Top 10 Best Warrior Cats Names that Do Not Exist

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1 Frostheart

Frostheart is a silver tabby tom with blue eyes. He had an evil sister named Darkstream, leading him to leave RiverClan to avoid her. Trying to prove his loyalty to ShadowClan, his new clan, he arranged a meeting with Darkstream. He then deceitfully lured ShadowClan into a trap and killed his own sister. After this, he became the deputy and mated with a beautiful she-cat named Shadowmist. They had five kits: Dustkit, Droughtkit, Dogkit, Doublekit, and Drykit. Frostheart raised them secretly, intending for them to become killers.

However, Shadowmist overheard his plan one day and took the kits to StormClan, hoping for peace. Frostheart, in a fit of rage, killed Snakefang and Shadowclaw when they ridiculed him for causing his mate to leave. As a result, he was exiled. His life ended tragically when he was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross the ThunderPath at night. He then joined Darkstream in the Dark Forest.

2 Creamfrost

Creamfrost is a gray she-cat with a white underbelly. When she was an apprentice, she had an idea to raise mice so they would have food in the winter. Her leader laughed and dismissed her.

Anguished, Creampaw ran off and started MiceClan. She tried traveling to the Moonpool, but StarClan refused to give her her nine lives, saying that she shouldn't have run off. Knowing she couldn't be called Creamstar without nine lives, she trained hard on her own and named herself Creamfrost after taking her own assessment. She then met a rogue named Leaf and fell in love with him. They had three kits, then those kits had kits, starting MiceClan.

3 Brightstorm

BrightStorm is a tall cat who uses they/them. They have a deep voice. They are a solid / self-color silver with a lustrous, long-haired coat. They have a toned build with a lot of muscle on their hind legs. They have upturned cobalt eyes that look clear. They have very small paws and a triangular face.

BrightStorm also has no distinguishable tooth problems and few facial scars. They have a reed dangling from their ear. Their personality traits are venturesome, confidential, and narcissistic. In conversations, they are noncommittal, but in private, they are very crazy. These traits are balanced by them being romantic to most clanmates.

BrightStorm was born to CotoneasterCloud (alive) and CornsilkJew (alive) in Riverclan. They have no siblings. They are a medicine-cat apprentice (adult). They died at the age of 48 moons due to whitecough.

4 Jaysong

Jaysong is a silver she-cat with icy-blue eyes and is determined to prove her loyalty to RiverClan. Her mother, Rushingstream, and father, Treeshade, are in different clans. Her mother is in RiverClan, but her father is in ShadowClan. So, she is half-clan. She wants to become a leader and show that a half-clan cat is just as loyal and strong as any other clan-born. Whoever got in her way or tried to push her around and tease her, regretted their choice soon after. She had one friend, Blackstream. He understood her. He became Blackstar, and he said he would try to make it up to her. She became a leader, like he said, and they never fought.

5 Birchsong

BirchSong is an average-height cat who uses the pronouns he/him. He also has a rough voice. He is a two-colour pale ginger with an orange, short-haired coat. He has a very round build with a lot of muscle on his torso. He has downturned dark eyes that look incoherent. He has polydactyl paws and a triangular face.

BirchSong also has no distinguishable tooth problems and torn paws. His personality traits are allocentric, irreligious, and neglectful. In conversations, he is soft, but in private, he is very superficial. These traits are balanced by him being neat to most clanmates. BirchSong was born to ClarkiaSong (dead) and HootSix (dead) in ThunderClan. He has no siblings. He is a medicine cat but died due to an ambush.

6 Echolight

EchoLight is a huge cat who uses the pronouns she/her, and her voice is pretty loud. She is a smokey gray with a shiny, short-haired coat. She has a very muscular build with a little muscle on her stomach. She has normal mauve and lilac eyes that look all-knowing. She has polydactyl paws and a triangular face.

EchoLight also has autism and went to the elder's den early. Her personality traits are sensitive, artful, and uncooperative. In conversations, she is irreligious, but in private, she is very unstable. These traits are balanced by her being solid to most clanmates. EchoLight was born to WhisperingWillow (Dead) and ShimmeringLake (Dead) in WindClan. EchoLight got bit by an adder in the Elders den and died at 23 moons.

7 Dawnbreeze

DawnBreeze is a sandy-gray she-cat with dark green eyes. She fell in love with a cat called OceanClaw, who was a gray tabby tom with blue eyes. She lived in WindClan with OceanBreeze and her four kits: GustKit, GrassKit, FieldKit, and MistWind. MistWind was the only one to survive after a harsh winter. She was amazing at hunting and always caught something, even in dirt like a worm.

DawnBreeze was named after her parents, DriftingHawk and BreezeDawn. Her father, DriftingHawk, mentored her. OceanClaw died during a battle against ShadowClan, leaving DawnBreeze heartbroken. She later met her end at the paws of BloodDrops, a rogue, while she was hunting. In StarClan, she lived happily with OceanBreeze and all of her kits.

8 Amberdawn

AmberDawn is a huge cat who uses the pronouns she/her. She has a gentle and loud voice. She is a color point ginger with a strange, curly-haired coat. She has a very thin build with a little muscle on her shoulders. She has normal maroon and mauve eyes that look florid. She has polydactyl paws and a triangular face.

AmberDawn also has PTSD and long ears. Her personality traits are profound, chummy, and tactless. In conversations, she is amusing, but in private, she is very weak. These traits are balanced by her being moderate to most clanmates. She was born to MidnightCherry (alive) and DappleStorm (alive) in RiverClan. She has two siblings named FawnPelt and DewMist. She is a warrior along with FawnPelt and DewMist. She died due to deathberries.

9 Bluemist

BlueMist is a tall cat who uses the pronouns she/her. She has a gentle and quiet voice. She is a tuxedo pale gray with a lustrous, curly-haired coat. She has a round build with a little fluff on her torso. She has normal apricot eyes that look shaded. She has average paws and a triangular face.

BlueMist has PTSD and burn marks. Her personality traits are intuitive, unceremonious, and unreflective. In conversations, she is unhurried, but in private, she is very trendy. These traits are balanced by her being vivacious to most clanmates.

BlueMist was born to FernStep (Dead) and WitheringShadow (Dead) in RiverClan. She was deputy in RiverClan but got exiled for murder. She later got killed by a fox.

10 Blackstream

BlackStream is an evil, greedy "FogClan" leader and likes to hide his identity. He threatened all of the ShadowClan warriors and renamed it "FogClan". He became the new leader. All Elders were to be killed. I won't tell you what they did with them, because it was terrible. BlackStream was feared by all clans, so StarClan somehow killed him.

I think Blackstream is a misunderstood tomcat with dark amber eyes, brown ears, white stripes, and a black pelt. He loves the most beautiful she-cat in SkyClan, a cat named Yellowdrop. He hates it when cats try to win Yellowdrop over solely because she looks pretty, instead of talking with her and understanding her personality.

He loves Yellowdrop very much and helps her in secretive little ways, like spooking prey into running into Yellowdrop's path. If he sees a cat about to attack Yellowdrop, he attacks that cat without mercy. He is very sad because Yellowdrop shows no sign of loving him, which is true, but he continues helping her nonetheless.

When Crystal attacks, he thinks he saw Yellowdrop get killed and goes into a frenzy, killing other cats. Ashamed, he tries to run away but Crystal catches him and claws his muzzle. He passes out from blood loss. When he wakes up, he discovers that his father, the deputy Brightwhisker, is dead.

He hates himself for not protecting everyone and thinks he doesn't deserve Yellowdrop. He dies from an infection in his muzzle, along with Grapetuft and Starkit (named after the deceased). Yellowdrop is devastated, but only because he was her friend. She didn't love him, but she forever honors him as a friend. In his honor, she suggests the name Blackkit to her friend.

-Cougar Shadow, daughter of the rogue Cheetah Stripe and the ThunderClan deputy Coalstorm

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11 Jakepaulsplash

Oh my gosh. Yes. This is now my favorite!

I don't know, it's just kinda funny and cool.

I love how this got so high on the list.

12 Ambershade

Ambershade is a light brown (but not too light) cat with white ear tips and one ginger paw. Of course, she has a rich shade of amber eyes. She is the worst at hunting and fighting, but she excels when it comes to battle plans, recovering dens (along with Dustpelt), identifying edible berries from poisonous ones including look-alikes, and recognizing bird calls and other animal sounds. There wasn't really a job meant for her, but she became the Clan mediator. Everyone knew she was very intelligent and she always had an opinion about something.

However, when she died due to a flood, StarClan accidentally sent her to the Dark Forest. There, she became best friends with Mapleshade, though she didn't become evil. StarClan allowed her to come back, but she chose to stay. She believed that every Dark Forest cat who survived the Great Battle deserved a second chance. She would lead a cat to StarClan (because she naturally knew the way. She was meant to be a StarClan cat) when she thought they had become good again. She even established a school for this purpose. A number of background characters earned their way to StarClan, but every major character failed, like Thistleclaw and Mapleshade. Eventually, she faded, and some other cat took up the role because StarClan thought it was a brilliant idea.

Whoa. I got carried away with this.

13 Dovefeather

My main OC is named Dovesong! I'd like to pretend that the name up here is Dovesong, not Dovefeather. Let me describe her: She is a white she-cat with large tufted ears, a plumed, feathery tail, and shining amber eyes. Her pre-mate is Springshard, but he's really just a cover-up. She truly likes Eagleheart of IceClan. As soon as she saw him, it was love at first sight. They shared a sweet smile, and Dovesong was in love. She couldn't help but notice that Eagleheart flirted with other she-cats too often, making her jealous. She soon left Springshard behind and tried to leave Eagleheart too, but that proved challenging. Then, she noticed Thornshadow for the first time and realized how nice he was. She tried not to fall in love with him, but it was inevitable. All in all, Dovesong is a hopeless romantic, so please pray for her.

- Dovesong, Medicine Cat of CloudClan

14 Honeysplash

Such a pretty name. I think Honeysplash would be a playful she-cat who is always optimistic and sometimes clumsy. I feel like she would always look on the bright side and see the best in any cat, no matter who they are.

- Sakura

Honeysplash was always the slowest to learn in her litter. Her brothers, Greenkit and Pinekit, always seemed ahead of her. Her mother is Dawnbreeze who, after her father Frostheart died, had no time for one slightly less successful child. She always seems to be in her own world. Will she ever succeed in being a good warrior? -Littleshine of ThunderClan.

15 Amberhaze

Amberhaze is a small cat who uses the pronouns she/her. She is a single-stripe black cat with a grizzled, long-haired coat. She has a thin build with a little muscle on her stomach. Amberhaze has cobalt eyes that look alluring. She has very small paws and a rectangular face. Amberhaze has ADHD and a long tail.

Her personality traits are well-bred, subjective, and frightening. In conversations, she is unaggressive, but in private, she is very aggressive. These traits are balanced by her being judgmental toward most of her clanmates. She was born to ThunderingDune (Alive) and AppleFur (Alive) in ThunderClan. She is a warrior in ThunderClan. She got mauled by a dog on her way to the Gathering.

16 Briarflame

A beautiful reddish-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes that shine like fire in sunlight. Briarflame used to be a kittypet named Briar until she met a RiverClan warrior named Jaysong, whom she happened to encounter while in the forest. Instead of chasing her off, Jaysong was kind to the young she-cat and promised her that he'd ask his leader about letting her join the clan. The next day, Jaysong came back to twolegplace to get Briar after getting permission from his clan leader, Juniperstar.

Briar joined the clan under the name Briarflame and quickly adapted to her new life. She later became mates with Jaysong and mothered his four kits in the nursery. Honeykit, Moonkit, Amberkit, and Molekit.

17 Dewdrop

Dewdrop is a beautiful cat, but she holds dark secrets. Her sister and brother both died. She had a long feud with her sister, and some people think she might have had something to do with her sister's death. She stays very quiet, as the people who suspect that she killed her sister are always eager to hear what she has to say. -Littleshine of ThunderClan.

Dewdrop is a warrior in SeaClan, and she couldn't have kits because of an injury to her entire spinal cord. Her mate is Raven, a fierce, muscular tom who is black from the head to the midsection and white to the tip of his tail. He has a stub tail, cut off by a fox. Dewdrop gets betrayed by her friend and is subsequently exiled. She creates her own clan and names it DewClan. She becomes the leader and receives nine lives. Raven joins the clan and becomes the deputy. Since she couldn't have kits, she adopts a fox named Mayhem. Mayhem is a red fox who is sly, calm, and a skilled she-fox. Dewdrop dies in the great battle between SeaClan and DewClan.

18 Leafmoon

Leafmoon is a loving cream and brown she-cat. Leafmoon sat with her tail curled around her mate. He started licking her ear lovingly as he sat on the deputy rock.

"Oh, sweet dear Wolfslash, I am..." She paused, putting a paw on her swollen belly, feeling for kicking kits. "I am pregnant with your kits. I am expecting them, my dear." Wolfslash, the deputy of WindClan, licked her ear lovingly as he sat down, brushing her pelt with his. She turned to her nest to go to sleep. Wolfslash followed and snuggled next to her as she lay down. She lay on her back, exposing her pregnant belly, which was bumping up and down every few moments. Wolfslash licked it, then pressed an ear to her belly to listen for their kits.

"I am so proud of you, Leafmoon darling!" he purred as his head was lifted by a strong kit. Leafmoon gave a soft lick to the kit. "They are coming in three moons," she thought.

They sat side by side two moons and three-quarters later.

"Oof!" she mewed as she fell against her mate's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" he mewed anxiously as she fell again, her belly twitching so widely she fell to her side.

"Is it the kits? Or is your pregnancy making you nervous?"

"The kits!" she gasped. All the cats at the gathering turned to them. "They are coming!" Her swollen belly was shaking, and the pregnant cat collapsed in Wolfslash's paws. Her belly was so swollen and kept bumping. Her kits kept kicking, and each time she let out a painful screech, pressing her paws against her pregnant belly.

19 Sandfeather

Sandy tabby she-cat with green eyes. I know that this is basically Sandstorm. Sorry. She is kind but a bit defensive and really wishes to be a medicine cat. She has always had a hard time fighting other cats, but her clan already has a medicine cat and an apprentice. She is also super ambitious and constantly feels the need to prove herself.

I imagine a sleek, sand-colored she-cat with grey-green eyes and a light tabby marking on her right shoulder. Her left ear has a small notch, and she has dark gold legs. She's very smart and observant and is a decent hunter. She has helped in more than one battle plan! Although she may have a frosty personality, she's as warm as a fresh-killed mouse once you get to know her.

20 Stinkycatmint

Stinkycatmint and Firebutt have to be best friends. Firebutt, the ginger tom with orange eyes, is ON FIRE! Stinkycatmint is a mottled brown and grey tom with green eyes. He smiles terribly and has green smoke wafting from his never-before-groomed fur. They get kicked out of the clan for their hazardous and uncontrollable abilities and become residents of the Secret Weird Ability Club.

This is just a masterpiece. This is the peak of StarClan itself. To the person who said this is more of a tribe name - yes, it is. Stinky Cat Mint that Sits on a Rock, or Stinky Cat Mint that Haunts You in Your Dreams. For everyone who says this is "not serious" or "useless," I think this is the perfect name. Be honest. You actually love this name. Firestar wishes he had this name. Who doesn't? It's almost as good as "Starstarstar."

21 Beeflight

I have an OC named Beeflight! He belongs to IceClan. He got his name because when he was a kit, a bee had landed on his nose. Even though his eyes hadn't even opened yet, he swatted at it angrily, throwing it to the floor. He then smacked it with his paw, killing it, which earned him the name Beekit. Once Beepaw became an apprentice, he proved to be thoroughly afraid of bees. So, when he became a warrior, his leader chose the name Beeflight.

- Dovesong, Medicine Cat of CloudClan

I made an OC named Beepaw. This could be his warrior name... Or Beeclaw. Perhaps Beestripe? Anyways, a golden tabby tom with interesting black markings around his deep, emerald eyes. He's a short-hair, with a sleek pelt and scrawny body.

His mother was Clan Leader of TorrentClan (an OC clan of mine), so he rarely got attention when he was old enough to be left alone. His best friend, Robinkit, was always there for him, for neither had a sister or brother. When they were apprenticed, Beepaw's mentor was a burly tabby tom, called Blizzardtail. He was finally made a warrior, Beeflight.

~ Foxpaw of FogClan.

22 Ashbreeze

Grey tabby with blue eyes, Ashbreeze is a strong and determined tomcat who likes to pick fights with cats in other clans. Because of his large personality, he doesn't have many friends in his clan. He doesn't see the wrong in his ways and doesn't realize cats don't always like it when someone is all business. His leader saw useful traits in him, however, and made him deputy. He then fell in love with her, and they had three kits. As he neared old age, his personality started to soften, although apprentices still think he is a grumpy furball.

23 Cinderstream

It's really amazing, actually. I've been dying to think of a good name that has the prefix "Cinder" but isn't canon, like Cinderpelt and Cinderheart. I've thought of Cinderfrost, Cinderwillow, Cindertail, Cindertuft, but this one is perfect!

I love almost any names with 'Cinder'. Cinderstorm, Cindertail, Cinderfeather, Cindertuft, Cinderstep, Cinderfoot, Cinderfur, Cindersplash, Cinderflight. However, Cinderstream is a dark grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is fierce and determined to protect her clan and the code. She enjoys hunting and likes the feeling of usefulness she gets when she brings prey back to the clan.

24 Starstarstar

Starstarstar... Hmm, ah-ha! It's Susan's whatever you call it time! Let's see. Starstarstar is the leader of StarClan because, why not? He's immortal, has rainbow laser eyes, star-patterned fur, a unicorn horn, super strength, invisibility, telekinesis, and can walk on water. In addition, Starstarstar can teleport, has butterfly wings, and sports Fortnite default skin fur. He has over 10,000 mates and a brother named Kitkitstar, as well as a sister named Pawpawstar. In my mind, Starstarstar is a Fortnite default skin tom. That's all!

25 Skystream

Skystream is a pretty she-cat who can be mean if you don't know her well. She is known for having visions of wars that have occurred in the past. However, she was sadly born blind and can never be a warrior. -Littleshine of Thunderclan.

For some reason, I envision a treacherous black she-cat with piercing blue eyes and light gray paws. She trained in the Dark Forest but was then used by one of the deceased cats. Iceclaw, a Dark Forest she-cat, used Skystream to bring herself back to life. Iceclaw took over Skystream's body and wreaked havoc on the Clans. Skystream realized her mistake and tried to fight Iceclaw for control of her body but was unsuccessful. Then, when everyone thought they were going to be destroyed, Skystream managed to regain control of her body and killed herself. She died a hero!

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