Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist

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1 Frostheart

Frost heart is a large, fit, warrior. He is deputy of shadow clan. His pelt is mostly white with streams of silver and grey running along his face, belly, and shoulders. He has no apprentice currently but his old one was black stream. His mentor was bone pelt who died in a battle with wind clan long ago. He has no kits nor mates. His mother was morrow seer and his father is storm bringer. He is 61 moons old currently.

Let's see. He's a gray tabby tom with long elegant whiskers, light green eyes, and a long, fluffy tail dappled with white. Has a mild personality and is tolerant of frustration. Extremely loyal and looks cool.

Parents: Leafwing, a gray she-cat with green eyes and long whiskers, (passed away) and Streampelt, a orange tabby tom with amber eyes and a long tail.

Mate: Lightfeather, a courageous tabby she-cat with distinctive long fur and white paws.


FrostHeart is an elegant, sleek-furred (Silver, white, grey black stripes) She-Cat with crystal blue eyes and who is kind, caring and helpful but can be a bit snappy and territorial. Her clan is FreezeClan. Her Mother is Snow-Wing, a beautiful white, lithe she-cat with blue eyes and silver paws. Her father is BlueRiver, a light grey tom with amber eyes and a torn ear. Her brother is IceWhisker, a grey tom with white splotches and silver whiskers. Her sister is WhiteBloom, a huge white she-cat with amber eyes and a long sleek, matted tail. Her mate is BirchFeather, a light brown tom with dark brown ears and paws and tail, and her two sons are ShadowKit and MistKit but they die because they wandered in forest and fell in frozen river, and her daughter is Shine Heart, a Silver and Brown she-cat with one blue eye, one amber. FrostHeart died saving her mate from a badger family.
--SpiritStar, of LightningClan

Frostheart is a blind white she-cat with silver stripes over her pelt and tail, with two patches over her eyes, which have been jabbed out.

She is a SkyClan warrior but was forced to retire after she slipped and fell into a thron bush that stabbed her eyes out.

She currently lives in the elder's den.

2 Creamfrost

My version:
A chubby she with soft, gray and cream fur. She has faint, sweet green eyes that have a grey tint to them.

She is very sweet and kind, though she is not good under pressure. She freaks out in tough situations. She gets distracted easy and is quite humorous. She is a warrior of ThunderClan

Her mother is Silverpurr, a sleek and elegant pure gray she with bright blue eyes

Her father is Leopardgrowl, a medium-sized ginger tom with large cream spots around his back and green eyes

Her brother is Ravencrow, a large tom with messy fur. He is mainly black with a cream underbelly and green eyes

I agree with whoever wrote the comment about it being ice cream. I think it's a pretty name, but it just sounds kind of weird to me. And also to me it doesn't really make a lot of sense, and I know people will say that she's a cream cat with frosty blue eyes, it just doesn't seem to me like cream and frost really go together at all. The only thing I can see that helps them fit together is ice cream. I know how hard it is to make a name though, and overall it's pretty good, so I applaud you. Nice job!

I imagine her as a pretty white she-cat with a cream muzzle that fades into her white fur, as well as a cream tail tip. And she has beautiful brown eyes. She is a queen from WindClan

My vision of Creamfrost:
A cream colored she-cat with white underbelly and paws. She has blue eyes. Her mother is Frostpelt a white she-cat with dark blue eyes and her father is Oakclaw a brown tom with a darker brown color on the tip of his tail and on his underbelly.

3 Brightstorm

I have a Brightstorm in one of my stories! She is a dark gray tabby she-cat with bright green eyes. Her brother is Pinewhisker, her best friend is Willowfall, and her mate is Bronzepelt. She becomes ThunderClan leader.

Brightstorm is the name of a character in one of my stories! She is a gray she-cat with gray eyes. She is currently an apprentice and will become Brightstorm for courage and kindness. She is however indecisive. She's scared of making big decisions and will die from her wounds after sacrificing herself for the medicine cat, Sagefrost, before becoming a warrior. The leader Scorchstar had to use the dying apprentice ceremony. Brightpaw is good at tracking scents but bad at swimming.

(I am going to explain him, he is a LOVED oc of mine then I'm going to tell his story .-.) Bright'Storm is an agile tom cat with a black coat, and a cover of dark grey. He is unique and can kill faster than the eye can see. He is smug, yet sweet and loving. Bright'Storm was actually a kitty pet named Canary, then he became a clan cat, and now is deputy of MoonClan. His mate is DreamFeather of the FogClan, they love each other so much and have kits Named: Acorn'Paw (A small and curious she cat that looks similar to scourge, a fully black with one front and one back white foot. Also known as Acorn'Fur) Cave'Splash (A

(I am going to explain him,) Brightstorm is a the name of a character in on of my stories! A pretty thick furrred gray she-cat with yellow eyes. To late to use this name I already am put this cat in my book she is a silver tabby she-cat with dark green eyes,.

4 Jaysong

Silver tabby she-cat with misty green eyes and long legs. A cheerful personality, good jumper, very sensitive of her feelings. Traits include determination, a strong sense for honesty, and compassion.

Parents: Wingfeather, ginger she-cat with brown eyes and distinctive black stripes, and Mouseleap, a gray dappled tom with long whiskers and green eyes, along with a stubby tail.

Mates: Streaktail, Brown tabby tom with a ginger undercoat and long whiskers, blue eyes.

Clan: CloudClan

Blue-gray she-cat with golden eyes. She is Kind and energetic.
Clan: OceanClan
Mom: Silvercloud- Silver tabby she-cat with golden eyes
Dad: Dreamcloud- Black tom with a single white paw and tail tip and amber eyes
Sister: Frostheart- Silver she-cat with frosty blue eyes
She is a medicine cat so she can't have a mate but she had always had a problem with love. She wished she didn't but she can't help it. She never expesses her feelings though, knowing that it's against the warrior code. She is currently in love with a apprentice named Aquapaw- A blue-gray tom with amber eyes- and has a apprentice named Hollypaw- A black she-cat with green eyes (Yes I'm thinking of Hollyleaf)

For me, Jaysong is a light grey tabby she-cat with piercing blue eyes.

Family and personality:
Jaysong is a ThunderClan queen. She is expecting her first litter! Her mother is Rowanflame, and her father is Nightheart. Her mate is a grey tom named Ramblebush. Sometimes Jaysong can be shy, but she is mostly very bright. She is very lovable and kind, and she is good with kits. She is an amazing hunter, but sometimes fighting is not her strong suit. She is hardworking, kind, sweet, fun, playful, and gentle. She can get easily bored, though, but she doesn't look for trouble. Jaysong has not yet had an apprentice, but after her kits become apprentices, she will be able to mentor her kits. Jaysong has proven herself to be a loyal ThunderClan warrior!

Hmm... a blue-gray tom would be the most popular color for Jaysong and yeah it's a good color. But maybe he could be a blue-white tabby tom kinda like Mothflight but a bit more blue. He has white spots on his foot and pads, and either blue, green or brown eyes. Or... less likely he would be a dark brown tabby tom with dark green eyes so like Featherstorm. When I first started reading the series I thought all of the names looked like what their names were. Um like... I thought Sparrow Fur, a speckled tortoiseshell, looked more like a, ya know, sparrow, like a light brown and white she-cat. I thought Featherstorm was a white she-cat, because I don't know I always think of feathers as white for some reason... Anyway his mother could be a graying white she-cat named Whitewillow and a father named Hawkfeather, a shade brown-and-dark brown tabby tom with green eyes and a white spotted muzzle. Jaysong is the 2nd best name for Jayfeather because Jayflight doesn't really sound that good... and ...more

5 Bluemist

Hmm. A white Tom with dark blue eyes and distinctive streaks of gray along his back. Has a chilly personality, but courageous and a trustworthy friend.

Parents: Flowbreeze, a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes and long, course fur, and Songleaf, a gray tom with a ginger pelt dappled with white and green eyes.

Mates: None

Clan: StarClan (passed away due to battle)

This name is so creative! I feel like this cat would be a silvery blue with pale amber eyes, and little white toes. She doesn't have a mate and usually keeps to herself. She is quiet and content with her calm life in RiverClan, until she was chosen as deputy. She is a calm, collected deputy who listens to both sides of every story. She usually avoids contact with other clans until she met Rowanflame, a bulky brown tabby tom who she later fell in love with. Rowanflame left ThunderClan and she resigned from deputy to find a new home with him, where she later settled down and had two small gray kittens.

I have an oc with the same name! He is a long-legged, nimble, Russian blue tom-cat with a white streak running down his throat. He has a slender tail and big ears, along with bright green eyes that have white flecks near the irises. He is a kind, loyal, tom with a careful eye and a helpful persona. He is willing to help his clan-mates in need, and tries to avoid bloodshed as much as possible. Also, he is rather bold, but not cocky. He knows where the limits are and can close his mouth when necessary.

She is a light blue she-cat with a white belly. She is from RiverClan and has three brothers, Tornbreeze, Stormpad and Grasswatcher. She has no sisters and is always trying to prove she's tough. She is the clan's best fish-hunter and is very close to StarClan. She has quiet an interesting back story. As a kit, she was caught up in a flood and separated from the rest of the evacuating clan. She fought the current for hours until her Mum, Birdstride, and leader, Lakestar, plus a few other warriors. She got her amazing swimming and fish hunting ability from that time as a kit.

I feel like this name should've ranked higher on this list

6 Echolight

Hi I'm Willowfall of ThunderClan.
Echolight is a light gray and white tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes. She is a warrior of ThunderClan under Brightstar's leadership, while the medicine cat is Silverleaf, and her apprentice Mistyflower. Echolight's mom is Feathersong, a light gray and white tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Her father is Thornheart, a golden brown tom with bright amber eyes. Her sister is Fawndapple, a golden brown she-cat with white patches and paws and bright amber eyes. Cloudwhisker is her brother, a pale gray tom with a white chest and paws and blue eyes. Her best friend is her cousin Applespirit, a pale gray she-cat with white paws and bright green eyes. Applespirit' s parents are Snowfeather and Stormheart. She is also close friends with the medicine cat apprentice Mistyflower, who is a gray tabby she-cat with a lighter chest and paws and light blue eyes, the daughter of Graystorm and Goldenfall. Echolight is calm and curious, and loyal to her Clan. She is ...more

Echolight is a silver she-cat with black stripes and yellow eyes. She is a warrior with her sister Swiftheart and mate Fernclaw. Her kits are Sagepaw, Burrpaw, and Tricklepaw.

Like the name. Just wondering why you put such names like Starstarstar, and what is Silverpelt suporsed to mean? It's the night sky! And for goodness sake. Why did you make Poophaze?!

Note: I'm turning this into a family tree now!
In my mind I see her as a fluffy, cloudy furred silver-and-white tabby she-cat with relaxed green eyes. She is bringing a thrush home to her Clanmates. She was rather determined to prove herself to her Clan, being overshadowed by her sister, Dovestar. She was very kind towards their sister, Brokenwing (once named Owlpaw) and rather curious about who their father was, Frostheart never told them. She lived a long peaceful life as a deputy and in the end, became legend as well, for fighting hawks skillfully and creating new bird-catching techniques. She and her sisters were known as Sisters of the Legend, each having their own legend. He mate is a tom named Jaysong (pale gray tabby tom with light blue eyes)

7 Birchsong

Hi, I am Willowfall of StormClan.
Birchsong is the medicine cat of SunClan. She used to be a kittypet, but was recruited to join the Clan by Ashclaw and Pinewhisker. Birchsong is a dark brown tabby she-cat with white paws and beautiful blue-green eyes. As she was a kittypet, I have no idea of her family, and because she is a medicine cat, she has no mate or kits. Birchsong is a skilled medicine cat, who will take on an apprentice who I don't yet know the name of. She is medicine cat during Stormystar's leadership, mainly during the time that Bramblestorm is deputy.

Birchsong is a yellow tom with brown stripes and golden eyes. He is an elder alongside his mother, Shadepelt, and sister, Gelidfur.

Birchsong is just a beautiful cat. Could be a male or female, name suits just fine. I imagine him as being a dark brown tabby with short fur and a long black tail. He has gorgeous amber eyes. Best hunter in ThunderClan.

Birchsong is one of my favorite OCs. He is a light brown tabby Tom with black stripes, and part of ThunderClan. He is mates with Snowstorm, a SkyClan she-cat (go to search, look up snowstorm, and you can see her story) and the father to her kits Yarrowkit and aspenkit.

8 Dawnbreeze

Dawnbreeze is an orange-and-brown she-cat with rippling silver stripes. She is a queen, currently expecting her mate Juniperstem's kits.

Light ginger she-cat with a mottled pelt, bright amber eyes. Extremely quickwitted, a fast thinker, and has a lot of courage.

Parents: Silverflow, a white she-cat with grey ears and amber eyes, unusual dark undercoat, and Dewleap, a strong tabby tom with yellow fur and long white whiskers (passed away)

Mates: Willowleaf, a tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive white dash on chest, and Antmuzzle, a brownish-gray tom with a spotted pelt (passed away from redcough).

Clan: StarClan (passed from infection in leg)

Dawnbreeze is a small light greyish brown tabby she-cat with light blue eyes! Her mum is Mintyfoot (black-and-white she-cat with green eyes) and her dad is Dewsplash (brown Tom with brilliant blue eyes). Her sister is Blueblossom (blue-grey she-cat), and her brother is Cloudfeather (white tom with brown tail and a brown foot, grey patch over his eye). Her mentor was Sanddawn, a pale tabby she-cat, her mate is Leaftuft (brownish gold tom with green eyes). She lives in ThunderClan, and she had two litters. Her first she had Raintuft (bright silver tabby she-cat with darker stripes, amber eyes) and Poppypool (tortoiseshell she-cat with lots of ginger patches). Her second she had Splashfur (black-and-white tom with grey splash on chest, blue eyes), Cinderfeather (smoky grey tom), Maplepelt (calico she-cat) and Squirrelstorm (dark brownish ginger tom with green eyes and power to summon squirrels!). She is now a kind elder.

I like this name. I personally see a light brown she-cat with grayish blue eyes. She is a very agile cat and is a good hunter. Dawnbreeze isn't the best fighter strength wise but can gain the upper hand from her speed. She is very quiet and mainly keeps to herself but she has a very quick wit and will make a sassy or sarcastic remark when you least expect it. Dawnbreeze is incredibly caring and loyal to those she cares about but seems rather shy and cold to cats she doesn't know well or cats she hates. This is my personal opinion of what Dawnbreeze would be like.

9 Blackstream

Look, some people get annoyed when others talk like this(apologies for sounding so rude). Before you dislike my post, hear me out. But lots of others have created the same one. Lot's of people, (including me of course) like showing off what we post. Especially if it's awesome or unique. But I sort of get a little annoyed when this happens, though mind you, I can't talk. It's an awesome name too though, with an awesome description. Very creative as well. Just remember that people including me get annoyed when they read comments like this. Thank you, and I hope I haven't offended you (though I probably have) I love your ideas though. Keep going and have a good time!

A strong, loyal RiverClan tom with sleek black fur and lean muscles. His eyes are a piercing yellow and he has a reputation throughout the Clans for being a renown fighter, yet always wanting to settle an argument with words rather then blood because he hates to see injured cats when there didn't need to be any. Despite his long limbs and dominance on the battle field when he knows he is fighting for the right thing, he is actually really sweet and wise. He has never taken a mate, though many a cat is interestedly.

Name: Blackstream(Black and gray tom with icy blue eyes)
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Sisters: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Mate: Has no mate
Role: Warrior
Clan: Shadowclan
Kits: Has no kits
Apprentices: Has never had an apprentice

Blackstream was abandoned in the forest as a kit and was found by Shadowclan. They took him in and trained him how to be a warrior. He knows that his family abandoned him. He is rude and normally silent to others.

Thanks for commenting. I'm actually the creator of this name. You don't know how much this means to me. First name I posted on here, and barely made it to the top 10! I thought of this character more of a black cat with dark, stony grey paws, tail tip, ears, and 4 Russian blue stripes. I think of him as a tom, but stream does give a feminine twist. It can be used either way. Anyway, thanks for noticing my creativity!

10 Amberdawn

How about…A tabby ginger she-cat with bright amber eyes, a long tail, and small white paws. Has a undercoat of stiff white. Has a cheerful sense of humor, lots of determination, and courage.

Parents: Rainpelt, a tabby she-cat with brown fur and green eyes, and Onelight, a tom with tortoiseshell brown fur and a unusual silver-furred tail.

Mates: None

Clan: WindClan

Amberdawn is a ginger tabby she-cat with one amber eye one blue eye that appears purple. She is a SkyClan cat, and her father is Duskwing (pale grey-and-white tom) and her mum is Ambershade (pale ginger tabby she-cat). But Ambershade died giving birth to Amberdawn, and her two siblings Firekit (bright ginger tom) and Moonkit (grey-and-ginger she-cat. Her mentor was Splashclaw, and her siblings became Firefeather and Moontuft. Moontuft had two kits Splashfeather (bright ginger she-cat) and Flipblaze (grey tom) but Amberdawn had none. Firefeather's mate Sandstripe gave birth to five kits Dewstream (dark grey tom), Raintuft (silver tabby she-cat), Leafflight (dark brown-and-ginger she-cat), Squirrelpool (light ginger-and-brown she-cat) and Moonlight (silver tabby she-cat). Amberdawn is now an elder.

Amberdawn is a ginger she-cat with a white underbelly and paws. Her mother is Gingerpelt a ginger colored she-cat with green eyes and her father is Foxpelt a orange colored tom with a white tail tip, underbelly and paws.

Amazing name! Amberdawn is a sweet, creamy orange she-cat with calm amber eyes. Amberdawn was going to be a warrior, but Amberdawn likes peace so she switched to being a medicine cat. Amberdawn's only regret is that she can't mate with Foxpelt, as she wanted to. Amberdawn is a quick learner and enjoys sunrises and sunsets. She died in her sleep and was mates with Foxpelt in StarClan.

The Newcomers

? Leafrain

Leafrain is an orange she-cat with faint red stripes. and green eyes. Her pelt is covered by golden shapes that look like raindrops/leaves. She was a ShadowClan warrior but was banished for taking a SkyClan mate - Canyonflame, who left with her. Their kits are Skyrunner and Shadowblaze.

? Canyonflame

Canyonflame is a brown tom with orange stripes. and amber eyes He used to belong to SkyClan but left with his ShadowClan mate, Leafrain, after she was banished. Their kits are Skyrunner and Shadowblaze. He and Leafrain currently live in a country town.

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11 Dovefeather

Dove'Feather I picture her as a Large White She in wind clan, I feel like she has a hopeful spirit even tho her kits didn't make & died because some of them couldn't breath right or see & hear right. Her mate was Jaw'Wing he was a small Orange tabby that got her expelled because he was a expelled cat that turned into a rogue but they got a rogue life together. Also she died of old age she was 284 moons she was lucky to live that long.

Dovefeather is such a pretty name! It should be at the top of the list, I think it's better than Frostheart! But here is a desc-
Dovefeather is a soft white she-cat with long, fluffy fur. She is a warrior, since she isn't a big fan of kits. Her mate though, is Berryfang, a red tom cat. Dovefeather has frosty blue eyes, and her tail is very long. Her mother is Robinflight and her father is Coppervine. Her personality is out-going and fierce, but to her clan she is sweet to the cats around her. -Foxflight

She's a soft grey she-cat with long fur and amber eyes. She's kind, cute and a good mentor. She's a experinced warrior and an important member for her clan. Her clanmates love her courage and loyalty.

Hi! Ivyfrost here! I'm going to explain Dovefeather. Dovefeather is a white she-cat with blue eyes from Riverclan, a queen in fact. She has three kits, Bloomkit, a golden she-cat with blue eyes, Brookkit, a golden she-cat with white paws and blue eyes, and Pebblekit, a light gray Tom with amber eyes. Her mate, Suntooth, a golden tabby with amber eyes is a warrior and is mentoring Breezepaw, a black she-cat with white paws and amber eyes. Her father, Splashkick, an elder, is a gray tabby with yellow eyes and did not approve of Suntooth until he saved her from a Windclan warrior. Her mother, is a white cat with blue eyes and is in Starclan. Dovefeather's mentor, Paddlepool, was a noble white she-cat warrior, she had been trained as a medican cat for a little while but decided she should be a warrior

12 Briarflame

*violently scribbles on paper for fanfiction* Briarflame is a pretty she-cat with green eyes and a reddish pelt. She has an aroma of smoke and mint. She's kind, but she can be rude. She loves a cat from ShadowClan, and she tries to hide it from her leader.

Nice name! I imagine a dark brown she-cat with darker flecks on her paws and tail. As an apprentice, her only friend, Quailpaw became a warrior as Quailflight. That made Briarpaw feel lonely and friendless. Since she was feeling this way, it pushed her to hunt, fight, and patrol more. It made her pass her warriors assessment and she became Briarflame, because of her fiery determination to become a warrior. Sadly, by the time she became a warrior, Quailflight had a mate by the name of Birchsong. Briarflame's heart crumbled and she joined the Dark Forest. They pretended that they understood the she-cat's heartbreak, and trained her.

By the time Briarflame was a skilled Dark Forest trainee, Birchsong passed away from greencough. After a moon, Quailflight asked if they could be mates. Briarflame forgot her fury and said yes instantly. She had only one kit, named Aspenkit, a red tabby she-kit. The rage returned to Briarflame when she realized how much she looked like Birchsong, ...more

Brairflame is a dark brown she-cat with lighter flecks on her pelt, she has blue eyes. Brairflames clan is OakClan, she has been a warrior her whole life, after Featherclouds and Sparrowclaws deaths, Raintooth had asked to mate her, but Silverfeather, a she-cat that loved Raintooth, killed Briarflame when she had the chance to, Raintooth had been utterly devastated, and he had died of loss and sorrow before Siverfeather could ask to be mates. that meant that Silverfeather had killed many other cats until she died in a forest fire. Brairflame, waiting in StarClan, had lived a happy life with Raintooth and had become friends with Feathercloud and Sparrowclaw, Raintooths first mates, while Siverfeather had a dark ending in the Dark Forest, leaving Brairflame, Raintooth, and her friends in peace.

This names sounds pretty cool in my opinion.

13 Dewdrop

Hi, Frostleaf of Thunderclan here. Dewdrop is a silver tom with unusually dark calico patterns on his back, with sparkling green eyes. Extremely chilly, but a courageous and honest warrior.
Parents: Flowhaze, Ginger tabby she-cat with a light blue eye and a grey eye, foster mother, and Gingerfoot, mostly black tom with yellow eyes and a fluffy pelt.
Mates: None
Clan: RiverClan
Story: He was brought up by Thunderclan when his rouge mother died in a rockfall, and his father was in RiverClan. He lived a sad life in Thunderclan, as other kits kept teasing him about his rouge kit heritage. As a result, when he grew up to be a warrior, his eyes didn't sparkle like they used to. After long uncomfortable moons in ThunderClan, he decided to run away to RiverClan, where his father was. Seeing the camp of RiverClan made his eyes sparkle again, with delight. After finding his father, he dropped the shield around him, and became a loyal warrior to RiverClan.

Dewdrop is a light gray tom with dark grey underbelly and tail tip. His mother is Moonshade a light gray she cat with white paws and his father is Wolfclaw a dark gray tom with yellow eyes and a bushy tail.

Dewdrop, a blue gray Tom with white spots, mother is Windleaf, a white she cat with pale gray splotches and amber eyes.Father is Twistedleg, a gray Tom with a twisted leg and dark green eyes.Siblings are Palewillow, a white she cat with pale gray spots and pale green eyes, and Appledawn, a calico tortoiseshell and white she cat with green eyes. Mate is Blossombird, a ginger tabby she cat.

Dewdrop is a purely black tom with shockingly blue eyes. He's so black, that when he closes his eyes, you can't see him at night.

14 Honeysplash

A light yellow she-cat who often wears a flower tucked behind her ear. She is a senior warrior of Windclan, and is expected to be picked as the next deputy.

I think Honeysplash would be a dappled yellowish-pale brown she-cat with amber eyes.
She is very good at pretending, lying, and acting. She even tricked everyone in the Clan, including her mate that her mate was her mate. She pretends to be really sweet and always says sympathetic things to her not-really-friends. But, she is cold-blooded and fools everyone. Her goal is to destroy the Clans.
She had a beloved friend. Her friend just gave birth to her children but the Clan cats killed her. Honeypaw, then, was devastated and promised that she would avenge her friend to StarClan.
She got her warrior name because she pretended to be good, and she had a talent for tracking scent trails and an excellent sense of hearing. In her warrior ceremony, her leader used the words "honest" and "loyal" to describe her because he didn't know anything about her plans. There wasn't really any reason she was named the suffix 'splash. In the end, she was taken by greencough, the most stupid and ...more

Frostleaf of Thunderclan again. Is a tom with a pale honey-colored pelt with a pelt of paler fur on her belly, and has a long fluffy tail tipped with white. Bright green eyes, and has a funny sense of humor and extremely gentle.
Parents: Hazelleaf, a wiry brown she-cat with blue eyes, and Mudpelt, gray tom with misty green eyes.
Littermates: Hazywillow, small black and white she-cat, (passed away in a battle) and Whitepaw, silver-furred tom (passed away from greencough)
Mates: Streamcloud, red-brown she-cat with long tufty ears
Clan: WindClan
Story: He grew up in WindClan, to his father that neglected him for breaking her tail and the medicine cat saying he might be crippled in the tail. After quite a few moons without any care from his parents, his littermates still played with her, but most of her kin had turned away from him. He lived her apprentice moons lonely and resentful, and when a rouge called Stream passed by his clan, he fell for her. After a moon of ...more

She's a pretty white she-cat with ginger speckles across her back. Her eyes are orangey yellow and she is the medicine cat of SkyClan.

15 Gingersplash

In my opinion, she's a queen of SkyClan who's barely a warrior. Her mate is Stonehaze, a gray tabby tom who is also barely a warrior. She was born alongside her sister, Palekit, who died soon after birth. She was adopted by Graypelt when she was found alone in near a Twoleg nest next to the body of her mother, an unnamed she-cat.

Well, maybe…a light ginger she-cat with brown eyes, and fur that flutters in the wind. Has long legs that are easy for climbing, a serious face, a kind heart, and lots and lots of hope. A bit rebellious though, I might say. 😂

Parents: Whitepool, a white tabby she-cat with a brownish tail and one blue and green eye, and Branchtail, silver tabby with brown paws and amber eyes, a bent tail.

Mates: Barklight, dark red tom with blue eyes and dappled paws. (Passed away)

Clan: SunClan

This name rocks! It sounds like a ginger tabby with a white muzzle, underbelly, and has two differently colored eyes; one blue and one green. She is a medicine cat, and her father was a kittypet, but her mother was a warrior. When she gave birth, she dies, and the father goes back to live with his owners. She is adopted by a kind cream-colored queen named Cream Heart, and her kits are already one moon older than her. So when they become apprentices without her, she is, once again, alone. Later, one of Cream Heart's kits, Soaring Paw, becomes Soaring Mist, and then is chosen to be deputy. His mind becomes clouded with jealousy and hate towards the leader, and kills him, then he is in control. Now Ginger Splash, and her siblings, have to battle against Soaring Star and his corrupt mind to stop him. She has a really interesting backstory!

What I imagine-

A dashing white tom with ginger tabby spots splashed on his coat. He has captivating forest-green eyes. Gingersplash is a well respected member of his Clan who holds the spot as deputy. He is a hearty and is not easily manipulated. Gingersplash is a skilled hunter and fighter who follows the Warrior Code loosely but always keeps it in mind. He's a real ladies man and can also be a bit egotistical at times. He is an optimistic tom, and he sometimes likes to gossip.

16 Silvercloud

Silvercloud is a normal cat of ThunderClan. She loved her mother and father, and they loved her. They didn't die or anything. She loves her littermates and they love her. She was named by the Clan leader the suffix 'cloud for no reason. She is a silver tabby with the most normal stripes. Her tail is slender. She is short-furred. She loves her friends and they love her but she doesn't like her friends' friends. She had a mate and kits. The rest of the Clan doesn't really like her or not like her because most of them don't even know that she exists even though she goes on a bajillion patrols and dies several times and revives again. She's not brave or anything. She's not that scared or anything. The only thing she ever does is go on patrols or appear and a random important battle because they ran out of names of background characters to use. She died for the final time when she got greencough. Wow. I didn't get so overboard with this. Though, I still like the name of the cat as a ...more

Ivyfrost is back! I want to tell you about Silverclould. Silvercloud is a Windclan she-cat warrior. She is a silver tabby with blue eyes. She has no mate, and no kits, but she does think Tigerfoot has a crush on her sister, Moonshone, a gray tortoiseshell with green eyes. She is mentoring Firepaw, a ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Her mother and father were rouges so she was found on Windclan territory with her sister and brother, her brother was a gray cat with yellow eyes but died from hunger when he was a kit. Her mentor was Cracklestep, a sleek golden tabby with scars crisscrossing on his back and sometimes she wonders if she can trust him.

I think it would be a silver she cat queen with dark blue eyes. Her mate would be Snowstorm, a pure white tom with amber eyes, and he kits would be Mistkit, a silver she cat with white stripes and blue eyes, Lillykit, a pure white she cat with blue eyes, deaf, Streamkit, silver she cat with amber eyes, and Stormkit, Gray tom with green amber eyes)

Hello, today we're telling the life of Silvercloud! He is a silver tabby tom with amber eyes, his Clan is SkyClan! His parents are Featherfur (grey tabby she-cat) and Cloudflame (silvery white tom). Cloudflame unfortunately died of rotten prey. His sister is Willowfur (light grey she-cat with green eyes). He became a med cat and was named after his father. Many moons later he got injuried saving Cinderpaw, Cloudpaw and Silverpaw (Willowfur's kits) from a ShadowClan warrior, and he died saving Cindercloud, Clouddawn and Silverfur from a badger, and died peacefully 2 hours after the battle. He's happy in StarClan with his kin and friends!

17 Leafmoon

Frostleaf of Thunderclan here. Leafmoon is a tabby she-cat with a fluffy blue-gray pelt and brown eyes. She looks as normal as any clanmate, but has extremely good battle skills and planning skills. Extremely cool and reserved, but would die for her clanmates in an second.

This is so pretty! I imagine a silver tabby with warm golden eyes. I think it would be a she cat. I think she should be a queen. Her mate would be Nightheart, a pure black tom with amber eyes, and her kits would be Cinderkit, a gray she cat with yellow eyes, and eclipsekit, a black tom with silver stripes.

She's a white-and-silver fluffy she-cat with amber eyes. She's a little shy and a good hunter. She likes help her clanmates. Her mate is Darkstream, a dark tabby tom with long hair. Darkstream is a experimented warrior who knows all the fight secrets.

Leafmoon is a light brown she-cat with a white underbelly and paws. Her mother is Fernstorm a dark brown she-cat with light brown underbelly and tail tip and her father is Twigtail a brown tom with a small tail and dark brown eyes.

18 Sandfeather

I imagine a sleek creamy pale ginger she-cat with dark tabby stripes with green eyes. Her mum is Sweetheart (calico) and her dad was (ready...) REDFACE (grey tortoiseshell tom with a ginger tail and ginger patch over his face with green eyes) and her sibling is Fireflight (dark ginger she-cat with green eyes).

She is hot. She's like a viper if you don't know her but as sweet as fresh kill if you know her. She's in ThunderClan.

Her mate is Dusksky (grey-and-ginger tom) and her daughters are Leaffeather (dark brown - almost black - she-cat with one amber eye one blue eye, white chest and paws) and Squirrelclaw (dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes) and she has a son named Lionheart (bright ginger tom). She got blinded and had to be a med cat, and died aged the age of 10.54 years, thanks to greencough.

She now lives happily in StarClan.

I imagine a sleek, sand-colored she cat with grey-green eyes and a light tabby marking on her right shoulder. Her left ear has a small notch and she has dark gold legs. She's very smart and observant, and is a decent hunter. She helped in more than one battle plan! She may have a frosty personality, but she's warm as a fresh-killed mouse once you get to know her!

Sandfeather is a pale yellow she-cat with keen, curious green eyes. She has short fur and a long tail. She was named Sandfeather because of her tendency to stare of in the distance, momentarily whisked away in a thought. Sandfeather is a wonderful hunter, and very fast, but fighting was never her strong suit. She has a white tail tip and short claws. She belongs to ThunderClan. When Sandfeather was Sandpaw, Beepaw confessed that he liked her, ever since she became an apprentice. When they were both warriors, Beepaw, now Beewhisker, asked her to be his mate. Sandfeather was more than ready to agree. She had his kits, one a gray tabby she-cat, like Beewhisker, and the other a sandy tom, like Sandfeather. However, in a battle with ShadowClan, Beewhisker was killed along with her mother, Brackenshade. She pretended that she wasn't deeply depressed, yet she stared off into the distance more than ever. She slowly became more depressed until Beewhisker visited her in a dream and told her ...more

You were a slender, agile, small, sand colored she cat with dark, forest green eyes. Your mother. Runningstream. A ginger and white she cat with dark green eyes. Your father a deceased tom named Webfur. A misty white tom with silvery white stripes.

Kit: Your father was stressed when you and your siblings were born. He ran off to live as a kittypet and your mother had her paws full with you. But she did love you. Even though you were always a bit harder to control. Naughty, liked to run away. When your mother just became too distressed to take care of you she gave you up to another queen named LilyHeart. LilyHeart was happy to have another kit. She loved you even more than her own kits, Spiderkit and Flowerkit. She did notice the special mark on your pad. She didn't think much into it though. But one day, you saw your real father and mother again and ran to them. They missed you so much and wanted you back. LilyHeart hissed and scraped at them. She wrapped her tail around you ...more

19 Ambershade

This art I submitted is so outdated, I really gotta update it sometime, not to mention several of the images I made appear to have been spread across the list.

Ambershade is a light brown (but not too light) cat with white ear tips and one ginger paw. Of course, she has a rich shade of amber eyes. She is the worst at hunting and fighting, but she is very useful when it comes to battle plans, how to recover dens (along with Dustpelt), how to tell edible berries and poisonous ones including the poisonous look-alikes, and how to tell bird calls and other animal sounds. There wasn't really a job meant for her, but she became the Clan mediator because everyone knew she was very intelligent and she always had an opinion about something. Though, when she died because of a flood, StarClan accidentally sent her to the Dark Forest and she became best buds with Mapleshade. Though, she didn't become evil. StarClan allowed her to come back, but she decided to stay. It was because every Dark Forest cat who survived the Great Battle deserved a second chance. At least that's what Ambershade thought. She would lead a cat to StarClan (because she naturally ...more

Ambershade is a amber colored she-cat with white underbelly and paws. Her mother is Moorshadow a brown she-cat with a light brown underbelly and tail tip and her father is Oakstorm a light brown tom with amber colored underbelly, tail tip and eyes.

imideitly my mind goes to a pretty amber she-cat with amber eyes, she is sleek, has a longish tail, and loves hunting. Ambershades parents are Adderlight and Kinkheart, Ambershades siblings are Juniperberry who is the youngest and also not born in Ambershades litter, Bramblestrike and Brightsilver. Ambershade has a mate called Aquafeather, she has two kits called Skypelt and Featherfall, Ambershade will end up being killed by a badger but will never ever forget her so lovely life in OakClan.

20 Stinkycatmint

The Stinkycatmint song: "My name is Stinky-Cat-Mint, does my smell give a hint? I can't fight, I've lost my sight, afraid of night, annoyed with the random clan cat called BrightLight, BOI! I can't hunt, can't do a stunt, my claws are blunt, oh YEET! When someone offers yummy fish, I say I will pass, then I go to neighbours house and slap em In the ass! I have a secret that involves many different leaves, I once had a piece of mint that I like to call my cat peave!"

I'm not happy with the person who wrote this name either, but come on, this is the internet. People can post whatever they want, and unless there's actually a filter or something on the website, so we just have to deal with it. There will be not serious, weird internet things everywhere without a filter. Also, you can't really tell other people what to do. I mean, you can tell them, but weather they want to do it or not is they're choice. But I agree, the person who did this please stop because the rest of us Warriors lovers want some actual names, not some weird ones.

"I personally feel like that if you want people to look through your website, you should come up with names that match the title. Stinkycatmint is a disrespectful name, and I have to understand it is number 145, I am sorry and I hope I don't hurt your feelings. But my suggestion is to try and come up with different names that show more effort. I know "Stinkycatmint" would never be a real name and it shows here on everyone's comments. I loved your other names though. I inspire you to keep on making these up!

Stinkycatmint and Firebutt have to be best friends. Firebutt, the ginger tom with orange eyes is ON FIRE! Stinkycatmint is a mottled brown and grey tom with green eyes. He smiles terrible and has green smoke wafting from his never-before-groomed fur. They get kicked out of the clan for their hazardous and uncontrollable abilities and become residents of the Secret Weird Ability Club.

21 Darklight

Fur: Dark gray tom with darker stripes and bright amber eyes

Clan: Shadowclan
Past: Loner, Windclan (prisoner), rouge

Age: 123 moons old

Loner: Darklight
Rouge: Darklight

Mother: Gingerleap (dead)
Father: Frozenshade
Brothers:Heatherkit (dead), Ryeburr
Sisters: Sandflower
Son: Toadnose, Flufffoot, Featherpaw (dead)
Daughter: Wisptail, Robinkit (dead)

Mentor: Dapplespots
Apprentice: Poppyflight (dead)

Darklight's heart wasn't always darkness. He put all his energy into training an apprentice that joined WindClan whom he later killed. (Poppyflight) After the clan's deputy died Darklight thought he would become the deputy however Sandflower was chosen instead. Darklight then realized that he would never become deputy after killing his own apprentice so he became a quiet and grumpy cat after that and retired to the elders den. Soon after Bluemist died, leaving ...more

Darklight is a dark tom. He's a little suspicious, but the strongest warrior from his clan.

"In order to be light there has to be darkness" does this answer your question?

I laughed when I saw this... I usually like unique names, but this one makes me think about the name Shadeshadow or something

22 Raintuft

I imagine Raintuft as a short-furred silver tabby with a white underbelly and white paws. She has ice-blue eyes. Her tail is VERY fluffy.
She was forced to be a medicine cat when the current medicine cat got a prophecy about her. Though, she wanted to be a warrior. She had a special talent for hunting and fighting. So, she overcame her belief in StarClan and begged to be a warrior. When the Clan did not listen to her, she said that she would not be a medicine cat and be a warrior fiercely, whatever they think. So, the Clan leader had no choice but to let her have the role. Though, the other Clans did not like her for that. She lost her belief in StarClan, or at least she believed that cats deserved the choice to do what they want, not listen to dead ghost cats to make their WHOLE path and plan their destiny. After a few moons, the other Clans got so hostile that she went against the will of StarClan that the Clan leader had no choice but to banish her. Just before she left, she ...more

Frostleaf of Thunderclan here. Dark-grey tabby she-cat with black tiger stripes, green-blue eyes, and long legs and tufty ears. Has a cheerful personality, can be moody, brave and loyal.
Parents: Jayflight, small, blueish she-cat with white paws and green eyes(passed away), and Jumpfoot, brown tabby tom with sandy-yellow eyes.
Littermates: Amberblaze, cheerful reddish-brown she-cat with bright amber eyes, Rockcleft, grumpy tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes, and Ravenleap, nervous tabby black she-cat with fluffy fur and amber eyes.
Mates: Stormheart, brown tabby tom with gray ears, tailtip, and muzzle. Blue eyes.
Clan: StarClan(passed away from drowning)
Story: She was born in CloudClan, and her mother died right after birth. When they were made warriors, they were made to sit in vigil. But somehow in the darkness, three badgers attacked them. Ravenleap sounded the alarm, but it was the middle of the night, and most cats were still fast asleep, and the warriors were slow ...more

A half river clan half wind clan she cat, with silver fur and large dark grey stripes. She is a medicine cat, but sometimes wishes she was a warrior

I think Raintuft is a sleek black shecat with bluish patches and she has a white stripe starting from her muzzle and ending at her tail. She had a mate named Splotchmuzzle who had a sister named Goldeneye. Goldeneye had killed Raintuft's mother and as soon as she found out she had never talked to Goldeneye again. It turns out Raintuft was expecting kits and had given birth the night of a gathering, both Yarrowkit and Wetkithad died almost as soon as they were born and her last kit, a shekit who looked almost identical to her mother survived her name was Marshkit and she was destined to be leader. When Marshkit was apprenticed she had gotten lost. She made her own clan called MarshClan and Raintuft had joined the day after her mate died. Now she is the deputy of MarshClan and lived the best life ever.

23 Cinderstream

Gray she cat with blind blue eyes. She is a medicine cat and is related to Jayfeather. She is in a forbidden ship with anther med from another clan, Nightwhisker, a black tom with a silver under belly, and she is secretly expecting kits.

Great name!
As a kit, she would very shy and spend most of her time with her mother and siblings. She would rarely play with the other kits in the nursery. The other kits would make fun of her a lot. They would say she would never be a warrior. When she became an apprentice, Cinderpaw was determined to prove that she was not a shy little cat that would never be a warrior. She turned out to be an amazing hunter and a great fighter. She the other apprentices saw what she could do they started to respect her. She was the first to earn her warrior name, Cinderstream. The whole Clan respected her and she served her Clan very well. But when her mother, Amberdawn, died on the Thunderpath, everything changed. She was overwhelmed with grief and she was losing her skills. Her siblings, Softfeather and Foxpelt were the only ones who could comfort her. She finally went out and started helping. When she got her first apprentice, Lionpaw, her grief was finally almost gone. Cinderstream and ...more

She is a she cat. Dark gray with white flecks and paws. She has dark blueish green eyes. She is River clan thunder clan half clan cat.

Super edition: Cinderstream's light

As a kit, she never felt at place in Thunderclan. Her mother, a white she cat with light green eyes named Whitefern, always treated her like she was a baby. She was not allowed to eat a bird until six moons. Her sister, a light grey she cat with dark green eyes, named Poppykit, was supportive of her quiet sister though poppykit was loud and energetic. Cinderkit was bullied by a kit named amber kit, an orange tomkit with amber eyes.

She was made an apprentice to a stern Tom who was named sandypelt. He looked just like amber kit and was his father, but turned out to be okay in the end to his still feeling out of place apprentice.

She knew who her father was, and left to join riverclan.

My first thought: A lithe gray tabby Tom, beside a small creek, his face in a tight snarl. (Lol literature :'3) Cinderstream is of Riverclan, his name referring to his fish-like swimming skills (Meaning he swims as good as a fish). His eyes are a rather pale sandy yellow, which matches his often bad-mooded nature, though he can be sweet sometimes. His pelt glows silver in the moonlight, and in the sunlight it looks shiny and glossy. He found his passion for his apprentice, Gingerpaw, a shy she-cat with a ginger pelt and darker ginger splotches, with blue eyes. When she becomes a warrior, now known as Gingerflight, and see agrees! Well there u go

24 Starstarstar

Starstarstar... hm, ah hah! Susan whatever you call it time! Let's see... Starstarstar is the leader of StarClan, cause why not, is immortal, has rainbow laser eyes, star patterned fur, a unicorn horn, super strength, invisibility, telekinesis, and can walk on water. Starstarstar can also teleport, has butterfly wings, and fortnite default skin fur. Starstarstar has over 10 thousand mates, has a brother named Kitkitstar, a sister named Pawpawstar, and yeah. In my mind, Starstarstar is a Fortnite default skin tom. That's all!

Yes. Perfect. Her kit's name is Kitkitkit, the apprentices name Pawpawpaw, and the warriors name is Warriorwarriorwarrior, and her deputies name is Deputydeputydeputy. Oh, and her mother is name Elderelderelder, but Starstarstar dissowned herself from Elderelderelder because she gave Starstarstar a stupid name. Hey creator of this, did you hear that? Starstarstar is a STUPID name! Well yeah it kind of is but it's hilarious so you at least you have something going for you.

Starstarstar has the power of all Starclan cats combined, and they have infinite lives and therefore cannot die, they are a very hot tom and attract all of the she-cats, and even some toms.
They have black fur, neon red, orange, yellow, green and blue splashes of colour around their paws, ears and tail. Did I mention they were really hot?

God, this is the fourth one! If you seriously can't think of a name worthy of being here and take time to think of one that will get you approval, then...
Oh, what the heck, this one made me crack up.
But seriously, it's, like, a rule that you can't name your kits' prefix "Kit" or "Paw" or "Star", so yeah.

25 Dustfeather

Hi, I'm Dustfeather, a OakClan tom. I woud describe myself as a light brown tabby tom with amber eyes, I am fast, strong, and many more. my parents are mostly doing patrols and stuff, but my mother is Hollyshadow, a pretty black she-cat. I would say my father, Lynxheart, is brave and strong, he's a pale gray tom and the deputy, which I'm proud of. I have a mate, and kits, my mate is so precious to me, I couldn't imagine losing my Hazelfoot at any cost. we got two kits together, Maplesong and Aspenleaf, I'm proud of them. I'm telling this story in StarClan, since I died from getting hit by a monster, farewell friends.

This is amazing! I imagine it as a musky colored tom or she-cat with green, blue, or amber eyes. Also it could be mottled brown or somewhat look like Spottedleaf.

Pretty name, actually! Sounds like a light brown tabby she-cat with amber or green eyes

I really like the image you get with this name!

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