Top 10 Things That Would Make Harry Potter Better

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1 Cedric Diggory being more important so his death is sad

His death was important enough. They gave him a funeral at the end of Goblet of Fire and it was still being talked about in the fifth book (although under the guise of a "tragic accident"). Also the Cursed Child shows an alternate timeline where Cedric was alive, but turned into a Death Eater, killing Neville and preventing Harry from winning against Voldemort (also preventing Harry's children from being born).

You mean he should've been the first and second book?

I personally hate cedric

Cedric dying is sad to people who might like him but we already have enough sad deaths

2 Draco Malfoy dying

I can understand I mean less temper tantrums with Cursed Child but they wouldn't go completely there would be some still, like temper tantrums over the new time turners that had been invented, Harry grumpy as a adult, Ron comical even though he decided to retire from being an Auror and work his George in the joke shop.

The series would be boring.

Yeah I hate him

In the end, yes.

3 Harry not living with the Dursleys

Harry would not have lives!

4 The Dursleys not being abusive

Petunia grow up, yes your sister went to Hogwarts and you couldn't and yes she was more pretty than you. But you cannot have jealousy for years.

Well I suppose they were similar to Cinderella's family. The Wormwoods in Matilda.

Didn't see this one at first. Totally agree.

5 Goblet of Fire not having a romantic subplot
6 Harry not having a crush on Cho Chang

Yes. Who else hated this part?

7 The Weasley twins not being annoying

Remember that scene in The Deathly Hallows when Ron found "Potterwatch". Fred was talking in the radiothing, he said "You know who can move faster than Snape when he sees a bottle of shampoo". That made the final book readable for me.

I agree the Weasley twins are so overrated. They were pretty mean to Ron when he was little . . . they caused his fear of spiders!

The Weasley twins are not anoying they make the Harry Potter series humorous and very interesting.

8 Harry saving more than 2 people in Goblet of Fire
9 No professor Umbridge

Are you kidding. Umbridge is the best teacher, and without her the 5th book would be way more boring.

10 Harry wanting to win the Triwizard Tournament

He never wanted to win. He wanted to be left alone. He's aware of the high stakes of the tournament and knew he could have died any time.

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11 Sirius not dying

If Sirius didn't die I would enjoy it a lot.
Imagine the look on his face when Voldemort says Harry is dead. Imagine his face when he sees Remus dead. Imagine his face after the battle of hogwarts when Voldemort dies.
Just imagine all the things that we could've seen if he was still alive. Sirius is my favourite character, when he died I wanted bellatrix to be dead so badly

He died going through the veil of life and death. But in the movies they changed it to Bellatrix casting the killing curse and then he goes through.
Harry if he didn't worry so much about the Christmas present that Sirius gave him, then he would've known about the two way mirror and then his death wouldn't have happened.

Sirius is overrated, he never did anything special. And Hagrid is more like a father to Harry than Sirius.
I only like Sirius because of Gary Oldman :)

Sirius still alive

12 More information about Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw

I think that if Luna and other important Ravenclaws had shown up earlier than this problem could have been fixed, but the 1st book introduces everyone, and 1 more character with a full plot would have overdone it, the 2nd book feels the need to over-focus on Salazar Slytherin, aka Mr. Evil-Pureblood, and Godric Gryffindor, aka Mr. Hero, the 3rd book/movie would have complicated things, and in Goblet of Fire, there are already so many new characters that adding anyone else would overdo it. I just wish that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw had more consistent appearance in the movies and books, because they are just as capable of heroism as Gryffindors and just as capable of evil as Slytherins.

Hufflepuff is the only house that Harry doesn't visit. He goes into Slytherin house in The Chamber of Secrets after drinking Polyjuice Potion, He's in Gryffindor so he's been there multiple times, he goes to Ravenclaw house with Luna Lovegood to look for Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem. He never sees Hufflepuff house. Therefore there is almost no information about it. There are also very few Hufflepuff characters.

I'm a hufflepuff!

13 Harry living with Sirius

Harry being raised by Sirius in case if Lily and James were killed off.

14 Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks still alive

Yes please! Remus was the last of the Marauder's (Wormtail doesn't deserve to be one). He is so cute! I love that he is the guy who comforts sad people. Like when Molly sent Percy a Christmas jumper and he sent it back without a letter or anything.

And Tonks is so wonderful! We should really have more female characters like her. She is such a breath of fresh air from and she stands out from the rest. She is so much more fun with her laid-back, goofy and clumsy personality. (I love the twins for the same reason). She is so much more relatable than the rest of the gang who glide around effortlessly never breaking ore knocking over anything. She is such a complete character! I love them both. TwT

Yes I vote for this one Lupin and Tonks were supposed to survive the Battle of Hogwarts but because J.k Rowling spared Arthur Weasley she felt as if she had to kill Lupin and Tonks but I think that they should have survived just because Arthur Weasley survived why Did Lupin and Tonks have to get killed off it would have been great if they had lived through the war

Tonks is super cool

15 Harry and Hermione together

You mean the stereotype, predictable pairing. The two main male and female characters.
Why did the Weasleys have a daughter they have 6 sons.
She was just as excited as everyone else when she saw him in the first book.
She was not shy read the first book again when she first appears and at the end and Ron saying she never shuts up in the second book. She was only shy around Harry. That does not make her a fan girl, she fancies her brothers best friend and couldn't wait on when she found out he asked Cho to the Yule Ball so she dated Michael Corner we know little about them except he didn't support her when she won the Quidditch House Cup, sure he is a Ravenclaw and she was playing Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw but he was her girlfriend so she would break up with him and then he didn't seem that upset when he went to date Cho.
Whats wrong with Hermione being the sidekick? being the smart sidekick.
If Ron and Hermione argued all the time they wouldn't hang around.

16 End of rivalry between Slytherin and the three other houses

I'd say THIS is the biggest issues to the books/movies. The problem here is the sheer segregation with the Slytherin house and everyone else, because Slytherins are often considered the evil bunch and the ones who are always of the pure-blood, and even after Harry sends his kids over to Hogwarts the school still has this problem. The other houses never have any sort of problem with one another.

17 Less hate for Slytherin house

I'm not a Slytherin but Slytherins are really overhated. It's really unfair that in that if you're a Slytherin people think that you're evil. There are many good Slytherins like Andromeda Tonks, Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy and Albus Potter. Even Merlin, the most famous wizard of all time was in Slytherin!

best item on the list.
Slytherins are overhated as hell, and I am clueless as to why. sure, voldemort/tom riddle was in Slytherin but surely that doesn't mean Slytherins like me are evil! besides let's not forget Merlin himself was in Slytherin.

18 More Marauders

More information? Instead of mainly memories from the enemy.

19 More information about other wizarding schools
20 Hagrid marring Madame Maxime
21 Lily and James raising Harry Potter

Yes to give the Harry Potter fandom some IQ so they are not mentally retarded thinking James is a bad guy and making Snape overrated.

A fan fiction of if Voldemort didn't exist and there was a plot.

But then there would be no plot!

22 Alice and Frank Longbottom raising Neville
23 The series having a more generic name, rather than being named after the protagonist

Well I suppose the prequel is called Fantastic Beasts.

I know a good name: The Hogwarts Chronicles.

24 Sirius and Regulus Black make amends with each other
25 More information about Bartemius Crouch Jr.

David Tennant is an amazing actor and I would love to have seen more of him in the series

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