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181 Bring Me the Horizon Bring Me the Horizon Bring Me the Horizon is a British rock band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Formed in 2004, the group currently consists of vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls, and keyboardist Jordan Fish. They are signed to RCA Records globally and Columbia Records exclusively more.

^ laugh out loud not even bro there were still way heavier bands than Metallica and maiden in both the 80's and 90's

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Bring me the horizon has way heavier breakdowns and greater vocal ranger than any other band on this list the only band that could ever compete would be Asking Alexandria and
Parkway drive both of which are also way heavier than these other bands like Metallica and iron maiden now if this was heaviest 80's 90's bands then I would totally agree with this chart but for this there is no way that Metallica motorhead or iron maiden compete with some of the modern day metal bands out there

Lmao bmth is way heavier than bands on this list. I listen to slayer then bmth and definitely found bmth more heavier...

182 Five Finger Death Punch Five Finger Death Punch Five Finger Death Punch is an American heavy metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in 2005, the band's name is derived from a fictional martial arts maneuver in the 2003 film Kill Bill.

5fdp should be way higher on this list. They are pretty damn heavy

183 Vomit the Soul
184 Eluveitie Eluveitie

You are donkey and monkey Iron maiden is best

185 Motionless In White Motionless In White Motionless in White, often abbreviated MIW, is an American metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.
186 Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.

BVB deserves their name on this list damn those who don't like them at all!

187 All That Remains All That Remains All That Remains is an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1998. They have released eight studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold over a million records worldwide.

This is a very very heavy band in my opinion and I think it deserves to be on the top of the list, for example search up all that remains before the damned.

188 Scar Symmetry Scar Symmetry Scar Symmetry is a Swedish metal band from Avesta in Dalarna County, Sweden, formed in 2004. The band has released six albums, with seven released singles.

Is a hell of a lot better than the top 50 m/

189 Helmet Helmet Helmet is an American alternative metal band from New York City formed in 1989. Founded by vocalist and lead guitarist Page Hamilton, Helmet has had numerous lineup changes, and Hamilton has been the only constant member.

Helmet is like the heaviness not really metal metal influenced rock out there.

190 Nickelback Nickelback Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.

Nickelback are like the heaviest metal band ever when I first heard them I like got nightmares for about 2 weeks and apparently they asked Metallica if they wanted to have a fight to see who was heavier and James Hetfield started crying to Lars. Also they redefined the whole death metal genre and now many bands ie. job for a cowboy, behemoth and thy art is murder have been quoted saying nickelback is their main influence.

Really nickelback. Oh my god how is this even on the list. They are about as heavy as Justin Bieber is humble.

Matt pike riffs sound puny compared to the brutal crushing force that is raw nickelback.

Heaviest metal band ever. Should be number 1.

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191 Primus Primus Primus is an American rock band based in San Francisco, California, currently composed of bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Tim Alexander. Les Claypool is regarded as one of the best bassists of all time for his slap-bass ability in notable songs like "My Name Is Mud", "The Toys more.

I know most are saying they're not heavy metal, but just listen to frizzle fry and compare it to something like nothing else matters

What is primus doing here on this list

192 Rage Rage
193 Bleeding Through
194 Possessed Possessed Possessed is an American thrash/death metal band, originally formed in 1983 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Noted for their fast style of playing and Jeff Becerra's guttural vocals, they are routinely called the first band in the death metal genre. Possessed is the sometimes credited with being the first more.
195 Unleashed Unleashed Unleashed is a Swedish death metal band that was formed in 1989 by Johnny Hedlund in Stockholm. Common lyrical themes found in the band's music include Viking culture, recollection of a pre-Christian world, and Norse folklore.
196 Entombed Entombed Entombed is a Swedish heavy metal band formed in 1987 under the name of Nihilist. Entombed began their career as an early pioneer of Scandinavian death metal which initially differed from its American counterpart by its distinct "buzzsaw" guitar tone.
197 Sadus Sadus Sadus is an American thrash metal trio from Antioch, California known for the unique, borderline death/black metal growling of vocalist Darren Travis, and speeding up thrash metal to levels previously unheard of with the help of bassist Steve DiGiorgio whose bass lines truly pushed the limits of the more.

Faster and heavier than Slayer or Kreator, combined with the heavy bass and brutal vocals has to be enough to get them in the list.

198 Malevolent Creation Malevolent Creation Malevolent Creation is an American death metal band formed in Buffalo, New York in 1987. The band’s original members were vocalist Brett Hoffmann, guitarists Phil Fasciana and Jeff Juskiewicz, bassist Jason Blachowicz, and drummer Mark Simpson.
199 Mundus
200 Imperial Crystalline Entombment
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