Heaviest Metal Songs of the 70s

Things change:
1) These songs don't sound heavy now but they were heavy in the 70s.
2) Some of these songs weren't considered metal (or related to metal) in the 70s but history proved it wrong.
3) Some other songs that aren't on this lists were considered metal (or related to metal) in the 70s but now we know they aren't metal songs.

Keep in mind that these bands are related to early metal but not all songs by them are metal.

The Top Ten Heaviest Metal Songs of the 70s

Kill the King - Rainbow

I think it's the heaviest because it's the most aggressive song of the 70s, one of fastest and one of the loudest. - Metal_Treasure

Dissident Aggressor - Judas Priest

A pretty brutal song for 1978, particularly the riff. - Metal_Treasure

A Light in the Black - Rainbow

A 1976 metal masterpiece - fast, aggressive, technical and epic. Unlike most of the songs on this list, this song is 100% metal and has no poppy, bluesy and whatever parts different from metal. - Metal_Treasure

Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

This is hard even in 2020, but the heaviest Queen song is The Hitman, that song is heavy - DarkDamien

Yes, Queen had heavier songs in their earlier albums. Ogre Battle is also heavy. - zxm

A proto-thrash song. It has some very fast and aggressive parts, with thrashy aggressive vocals, but also some poppy sections.
Nobody considered it related to metal in the 70s because thrash didn't exist. - Metal_Treasure

The Wall - Squadron
Hard Lovin' Man - Deep Purple
Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath

Heavy as F!
Vote for this, for god sake
Just admit it this is the heaviest song in 70s

Ride the Sky - Lucifer's Friend
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Not very high on this list because it's very dark but not very heavy in the strict sense. - Metal_Treasure

This song IS heavy metal. - truckturner

Sweet F.A. - The Sweet

The Contenders

Burn - Deep Purple
Set Me Free - Sweet
Symptom of the Universe - Black Sabbath

This is the undisputed heaviest song of the 70s no doubt. It was thrash a decade before thrash was invented.

No, what you said is very debatable. Before this song, Queen released Stone Cold Crazy, that is widely considered as the first proto-thrash song. - Metal_Treasure

Stained Class - Judas Priest
Tyrant - Judas Priest
Exciter - Judas Priest
Into the Void - Black Sabbath
Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath
Under the Sun - Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath

This song heavy? LOL. Just play the sample guys...It sounds like a pop song compared to Kill the King by Rainbow. And even compared to Stone Cold Crazy by Queen. - Metal_Treasure

Free 'N' Easy - Uriah Heep
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