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1 Stay the Night

I think this song rocks... its amazing and full of joy full Rhythm... and her sound moves me from inside

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2 Still Into You
3 Airplanes
4 Decode
5 The Only Exception
6 Now
7 Misery Business

Ain't it Fun not there? Let the Flames Begin, or When it Rains?
Those 3 with only exception, decode and monster are my top 6... Miracle is pretty damn good too!
Id rather listen to hayley than Amy Lee ANYDAY!

8 Bury It

Yes, I know, three comments in a row about this one song and it'll be the third of four comments I'll make of this band in a row, I know I'm CHVRCHES scum, but seriously, this is that good, especially Hayley's version. - WonkeyDude98

9 My Heart
10 Crushcrushcrush V 1 Comment

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11 Teenagers

This is the ONLY Hayley Williams song. The others are PARAMORE songs.

12 Monster

It was hard to choose just one of these to vote for. The Only Exception and Decode are beautiful, CrushCrushCrush and Still Into You have the best music videos but I think this is the best Paramore song ever - Danielsun182

13 Ain't It Fun
14 Misguided Ghosts
15 That's What You Get
16 Hallelujah
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1. Airplanes
2. Still Into You
3. The Only Exception
1. Stay the Night
2. Now
3. Still Into You
1. Decode
2. Crushcrushcrush
3. Stay the Night



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