Top Ten Most Hated Cartoon Characters

This list is about all the cartoon characters we all wanted to kill. So here is a top ten list about it. Remeber only the cartoon characters I know so no scrappy doo or anything. So here it is.
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1 Mr. Krabs Eugene H. Krabs, or simply Mr. Krabs, is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

He only cares about money, he has no regard for his employees and doesn't even pay them (rather they have to pay him), and he does horrible things to people and sometimes gets away with it without getting any comeuppance. All the while be portrayed as "the good guy," while Plankton who's surprisingly more likable as "the bad guy." While there are episodes where Mr. Krabs isn't doing anything nasty and has occasionally shown that he does care about SpongeBob, most of the time he's just a cruel and selfish penny pincher.

He is my least favorite character in SB. I could deal with him in the older episodes, since he was just a parody of a businessman. But in the newer episodes, he just turned into a complete jackass. I disliked him after he tried to get rid of the ONE customer Plankton had. But then, I absolutely HATED him after he gleefully drove Plankton to suicide, and guess what, he STILL won in the end. And he also abused Gary and fired his best employee for a nickel. God, I just want to smack that stupid smirk off of his face!

He is so selfish and mean. He doesn't even are about other people's lives. All he cares about is his dumb money. I remember that time about his millionth dollar and then it got eaten by a clam, he did not let SpongeBob and Squidward eat and leave the boat until it has been found. And then in "Krabby Kronicle", he wants SpongeBob to write lies in the newspaper just to earn money. And then that time when Gary swallowed a magnet, he abused him considering that Gary is SpongeBob's pet. He is the worst Krab in the galaxy.

I liked him in episodes like "Hooky". He was at his BEST in this episode, actually concerned about Spongebob and focussed on stopping Sponge from playing on the hooks instead of money.
However, "One Coarse Meal" makes me hate him with a burning passion. He was so cruel to Plankton, driving him to suicide.
In "Whale Of A Birthday" he gave Pearl frosted CARDBOARD instead of a cake. What kind of parent feeds their children cardboard?

I hate him (except for episodes like Hooky)

2 Dora (Dora the Explorer) Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer". Her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend, Boots.

I hate everything about this show. I hated it since I was three years old. My mother said that whenever it came on T.V. I would just stand up and walk away. I hate dora herself, what her boring mary sue "personality" and her terrible Spanish. I also hate boots, who has no character developmeng and it just plain annoying. But my least favourite thing about this show is the map. Once I was watching an episode for no reason at all and they were going somewhere. The map told them " bridge, jungle pyramid! " And kept repeating it. I am 21 now and I still remember the sequence of bridge, jungle pyramid... I will never forget it.

I hate Dora! No offense to the people who made her up, but she is literally the stupidest cartoon character ever. Honestly, all she does is do "good" things by asking the watcher to jump and stuff. Map is annoying, he keeps on saying the three things they need to cross like a chant. Boots is also a dull character. Swiper too. Anyway I hate Dora and her minions Boots, Map, and Backpack.

Dora:What's the moment you like the most?
Me:I like...
Dora:I like that part too
Me:Hey, You didin't let me finish! I hate you Dora... Hate you...
And her advwntures don't make any sense. It should be adventuring all over the world and exploring ancient objects there. Not confusing stuff like this!

, The worst Cartoon Character ever is Dora! I am so happy! She is the most useless character ever! All she do is ask the audience everything and all she do is walk, sing some lame stupid songs, talk random junk, say swiper no swipping. Glad that this show is cancelled ☺. Even my 4 year old cousin hates dora

3 D.W. (Arthur)

D.W is a spoiled brat, she tries to get Arthur in trouble several times, which mostly fails.

She also screams non-stop whenever she sees something that scares her (Octopuses and Squids)

In one episode, Arthur & his family (including D.W) went on a family-vacation for Spring-Break. And they went to a restaurant where it was fancy. Suddenly, when D.W's meal arrived. She saw her least-favorite food of all--- Spinach!

She started throwing a tantrum about it and even knocked the bowl of spinach off the table, causing the bowl to break and the spinach made a mess on the floor. Her parents should punish her for that behavior. Also, her actual name is (Dora Winifred) but she goes by D.W instead

She takes pleasure in making life for Arthur and his friends' hell, is always acting like just as much of an infuriating brat as Caillou, and always gets away with it. The fact that the parents never do anything about it and only discipline Arthur is beyond me. I'm amazed that the parents aren't on here because they are just complete and total hypocrites for raising Arthur normally and not teaching DW right from wrong, they're never even shown to be affected by anything DW does. My guess for why the people who made the show had to make her so excruciatingly insufferable is because they were required to include something in the show that they knew would make people upset and spawn controversy to get extremely high ratings.

I don't know who's worse. Her for being such a pain in the ass, or her overly soft parents who never give her the ass bustin' she deserves.

She would be more likeable if she got punished more often. But her parents are way too tolerant with her and always take her side. And it's not just in "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood". I saw an episode where D.W. was playing her favorite song over and over again and annoying Arthur. When he threatened to break her CD because he was trying to do his HOMEWORK, D.W. tattled on him and Arthur got punished just for wanting some quiet. *facepalm*

4 Vicky (Fairly Odd Parents)

Vicky went from just being a rather hateful babysitter to an extremely homicidal maniac over the course of the series. I don't like that she was never given a chance to redeem herself and turn good, the way that the Sayan warrior Vegeta did on DragonBall Z... The sad thing is that, as Vicky becomes more vicious, the violent acts she experiences as punishment get worse. Timmy saved Vicky from a steamroller in one episode, then chooses to let her get run over in another. In another episode, Cosmo and Wanda give Timmy some kind of mind control, and Timmy commands Vicky to bash in her head with a frying pan. I'm sorry, but Timmy's doing that to Vicky is ten times worse than any time she flushed his head in the toilet!... I feel that the Fairly OddParents series was teaching that it's okay for girls, especially tomboys or non-girly girls like Vicky, to suffer extremely violent abuse... I wonder how many woman-beaters were inspired by the physical abuse that she suffered... In the end, ...more

Technically In my opinion Mr. and Mrs. Turner are the worst characters to me, the fact that every episode has them leaving Timmy at home with Vicky was funny at first but became rather disturbing and neglectful over time, they just never seemed to have any such love or interest in their own child at all. As for Vicky, she's just one of the evilest human beings I've ever seen in any show ever. Why does she love torturing children so much? For absolutely no reason other than she's evil, and apparently, the police force in the show is way too incompetent to arrest her because of this phony act she always has to put on. She's the living embodiment of evil itself and almost never faces any consequences for her actions.

She is a meanie. The impostor in among us should punch her in the face and shoot her with a pistol. Why Just why has she been bitten with a heart of evil? If Timmy Turner had an AK-47 and 150 bullets, shoot Vicky with all the 150 bullets and say, "May the devil take your soul and burn you in flames." God this monster.

Does anyone remember how vicky would ask timmy if he wanted to play a normal game or some crazy dangerous game and timmy would pick the non dangerous one but she would have him do the worse one.

5 Chris McLean (Total Drama Island) Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Ok, so I can't handle him. HE. IS. A TRUE SOCIOPATH. He's a manipulator, liar and sadistic character who enjoys seeing a band of teenagers risking their life... and also haircut. Many contestants finished the show gravely injured, some like Heather and Stacy who loosed all of their hair, and Dakota... Who literally been transformed into a monster BECAUSE Chris exposed her to dangerous radioactive substance. Tell me he's not hateable, I'll wait. I don't know, but that 1 million dollars don't seem as charming as in the beginning of the show. The contestants came to play a game to be millionaire, not the toys of a sociopath's bestial fantasy.

Seriously? Okay, here's the thing, HE IS JUST THE HOST OF THE SHOW. Yes he puts the campers through some of the worst torture imaginable, but that's the whole point of the show within the show just like with Survivor. I always saw him as the kind of character that you "love to hate" because of his charming and witty personality on top of his corrupt morality which in turn makes things more engaging. Plus need I remind you that he gets his comeuppance by the end of the series and is sentenced to prison?

I absolutely despise Chris McLean. First of all, he's not even really funny. Second of all, he is entertained by children being tortured. It seems like every time a kid gets hurt or is in danger, he says,"I love my job! "
Then there's the fact that he has absolutely NO concern about kids getting hurt. Take the time in TDA for example, when Owen's jaw broke, and he was only worried about getting sued. Or when all the kids were stuck in that room of water, about to drown, and Chris said something like, "Oh no, this will kill my ratings! " And his challenges are insane! The very first one, in fact, when they could have died in the shark pool!
I can't see why people can still like Chris after all he's done. All you people out there who think this jerk is funny, you make me sick. Don't get the wrong idea though. I love Total Drama-I just loathe Chris. I hope he gets fired and arrested.

Chris is a jerk who plays favorites and treats everyone like garbage even his friends or contestants he favors! Chris does pick favorites! Chris also abuses animals as well as children that nutcase along with chef hatchet should be locked in a mad house far away from civilization! Anything bad that happens to Chris and chef they both totally deserve it for being jerks!
I hope Chris suffers through every single torture he put his contestants and friends through 100 fold! Maybe then he won't be such a douchebag!

6 Spongebob (Spongebob)

I HATE SpongeBob! He is so annoying and his stupid laugh makes me cringe. He's not nice at all. He popped Mrs. Puff (which is actually very serious), he always sides with Mr. Krabs while Mr. Krabs is actually the main antagonist, which makes SpongeBob a bad character, he is abnormally stupid (he seriously thought that a murderer was his bodyguard, although his only form of disguise was a MUSTACHE), he always annoys Squidward and seems to go out of his way to annoy him, just for fun (Squidward occasionally gets suicidal thoughts for this), and he always abuses Gary. Remember that one episode, "A Pal for Gary? " That was pure proof he abuses Gary on a regular basis! I couldn't stand it.

That's why I hate SpongeBob (Mr. Krabs is even worse)! I don't care if you don't agree, but I really needed to say something.

Classic Spongebob is a far cry from Modern Spongebob

Spongebob is always the lovable, goofy, kind man who lives in a pineapple, not a heartless, idiot, moron, doofus

One of the reasons why he deserves to be hated is because his jokes are starting to get stupider and worse in the modern seasons.

Uggh I knew new sponge bob would be here...
Him and Patrick have gotten totally different personalities, but they are blander than ever. SpongeBob is actually 30, and acts like a young child, wanting to be with squidward for ever. He can't take a simple hint! He always gets his way, whenever he doesn't, he doesn't actually deserve the negative feedback for his actions, oh wait, he does from EVERY OTHER Godamn episode! And don't get me started on Patrick the jerk. The older days made them shine intelligence once in a while, and fairly get what the deserve from wrong doings. Now it seems out of place and wrong.I am glad to have finally got this of my Chest. This is so long!

7 Sanjay (Sanjay and Craig) Sanjay is one of the 2 main characters starring in the Nickelodoen show "Sanjay & Craig". Sanjay is an Indian boy who is usually around with Craig, a talking snake who is acquainted with Sanjay.

This show along with him came at the end of the era where cartoons on T.V were actually interesting and funny, and began the era where cartoons were horrible amalgamations of butt jokes and exaggerated amounts of idiocyand ecstasy for the sake of "entertainment". Point is this show will never ever be funny to anyone that's over 6 years old or younger.

Both Sanjay and Craig are awful characters. Their entire personality as far as I can tell revolves around loving gross stuff. Sure Phil and Lil love gross stuff, but there's more to their personality than just being gross. Plus, they're babies so they have an excuse.

Pointless waste of time, effort & money...two utterly worthless characters who spend most of their time incredibly vile, what was the inventor of this show thinking? Personally I think he should be sued.

Sanjay and craig are two morons who make dumb things together. These two retards are even more annoying than fanboy and chum-chum.

8 Benson (Regular Show) Benson Dunwoody is a main character on Cartoon Network's Regular Show. He is a gumball machine, also known as The Park's manager. As the manager, he is the boss of every park worker (with the possible exception of Pops). He has a short temper and has a tendency of yelling at Mordecai and Rigby every more.

Originally Benson was my #1 most hated character of all time because of how I saw him as a loud, angry, and repetitive jerk who does nothing but yell at Mordecai and Rigby and throw temper tantrums even though he could easily just fire them and hire employees that do get their work done. Nowadays I get it, but I still can't watch him in the formulaic episodes that end with Mordecai and Rigby causing some form of mass destruction and Benson giving them the "clean up this mess or your fired" shtick. The episodes that aren't formulaic actually do demonstrate Benson's true character, even though he always gets overly upset at Mordecai and Rigby in those other episodes, at the end of the day he cares about them deep down and sees them as family.

Benson has the same problems as Squidward. they both have to deal with annoying jackasses like Mordecai, Rigby, SpongeBob & Patrick. and I don't blame them. in Best Burgers in the World, Benson gave Mordecai & Rigby a chance to have some burgers. the only stupid thing Benson did in that episode is make Mordecai & Rigby clean up Skip's garage cause Pops had all his stuff in there (Shouldn't Pops or even Skips be doing that instead? )

I hate all you Benson haters.
Sure he yells at mordicie and rigby and makes them tone deaf in a episode. But come on mordicie and rigby need to learn to do their job and anyway the tone deaf episode was because he finnaly let his anger out.
He is my favorite rs character and should be removed from the list.

He simply wants Mordecai and Rigby to stop slacking off, plus he became more respectful towards Mordecai and Rigby in later seasons.

9 Patrick Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, and he is one of the 10 main characters in the show. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show. Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist more.

I would just like to clarify and say that Patrick didn't start out being the horrible person that he is when the show was first created and when the show got good after 5 1/2 seasons of garbage. But within those 5 1/2 seasons of garbage, he went from being a lovable idiot to a remorseless criminal psychopath who intentionally creates chaos for the sake of his own pleasure and amusement, all the while made to look like a saint who gets pleasure and good luck handed to him while the entire universe is turned against SpongeBob and/or Squidward.

I. DESPISE. THAT. IDIOT. People say Spongebob is worse, but with this selfish, obnoxious, disgusting, troublemaking, beef-brained piece of crap, Spongebob looks like an Einstein! Patrick is annoying, one-dimensional, and his brain, if he has one, which I don't think he does, just shuts down whenever he has problem. He just eats something instead, or completely forgets about the problem, even if it's harming his friends! He is also very selfish, and acts like everyone around him is a brainless moron, while HE is the guy who does't even understand two words together! SpongeBob should've thrown that abomination into a fish net YEARS AGO!

"SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes! "
~patrick star
Patrick is a prick, and he is pretending to be stupid so that he can act like a jerk. I hate him more than mr Krabs, the guy who hapilly drove someone else to suicide.

I hate Patrick because he is extremely complex, with complex attitudes and actions, opportunistic and intolerant of high levels, and low self-esteem very high.

10 Bendy (Foster's Home)

He never appeared in another episode again apparently because many fans hate him. Even Lauren Faust hated him and she apologized for making the episode he was in. The fact that he makes trouble and emotionally manipulates Frankie and Herriman by being a crybaby in order to gain their sympathy really disgusts me. No wonder his owner's parents made him give him away.

I just watched the episode he was on. When I first heard of him, I had no idea why he was getting all of the hate. But now that I watched the episode, I see why. Bendy really is a cruel imaginary friend.

I personally dislike Bloo more. While Bendy is in 1 episode, Bloo is in almost every episode.

Glad he didn't appear in later episodes.

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11 Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go) Beast Boy is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, usually as a member of the teams Teen Titans and Doom Patrol. Created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bob Brown, he first appeared in The Doom Patrol #99.

I hate how the writers turned a wonderful, amazing, well-written show into this garbage. Every character in Teen Titans had DEVELOPMENT. Robin was an amazing leader who sacrifice himself in order to save his friends/teammates. He was smart and everything a hero is. Then Teen Titans Go came along and turned him into a selfish, self-absorbed, bossy, idiotic, and horrible leader just for the sake of humor. That show isn't even funny. It was just a series of fart and immature jokes that only nine year olds would laugh at. Not only that, they alternate every characters' personality. Teen Titans Go is a terrible show. Take. It. Down. NOW.

In Teen Titans, Beast Boy was the funny member of the group, always cheering the other teammates up, cracking funny jokes and one liners, and proving to us that even though he's a slacker, he's still does what it takes to be a hero. He really proved himself to be a great hero by the final season of the show.

In Teen Titans Go, Beast Boy was a selfish, bratty, dumb, lazy, party dude who never wanted to take any responsibilities or even "do anything" for that matter. I especially hate whenever he, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire decide to annoy Robin by disobeying his direct orders as their leader and not going on missions. The worst part of TTG was that it knew how to make you hate every single character and not take either side.

Oh, God. Where to begin on this one? He was a pain in the ass in Teen Titans, but on Teen Titans go I just want him (And ALL of them) dead.

Well especially in those episodes where he and Cyborg say Waffles repeatedly and team up for that stupid indoor rodeo thing.

12 Caillou (Caillou) Caillou is the main character of the show "Caillou". He is bald, and usually wears a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a blue cap. He is a very despised character based on the fact that he often throws tantrums in the series.

He complains over every single thing that goes wrong for him. He is a whiny brat and I wish his parents would do their job and parent Caillou. He needs discipline

You know what I would do to a kid like him. I'd kill him. No joke. And here's something I would say to him, "The world doesn't revolve around you, you got to shut up or you can die! The choice is yours"

Every parent hates Caillou. I asked my whiny niece and nephew "do you guys watch Caillou? " and sure enough, they did. I told them to stop.

Caillou is baldy crybaby but it's not him being stupid. Well it is but the reason he's stupid is that his dumb parents let him get away with everything

13 Lincoln Loud

I came on this list to find Lincoln Loud! Lincoln loud should be top 1! But, I found Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick, Lisa Simpson and Beast Boy! Dang.

"No no no lincoln is a good character. please delete lincoln from this list" What kind of moron says that?!?!?

He and his sisters should shut up if they know what is good for them!

Lol why my bro is on the list, I thought that I will be in the list instead of Lincoln because I'm severe and worse sister of all.
Sorry, I think I need to be on the list not my lazy brother

14 Diamond Tiara (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) Diamond Tiara is a female school-age Earth pony and minor antagonist who first appears in Call of the Cutie. She and Silver Spoon are classmates of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Where is twilight sparkle? She is so hated. But diamond tiara is even more hated.

She may be racist for teasing blank flanks. Her dad even hates her! Silver Spoon secretly hates her. The Mane Six avoid her and had a lame cutesiera for no choclate fountin. Gr!

Worst character on the whole show.

I hate my little pony

15 Sparky (The Fairly OddParents)

A fine example of why you should NEVER hire potheads as cartoonists.

16 Lisa Simpson Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

Pre Season-9 Lisa was a gem, the smart kid surrounded by dum-dum's, a special one of a kind

Now I can't look at modern Lisa and think "Did Veganism cause Lisa to be more rude and impulsive

She keeps annoying people with facts when nobody cares and expects everyone to think and act like her. Also in the episode when she become vegetarian and Homer has a barbecue she ruins it just because of the meat there and everyone else is having the meat.

Should Be #1. She shows time and time again she has absolutely no integrity and deep down she's an absolutely horrible, self absorbed, self righteous, monster.

If Lisa Simpson is always depressed than she should get herself beaten up to make her life full of happiness! Yay! Everything is coming up Milhouse!

17 Uncle Grandpa (Uncle Grandpa) Uncle "Larry" Grandpa is the main protagonist of the series Uncle Grandpa created by Peter Browngardt.

Why isn't he on the top ten list? He's a straight up retarded old man with a dried up brain that makes him think he's a kid who did mushrooms. Always saying lame jokes, that stupid "Good Morning" catchphrase he keeps saying & the way he interacts makes Dora a more reasonable choice in life than that guy.

Honestly, in my opinion, I bet every old character in Cartoon Network are staring at him with shame & disgrace for showing his face to the real world.

Uncle grandpa was not even a logical name. That show is really weird, especially when uncle grandpa is added. Sorry, but I just HATE that show!

I always hated this show. And ever think if he's a "Uncle Grandpa" Then who's his child? And he is NO human.

Uncle grandpa is the worst show ever. its ugly, retarded and I can't look at it without thinking "cartoon network agreed with this? "

18 Robin (Teen Titans Go) Robin, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman.

I hate how the writers turned a wonderful, amazing, well-written show into this garbage. Every character in Teen Titans had DEVELOPMENT. Robin was an amazing leader who sacrifice himself in order to save his friends/teammates. He was smart and everything a hero is. Then Teen Titans Go came along and turned him into a selfish, self-absorbed, bossy, idiotic, and horrible leader just for the sake of humor. That show isn't even funny. It was just a series of fart and immature jokes that only nine year olds would laugh at. Not only that, they alternate every characters' personality. Teen Titans Go is a terrible show. Take. It. Down. NOW.

In Teen Titans, Robin was a fearless, determined, passionate, selfless, and heroic leader who did everything he could to lead his team down the path of victory and justice. Even if he made mistakes, he would always do eventually the right thing. Robin not only puts others before himself and consistently tries to protect people, but he also knew that despite his great leadership he always needs to improve himself.

In Teen Titans Go, Robin was a selfish, bratty, dumb, and immature control freak who thinks everything needs to go the way he wants it otherwise it's wrong. When he's not being a tyrant, the other Titans always had a thing for deliberately ignoring his direct orders as their leader and not going on missions. The worst part of TTG was that it knew how to make you hate every single character and not take either side. Robin was clearly a terrible leader but at the same time it's irritating seeing the Titans taunt him whenever he's trying to complete a mission or leave a ...more

He was awesome until Teen Titans Go! Came out. The creators messed up his original personality, so now they try to make him be funny, but he is not. Just plain stupid. He's really bossy and in one episode and had the nerve to insult the other titans saying he is better than any of them. Robin in the older version knows what he's doing and is a good teammate.

I hate how the writers turned this amazing character into a bossy and rude character. I miss the old robin!

19 Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo is the nephew of Scooby Doo. Unlike his uncle Scooby, Scrappy is brave enough to face the monsters.

The first character to come to most people's mind when they think "Bad cartoon characters." Only one season after adding him they ditched 3 regulars and made the ghosts real and the series unbearable. It took decades to undo the damage he did. The 2002 movie was the biggest help. It also proved he makes a way better villain.

You're opinion is the worst, not Scrappy! I saw him as an enjoyable polar opposite to Scooby. I knew he saved the show from cancellation, even though I only saw him on the Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo. Whenever I hear of people that dislike him, it's them I cast hate on, not Scrappy. It's like pulling in Mickey Mouse and hating him because of his nature, IT'S A CARTOON! So sit down, SHUT UP and rethink your so-called logical minds and clean them thoroughly!

He constantly picks fights with the monsters they come across despite being defenseless and puts the rest of the gang in danger without ever learning from his mistakes.

Got an old magazine about Scooby Doo.
And lists of reasons to hate then reasons to like Scrappy Doo

20 Samey (Total Drama) Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.
21 Lars (Steven Universe)

Where is Ronaldo on this list?

He's rude and arrogant

I don't watch Steven universe but from the time I had watched it this dude was a complete jerk

22 Cheese (Fosters Home)

Well, he's hated in the show so I guess if you think about it he is a hated character.

Cheese is hilarious. Don't let him be on this list!

Bloo is so much better than Cheese.

Cheese is super annoying.

23 Daffy Duck Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character produced by Warner Bros. Styled as an anthropomorphic black duck, the character has appeared in cartoon series such as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, where he usually has been depicted as the best friend and occasional arch-rival of Bugs Bunny.

Absolutely not! He's one of the funniest characters in animation history!

Education- none

Jobs- none

Skills- none

Work references- let's not go there.

Education- none
Work references- let's not go there.

Daffy duck is racist! In 1 movie he's heard saying you black little n1gga

24 Sheila Broflovski (South Park)

She ruined Christmas, overreacts to everything in the worst way possible, forces the entire public to follow her unfair ways, and is inconsiderate of everyone she's surrounded by.

I hate Sheila Broflovski so much and she is NOT a cartoon character and she was never a cartoon character. I'm very happy that jerk is dead for good

I hate her, but honestly, after watching the whole "Internet Troll" arc, I hate her husband even more.

She ruined the movie for me.

25 Roger (American Dad)

He's just a really really bad person, that's all I'm gonna say.

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