because they had destroyed one of Voldermort's horxuxes.

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