Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist

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1 Creamfrost

Another OC that I have...CreamFrost is small cream furred she-cat with pale green eyes and white paws. Sweet cat and loyal cat. Gets frustrated easily. Wishes to have a mate and kits but follows the code either way
Clan (My clans): MoonClan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Mother: FrostFern Cream furred she-cat with white paws. Pale green eyes)
Father: ElderLeaf (Dark Tortoiseshell tom with a long tail. Dark blue eyes) (Dead)
Half-Siblings: NightWhisker (Gray tom with white paws and muzzle. Dark Blue eyes. Dark black whiskers) SpeckleNose (Light brown tabby she-cat with a speckled nose.Green eyes)

I know her from a warriors fanfiction, she is a creamy queen who has three kits, one of which is dead, one ran away to another clan and one is leader. Honestly I have always imagined her like that.

I imagine her as a soft cream she-cat with frosty blue eyes, and an extremely soft pelt. She is a proficient hunter of all things, but her favorite thing to hunt is birds! She has a mate, Sparrowfoot, a black tom with striking emerald green eyes, and she is trying to have kits at the moment. She was born to Squirrelmist and Talonleap along with Sparkkit, Owlkit, and Tawnykit. ~Maddie

Creamfrost is a pale creamy colored she-cat with white paws and chest, with spots on her shoulders and back, she is a queen from ShadowClan and is very nurturing and kind-hearted. Although her mate died before her daughter Breezesong was born she stays happy in her own way. -Frecklerose

2 Frostheart

Silver tabby she-cat with cold dark blue eyes. Self-confident, rude, smug, but kind towards kits. A villain, I imagine.
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Former deputy, now in the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars.
Mother: SilverSky (Silver she-cat with dark gray stripes. Pale blue eyes)
Father: StreamWhisker (Dark gray tabby tom with green eyes)
Siblings: TorrentSong (Dark gray tom with black stripes. Blue eyes)
RippleLeaf (Pale silver tabby tom with blue eyes)
Mate (Formerly): HareShade (Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes) (WindClan Cat)
Kits: SorrelKit (Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes) CinderKit (Dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes) MaplePaw (Brown she-cat with black stripes. Blue eyes) CreekStone (Gray tabby tom with black stripes and green eyes)

Frostheart: A sleek large white tom with gray stripes and blue eyes
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: warrior
Mother: Splashfern ( dark gray tabby she cat with deep blue eyes )
father: Shadenose ( a large long furrled white tom with a speckled nose hazle eyes )
Mate: Fawnspeckle ( a beautifl beige she cat with darker + lighter freckles and speckles also a windclan cat )
Kits: Brownwillow ( pretty light brown tabby seh cat )
Story: He's a but smug and rally wanst to be made deputy. he has a bit of a temper but is soft around Fawnspeckle and his daughter at gatherings

Frostheart is a silver tabby river clan she-cat with darker gray stripes. She is known for being very cheerful and fiercely loyal. She has a unique ability to catch mice. (which most river clan cats don't have) She can be snappy at times and very easily offended.

For someone who came from the tribe of rushing water to Windclan. His old name was "Frost that covers rocks in leaf-bare" but his name was changed when he moved to Windclan. He is a frosty grey tom who is best at hunting in snow.

3 Echolight

Echo light is a calm collected warrior for shadowclan. she loves kits and wants her own. Her mate went to the dark forest when she hat her kits and refused to be his mate anymore but secretly wishes for another litter.
Mother: Ashbright - a sleek gray speckled she cat with amber eyes
Father: - Cedarleaf -dark cream long furred tom with green eyes
clan: Shadowclan
Mate: Crowlight - sleek black tom with a scarred muzzle-
Kits: - Moonwish: beautuful white she cat with purple eyes- Sparkle heart - blind long furrled pastel gray + cream she cat

I can see this mmm

mom : a creamy she cat with a black foot (name is ash'mane)
dad : a dark orange tom cat that is leader (name is orange'dapple)

rank: dep
pelt : a grey kind of white with black stripes she cat
death: died from a wolf attack
now a short story this is the death part
the wind was breezing as Echo's ear twitched. "Somethings off... wolf'stripe found anything?" Echo asked as she was looking in front of her but wolf was not there. She heard a noise and her clan mate that was patrolling yelled "WOLF PROTECT THE KITS!" and you know they fought and she died. (she also in river clan) _ Alysson Taboada

I agree that she is a kind skilled medicine cat. Silly when she wants to be but mostly serious. She had always wanted to be a medicine cat and liked helping out Mistypelt when she was a kit. She had become a medicine cat and was given the name Echolight because of her light and kind personality. her mentor, Mistypelt, died in battle. Mistypelt had tried to save a clanmate at a battle over sunningrocks when a ThunderClan tom named Thistlefang had jumped on her. She later died from loosing too much blood at the paws of he beloved former apprentice Echolight. Echolight worked hard every day to honor Mistypelt, and she still saw her RiverClan mentor when she visited StarClan at the moonstone.


Echolight is a long-furred fluffy dark gray she-cat with a white underbelly and ice-blue eyes. She's a beautiful RiverClan cat, and a respected and skilled medicine cat. I imagine her as fiercely loyal, wise and thoughtful, but snappy when stressed. She and her sister went out and she gave birth to Cindercloud ( Hollyleaf ), Foxfang ( Lionblaze ), and Snowgaze ( Jayfeather ). So essentially a RiverClan version of Leapool. The only real difference is that she fell in love with a ShadowClan cat, and that she was a warrior first, like Yellowfang.

4 Jaysong

A sleek blue-ish-gray tabby she cat with pretty deep blue eyes and black stripes on her face back and legs. Loyal, wise, brave, can be a trouble maker, stubborn
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Warrior
father: River. ( dark gray blue tabby tom with green eyes )
Mother: Belle ( a pretty white she cat with lon thick fur and purple eyes)
Sister: Lulu - pretty light gray tabby she cat with white paws-
adoptive mother: Gingerheart- pretty orange tabby she cat with amber eyes-
Adoptive father: Rainstep- thick furred gray tom with yellow eyes-
Adoptive sibalings- Rosefoot- pretty dark ginger long furred she cat with yellow eyes
-Boulder runner- sleek dark gray tom with blue eyes and on white paw-
Mate: Vinestorm - sleek gray tom with peircing green eyes and white paws-
kits- pebblekit- a spitting image of River
tom) Swankit a pretty light gray she kit with gray speckles and blue eyes

Pure sleek and thin black tom with mesmerizing amber eyes. Loyal, stubborn, kind, understanding, and wise.
Clan: WindClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Seirra (Black she-cat with a white muzzle, tail tip, and paws. Amber eyes)
Father: Luke (Dark golden-brown tabby tom with emerald green eyes)
Siblings: Rabbit (Golden-brown tabby tom with amber eyes) Honey (Golden-brown and white she-cat with green eyes) Gust (Black and white tom with amber eyes)
Adoptive Mother: DawnFern (Gray and white she-cat with bright blue eyes)
Adoptive Father: SwiftRain (Pure white tom with pale yellow eyes)
Adoptive Siblings: GoldenTail (Dark golden tabby tom with blue eyes) FalconFlight (Dark golden tabby and white she-cat with yellow eyes) DarkPaw (Gray and white tom with pale yellow eyes)
Mate: AcornCall (Reddish-brown she-cat with black stripes and green eyes)
Kits: AmberLight (Reddish-brown tom with amber eyes) OpalHear/Star (Black tom with green eyes and a white dash on his ...more

Black tom with white ears,muzzle,chest and tail tip. Dark amber eyes
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Lilystream (White she-cat with black and ginger dappled spots. Amber eyes)
Father: Weaslefoot (Pale brown tom with a black tail. Amber eyes)
Sisters: Tawnytail (Pale brown she-cat with a long black tail. Amber eyes.)
Brothers: Patchflower (Gray,dark brown and dark ginger-red dappled tom with blue eyes)
Silverbranch (Pale tabby gray tom with white paws and underbelly. Amber eyes)
Swirlpelt (Tortishell tom with dark amber eyes)

"Jaysong is a light-blue gray tabby tom with darker specks. He has a white underbelly and very powerful claws. He is a very loyal warrior and will kill to protect riverclan (his clan).

5 Blackstream

Black tom with silver stripes. Deep dark blue eyes. Black and white dappled tail and paws.
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Deputy
Mother: Petalpatch (Ginger dappled she-cat with pale blue eyes)
Father: Stormstone (Dark gray tabby tom. with dark amber eyes)
Sisters: Shellscar (dark ginger tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes)
Mate: Maplesong (Dark tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes)
Kits: Firestream (Dark ginger and white tom with dark green eyes)
Branchfur (Dark brown tabby tom with white paws and a silver and black dappled tail. Blue eyes)
Poppypetal (Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with dark blue eyes)

Black Tom with silver stripes on his back. Lime green eyes.
Clan: riverclan
Rank: defender
Mother: nightcloud( silver with black paws and tip of tail. Amber eyes)
Father: deputy coldfur(black with white paws and lime green eyes)
He has no sisters
Brothers: nightfeather( black Tom all over and lime green eyes)
Ravenclaw(black Tom all over and amber eyes)
Mate: silvershimmer(silvery grey with white paws and light blue eyes)
Kits: swiftpaw(black and white Tom with lime green eyes)
Sunkit(light ginger with black dappling on back. Light blue eyes)
Personality: can be aggressive, grumpy, but protective.

Look, some people get annoyed when others talk like this(apologies for sounding so rude). Before you dislike my post, hear me out. But lots of others have created the same one. Lot's of people, (including me of course) like showing off what we post. Especially if it's awesome or unique. But I sort of get a little annoyed when this happens, though mind you, I can't talk. It's an awesome name too though, with an awesome description. Very creative as well. Just remember that people including me get annoyed when they read comments like this. Thank you, and I hope I haven't offended you (though I probably have) I love your ideas though. Keep going and have a good time!

Is it just me or do you think he should be in Shadowclan? Evil name= Shadowclan! His brotherwould be called Poisonpelt.

6 Bluemist

Large blue gray tom with light green eyes. -loyal brave gentle around kits noble and kind.
Mother: Littleflower: ( small whiet she cat with green eyes)
Father: Swiftstep ldark gray tom with lighter paws and yellow eyes)
Brother: Longfrost ( slender white tom with yellow eyes )
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: deputy
Mate: Rosebreeze ( pretty light ginger tabby she cat with white paws )
Kits-willowkit ( light gray she kit )
Firestep- ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes)

Bluey grey Tom with lime green eyes.
Clan: thunderclan
Rank: warrior
Mother: frostpool(silver with white stripes and light blue eyes)
Father: jaysong(dark grey tom with silver stripes on his back. Amber eyes)
Sisters: moonstone(dark grey female with amber eyes)
Bluestar(bluey grey with icy eyes)
Snowfur(white with black paws and amber eyes)
He has no brothers
Mate: honeysplash(honey colour with white paws, cheeks, belly, chest and tip of tail. Lime green eyes)
Kits: bluesplash(bluey grey Tom with splashes of white on his sides. Amber eyes)
Honeymist(honey coloured she cat with white paws and lime green eyes)
Personality: kind and protective.

I imagine a tom Russian Blue with bright blue eyes always filled with anticipation. He's overprotective and a playful bundle.

I think Bluemist should be a beautiful blue she cat. with light green eyes, she could be a strong and independent she- cat she could be in SkyClan , and she loves watching the blue/violet colored sunrise :)

7 Birchsong

Brown tabby she cat with amber eyes.
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Medicine cat
Mother: Flameblood (Black she cat with a tiny bit of red on her paws. Red eyes)
Father: Firetail (Ginger Tom with a red tail. Amber eyes)
Sister: Foxpelt (Ginger with black paws and a white belly. Lime green eyes)
Brothers: Firestorm (Ginger with grey paws and red eyes)
Tigercloud (dark tabby with a white belly and golden eyes)
She has no mate.

Birchsong is a light brown tabby she-cat with darker flecks around her pelt. She is currently a warrior in ThunderClan and has no mate yet, but due to her beauty, almost every tom in the Clan wants to be her mate. Her parents are Rosefall and Redear. -Frecklerose

Birchsong absolutely sounds like a female lead. She is a beautiful and graceful dark brown tabby she-cat with a distinctive pattern of dappled white spots on her back and beautiful, witty, intelligent amber eyes. She is intelligent and fierce, and is hard to be around for a tom. Because of her beauty, toms instinctively flirted with her. But they would get shot down fast, because Birchsong has a sharp tongue that can wound you as badly as her claws. Birchsong's mother was a rogue named Amber, formerly Amberdawn, who was exiled by ThunderClan. Once she gave birth to Birchsong, she taught her to despise the Clans. But when Amber was killed by a ThunderClan patrol, Birchsong, then still a kit, decided she would be safer as part of a Clan, and joined up with WindClan. She quickly became Birchsong, and though she still hated ThunderClan, she shoved it down and treated them fairly. But when she identified the cat who killed Amber, a ThunderClan warrior named Littlejaw, she almost killed ...more

Birchsong is a WindClan cat a Tom, his mate is FrostHeart and they have 2 kits, CinderStream (she) and Dawnbreeze (she) he is a good fighter and quite powerful.

8 Brightstorm

Brightstorm is the name of a character in one of my stories! She is a gray she-cat with gray eyes. She is currently an apprentice and will become Brightstorm for courage and kindness. She is however indecisive. She's scared of making big decisions and will die from her wounds after sacrificing herself for the medicine cat, Sagefrost, before becoming a warrior. The leader Scorchstar had to use the dying apprentice ceremony. Brightpaw is good at tracking scents but bad at swimming.

a pretty lthick furred gray she cat with yellow eyes. She is kind energetic but can be clueless and get into trouble
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: Tinycloud - thick long furred white she cat with yellow eyes
Father: dusk claw _ dark gray tom with dark amber eyes
Sister: Perchleaf long furred light gray she cat with light green eyes
Mate: none but she loves Thrush nose ( a dark tan tom with light freckles and white paws and a blck nose )

To late to use this name I already am putt this cat in my book she is a silver tabby she-cat with dark green eyes, she is a loner but is really close to SunClan she is very strong and brave but is really gentle with elders and kits, her mate is Jaysong (also a cat from this page) =)

I like this idea. But in my imagination she is a light grey she cat of River clan. her father, mother and kits can have the same names, (because they are nice) but ya. and a backstory could be that she had the perfect life growing up. and another brother named Wolfsong became jealous and tried to kill her but he was exiled and later killed by a dog. (Ironically) But she was careful because she sometimes saw him in her dream in the dark forest. I think I over exaggerated ;-;

9 Dovefeather

A pure white fluffly soft she cat with deep amber eyes.
mother: softwing ( a light gray fluffy she cat )
father: Ash pelt ( speckled black + gray tom with amber eyes )
sisters: Lilytail ( cram she cat with white paws + muzzle Moonwhish: whit she cat with other shades of gray mixed in
Brother: Little pebble ( small sleek gray tom with darker gray paws ) Doverfeather is stubber bossy she cat whos not faid to say whats what! she falls in love with tom names firelight but he ends up rejecting her so she mates with a lovely she cat named Cinder flower and they are very happy together

I love Dovefeathers look and her name and her fluffy tail just upsets me!
when I think of her story I feel like I'm sucked into a whole new world...
my white fluffy fur is bristling in the breeze my mother named Riverpebble always says my fern green eyes suck around all the beauty. my father Stormfrost deputy of Riverclan says that I'm just the best at catching doves and fish. when I just became I warrior I felt all my love sucked into one cat named Silverstone his fur is just like the stars.
when he was with me on a patrol all alone I had to tell him the truth so I did...
then after moons of romace I had kits with thier farther named Silverstone. the kits were the cutest one was a female named Waterkit and the male kit named Sandkit and I loved them with my heart.

How I picture Dovefeather and her story:
Dovefeather is a white she-cat with thick, fluffy fur, a bushy tail and grass green eyes. She is currently living in RiverClan as a very talented and loyal warrior. Dovefeather would often be able to catch birds and feathers out of mid are which is how she earned her name.

Dovefeather is a lithe white cat with extremely long fur and amber eyes. She wows everyone with her shiny fur. Also she's super fluffy UwU

10 Dawnbreeze

Cream sleek long furred brown tabby evrywhere else. sh eis feisty and very protective and is stubborn but gentle and kind twords kits
Clan: windcaln
rank queens
Mother: Littlestep ( little light cream she cat )
Father: Rootpelt ( dark raggen brown tabby tom amber eyes )
Sister: Mosseye ( small greay she cat with green eyes)
Brother: Barkfeather ( tabby tom with white paws muzzle and green eyes )
Mate: Driftwhisker ( large blak tom with white spots and amber eyes )
Kits: Meadowkit ( dark cream speckled she cat - Brownkit ( brown tom with white spoted and green eyes )

Cream furred she-cat with brown legs,tail,ears and muzzle. Green eyes
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Queen
Mother: Fernsong (Brown she-cat with pale green eyes)
Father: Hawkclaw (Pale brown tom with dark brown legs,tail,muzzle and ears.Dark blue eyes)
Brothers: Icefern (Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes)
Shadewind (Cream furred tabby tom with darker cream furred legs,tail,muzzle and ears. Dark green eyes)
Mate: Swiftdusk (white and black tom with yellow eyes)
Kits: Frostsong (Cream and white she-cat with dark yellow-amber eyes)

I like this name. I personally see a light brown she-cat with grayish blue eyes. She is a very agile cat and is a good hunter. Dawnbreeze isn't the best fighter strength wise but can gain the upper hand from her speed. She is very quiet and mainly keeps to herself but she has a very quick wit and will make a sassy or sarcastic remark when you least expect it. Dawnbreeze is incredibly caring and loyal to those she cares about but seems rather shy and cold to cats she doesn't know well or cats she hates. This is my personal opinion of what Dawnbreeze would be like.

yes!yes!yes! I have have the BEST OC for her.
Dawnbreeze had amber eyes,pure and begging.her pelt was caremal in the sunlight of dawn. with chocalate twigs on each side of her flank. she has a white muzzel, and is and medicine cat in her clan. she has fading bright pink in her ears, her dawn colored pelt fadeds into smooth white on each of her legs and has white underbelly although on the under side of het tail there is white the smooth twiglike stripes still show. she has a white tail tip and her brother is Cloudpatch. but her mentor died of age.

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11 Amberdawn

Amberdawn is a pale ginger she-cat with eyes of amber, she is a warrior in WindClan and her mate is Ryeclaw. They haven't got any kits yet but they certainly love each other. -Frecklerose

Little made up story about Amberdawn:
Amberdawn is a ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes. She lives in ThunderClan and is a good hunter but not exactly skilled at fighting.

I think this cats backround should be like Firestars, starting out as a kittypet. Amberdawn is a pale ginger she-cat with orange stripes and beatiful amber eyes. her mother known as Lilystar, leader of ThunderClan, although Amberdawn is in SkyClan, her mother and father are in diffrent clans. her father is Brightsky, living in RiverClan as deputy, Amberdawn is a queen, a caring, loving cute queen. her kits are Deepkit(dark blue tom with black spots eye color cyan, warriror name is Deepcreek), Fernkit( white she-cat with brown spots and green stripes eye color silver, warrior name is Fernsky), and Sapphirekit(purple tom with dark blue stripes he is very small and slim eye color red, got killed by ShadowClan cat as an apprentice).
her mate is Dewclaw.

Amberdawn: golden tabby she-cat with gentle green eyes
Mother: Clovershine: light brown she-cat with white legs and green eyes
Father: (Unnamed kittypet)
Mate: Rockshadow: black tom with yellow eyes
(Unborn kits)
Clan: WindClan
Mentor: Cedarwood: dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Littlenose: white she-cat with black paws, black spots, a small, pink nose, and blue eyes
WindClan queen

12 Gingersplash

A pretty ginger tabby she cat with amber eyes. She is outgoing and kind. She is not very focased :<.
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: warriors ( new )
Mother: mini ( a fat dark ginger kitty pet with a light yellow collor )
Father: Crookedtail ( largr white tom with a crooked tail and yellow eyes )
Mate: none yet but she has a massive crush on Larkstripe a dark brown and black tom with blue eyes )
kits: none

I imagine Gingersplash as a black tom with a ginger splash on his chest. He is a very old medicine cat, and only remembers off the top of his head how to use a few herbs, which makes it hard to teach his apprentice, Nightcloud ( black and white she-cat with torn ears and a slash on her cheek, dark blue eyes )

to be honest, Gingersplash reminds me of cookies, and that gives me an idea of his story.
his mother was a rouge, a very talented rouge, she had a dark brown pelt, with lighter spots around her, knowing herself as Cookie.
his father was a sad memory, his name was Crystalpaw,for he died before he even got near to being a warrior. Gingersplash, after all the deaths he's lived through, decided to stop more from coming, by choosing the path of a medicine cat.
his apprentice,Starlight, was indeed very mean, she bossed every one insight, and said that only females should be medicine cats, for Gingersplash wasent harmed. he died peacefully and his life was boring, but he dident want to give it away, his brother Beeswarm, decided to lie to his clan, and joined ShadowClan, while Gingersplash stayed behind in ThunderClan, but his brother was punished by StarClan, for he died five moons after, from a sickness called Hiperline. Gingersplash was a great favor to StarClan, just like ...more

I imagine a ThunderClan orange tabby with a white belly and it's a she-cat. Medicine cat. She is very caring and just a bundle of energetic plasma. Love this name and its one of my many ocs XD

13 Honeysplash

My vision of Honeysplash:
Clan: WindClan
Appearance: beautiful dappled golden she-cat with green eyes
Position: Medicine Cat
Honeysplash was born to Heathertail and Breezepelt, alongside her siblings, Lionkit and Rabbitkit, who later became Lionclaw and Rabbitfoot. She secretly mated with Puddleshine, and had two kits, Featherkit and Silverkit.

Honeysplash HAS to be like Squrrilflight, falls in love with a cat then untrusts him and falls in love with another cat, after battle relizes that she loves the first cat more than the other cat and breakes up with him. and lives a hard life.

Honeysplash was prouling at a mouse, a very plump mouse. but screeched in pain as her paw got cought in a fox trap! and froze in place as a huge patrol came prodding towards camp, with strange scent on them... RiverClan was going to attack!

Honeysplash was limping on her paw where the fox trap had been, her clan had lost the battle and were driven out of thier terriotory. Honeysplash was alone, in unknown terriotory, whishing that Mewclaw was there.
after some moons, sadly Honeysplash starved but did not join StarClan, for she was to far away from her ancestors. and lived in pitch white realmes.

I really love this name! honeysplash could be a sister to a kit called berrykit,but berrykit was stillborn (meaning that he was born dead) and honeysplash still griefs for her lost brother to this day.

My little story of Honeysplash:
Honeysplash is a honey-colored she-cat with a white underbelly, white paws and white chest. She has blue eyes and white cheeks and a white tail tip. She lives in WindClan(currently) and loves to hunt and run the moors. She always respected the warrior code but fell in love with a ThunderClan warrior named Kestrelfeather.

14 Sandfeather

Sandfeather,here we go.
Sandfeather always was the cutest of her whole clan, SkyClan. all of the males tryed impressing her and she thought it was cute. in the end it turned out that Sandfeather had 12 mates becouse she wouldent let any cat down. although, through and through, Sandfeather loved Mottlestone.he had always said that Sandfeather was the best. she had pale yellow fur with little freckels that sometimes created the outline of a feather coverd is sand, that's how she got her name. her eyes looked cactus green, with neat black slits that looked like the spike of a cactus. Sandfeather had 7 kits with Mottlestone. and Sandfeather would never forget her lovely life after she died of Greencough.

sleek sandy tabby tom. he is kind clumsy and awkard. he was bullies for having his mom be a kittypet.
Clan: Windclan
Rank" warrior
Mother: Kitty ( a big fluffy cream she cat with green eyes )
Father: Yarrowthroat ( large light brown tom with white spoted and freckles
mate: Sneezebee ( a cute snall white she cat with amber eyes and black stripes
Kits: Thrushkit ( small snady tabby she kit )
Swankit ( large long furred white tom kit )
Mumblekit ( smale light brown speckled tom green eyes )

I imagine a slender mottle sandy she-cat with vibrant green intelligent eyes and slightly fiesta and stubborn; and every tom without a mate falling for her. So here's what I'm thinking she has an interesting back-story where she has a mate stormheart but falls in love with a rogue and asks to be his mate but he refuse so she tries to come home but she is an outcast and they kick her out of river clan, so she becomes a rogue and stays away from clan life; until her mate the deputy thornfire, and her best friend lilyecho come for her and ask her to come home because they are in trouble with thunder clan, wind clan, and shadow clan but she refuses because she wanted to come home because they love her not cause they need her and her rogue clans help.So she eventual returns home because she thought the clan would finally want her back and they did so she came back for her mate her friend her deputy and her leader creekstar. But when she has to fight in a battle for borders and your lives ...more

You were a slender, agile, small, sand colored she cat with dark, forest green eyes. Your mother. Runningstream. A ginger and white she cat with dark green eyes. Your father a deceased tom named Webfur. A misty white tom with silvery white stripes.

Kit: Your father was stressed when you and your siblings were born. He ran off to live as a kittypet and your mother had her paws full with you. But she did love you. Even though you were always a bit harder to control. Naughty, liked to run away. When your mother just became too distressed to take care of you she gave you up to another queen named LilyHeart. LilyHeart was happy to have another kit. She loved you even more than her own kits, Spiderkit and Flowerkit. She did notice the special mark on your pad. She didn't think much into it though. But one day, you saw your real father and mother again and ran to them. They missed you so much and wanted you back. LilyHeart hissed and scraped at them. She wrapped her tail around you ...more

15 Frostpool

A white she cat with silver stripes down her back. Light blue eyes (not blind tho).
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: warrior
Mother: Frostheart (silver she cat with normal grey stripes down her back. Dark blue eyes.)
Father: Silverbreeze (silver with dark grey tip of tail and paws. Grey eyes)
Mate: Jaysong (dark grey Tom with light grey strips down his back. Amber eyes)
Kits: Bluefur (Bluey grey she cat with a silvery muzzle and light blue eyes)
Snowfur (White she cat with black paws and amber eyes)
Bluepaw (Bluey grey Tom with lime green eyes)

I imagine her as a very light grey she-cat with piercing blue eyes. She has a strong desire to be the best in her clan, power-hungry and mostly always follows the warrior code. She is a skilled hunter and and even better fighter, being able to slay the deputy of a rival Clan in a battle.
She cannot bother to have a mate or kits, she cares only about her own power. ~Maddie

Frostpool, I have always been waiting for a name like this.
Frostpool was a kind,caring warrior. in the end she ended up being deputy, but was betrayed by Holeclaw, her mate. for he was to jellous to think and he killed Frostpool when he got the chance and got away with it and then Frostpools story was forgotten. Frostpool was a white silverish she-cat with siver stripes that formed a pool where-ever they went. and for some reason, her grandmother,Bloodstorm, called Frostpool into the dark forest when she died. so Frostpool never got to live amoung the lovely cats of StarClan.

Long furred white sh ecat iwth peircing blue eyes she pretty and has a kind heart. she loved going on walks and likes to make jokes and all the tom like her and wanna impress her but she likes a shy awkward lil guy names turtlespalsh
Mother: smallbrreze ( small light gray she cat with speckes of otehr grays )
Father: Ripplespalsh ( large gray atbby tom blue eyes )
Mate:none but she like sturtle tourtise shell tom woth white paws neck belly and muzzle
Kits: none

16 Firebutt

OMG I DIED READING THE COMENTS TO THESE ' Bluestar looked down on Firepaw, "From the moment on, you shall be Firebutt. For your butt is on fire," Bluestar meowed and jumped down. the other apperntices giggle while Firebutt's jaw drops in shock. He runs in circles and finds himself at a puddle in which he sticks his butt to put out the flame,' and here is my other. "Firebutt lunges at Scrouge and jumps back realizing her set him on fire. His eyes widen as Scrouge turns to ashes. "Firebutt! Firebutt! Firebutt! Firebutt!" the clan cheered as Firebutt triumphiantly places one paw on the ashes and lifting the other. "What's cookin'?" Firebutt sniffs as he smelled smoke. Sandstorm looked at Firebutt sarcastically, "You are," she meowed. Firebutt runs into the woods screaming bloody murder as his butt sets a wildfire in the forest.' and that was the end of the clans lol also sandstorm never liked him anymore after that.


Me when I first saw this-WHAT THE HECK? Imagine-Firebutt, the great leader, who saved the forest by striking his flamin’ hot butt in cats faces

Stop! I want real warrior names not silly ones cause I'm making a story about my dog, dunking that finds a clan! P.S I'm a dog person not a cat person!

LMAO *firebutt goes for a walk* *sets fire to his butt* so he jumps in the river *on his way back to camp he sets fire to his butt again. He does not have a mate bc he set fire to all of them.

17 Stinkycatmint

Stinkycatmint and Firebutt have to be best friends. Firebutt, the ginger tom with orange eyes is ON FIRE! Stinkycatmint is a mottled brown and grey tom with green eyes. He smiles terrible and has green smoke wafting from his never-before-groomed fur. They get kicked out of the clan for their hazardous and uncontrollable abilities and become residents of the Secret Weird Ability Club.

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones.

"I personally feel like that if you want people to look through your website, you should come up with names that match the title. Stinkycatmint is a disrespectful name, and I have to understand it is number 145, I am sorry and I hope I don't hurt your feelings. But my suggestion is to try and come up with different names that show more effort. I know "Stinkycatmint" would never be a real name and it shows here on everyone's comments. I loved your other names though. I inspire you to keep on making these up!

HAHAHAHAHA! He's a green tom with green eyes and he's a green medicine cat and he smells like green catmint and he's a former green kittypet with a green collar.

18 Leafmoon

Leafmoon is a spotted brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. She is the medicine cat of ThunderClan. She recieved her name because, like the full moon, Leafmoon is a peaceful cat. She is wise and patient, but shy. She is good at stategizing but not so good at fighting. She is scared of letting someone down. She will eventually die defending her apprentice, Starlight.

A bron tabby she cat with white paws muzzle an dunderbely and hazle amber eyes. she is a calm and colected she cat but can be shy. she has a cursh on the deputy of her clan Woolystep ( fluffy long furred gray tom blue eyes )
Clan- windclan
MOther- lOudfern - darker tabby she cat green eyes
Father- Cloudflake - fluffy large white tom-
Brother- Oneleaf - large tabby tom whit underbelly
Sister- Dovepad- white she cat with yellow eyes
mate- none
kits- none

Weird,This somehow reminds me of SpottedLeaf. Anyways,A brownish-red,dappled she-cat with amber eyes. Her mother's name was DappledTail and her father's name was SpottedCry. Her father was embarrassed to have a kit that didn't want to be a warrior. She had always dreamed to be a medicine cat. She begged the leader to be the medicine-cat's apprentice. Finally he agreed. Her father started to grow mad. He killed DappleTail and became a rogue,leaving her devastated. When the current medicine-cat, FailingHeat, died, she became medicine cat. One day, windclan attacked and got to the medicine den and killed her. By the way she was thunderclan.

Leafmoon, I think is a great name. I think she would be the WindClan medicine cat, very nice and respects all Clans. She does every thing to avoid battle and was the one that came up with the idea for races and games for apprentices and young warriors, fighting and and hunting gamesaces for older warriors, deputies, and leaders, and talking time for queens every five moons. Leafmoon believes in peace, not war.

19 Silvercloud

Silver with dark grey stripes and dark blue eyes.
Clan: SkyClan
Rank: Defender
Mother: silverlight (silver she cat with white paws and grey eyes)
Father: Shadowgaze (Black Tom with a dark grey belly and chest. Dark blue eyes)
Sisters: Shadowblaze (black she cat with a red belly and red eyes)
Starlight (white with silver paws and belly. Dark blue eyes)
Mate: Firestorm(Ginger with grey paws and red eyes)
Kits: Firecloud (Ginger Tom with white paws and lime green eyes)
Silverstorm (grey and white Tom with dark blue eyes)

How I imagine Silvercloud and her story.
Silvercloud is a gray tabby with green eyes and a slender shape. She is living in ThunderClan as a warrior and loves to hunt. Silvercloud was valued because of her hard work and talent. In the leader’s opinion she was one of the most talented cats in ThunderClan. When the deputy died she became deputy and she is now fighting for ThunderClan.

Silvercloud is a grey and white she cat who always is kind and helpful. She is part of Thunderclap and has a mate called Emberpelt. They had one kit together called Goldenheart.

I imagine a very soft and cold personality. White belly and a gray pelt with black stripes. It's a she-cat and one of the most strong but forgetful warriors. Kind of a tsundere.

20 Starstarstar

Starfall: uh... who this? I never became a leader. Also don't mock le kit of starclan! I was in a prophecy!
Rivershine: Who cares Starfall? I was in that same prophecy yet I'm related to a dude named Riverheart so yeah.

I think it should just be Starstar and not Starstarstar. Starstar would be a really funny name. Totally making an OC with this name!

Starstarstar... hm, ah hah! Susan whatever you call it time! Let's see... Starstarstar is the leader of StarClan, cause why not, is immortal, has rainbow laser eyes, star patterned fur, a unicorn horn, super strength, invisibility, telekinesis, and can walk on water. Starstarstar can also teleport, has butterfly wings, and fortnite default skin fur. Starstarstar has over 10 thousand mates, has a brother named Kitkitstar, a sister named Pawpawstar, and yeah. In my mind, Starstarstar is a Fortnite default skin tom. That's all!

Starstarstar, I give you your newest leader name. StarstarstarSTAR! Says the starry pelted she cat who have Starstarstar his last life. That was when the StarClan warriors began to chant Starstarstarstar's new leader name.
Good lord it's the fourth one when he becomes leader. People don't take time making names so why is it even up here? I need something good for my fanfic if u people don't know that yet! If u don't take time you need then...
Oh what the heck. I died cracking up and now I'm practically up in heaven typing this comment on my phone. I guess I'll use this name for the story. But hey, whoever made this, keep trying. Seriously.

21 Shadowblaze

Shadowblaze was a warrior of StormClan. He was a smoky gray tom with yellow eyes. His leader was the great Storm, his deputy was Moonshard, and his medicine cat was Whispermist and Frostecho.
His mate was Orchidshadow, but he wasn't really in love with her. He was in love with Scarletshadow, the beautiful warrior... who was also the mother of Orchidshadow. He couldn't be her mate, for she already had one. The fierce she-cat with flickering anger in her eyes. Shadowblaze was afraid of Scorpianheart, and he knew the she-cat despised him. So he lived miserably, until he died being run over by a monster.

Storm- silver she-cat with green eyes
Moonshard- Black and white tom with blue eyes (Storms mate)
Frostecho- Fluffy white she-cat
Whispermist- Silver long-furred she-cat with mis matched eyes.
Orchidshadow- Black she-cat with purple ish speckles and violet eyes.
Scarletshadow- Ginger and white swirled she-cat with violet eyes
Scorpianheart- golden she-cat with ...more

I imagine a jet black cat that is calm, never steps out of her place in rank, but is always looking for something more then what she has, she's just never sure what that something is. All the kits love her, because she plays with them every day, trains with the apprentices almost all day, and is considered the best hunter and fighter in the clan. When her leader dies in battle she is forced to step up in rank, to deputy, she doesn't like it and the kits are always sitting and laying around, making everyone step on or trip over them, she is always on patrol now, and the apprentices are failing. She is then allowed to step down if she so chooses but then she feels like she doesn't have enough to do around camp and fatigues herself with training and playing and hunting, which leads to her get sick, very sick, and nobody knows if she will pull through, or die.

I know that Shadow- isn't allowed, but I can't resist! In my mind I see her as a long-furred, sleek, jet-black she-cat with deep, hunter-green eyes. They sparkle with emotion. Her fur is rain-soaked, but blazing with sunlight and a glow emits from her, shining on ever hair like she is on fire. She is in a clump of ferns, tail wrapped around her paws. Fierce and protective of her Clan. She however once was found covered with horrible claw-marks all over herself. It, for a while, changed in her, making her scared at the slightest noise, and nearly mute. No one knows what attacked her. Soon she returned to her feisty self though.

I picture her like this: A jet black she with a plumy tail and stunning amber eyes shining with emotion. She is standing in the rain, so her fur is sleek and wet. She was just told by her mate that he cheated on her with her sister. She was expecting kits so, yeah... When she had her kits, she killed them in rage because she doesn't want to have any part of her mate with her. The only cat who found out was her mate. She killed herself sometime after that because she was so depressed. The clan remembered her as a striking, smart warrior.

22 Cinderstream

Dark gray gray tom with blue eyes. Energetic, fun-loving, kind,
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: warrior
MOther: starlingstep - light gray she cat with blue eyes-
Father- Shadowwish- large gray tom with yellow eyes-
Sister- Grayfeathr - small light gray she cat with darker feet-
Mate: none but he loves a she cat named Crystal wave- beautiful sleek white she cat with ic eblue eyes-

Dark gray tabby tom with pale blue eyes. Tough, stubborn, talkative, neglectful, and upsetting.
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Elder Medicine Cat/Retired Medicine Cat
Mother: SkipFall (Dark gray she-cat with blue eyes)
Father: DashingHeart (Handsome brown tabby tom with amber eyes) (SkyClan Cat)
Siblings: FreckleFeather (Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.) (SkyClan Cat)
Mate: EmberDawn (Bright ginger tabby she-cat with white front paws and tail tip. Dashing blue eyes)
Kits: SnowStream (Gray tabby and white she-cat with Pale blue eyes) DaffodilSky (Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes) CreekFeather (Dark ginger tom with white paws and muzzle. Blue eyes)

I've already done a lot of cats so I'll just say this. Cinderkit peeks out of the nursery, longing to make more friends. Her only friends had been made apprentices the night before and we're now sleeping in the apprentice den. Suddenly Cinderkit feels someone gently picking her up. She tried to wriggle free but the cat just held her firm. When they put her down again she wasn't in RiverClan camp anymore. She didn't know where she was! She tried to run away but a paw struck her in the face and she flew backwards, crashing into the truck of a great oak tree. She looked up at her kidnapper and found an apprentice looking down at her. It wasn't an apprenice she knew! But before she could ask who he was he grabbed her again and ran off.

When Cinderpaw turned into Cinderstrean she loved it! Bur when she had to fight with RiverClan she remembered that was where she was from. But she was a ShadowClan warrior now and would fight RiverClan. But when she was clawing at a tabby Tom ...more

My first thought: A lithe gray tabby Tom, beside a small creek, his face in a tight snarl. (Lol literature :'3) Cinderstream is of Riverclan, his name referring to his fish-like swimming skills (Meaning he swims as good as a fish). His eyes are a rather pale sandy yellow, which matches his often bad-mooded nature, though he can be sweet sometimes. His pelt glows silver in the moonlight, and in the sunlight it looks shiny and glossy. He found his passion for his apprentice, Gingerpaw, a shy she-cat with a ginger pelt and darker ginger splotches, with blue eyes. When she becomes a warrior, now known as Gingerflight, and see agrees! Well there u go

23 Skystream

For some reason I see a treacherous black she-cat with piercing blue eyes and light gray paws. She trained in the Dark Forest but then was used by one of the dead cats. Iceclaw, a Dark Forest she-cat, used Skystream to bring her back to life. Iceclaw put herself in Skystream's body and wreaked havoc on the Clans. But Skystream realized her mistake and tried to fight Iceclaw for control of her body. She was unsuccessful. Then, when everybody thought they were going to all be destroyed, Skystream managed to get in control of her body and killed herself. She died a hero!

I think that skystream was trained by cinderstream.and she got her suffix to honor her mentor.I picture she would be a silver-gray she with sky blue eyes,with a care-free perso.

I think this is a decent name, but it doesn't make very much sense. And also, you can't use words such as moon, sun, in names, because those words are sacred to warriors.

I love this name! I think she would be a long haired white she cat with one blue eye and one green eye and she would ether be a elder or Queen

24 Amberhaze

I imagine her as a ginger she-cat with beautiful amber eyes who loves hazy weather and fall. She is a gifted fighter, with an ability to injure any cat in a battle. She is also quite experienced at hunting. She seems tough and feminine an the outside, but on the inside, she is as sweet as can be. She has a mate, Acorntail, and has three kits with him, Sagepaw, Briarpaw, and Starlingpaw. ~Maddie

Amberhaze is great! I think a smoky-black she-cat with amber eyes. I think Amberhaze would be a SkyClan cat. She was taught by Violetcloud how to get birds out of the highest branches and how to fight with the power of SkyClan. Amberhaze is well respected and is nice to all cats. She never had a mate or kits. When Amberhaze was nearly a senior warrior, in a battle she crippled her back leg by falling off a tree. Amberhaze still was a warrior until she got greencough and had to stay in the medicine cats den. She found that she loved to work with herbs and became a medicine cat. Amberhaze died of greencough and was much missed. Since most of her littermates were dead her apprentice, Cindermoon, missed her the most.

she looked like the picture lol. She is a stunner she gets a lot of attention from toms which she adors. she play aroudn with them a bit OOF.
Clan: shadowclan
rank: queen
Mother: Sun gaze ( golden she cat blue eyes )
Father; Bramble step _ brown tom with whit epaws and green eyes )
Mate: she has had 3... Thornheart - prickle black tom with spicky fur. Cloudsky - long furred white tom- and Spiderstep - long legged deep broan tom blue eyes and whit muzzle-
kits Thornheart kits- Crowkit small sleek blac sh ekit
Cloudsky- littlepaw - smalle light amber she kit- birdkit - smll siamaes she kit now in wc with cloud
spiderstep- molepaw brown tom

I think of amberhaze and a ginger she-cat with light orange stripes and a light blue eye.and amberhaze is best freinds with cinderstream.she was badly injured in a fight with foxes,half-blinding her.and her apprentice and named hazelpaw.

25 Softfeather

I have a name Nightshine .
Nightshine is a black cat with blue eyes and white stripes . She is Sweet , kind and has is very patience with apprentices and kits . She desiboeyed the code but, her clan forgave her and let her stay a medcine cat .
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank : Warrior then Medicine cat
Mother : Dustflower (Black she-cat with brown splocthes )
Father: Stromsong ( White tom with blue eyes and a black tail tip )
Siblings : Honeywhisker (Brown she-cat with white splocthes ) Tinydream (Small black tom with white splocthes ) Shadepelt (White tom with green eyes ) Smokeflash (Black she-cat )(Traitor to shadowclan)

I imagine her as a soft white she-cat with one cute brown eye and one sunny blue eye, plus a fluffy tail. She is quite young, so she does not have a mate or any kits yet. She is one of the sweetest in her Clan, and her pelt is as soft as a feather (hence the name). She was born to Leafhaze and Jaycall as an only child. ~Maddie

I Imagine a fluffy white she-cat with a shy but kind personality. her mother is Rainmist and her father is Copperpelt. she has two brothers named Smokehaze and Sharptooth. her current rank is a queen and she loves playing with the other queens' kits


I imagine a fluffy, graceful, cat, gently falling down onto the ground as if a real feather. I would think she has a very light grey pelt and pale green-blue eyes

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