Top 10 Best Warrior Cats Names that Do Not Exist

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1 Frostheart

Frostheart is a bulky white tom with a snow-white pelt and dark grey stripes, splashes of blue-grey extend out of his chest fluff.

He is described as serious, short-tempered, and overall just annoying. His voice is deep and firm.

Although he acts tough on the outside, it is due to his past life as a rogue, where he and his littermates were abandoned by their own mother at the age of 6 moons, he taught himself, and his siblings how to hunt and fight. But as he said himself, he failed to protect one of his brothers; Billymoon, Billymoon was a sleek black tom who was an excellent hunter, but failed to listen most of the time. When a fox attacked the stack of hay bales they were resting in, Frost - Hearts failed to save Billymoon, changing him from a sweet loving om into a stern, serious, mean one. He vowed he would never fail again.

Frostheart is a sweet but firm tom, with a muscular built, he was once a warrior but now resides in the RiverClan elder den, he was a young warrior when the great journey was made, he always had, had quiet dignity and has always loved kits, although more grumpy then he was he is still generous but has the guts to speak up to what he thinks wrong, when he was a kit he watched his brother, Yarrowkit die from death berries, therefore traumatising him. He no longer trusts any types of herbs and would not let his mate, Yewnose, go anywhere near borate especially sharp scented herbs. This killed his kits heart breaking both Frostheart and Yewnose.

Frost heart is a large, fit, warrior. He is deputy of shadow clan. His pelt is mostly white with streams of silver and grey running along his face, belly, and shoulders. He has no apprentice currently but his old one was black stream. His mentor was bone pelt who died in a battle with wind clan long ago. He has no kits nor mates. His mother was morrow seer and his father is storm bringer. He is 61 moons old currently.

Let's see. He's a gray tabby tom with long elegant whiskers, light green eyes, and a long, fluffy tail dappled with white. Has a mild personality and is tolerant of frustration. Extremely loyal and looks cool.

Parents: Leafwing, a gray she-cat with green eyes and long whiskers, (passed away) and Streampelt, a orange tabby tom with amber eyes and a long tail.

Mate: Lightfeather, a courageous tabby she-cat with distinctive long fur and white paws.


2 Creamfrost

Creamfrost is SUCH A CUTE NAME!

Purrsona: fluffy white and grey she-cat

Backstory: She was born alongside Pixie as Ivy to two kittypets. She decided to join TC. They named she and her sister Creamkit and Softkit to tease them. But she soon proved herself a warrior.

A chubby, young warrior who was forced into apprenticeship by Brokenstar and was killed with Badgerfang. Her death was slowly coming and StarClan gave her many warriors frightening the kit warrior, she and Badgerfang fought side by side but when her death came she faced her fate boldly.

This is my version of cute little Creamfrost. She was abandoned as a kittypet at one moon by her parents without a name. While trying to stand up Silkpelt and Cloudfur walked by finding Cream. They lost one of their daughters Puffkit. They decided to adopt her naming her Creamkit. She grew up to be Creamfrost with her sister Fluffpelt and her brother Softstorm.

I agree with whoever wrote the comment about it being ice cream. I think it's a pretty name, but it just sounds kind of weird to me. And also to me it doesn't really make a lot of sense, and I know people will say that she's a cream cat with frosty blue eyes, it just doesn't seem to me like cream and frost really go together at all. The only thing I can see that helps them fit together is ice cream. I know how hard it is to make a name though, and overall it's pretty good, so I applaud you. Nice job!

3 Jaysong

Jaysong is a young warrior tom. He is courageous, kind, gentle if needed, stern, also if needed, brave, loyal, and always shows trust and companionship, especially on hard journeys. He is gray, with dark gray stripes, and pale blue eyes, always shining and ready for adventure. He is always delighted by whatever he can delighted at. He started going to gatherings when he was just an apprentice, for the leader (Cardinalstar) trusted Jaypaw (at the time) and thought he was respectful enough to come to gatherings. And so he was.
Crush: Hollylock
Parents: Grayshine is a pretty grey she cat with beautiful gleaming eyes, full with patience and calmness. Next is Cardinalsong who is a gentle, yet stern but sweet tom with a handsome sleek pelt with a brownish-reddish color.

-Silentwhispers the Riverclan medicine cat


Here is what he would be like in my eyes:

Jaysong is a young warrior tom. He has grey fur with darker stripes and beautiful light blue eyes. He is calm, caring, kind, gentle, loyal, adventurous, and very trustworthy. He is trusted by everyone in his clan. He loves adventures and long trips near the water. Jaysong was loved by his leader (Silentstar) and he was chosen as deputy.

Clan: Mistclan

Kits: Mintkit, Cloudkit, Shadowkit

Mate: Ivyfur has black long fur with orange and white spots everywhere. She has kind green eyes and a angel-ish personality.

Parents: Dovewhisper is a pretty light grey she-cat with emerald green eyes and spots on her face. Lightclaw is a white tom with dark blue eyes and long fur.

"Ah, Jaysong. He is interesting, can I say. He is everything you can dream about. His mate (Ivyfur) must be really lucky. Jaysong was so adventurous when he was a kit. He always came into my den with new stories he had ...more

I like this name because it is aesthetically pleasing

Purrsona: a fluffy grey tom cat with tabby swirls and blue eyes

Family: Echomist (grey tabby she-cat; mother) Jayclaw (dark grey tom; father; deceased) Mistypelt (pale grey she-cat; sister) Clawmist (blue-grey tom; brother)

Role: Medicine cat

Clan: BerryClan

Backstory: He was born to warrior/queen Echomist and deputy Jayclaw. His father died a day before his birth, and all of his litter is named after their parents. He wanted to be a medicine cat from the beginning, but he couldn't because everyone wanted him to grow to be deputy and then leader. When he was 8 moons old, he appointed himself as the medicine cat apprentice by refusing to come to warrior training sessions and helping the medicine cat. His mentor gave him a medicine cat name before Emberstar could give him a warrior name. He is now the Clan's only medicine cat.

What I imagine when I hear this name:

A young, yet skilled silver or gray tabby with bright blue or green eyes. The stripes along his pelt look like those along a jay bird's wings, which was why his mother picked the name for him

Mother : Poppywing

Father : Graysplash

Littermates : Silvermist and Larkdawn

Mate : Ivyspring

Kits : Mintkit, Dewkit, and Graykit

Love this name

4 Brightstorm

A beautiful ginger and white splotched she-cat, Brightstorm is always gentle and sweet.

Brightstorm had mentored Dawnpaw and Blackpaw in the past and has no current apprentice.

Her beloved mate is the clan leader, Cloudstar (Sorry this is canon), and she has two kits, both female: Sweetkit, and Leopardkit.

Brightstorm is the most beautiful she-cat in the clan an admired by all the cats. Many other males like her a lot, but she chose Cloudstar, in the end. She is a wonderful tracker, as well.

Brightstorm is a kind and gentle tom who is loving. He feels as if the Clans should be united, but he knows his opinion will not be supported, so he doesn't really speak out, just making a few comments. He has a loving mate named Duskdancer and two kits named Dawnkit and Eaglekit. He is a reincarnation of Gray Wing. He is named Brightstorm because of his bright golden eyes and his dark gray pelt is the color of a stormcloud. He will die protecting his mate and kits from a badger.

Black tom from Shadow clan. Young warrior sacrifices himself for the clan medicine cat and later dies from his wounds. He loved the clan medicine cat and just before he died she had his kits (one of which becomes leader)

Orange and white tabby she-cat. Brightstorm has green eyes and loves fall. She is a medicine cat who is patient and loves the soft scent of herbs around her.

5 Birchsong

Birchsong is a golden brown she-cat with piercing green eyes. She is a born warrior and very ferocious.

In the past, Birchsong has mentored Bunnypaw, Hazelpaw and Wolfpaw. She is currently mentoring Shadowpaw.

Birchsong's mate is Lightingstrike, who is a fierce warrior just like her. Together they fight in every battle. At one point, Birchsong had one litter of kits: Stormkit, Icekit and Shadekit.

She is a powerful warrior and follows the warrior code with respect.


Purrsona: pretty brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Family: Robinflight (mostly brown tortoiseshell she-cat; mother) Shadowblaze (black tom with blazing amber eyes; father) Darkstorm (pure black tom with golden eyes; mate) Mudflight (brown tabby she-cat with golden eyes and white paws; kit) Yellowsight (ginger and brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes; kit)

Clan: HollyClan

Role: Warrior

Backstory: She had a relatively normal life until she fell in love with Dark. She had seen him after escaping her capture by Twolegs, and he sat grumpy and annoying in his cage. Not bearing to hear his complaints, she let him out. He walked with her back to her Clan, and he became a member. He had a major crush on her, and they had two kits

Hi, I am Willowfall of StormClan.
Birchsong is the medicine cat of SunClan. She used to be a kittypet, but was recruited to join the Clan by Ashclaw and Pinewhisker. Birchsong is a dark brown tabby she-cat with white paws and beautiful blue-green eyes. As she was a kittypet, I have no idea of her family, and because she is a medicine cat, she has no mate or kits. Birchsong is a skilled medicine cat, who will take on an apprentice who I don't yet know the name of. She is medicine cat during Stormystar's leadership, mainly during the time that Bramblestorm is deputy.

Birchsong is a yellow tom with brown stripes and golden eyes. He is an elder alongside his mother, Shadepelt, and sister, Gelidfur.

6 Dawnbreeze

Dawnbreeze is a pretty, tabby she cat with soft fur and beautiful glowing pale yellow eyes. She is always ready for adventure, loves her kits, will always take in a kit if in need, is everything kits. She loves the breeze in the mood so that was what she was named after. She would sit in the open, watching kits play, and enjoy every moment she has. She loves flowers and she loves company, though she gets overwhelmed if there is a big happening, so that is why she never really goes to gatherings. She is more quieter and keeps to herself, but if she has something to say, she makes sure she's heard. Her mate is Flamingpast and she had two kits with him named Speckledkit and Hollykit.

-Silentwhispers the Riverclan medicine cat

I like this name. I personally see a light brown she-cat with grayish blue eyes. She is a very agile cat and is a good hunter. Dawnbreeze isn't the best fighter strength wise but can gain the upper hand from her speed. She is very quiet and mainly keeps to herself but she has a very quick wit and will make a sassy or sarcastic remark when you least expect it. Dawnbreeze is incredibly caring and loyal to those she cares about but seems rather shy and cold to cats she doesn't know well or cats she hates. This is my personal opinion of what Dawnbreeze would be like.

Absolutely stunning name I think - have used this name in the past for a stunningly pale ginger she-cat with fur glowing like embers. She has deep blue eyes and is incredibly loyal. She had a rough story with her mate being incredibly deseptive, sneaking around with other she-cats, but that wasn't what broke her spirit. She lost her littler of kittens but thankfully recovers and perseveres, finding another mate who actually cares about her and she lives as happily as possible with him.

As one of my OCs, she is the most beautiful cat in her Clan, LeafClan. Many toms loved her, but she chose her true love, AutumnFall. She had no kits, but she is a loyal warrior.

7 Dovefeather

Hollyshade here. Why is this name lower than Frostheart? It's much better, in my opinion. Anyways, she could be a fluffy, sleek white she-cat with green eyes and a fluffy tail.

Dovefeather is a handsome strong white tom, with pale blue eyes, and is found quiet attractive. He is a gentle tom, with a stern look if he wants, and he is the mentor of a curious and eager to learn apprentice named Owlpaw.
His mate is Swans'song and they had four kits: Wolf'kit, Misty'kit, Song'kit, and Flower'kit. He lived to 69 moons and died due to too much blood loss due to too many wounds due to battle. Dovefeather was always ready to fight, wether or not he was well enough to fight.

-Silentwhispers the Riverclan medicine cat

Dovefeather: splotched brown, red, orange and white she cat

Clan: RiverClan

Dovefeather dealt with a lot of deaths in her life, her mother sadly died giving birth to her and her litter mates (Cyankit, Solarbranch) and shortly after Dovefeathers birth her sister, Cyankit, also died. A few moons later her father, Gladestorm, died fighting for the sunning rocks. She then found a mate, (Downstream/star) and she watched him and her kits, windsweptkit, lakekit, and blackkit as Downstar became leader. Dovefeather soon died from a sickness but that didn't stop her from warning her kits and downstar about the odd threat coming to RiverClan.

-Lightdawn, RiverClans medicine cat

Dove'Feather I picture her as a Large White She in wind clan, I feel like she has a hopeful spirit even tho her kits didn't make & died because some of them couldn't breath right or see & hear right. Her mate was Jaw'Wing he was a small Orange tabby that got her expelled because he was a expelled cat that turned into a rogue but they got a rogue life together. Also she died of old age she was 284 moons she was lucky to live that long.

8 Echolight

We need more names with Echo!

Purrsona: silver tabby she-cat with light blue, almost grey, eyes

Family: Echofeather (silver and white tabby she-cat; deceased mother) Stormlight (dark grey tom; deceased father)

Role: Seeker (reports areas with the most prey, snakes, Twolegs etc. also helps find lost kits)

Clan: TunnelClan

Backstory: She was given a mixture of her parents names. Stormlight died defending Echofeather from a badger, and then Echofeather died from wounds. Echolight's role of a seeker involves her finding kits. She nearly died finding Dapplekit after the tortoiseshell was kidnapped by BushClan. Echolight has a major crush on slightly younger Swiftstrike, and often has friends help her groom every last bit of fur before he comes to camp.

Echo light's mentor, Sageheart, died shortly after she became a Warrior. Her Clan, WindClan is loyal. She is a Tabby gray she-cat with pale-grey specks on her cheeks that look like freckals. She has clear green eyes and got her first apprentice, Marlpaw, who died from another WindClan warrior. She died by a ThunderClan warrior, and she watches over the Clan. Ok, Mom: Hareheart (tabby grey she-cat) Sister: Spottedpaw (gray-and-white spotted she-cat) Brothers: Hawkpaw (gray and black tom) Knarledtooth (black tom) Cascitostripe (white tom with skinny black stripes) Dad: Vinesnap (black-and-white tom) Mentor: Sageheart (Brown tom) She became a apprentice with her brothers and sister, and she lost Hawkpaw. She tried saving him, but it didn't work. She was slightly strict to her apprentice, until he died. She got a new apprentice, Violetpaw. She lived to become a deputy, then another Clan warrior killed her. Wow, that was the longest comment I ever wrote! Hope you like it! <3 Bye!

Note: I'm turning this into a family tree now!
In my mind I see her as a fluffy, cloudy furred silver-and-white tabby she-cat with relaxed green eyes. She is bringing a thrush home to her Clanmates. She was rather determined to prove herself to her Clan, being overshadowed by her sister, Dovestar. She was very kind towards their sister, Brokenwing (once named Owlpaw) and rather curious about who their father was, Frostheart never told them. She lived a long peaceful life as a deputy and in the end, became legend as well, for fighting hawks skillfully and creating new bird-catching techniques. She and her sisters were known as Sisters of the Legend, each having their own legend. He mate is a tom named Jaysong (pale gray tabby tom with light blue eyes)

I'm thinking, a ginger ThunderClan she-cat, fresh out of apprentice hood. As a kit, Echolight was an only child but she loved playing with the other kits in the nursery. She is a very curious cat, always learning, with a very bubbly personality. Even in the darkest times, she never loses hope and can make a cat smile, just by looking at them. Echolight is always ready for what comes next and believes strongly in StarClan. Many cats don't know her secret, but the key to her true happiness is a quote "be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy as well"

9 Gingersplash


Purrsona: Ginger tom cat with yellow eyes

Backstory: Gingersplash was born to two unknown RC cats. He soon fell in love with Dawnbreeze, who didn't return the feelings. But when she had kits with a rouge, she said he was the father. After she was exiled, he became mates with the leader.

This name rocks! It sounds like a ginger tabby with a white muzzle, underbelly, and has two differently colored eyes; one blue and one green. She is a medicine cat, and her father was a kittypet, but her mother was a warrior. When she gave birth, she dies, and the father goes back to live with his owners. She is adopted by a kind cream-colored queen named Cream Heart, and her kits are already one moon older than her. So when they become apprentices without her, she is, once again, alone. Later, one of Cream Heart's kits, Soaring Paw, becomes Soaring Mist, and then is chosen to be deputy. His mind becomes clouded with jealousy and hate towards the leader, and kills him, then he is in control. Now Ginger Splash, and her siblings, have to battle against Soaring Star and his corrupt mind to stop him. She has a really interesting backstory!

What I imagine-

A dashing white tom with ginger tabby spots splashed on his coat. He has captivating forest-green eyes. Gingersplash is a well respected member of his Clan who holds the spot as deputy. He is a hearty and is not easily manipulated. Gingersplash is a skilled hunter and fighter who follows the Warrior Code loosely but always keeps it in mind. He's a real ladies man and can also be a bit egotistical at times. He is an optimistic tom, and he sometimes likes to gossip.

I love this name so much, It's a very graceful and elegant name. I imagine a pale ginger she-cat with a white under belly. She has white flecks around her muzzle, and has leafy green eyes. She is shy and sweet and likes to keep to herself a lot. When she is fighting for her clan no-one can get in her way. I think she should be a medicine cat, but a warrior is fine to. I would just like to say once again I really love this name and I think everyone should vote for it.

10 Bluemist

A blue-gray she-cat with stunning sapphire blue eyes. She is calm and quick-witted, and when it comes to battle, she's star of the battlefield!

She has mentored Frostpaw, Redpaw, and Gingerpaw. Currently she is mentoring Cedarpaw.

Her mate is Stormheart, and Bluemist has given birth to Silverkit, Brightkit, and Thunderkit.

She is a respected member of the clan.

This name is so creative! I feel like this cat would be a silvery blue with pale amber eyes, and little white toes. She doesn't have a mate and usually keeps to herself. She is quiet and content with her calm life in RiverClan, until she was chosen as deputy. She is a calm, collected deputy who listens to both sides of every story. She usually avoids contact with other clans until she met Rowanflame, a bulky brown tabby tom who she later fell in love with. Rowanflame left ThunderClan and she resigned from deputy to find a new home with him, where she later settled down and had two small gray kittens.

Hmm. A white Tom with dark blue eyes and distinctive streaks of gray along his back. Has a chilly personality, but courageous and a trustworthy friend.

Parents: Flowbreeze, a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes and long, course fur, and Songleaf, a gray tom with a ginger pelt dappled with white and green eyes.

Mates: None

Clan: StarClan (passed away due to battle)

I have an oc with the same name! He is a long-legged, nimble, Russian blue tom-cat with a white streak running down his throat. He has a slender tail and big ears, along with bright green eyes that have white flecks near the irises. He is a kind, loyal, tom with a careful eye and a helpful persona. He is willing to help his clan-mates in need, and tries to avoid bloodshed as much as possible. Also, he is rather bold, but not cocky. He knows where the limits are and can close his mouth when necessary.

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11 Blackstream

Blackstream was a she-cat ShadowClan deputy who was blinded by ambition, causing her own Kit, Reedtail, to murder her and end her vicious plans to control ShadowClan as if it was her puppet. She had black long haired fur with white stripes now and then. She had three kits with her mate, Dewdrop. They were named Amberdawn, Reedtail, and Silverstorm. Her own dark ambition even led her to killing her mate, Dewdrop. She had realized what she'd done and her last words were to her kits, apologizing for the way they treated her. Eventually, after her murder, StarClan spared mercy on her and let her into StarClan. (All These Votes I Write I Want To Be Connected in Some Way. So, that's why some of the other names are here!)
-Dovesong, RiverClan Warrior.

Blackstream is a pretty black and white striped she cat from Shadowclan. She has piercing blue eyes and a sharp look. She is pretty short-tempered, and has no respect to the new medicine cat, Callerpine. She believes there is something suspicious about him. Blackstream works as a spy and she doesn't want a mate because she thinks it will get in her way from being a spy, also since she would probably have kits.
Mates: none
Moons old: 41
Role: warrior, spy

-Silentwhispers the Riverclan medicine cat

Look, some people get annoyed when others talk like this(apologies for sounding so rude). Before you dislike my post, hear me out. But lots of others have created the same one. Lot's of people, (including me of course) like showing off what we post. Especially if it's awesome or unique. But I sort of get a little annoyed when this happens, though mind you, I can't talk. It's an awesome name too though, with an awesome description. Very creative as well. Just remember that people including me get annoyed when they read comments like this. Thank you, and I hope I haven't offended you (though I probably have) I love your ideas though. Keep going and have a good time!

Blackstream is a black tom with gray around his eyes and ears. He has yellow eyes and scars on his back leg. He is proud and strong with a empowering, peaceful demeanor.

12 Amberdawn

Amberdawn was born to Blackstream and Dewdrop, in the same litter as her brother and sister, Reedtail and Silverstorm. They suspected their mother to be blinded by ambition, due to the fact she always left during the night, and never even looked at them in the day. Dewdrop, their father, was obviously confused. He went to check on their mother, and he was reported dead at sunrise. Reedtail was furious. Amberdawn tried to stop her anger-filled brother, but it was no use. He killed their mother, ending her dark ambitions. Amberdawn was always in grief until her sister, Silverstorm, killed their brother soon after for killing their only surviving parent. Amberdawn met a cat named Blacknose and had two kits, Berrypaw and Yarrowpaw. She never lived to see them grow up, but she watched them from StarClan as they became Berrytail and Yarroweye.
- Dovesong, RiverClan Warrior

How about…A tabby ginger she-cat with bright amber eyes, a long tail, and small white paws. Has a undercoat of stiff white. Has a cheerful sense of humor, lots of determination, and courage.

Parents: Rainpelt, a tabby she-cat with brown fur and green eyes, and Onelight, a tom with tortoiseshell brown fur and a unusual silver-furred tail.

Mates: None

Clan: WindClan

I'd imagine Amberdawn as a soft, kind, gentle, loving, caring she cat, who used to be a kittypet, but always thought about the life in the woods. She'd have a pale ginger colored fur pelt, and some ginger stripes. Then one day she learned about the clans and told the thunderclan cats her name was Amber. She snorted at that but they said they could talk to their leader about her thoughts. Amber became confused about everything they were saying, but she just let them leave and return the next day. The leader had accepted her offer, and she ventured off into the woods with the other cats to find their so called 'camp'. She soon tasted mouse and birds, and she liked life! She started out as a apprentice, she learned that was called that, then you became a warrior. The leader, Cardinalstar first made her fully welcomed as a new full member of thunderclan, then told her name would be Amberpaw, and her mentor would be Brightfluff. Soon, Amberpaw had made some friends and then soon after that ...more

Amazing name! Amberdawn is a sweet, creamy orange she-cat with calm amber eyes. Amberdawn was going to be a warrior, but Amberdawn likes peace so she switched to being a medicine cat. Amberdawn's only regret is that she can't mate with Foxpelt, as she wanted to. Amberdawn is a quick learner and enjoys sunrises and sunsets. She died in her sleep and was mates with Foxpelt in StarClan.

13 Jakepaulsplash

Jakepaulpaw went to the high rock.It was the day he becomes a warriors. He looked at his leader:
''From now on,you'll be known as Jakepaulsplash! ''

Jakepaulsplash just ran away.

This name is trash.It HAS to be a joke..

Oh my gosh. Yes. This is now my favorite!

14 Ambershade

I'd imagine amber shade as a pretty, dark she cat with amber eyes and a hard stare, but uses that rarely. She has a torn ear and a scratch from one eye to another, but she doesn't care at all. She is a super strong cat, who you'd not like to fight. Otherwise, she's kind, but can be dark. She doesn't have a good like for kits, and get pretty annoyed by them quick. She'd be a good fighting mentor, and if you attacked her, you'd have no chance of succeeding. She is particularly good with sensing sneak attacks.
Mate: shaded'apple
Kits:none, she doesn't want any
Moons old: 39
Status:no wounds, slight cough (but she doesn't care but still takes herbs for it, it's improved), sharp eyed as usual.

-Silentwhispers the Riverclan medicine cat

I imagine Ambershade as a beautiful, lithe she-cat. She is a pale ginger color, with creamy orange legs, ears, nose and tail. Her underbelly is white. She has cream patches on her. She has warm amber eyes. She has a narrow face and long legs, a fluffy tail, and thick, soft fur. She has long, feathery whiskers.

Ginger she-cat with beautiful darker patches and white speckles. She has amber eyes and a pink speckles nose. Ambershade is calm and enjoys peace.

I would think of HER a dark brown she cat with darker brown stripes and light green eyes,and I love the name.also maybe a black tail tip?

15 Honeysplash

Awesome name! She is a warrior of Iceclan, and she has yellow fur and lime eyes. She likes to put leaves or flowers behind her fur.

A light yellow she-cat who often wears a flower tucked behind her ear. She is a senior warrior of Windclan, and is expected to be picked as the next deputy.

I think Honeysplash would be a dappled yellowish-pale brown she-cat with amber eyes.
She is very good at pretending, lying, and acting. She even tricked everyone in the Clan, including her mate that her mate was her mate. She pretends to be really sweet and always says sympathetic things to her not-really-friends. But, she is cold-blooded and fools everyone. Her goal is to destroy the Clans.
She had a beloved friend. Her friend just gave birth to her children but the Clan cats killed her. Honeypaw, then, was devastated and promised that she would avenge her friend to StarClan.
She got her warrior name because she pretended to be good, and she had a talent for tracking scent trails and an excellent sense of hearing. In her warrior ceremony, her leader used the words "honest" and "loyal" to describe her because he didn't know anything about her plans. There wasn't really any reason she was named the suffix 'splash. In the end, she was taken by greencough, the most stupid and ...more

Frostleaf of Thunderclan again. Is a tom with a pale honey-colored pelt with a pelt of paler fur on her belly, and has a long fluffy tail tipped with white. Bright green eyes, and has a funny sense of humor and extremely gentle.

Parents: Hazelleaf, a wiry brown she-cat with blue eyes, and Mudpelt, gray tom with misty green eyes.

Littermates: Hazywillow, small black and white she-cat, (passed away in a battle) and Whitepaw, silver-furred tom (passed away from greencough)

Mates: Streamcloud, red-brown she-cat with long tufty ears

Clan: WindClan

Story: He grew up in WindClan, to his father that neglected him for breaking her tail and the medicine cat saying he might be crippled in the tail. After quite a few moons without any care from his parents, his littermates still played with her, but most of her kin had turned away from him. He lived her apprentice moons lonely and resentful, and when a rouge called Stream passed by his clan, he fell for her. ...more

16 Amberhaze

Amberhaze - A light orange she-cat with a sleek pelt and white chest and paws, large ears and soft orange eyes. She it's a true warrior of River Clan, while sometimes she can be brave and outspoken, she have a soft place for some cats, she follows her heart and haves a great speed. As a kit, her father was unknown, but her mother, RobinLeaf raised her well along with her brother RubyTrot. She doesn't wishes to be deputy, and can't picture herself as a clan leader, she protects her territory, and always battle the intruders even if they need help sometimes. She sees her mistakes and feels sorry for what she had done. Even if it's something minium.

Amberhaze is great! I think a smoky-black she-cat with amber eyes. I think Amberhaze would be a SkyClan cat. She was taught by Violetcloud how to get birds out of the highest branches and how to fight with the power of SkyClan. Amberhaze is well respected and is nice to all cats. She never had a mate or kits. When Amberhaze was nearly a senior warrior, in a battle she crippled her back leg by falling off a tree. Amberhaze still was a warrior until she got greencough and had to stay in the medicine cats den. She found that she loved to work with herbs and became a medicine cat. Amberhaze died of greencough and was much missed. Since most of her littermates were dead her apprentice, Cindermoon, missed her the most.

Hi, I'm Willowfall of StormClan.
Okay, this name is just beautiful. I have some OC's, named Amberpool(tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws and bright amber eyes) and Amberheart(pale gray, almost white she-cat with dark amber eyes), but I don't have an Amberhaze. And I think I should. Amberhaze would probably be a light golden tabby she-cat with gray-blue eyes.

I imagine a cream colored she-cat with dark blue eyes, black spots and a long tail with black spots all over it. She has a black patch over her left eye and a scarred right ear with a long scratch down her back. Her personality is kind, caring, stubborn, sarcastic, forgiving, generous, brisk, honest, loyal, friendly, funny and open. She is most known for her sarcastic attitude and her skill in battle. She could defeat four cats single pawed! Her mentor, Brokenwing was evil, forcing her to run around the camp on pointless missions. As an apprentice, Amberhaze grew strong muscles, broad shoulders, and her legs got longer. She also became more muscular. She is from SkyClan and is the youngest warrior. Later on she mentored two apprentices named Lakepaw and Daisypaw. Daisypaw was quiet and bullied and Amberhaze became her best friend, keeping her alive and well. Lakepaw got the name Lakewing and Daisypaw became Daisyflight. Daisyflight and Lakewing eventually became mates. At a gathering, ...more

17 Briarflame

Nice name! I imagine a dark brown she-cat with darker flecks on her paws and tail. As an apprentice, her only friend, Quailpaw became a warrior as Quailflight. That made Briarpaw feel lonely and friendless. Since she was feeling this way, it pushed her to hunt, fight, and patrol more. It made her pass her warriors assessment and she became Briarflame, because of her fiery determination to become a warrior. Sadly, by the time she became a warrior, Quailflight had a mate by the name of Birchsong. Briarflame's heart crumbled and she joined the Dark Forest. They pretended that they understood the she-cat's heartbreak, and trained her.

By the time Briarflame was a skilled Dark Forest trainee, Birchsong passed away from greencough. After a moon, Quailflight asked if they could be mates. Briarflame forgot her fury and said yes instantly. She had only one kit, named Aspenkit, a red tabby she-kit. The rage returned to Briarflame when she realized how much she looked like Birchsong, ...more

*violently scribbles on paper for fanfiction* Briarflame is a pretty she-cat with green eyes and a reddish pelt. She has an aroma of smoke and mint. She's kind, but she can be rude. She loves a cat from ShadowClan, and she tries to hide it from her leader.

Brairflame is a dark brown she-cat with lighter flecks on her pelt, she has blue eyes. Brairflames clan is OakClan, she has been a warrior her whole life, after Featherclouds and Sparrowclaws deaths, Raintooth had asked to mate her, but Silverfeather, a she-cat that loved Raintooth, killed Briarflame when she had the chance to, Raintooth had been utterly devastated, and he had died of loss and sorrow before Siverfeather could ask to be mates. that meant that Silverfeather had killed many other cats until she died in a forest fire. Brairflame, waiting in StarClan, had lived a happy life with Raintooth and had become friends with Feathercloud and Sparrowclaw, Raintooths first mates, while Siverfeather had a dark ending in the Dark Forest, leaving Brairflame, Raintooth, and her friends in peace.

This names sounds pretty cool in my opinion.

18 Dewdrop

Dewdrop is a strong RiverClan tom with bright blue eyes. He always gets carried away in battle caring more about winning than his clan. He is a strong warrior and when he is not fighting he hunts for his clan. He may be strict but he sure is a strong warrior!

I LOVE how this name goes together!

Purrsona: dark grey tom with darker flecks and yellow eyes

Backstory: He was born as Dewkit to Dawnbreeze and an unknown rouge. Dawnbreeze made every cat believe the father was Gingersplash, who was a well respected warrior. Dewdrop then found out about his father after meeting the rouge in RiverClan territory. He revealed it and Dawnbreeze was exiled.

Dewdrop was born to Berrysplash and Junipertail. While training to become a RiverClan warrior, the camp was attacked and his parents decided he wasn't safe in RiverClan. They led him to ShadowClan camp and told him not to come back to the RiverClan camp. Dewpaw soon overheard at a gathering both his parents died in battle. Grief-stricken, only one cat could make him feel better. A ShadowClan apprentice named Blackpaw had always shown empathy towards Dewpaw, and as soon as they became warriors, Dewdrop took Blackstream as his mate and had three kits, Amberkit, Reedkit, and Silverkit. Soon, Blackstream began to act different and not spend as much time with the kits as she used to. The kits were already apprentices, but before this strange behavior, she tried to spend as much time hunting with Silverpaw, Reedpaw, and Amberpaw as possible. Confused, Dewdrop began to search for the cause of this behavior, but was attacked and killed by the black she-cat. Entering StarClan, he awaited his ...more

Hi, Frostleaf of Thunderclan here. Dewdrop is a silver tom with unusually dark calico patterns on his back, with sparkling green eyes. Extremely chilly, but a courageous and honest warrior.
Parents: Flowhaze, Ginger tabby she-cat with a light blue eye and a grey eye, foster mother, and Gingerfoot, mostly black tom with yellow eyes and a fluffy pelt.
Mates: None
Clan: RiverClan
Story: He was brought up by Thunderclan when his rouge mother died in a rockfall, and his father was in RiverClan. He lived a sad life in Thunderclan, as other kits kept teasing him about his rouge kit heritage. As a result, when he grew up to be a warrior, his eyes didn't sparkle like they used to. After long uncomfortable moons in ThunderClan, he decided to run away to RiverClan, where his father was. Seeing the camp of RiverClan made his eyes sparkle again, with delight. After finding his father, he dropped the shield around him, and became a loyal warrior to RiverClan.

19 Leafmoon

Hollyshade of Riverclan here. Leafmoon is a pretty name, but not unique. But still good! I'm going to put her as a queen in one of my OC clans!

Awesome name. Great medicine cat, started as a warrior then decide to become a medicine cat. Follows love with one of tribe cats.

Frostleaf of Thunderclan here. Leafmoon is a tabby she-cat with a fluffy blue-gray pelt and brown eyes. She looks as normal as any clanmate, but has extremely good battle skills and planning skills. Extremely cool and reserved, but would die for her clanmates in an second.

Leafmoon, I think is a great name. I think she would be the WindClan medicine cat, very nice and respects all Clans. She does every thing to avoid battle and was the one that came up with the idea for races and games for apprentices and young warriors, fighting and and hunting gamesaces for older warriors, deputies, and leaders, and talking time for queens every five moons. Leafmoon believes in peace, not war.

20 Sandfeather

Reminds me of Sandstorm... I don't like Sandstorm much, though, so I don't like this name that much. Love the suffix, feather, though!

I imagine a sleek creamy pale ginger she-cat with dark tabby stripes with green eyes. Her mum is Sweetheart (calico) and her dad was (ready...) REDFACE (grey tortoiseshell tom with a ginger tail and ginger patch over his face with green eyes) and her sibling is Fireflight (dark ginger she-cat with green eyes).

She is hot. She's like a viper if you don't know her but as sweet as fresh kill if you know her. She's in ThunderClan.

Her mate is Dusksky (grey-and-ginger tom) and her daughters are Leaffeather (dark brown - almost black - she-cat with one amber eye one blue eye, white chest and paws) and Squirrelclaw (dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes) and she has a son named Lionheart (bright ginger tom). She got blinded and had to be a med cat, and died aged the age of 10.54 years, thanks to greencough.

She now lives happily in StarClan.

A tom with unusual blue eyes and his mate is SilverFlower. Together, they happily live a peaceful life. Their single kit is LarchKit. SandFeather is also a great warrior. He died in the position of deputy.

I imagine a sleek, sand-colored she cat with grey-green eyes and a light tabby marking on her right shoulder. Her left ear has a small notch and she has dark gold legs. She's very smart and observant, and is a decent hunter. She helped in more than one battle plan! She may have a frosty personality, but she's warm as a fresh-killed mouse once you get to know her!

21 Stinkycatmint

The Stinkycatmint song: "My name is Stinky-Cat-Mint, does my smell give a hint? I can't fight, I've lost my sight, afraid of night, annoyed with the random clan cat called BrightLight, BOI! I can't hunt, can't do a stunt, my claws are blunt, oh YEET! When someone offers yummy fish, I say I will pass, then I go to neighbours house and slap em In the ass! I have a secret that involves many different leaves, I once had a piece of mint that I like to call my cat peave!"

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones.

I think that Stinkycatmint is an amazing name, truly. I imagine them as a very handsome tom from Thunderclan. I bet he is amazing at hunting, fighting, running, jumping, and everything else a cat can be good at. His only flaw is that he smells like a 78,000,000 year old piece of soggy catmint.. :(

"I personally feel like that if you want people to look through your website, you should come up with names that match the title. Stinkycatmint is a disrespectful name, and I have to understand it is number 145, I am sorry and I hope I don't hurt your feelings. But my suggestion is to try and come up with different names that show more effort. I know "Stinkycatmint" would never be a real name and it shows here on everyone's comments. I loved your other names though. I inspire you to keep on making these up!

22 Beeflight

I made an OC named Beepaw. This could be his warrior name... Or Beeclaw. Perhaps Beestripe? Anyways, a golden tabby tom with interesting black markings around his deep, emerald eyes. He's a short-hair, with a sleek pelt and scrawny body.
His mother was Clan Leader of TorrentClan (OC clan of mine), so he rarely got attention when he was old enough to be left alone. His best friend, Robinkit, was always there for him, for neither had a sister or brother. When they were apprenticed, Beepaw's mentor was a burly tabby tom, called Blizzardtail. He was finally made a warrior, Beeflight.
~ Foxpaw of FogClan.

Yay! This name, I have been waiting for people to like it and comment and stuff. He is in my book. Yellowish tom with dark brown stripes.

I thought it said Beef light.. Whoops

This is kinda cute!
I think this would be a blonde tom with dark blue eyes
and maybe dark golden or black stripes?

23 Cinderstream

Cinderstream is a blue-gray she-cat with wise blue eyes.

She loves to fight and defend the clan. She has mentored many cats in the past, although she is still quite young, inluding Amberpaw, Poppypaw, Tigerpaw, Spiderpaw, and Breezepaw.

Cinderstream has no mate, but she is peaceful. She is popular among the other clans and her own, and very loyal.


Purrsona: fluffy dark grey she-cat with hazel eyes

Backstory: She was born as Cinderkit to Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt of ShadowClan. As a warrior, Cinderstream was kinder than her SC counterparts, and changed how ShadowClan was viewed after becoming Cinderstar.

Great name!
As a kit, she would very shy and spend most of her time with her mother and siblings. She would rarely play with the other kits in the nursery. The other kits would make fun of her a lot. They would say she would never be a warrior. When she became an apprentice, Cinderpaw was determined to prove that she was not a shy little cat that would never be a warrior. She turned out to be an amazing hunter and a great fighter. She the other apprentices saw what she could do they started to respect her. She was the first to earn her warrior name, Cinderstream. The whole Clan respected her and she served her Clan very well. But when her mother, Amberdawn, died on the Thunderpath, everything changed. She was overwhelmed with grief and she was losing her skills. Her siblings, Softfeather and Foxpelt were the only ones who could comfort her. She finally went out and started helping. When she got her first apprentice, Lionpaw, her grief was finally almost gone. Cinderstream and ...more

She is a she cat. Dark gray with white flecks and paws. She has dark blueish green eyes. She is River clan thunder clan half clan cat.

Super edition: Cinderstream's light

As a kit, she never felt at place in Thunderclan. Her mother, a white she cat with light green eyes named Whitefern, always treated her like she was a baby. She was not allowed to eat a bird until six moons. Her sister, a light grey she cat with dark green eyes, named Poppykit, was supportive of her quiet sister though poppykit was loud and energetic. Cinderkit was bullied by a kit named amber kit, an orange tomkit with amber eyes.

She was made an apprentice to a stern Tom who was named sandypelt. He looked just like amber kit and was his father, but turned out to be okay in the end to his still feeling out of place apprentice.

She knew who her father was, and left to join riverclan.

24 Starstarstar

Starstarstar... hm, ah hah! Susan whatever you call it time! Let's see... Starstarstar is the leader of StarClan, cause why not, is immortal, has rainbow laser eyes, star patterned fur, a unicorn horn, super strength, invisibility, telekinesis, and can walk on water. Starstarstar can also teleport, has butterfly wings, and fortnite default skin fur. Starstarstar has over 10 thousand mates, has a brother named Kitkitstar, a sister named Pawpawstar, and yeah. In my mind, Starstarstar is a Fortnite default skin tom. That's all!

Yes. Perfect. Her kit's name is Kitkitkit, the apprentices name Pawpawpaw, and the warriors name is Warriorwarriorwarrior, and her deputies name is Deputydeputydeputy. Oh, and her mother is name Elderelderelder, but Starstarstar dissowned herself from Elderelderelder because she gave Starstarstar a stupid name. Hey creator of this, did you hear that? Starstarstar is a STUPID name! Well yeah it kind of is but it's hilarious so you at least you have something going for you.

Starstarstar has the power of all Starclan cats combined, and they have infinite lives and therefore cannot die, they are a very hot tom and attract all of the she-cats, and even some toms.
They have black fur, neon red, orange, yellow, green and blue splashes of colour around their paws, ears and tail. Did I mention they were really hot?

God, this is the fourth one! If you seriously can't think of a name worthy of being here and take time to think of one that will get you approval, then...
Oh, what the heck, this one made me crack up.
But seriously, it's, like, a rule that you can't name your kits' prefix "Kit" or "Paw" or "Star", so yeah.

25 Ashbreeze

Ashbreeze is a gray striped Tom with light green eyes. He was born in the same litter as Rainkit, and as a kit, he wasn't as eager or ambitious as his brother. Just like Squirrelflight and Leafpool, Ashbreeze was like water, and Raintuft like fire (ironically.). He was apprenticed to the deputy, Onefeather, and trained hard and skillfully, perfecting every move and memorizing every hunting trick. Other cats called Ashpaw "The Thinker" because he spent so much time memorizing every move and every cat, he could tell what move you made before you had made it. He was made a warrior fairly early due to this, taking the name Ashbreeze. He fell in love with a RiverClan she-cat named Meadowsong, and they had two kits, Marshkit and Reedkit, both toms. Ashbreeze died of greencough soon after, imprinting his legacy on his mate and kits forever.

Ashbreeze is a gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is a soft, gentle and caring warrior. She is extremely loyal to her clan, even though she is a little shy.

I have an OC that's named Ashbreeze, let me explain what she looks like:

A dark gray she-cat with black spots and light gray underbelly, paws, and muzzle. She has dark green eyes, too. She is IceClan's (Made up Clan) Medicine cat, and has a mate in ForestClan (Another made up Clan) called Bitterfang (A light blue tabby tom with pale amber eyes). She has one kit called Shadekit (a almost black she-kit with dark blue spots).

This is my cat, she has a grey coat and has orange eyes. Ash Breeze is a proud, strong, reliable and kind character but hates water because she's afraid that something could happen!

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