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1 Dolores Umbridge

She is absolutely awful. She banned Harry and Fred from quidditch, she kicked out Dumbledor, made kids write in their own skin, attacked Hedwig, Made Cho rat out the others and almost used the cruciatus curse on Harry

Everyone has an extreme hatred for this woman because she is mean to the students and gives out stupid punishments but come on she is supposed to be mean because she is a villain. Voldemort is way more evil than her yet he does not get much hate. I despise Umbridge but she is overhated. She is supposed to be very unlikable and that makes her an interesting villain.

Made the Order of the Phoenix the most painful read I've ever experienced... as a 4th grader, I happily completed the 1st book, fell off in the 2nd, finished the 3rd one rather well, the 4th one took some time, but I enjoyed those days during lunch, reading Goblet of Fire. Then came the Order of the Phoenix, which was beyond mediocre. Later, in 5th grade, I read the Deathly Hallows after watching the 6th movie (After the fallout that was the 5th book, I couldn't bear reading the series for a while) and the Chamber of Secrets. Just recently, I finished the Half Blood prince. The only book I haven't read is the Order, due to this character being just god-awful.

I have reserved an extra special hatred for this loathsome, disgusting, pretentious cold-blooded reptile! There's a load of unlikeable characters in Harry Potter, from Lockhart, to Skeeter, to Malfoy, to Marge, but there is nothing worse than the toad herself! What sets her apart from other jerks is that she represents everything wrong with today's society. He's carrying around that smile, acting all innocent, while deep down secretly tearing apart everything, slowly. And she does that with a smile, thinking she's "so good". Other villains in Harry Potter at leastr don't try to hide their evilness, with the exception of Rita Skeeter, who's just a TAD less unlikeable than Umbridge. Both represent what's wrong in today's society, and those flaws are especially alive in Sweden. As a Swede myself, every time I see Umbridge on page, I see our government. They're both equally pretentious, arrogant, racist and unwilling to open their eyes! Always twisting the meaning in everything. There is ...more

2 Vernon Dursley

Umbridge and Bellatrix I can understand, by how is Draco Malfoy worse than Uncle Vernon?! Draco has redeeming qualities. It's entirely possible to defend him without pulling complete nonsense out of your ass. But Vernon is completely irredeemable. There is absolutely NO excusing the things he did. Literally the only good thing Vernon has going for him is the fact that he turned Harry, front and center of the biggest literary phenomenon in recorded history, into a relatable character for victims of child abuse.

He didn't punish Dudley, and egged on his bullying.
When Dudley went on a diet he called "fruit and vegetables" rabbit food. Harry was forced to go on Dudley's diet and forced to eat less than the Dursley's.
He got bars put on Harry's window, and didn't want Hedwig flying outside.
Forcing Harry to drink a little bowl of cold soup.
He yelled at Harry really loud for saying "Magic" "You forgot the magic word."
Who knows what Vernon and Marge's parents were like.

Him & his wife are terrible! They got his son into bullying Harry & spoiled him so much that he's fat & stupid. However, dudley is smarter than his sad excuses for parents because he came to like Harry for when he saved him & defended him against these morons! Draco the fandom is fine excusing his behavior to Harry because "he's hot!" Too bad Dudley can't say the same AT ALL.

He is horrible. He threatened Harry. Locked him in the cupboard under the stairs. Locked him in his room because he didn't get this deal thing for drills. Yells at Harry for no reason. I just hate him and want him go die and burn in hell. (Not the actor the character that he played)

3 Draco Malfoy Draco Lucius Malfoy is a character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is a student in Harry Potter's year belonging in the Slytherin house.

What? Like I know he's a spoiled brat, and all that but why he here and not Harry? Harry Potter is a whiny brat to and he's marked as the amazing hero who can do no wrong. At least Draco redeems himself at the end! I know Harry's parents died and all that, but you can't just smack that down onto a piece of paper and expected us to care, you need to actually make us feel for this guy, not make him into a boring, one dimensional idiot. In The half blood prince I was just... that was really sad with Draco, and he seems like an actual human being not someone you would hate in real life but is forced into this "I am perfect" box by the author! I've heard a lot of people talking about how she couldn't make Harry Potter perfect, but just scratch all the teenage whininess and give him some real personality traits Can someone name any interesting characteristics he has right now? Yay he's brave yay we all love him now! Good job, never heard of that one before, the brave male lead filled to the ...more

I honestly don't get why people call Harry a whiny brat. He's a teenager in the books, for the gods' and Merlin's sake! Teenagers are generally very angsty and love oriented. He could have ended up worse! Besides, he literally had all these secrets and truths thrust at him without much warning! I admit, the only thing I found annoying was that he thought magic HW was, "hard"- NO, I'm a literal Hermione on that subject! That being said, I found Draco slightly annoying. Guys, he called Hermione a "beep beep" Mudblood "beep beep, about three times! And he jinxed her! I'm just glad he didn't turn his fire on Luna, or he'd find his head dangerously close to his bottom...

Draco shouldn't be here he is also on the most annoying list and it is wrong.I know people say that people only like Draco because he is 'hot'. This is untrue. It is not Draco's fault he is evil it is just his poor upbringing and the fact that his parents (the people children look up to and feel that everything they do is right) told him how being a death eater is 'good'. This is not his fault. He did attempt to use an unforgivable curse on Harry but it didn't work this is because (like Bellatrix said ) you have to mean it for it to work. This is why Draco should be respected and appreciated. ALSO DRAPPLE IS AMAZING!

All he does is whine! He is a selfish spoiled brat. In the first book he said he was glad he had a family who loved him right in front of harry, who's parents died an his remaining family could care less about him.

4 Dudley Dursley

He is the Veruca Salt of Harry Potter. He throws a tantrum when he gets 36 presents for his birthday. He absolutely deserved that pig tail Hagrid cursed on him.

Dinky Diddydums is an awful, horrible pig. Some people might think he turned good/redeemed himself by saying Harry wasn't a waste of space, but that just proves how awful him and his family are. "I don't think you're a waste of space" is hardly compensation for someone saving your soul. Spoilt brat.

If you hated him in the movies, do not read the books. In the books, he is practically the definition of Idiot. Oh, and in the books, Malfoy is MUCH worse. Trust me on this, if you have read the books and the movies, you know what I mean.

Yes it was 17 years but ever heard of maturity?
Giving Harry a cup of tea, thinking Harry was coming with them.
After the dementor attack he was less immature, bratty. Because he had just seen his terribleness.
Five books of an immature brat (Well fifth book before the dementor attack)

5 Rita Skeeter

Skeeter is just a more tame version of Umbridge, and she does get a more fair fate, as her animagus status is exposed by Hermione and thus indirectly helps Harry to gain the trust of the wizarding world by writing that article for the Squibbler.

Well, if I was suspicious of lies, I'd put a jinx onto the quick quotes quill and make it say the true things. And maybe use a time turner to change past-time ones. And when it says "writes Rita Skeeter, attractive blonde" it should say "Lies Rita Skeeter, dumb idiot.

I don't like her, because she turns around everything Harry says in the interview. No matter how many times he said he was 14 instead of 12, she wouldn't listen. Then again, it's funny to see the reference to most of today's journalists.

This list has gotten ridiculous. All these people 'J.K Fouling' the most incredible author in history. Putting Hermione, Ron and Harry on this list has taken it too far

6 Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

She is a psychopathic maniac that loves to just scream and laugh out loud while she tortures and kills. Helena Bonham Carter did a fantastic job with this character making her extremely psychotic and evil.

She's a psychotic, horrible, awful person and I hate her more than I hate Voldemort. Plus she killed Sirius, who was my second favorite character. Yep, she definitely wins worst character award.

Unlike some people, I dislike her for killing dobby,sirius, and tonks, and, she tortured the longbottoms! However, other than that, I really like bellatrix lestrange and if voldemort was able to love, I would be shipping them real hard.

Unlike some characters, Bellatrix kills because it gives her pleasure. Killing people makes her happy. You really can't get more evil than that.

7 Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort is a fictional character and the central main antagonist in J. K. Rowling's series of Harry Potter novels. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released in 1997.

Voldemort is one of the best characters. He's really threatening and scary (in the books at least), and he has a REALLY interesting past. Not to mention you can feel sympathy for him despite him being irredeemable as a person.

I know he's a villain, and he tried to kill Harry and stuff, but I am kind of sympathetic towards him. I mean if your parents had a really sad story like his did, and you had to grow up in and orphanage where you were different than others ( He was a wizard, and his middle name was Marvolo). Then all of a sudden this guy comes and wants to take him to his school ( Dumbledore, Hogwarts) and he probably thinks Dumbledore means an insane asylum at first. Because the people in the orphange probably made him feel like that's the only place he'd belong. He never had any parents, or trusted guardians to tell him to turn his life around. Then he went to Hogwarts and and suddenly he had this power, and he was one of the smartest in the school. Then he went ot to find out more about his family and learned about his parents, and he probably developed his hate of muggles because of his muggle orphange past, and because of who his father was. Then he got all power cray and killed whoever tried to ...more

Why are Ron, Draco, Kreacher, Hermione etc higher than him?! He was even worse than Draco who was worse than Dudley on so many levels. He killed a lot of good characters. Just like Bellatrix and some other villains. He was about Umbridge level.

What's going on here! I mean the most evil wizard's on 17th, and the guys who sacrificed everything to fight him are higher up! This is completely crazy. I don't think anybody here read Harry Potter properly.

8 Peter Pettigrew

Wait how is this rat so low! He betrayed his friends, he's the reason Harry's parents are dead, he got Sirius imprisoned for a crime he never committed, and he revived Voldemort. I agree with Umbridge being #1 but I cannot stand Pettigrew. He's a spineless coward and he got what he deserved in Deathly Hallows (only thing I absolutely hate about the movies is that they never killed him like in the book, but I understand why, it's a little much for a fantasy film).

He framed Sirius for murder and let Sirius sit in Azkaban in his place for 12 years. He betrayed the only people who were ever kind to him and who would have died for him. He's not only the reason Harry has no parents but he also eliminated any possibility of Harry and Sirius having a somewhat normal life together. Because of him Sirius had to spend the end of his life alone as a prisoner in his old home. How is he not higher up on this list?

At least 'you know who' knew he was evil. Peter Pettigrew was a coward who betrayed the only people who were ever kind to him (resulting in the murder of Harry's parents amongst others) and then blamed another entirely innocent man, not only ruining Sirius's life but impacting many more. He was a well enough written character he was just a pathetic human. I really hate him.

Wormtail is actually one of my favourite characters. He's SO interesting and unique, and I don't entirely blame him for his actions. I mean you wouldn't just want to throw your own life away at a young age. And of course he wants to return to Lord Voldemort when his only two remaining friends wanted to KILL him defenceless. And he's not totally evil either because he hesitated to kill Harry at the Malfoy Manor, so..., he's one of my favourites

9 Vincent Crabbe

Probably just me but he's one of the most interesting characters in the franchise, in how he goes from being one of Draco's dumb and quiet sidekicks, to being more evil than either of his friends. It's a shame he died so soon...

10 Harry Potter Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.

He never accomplishes anything on his own (he always needs help) and he never applies himself despite the fact Voldemort was trying to hunt him down. Isn't it his dream to become an auror but didn't work hard to achieve it and often Hermione does his work for him. He's whiny and self-centered, especially in book 5, like dude you would be dead without your friends be more grateful, jackass. he uses my-parents-are-dead excuse to say anything he wants about anyone, like he calls out Malfoy's parents for being losers, Harry your dad was the biggest loser ever, stop talking. Also he's generic (Selfless, Loyal, Brave) yeah what main character doesn't already have those traits? thousand of characters are selfless, loyal and brave, Harry is not special after all, therefore he's completely Boring.

The biggest idiot in Harry Potter world. He feels entitled just because his father died, just because he had a few safe meetings with the Dark Lord. Harry He-Killed-My-Father Potter would have been a bit less irritable if he repeated this line a little less. And he takes this Voldemort-Killed-My-Father as a license to Crucio and to be mean to his room-mate Seamus and all Slytherins. He never even once tried to reach out or make friends with anyone. Maybe, except Cho but he ditched her at the first opportunity just because she was Chinese. If she can get over Dumbledore's support for Snape throughout the series, why couldn't he forgive Cho for her loyalty and LOVE for her long-standing friend Marietta? Even if it was a serious issue, he should have tried talking to Cho, explaining to her why Marietta's crime was serious. But no he just dumped her as if Cho was just a stranger.

Harry Potter is like Frodo, most of the work is done for him by other characters. He was MADE special by Voldemort's power but other than that NOTHING. His thoughts and actions are a bit bland (some scenes in the book just has him as a witness for other characters and their actions). Other characters are more complex, therefore making him look dull and boring in comparison. Also, I find it weird that his greatest strength is love but completely dismissive of other people.

Harry, above Voldemort?! What?! Also why do people hate him, don't get me wrong Ron is his best friend and all, but Ron is seriously overdeveloped. I get that Harry does whine and complain, but he's still a good character. While Ron who is nice, he still is overdeveloped because Ron whines and complains all the time and personally if you took him out the plot would still be unchanged in a way.

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11 Barty Crouch Jr.

But he turned Draco into an animal! Even if I do feel sorry for him (Draco), that was totally awesome!
And he's David Tennant!

He's personally my favourite death eater. He has more personality and a more relateable backstory than most, and he's truly commited to Voldemort.

He should be one because he pretty much lead Cedric diggery to his death! SO EVIL!

12 Percy Weasley

Ok, let me get this straight. Percy was great and all in the first book and the movie. It was fun to watch Percy guide Harry through his sudden entrance into the wizarding world. You don't see him to much in the books or movies until the fifth book and movie where you see him with slicked back hair and his stern expression, it's just too much to bare. How can such a likable character transform into such a villain!?

Why does nobody on this list forgive mistakes people have made I mean look who avenged freds death bye killing the death eater who killed him and comforted george when he figured out. Huh? Huh?

I just think that Percy is really stuck up and only does things that will beneift him and not his family or friends. He did have a change of heart though.

I liked him for the first four books, he was reasonable and pretty helpful. Then I lost all my respect for him in Book 5.

13 Kreacher

But Kreacher is Kreacher. What has he done to be bad?

What did he do to be bad

14 Snape

As much as I respect Snape punishing Harry- I mean, he wants to teach is damn class before the bell rings- and stuff like that.
He's just in love with Lily so much I want to strangle him.
He says it's just love, but the way he does show this "Love," isn't even proper love; it's called being a lonely Yanderu (not to be mistaken with Japanese term, Yandere) creep!
He acts like he's perfectly fine with James and Harry (as a baby, when Lily and James were still alive, he kinda cares when he goes to the school, Hogwarts, which he teaches) dying; hoping that Lily runs to his arms, desperate for a new husband and kid. It's sickening to describe Snape.

He was beautifully written and interesting character. All of this is true. HOWEVER, this does not stop him from being a jerk to people for pretty much no reason. Oh wait- get this- he hated Harry because he is James' son! WOW, what an amazing reason to hate someone and get a false image of who they are! He insulted and occaisonly abused his students, why? Because they were Gryffindor of course! For example in Goblet of Fire when Draco CURSED Hermione, Sanpe simply insulted her, and Draco got no punishment. His love for Lily is very sweet however. But he had no respect for her opinions. Snape hurt her sister. Hated her friends. Hated anyone who talked to her. It was... something. But he was loyal and important to Dumbledore, and I appreciate that, and he certainly is not the worst. I just wanted to talk about him. But I still think the character is ok.

Please don't come at me but... Snape was really petty and abusive. What reason did he have to abuse Harry? And no- His creepy lust for Lily or his immature bitterness for James does NOT count. Does no one remember when Snape was ok with his friends practicing dark arts on other students? James and the Marauders matured. Snape wanted Lily to live and was fine with James and Harry dying. He bullied Neville to the point where he was the poor boys worst fear. As amazingly written as he was- he was a horrible person in general.

I don't like him. The whole spy and turning good stuff just makes it worse actually. It's still not excuseable for all of the things that he did to Harry just because he hated James Potter. I mean James Potter saved your life and you still hate him Snape?! Though I do have to say that Allen Rickman did an excellent job at portraying Snape, I mean come on J.K. Rowling personally picked him to portray that role in the movies.

15 Lavender Brown

I don't get why everyone hates her. She liked Ron, but so what? Are you saying that only Hermione could like Ron? She never did anything evil. I know she was bothering Harry a lot about Ron, but he was ignoring her and honestly that's no way to treat your girlfriend. Ron was too scared to dump her so it was obvious she'd be pissed off when she saw her boyfriend up in the boy's dormitory. I hate that Ron didn't outright tell her that he didn't want to be in their relationship anymore and instead hid from her and pretended to be sleeping every time she came to visit him.

USELESS. USELESS. She serves no purpose to the story other than being a cheap romantic opponent to Hermione over Ron. Come on! This is coming from the same series that gave us Harry/Cho/Cedric, one of the best love triangles ever! Being a romantic opponent was NOT Cedric's defining characteristic, but it certainly is Lavender's. Even Jar Jar Binks was more relevant to Star Wars than Lavender Brown ever was to Harry Potter.

Boo my worst character

Why is lav on this list!?

16 Petunia Dursley

Instead of having a heart she had jealousy.
But really the jealousy is a sad story because she wanted to be a witch when she was a child but couldn't she even sent a letter to Dumbledore.
Imagine Harry Potter was real and finding out that one of your siblings was going to Hogwarts and you was a Muggle.
But she should've had a heart, and let the jealousy go when you grew up.
Remember what she said about Lily on the hut on the rock. She still had the jealousy.
that's why she was so horrible.

She's bad, but she gradually redeems herself in books 5-7 and it's revealed that she has a heart and actually did love her sister. And when Harry leaves the dursleys forever she does have remorse. It was a deleted scene in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 film unfortunately

Hermione above Petunia?! After Bellatrix this list is just starting to get confusing (well Draco being at second is confusing too, but still).

I hate her so much and can't get over how she did not care for Lily at all.

17 Ron Weasley Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. His first appearance was in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

Ron actually is an awful character and an awful friend. Sure, he hides that under his 'amazing loyalty', but really his loyalty is a joke. He totally ditches Harry in the Goblet of Fire for something Harry didn't even do. Yes, if he had been correct, Harry would have been a total jerk, but he could at least give his friend the benefit of the doubt. Yes, he does eventually make up with Harry, but, three books later he ditches Harry again. Also, he is cruel and mean to Hermione throughout the first few books in the series.

He abandons Harry twice when Harry needs his friendship and support the most -- TWICE! He behaves horribly towards Hermione -- his putting her down as a know-it-all and his comments during the Yule Ball are some examples -- and is just as bad as Malfoy in terms of his prejudice against Slytherins. He slacks off at school and ignores his studies in general, unlike his more ambitious siblings. If he really wanted to stand out and make a name for himself, he should do something about it on his own instead of whining all the time and relying on Harry's fame and Hermione's brains for help.

Not who I voted for but I don't like him. He just said bad things about Nevile and Neville is my favorite character. He joked about how he and Harry would be the last guys to get dates-except for Neville. I forgive him but still pretty annoying in that scene.

He's a coward, get's mad at harry when somebody puts his name in the goblet of fire, acts like moron, is a moron. He is a cliche! Ron is a bad character! He was directly disrespectful to the character in books.

18 Marjorie Dursley

She is only this low because she only has 3 minutes of screen time. She is so unbearable, ugly, and annoying. Glad she only appears in one movie for a few minutes.

Worse than Vernon by a long shot. In comparision, he would be Voldemort while Marge is Umbridge

How is she not at number two?! How?!

19 Pansy Parkinson

I hate her so much.

She reminds me of my 1st girlfriend I had in my freshman year of high school.I didn't date for 2 years because of her. Now,when I read her,it's all I can think about.

20 Hermione Granger

She kidnapped and blackmailed Rita Skeeter for one whole year. And Rowling/Fouling doesn't even condemn her. When Rita's only fault was writing. Same way, she sexually harasses and assaults Malfoy, when surrounded by her bodyguards Ron and Harry, and protected by feminazi law that cheers assaults on men and criminalizes slight accidental shoving of a woman as the unforgivable domestic violence. She is so much concerned about Elf's rights but never about the wrongs Ron and Malfoy keep doing to Draco. Imagine the entire DADA class attacking the trio of Draco-Crabbe-Goyle. That's even worst cowardice than his father's. At least his father attacked in a position of 3:1. Hermione and her friends attack from a position of almost 30:1.

Not the worst character by a long shot, but I definitely can't stand her. She's an insufferable know-it-all, by which I do not mean, she's actually intelligent. She states her opinions as fact, and is overly self-righteous. Not to mention she's every bit a bully. Luna Lovegood has unique views and opinions, and Hermione is very quick to put her down for it, just because Luna's views and opinions don't fit her world view. Many others are the same, true, but Hermione's self-righteousness makes it stand out as particularly bad coming from her. Especially seeing as she herself was bullied in her muggle school years.

I also don't like that they allowed allowed her to look pretty in the movies. One of the few redeeming qualities Hermione had, in my opinion, is that she was a rather unpleasant looking girl, with her huge bushy hair and, before fourth year anyways, her large overbite. Female heroines are almost always pretty girls, and Hermione, in the books at least, is not, by any ...more

She is a stinking misandrist. When she was cooking food, she complained: "I notice I'm always the one who ends up sorting out the food, because I'm a girl, I suppose! " (Deathly Hallows) But when Ron was doing the work that feminist-centric society has ordained for men -- to take up the hard, physically exerting and mortally dangerous works -- and Ron wanted her to take charge for a while, she wriggled out, in a typical misandrist fashion. "Well, you keep missing the cushions, don't you! " said Hermione, (implying that a man's suffering is his own fault and so he deserves no sympathy, no thanks.) "Once you're Stunned, you can't aim too well, Hermione! " said Ron angrily. "Why don't you take a turn? "
"Well, I think Harry's got it now, anyway," said Hermione hastily. (Goblet of Fire)

Eh, she does annoy me like when she used paper cranes to attack someone with jelociey... but she's a well rounded character. It's pretty cool she's half blood, but she's so knowledgeable about things even more so then a lot of full blooded wizards/witches her age. She speaks her mind, but is mostly kind, caring, & helpful. I definitely can't stand her goody two shoes & know it all additude side she has, but she just cares & doesn't want Ron & Harry to get hurt or in trouble.

21 Bill Weasley
22 Ginny Weasley

She's the most developed character in the franchise, whoever voted for her obviously just watched the movies (where she's admittedly bland) but didn't read the books at all. I honestly think that she was an awesome character with OR without Harry, who was determined to help out with fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but that's because I read the books which are far superior to the movies.

No duh she's the worst character. Both in books and films. I'm tired of her constant rudeness, and how Sueish she is. I'm tired of how she thinks she's all that just because she's good at Quidditch. And in the movies, she's lovesick and creepy. Every scene she looks like she's ready to have sex. Ewww. Great character example for kids (not! ) Hermione is 10 times better. But I like Bonnie Wright

She's a wonderful character in the books, but the directors and writers made her boring and perfect in the movies so she becomes extremely uninteresting. However despite Ginny being written incorrectly, Bonnie Wright is perfect as Ginny.

She was just Harry's love interest. She doesn't have a personality. This list is for worst character, not for most evil or most annoying. She's the worst because she under-developed as a character.

23 Dean Thomas

Just an idiot

24 James Potter

I don't like him because according online, James Potter didn't just hex and tease Snape, he hexed many bystanders for fun through out most of his time at Hogwarts. He's from this rich family, I get it, spoiled and stuff, but that doesn't give a reason to all this bullying! And to Snape, it's bully and humiliation! Honestly, if I were Snape, after all these years of been humiliated and teased and bullied, I wanna get some serious revenge on him because he deserves it. It doesn't matter he grew out of it, no duh, most people grew out from childhood! He never apologized, I don't think he ever regret his behavior not only to Snape but many others he mocked ruthlessly. It's just not cool. I'm not a big fan of Snape, and he was not a good person either, but I can understand him more in this point.

Harry did not know anything until he saw Snape's Worst Memory. Harry was bullied by Snape, and James is his father so he would be against Snape. James grew up and we all know that many teen girls are more mature than teen boys. James was only 21 when he was murdered. I like Fred and George, like James. But remember that Fred and George stuffed a Slytherin called Montague through the vanishing cabinet injuring him. Allowing first years to test their joke shop items. Hissing at a first year (Malcolm Baddock - Goblet of Fire) when he was sorted into Slytherin.

I am not a fan of Snape. I think he's an incompetent teacher, a massive jerk, and only sympathized with because James is an ass and he ended up going along with the Side of Good. However, no matter how much I dislike Snape, James was really being an arse. Like he was gleefully cursing Snape and being a generally obnoxious brat throughout what we see of him. I think Snape is at fault for this too, though, so I think they're both responsible.

I disagree...
James hated Snape because he loved Dark Magic. Snape despised Muggle borns yet his best friend was one. James was an amazing friend. Gave himself trouble just to help his friend Remus. And even used his wealth to give Lupin a good life. When he saved Snape's life he wasn't thinking about himself. He wouldn't have got into trouble. Sirius played the prank. Now, he could have saved Snape' life for the sake of saving Snape or for his friends... Sirius would get into serious trouble and Lupin would blame himself.Also James did not believe in superior on inferior blood. He even allowed Sirius to live with him. And is parents treatef Sirius like a second son. Most importanly he CHANGED. He cared for tue world not just his loved ones. Snape would have continued supporting Voldemort if Lily wasn't threatned. I am not a Snape hater I like him. BUT JAMES WAS NO villain

25 Gilderoy Lockhart

He's such a show off, and thinks he's a know-it-all, but really he's an idiot.

I HATE HATE HATE lockhart. He was actually tolerable in the movie, but in the book he irritated the life out me. He was so arrogant, only talked about himself, didn't care about Harry or Ginny or anyone apart from himself. God I wish Harry would've threw him into the basilisks' mouth or something. I would've been relieved!

I thought he was cool at first. Then towards the climax all my respect went out of the window

He's a dumb show off, he thinks the world revolves around him.

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