Top 10 Heavy/Loud Musical Genres for Beginners

This list is a list about some genres that are loud/heavy. And some new listeners may love these genres. They will find these genres easy to listen.

This list doesn't only include metal genres. Also includes other heavy/loud genres too.

Sub-genres are allowed

Note to Admin: Please admin, don't merge this list with "Best Music Genre List" this time. These are two different genres. It's about loud/heavy genres for new listeners.

The Top Ten

1 Hard Rock Hard Rock Hard Rock is a subgenre of rock music known for having heavier guitar riffs/solos. It originated around 1964-1965 with various Garage Rock bands.

I think it's the best genre for beginners. Hard rock is heavy, but not extremely heavy that you can't listen (as a beginner) - zxm

Hard Rock is a connector of metal and rock. It's like a bridge. It'll help you to get into metal. Even many people may hate metal. But listening hard rock will make you to listen metal for first time. - zxm

I agree with this at #1, this was my story - I started with classic hard rock (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, etc.) and now I am a die hard metalhead. - Metal_Treasure

2 Punk Rock Punk Rock Punk rock is a subgenre of rock music. It usually has rebellious lyrics and down stroked power chords played on guitars. Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, and Green Day (actually pop-punk, which is still punk in a way) are a few punk rock bands. The subgenre influenced thrash metal because of it's down stroked more.

Yes, good idea. And yes - some punk subgenres are heavier, louder and more aggressive than some metal subgenres. Subgenres matter - both punk and metal have softer and heavier subgenrs. Beginners should start with the soft ones. - Metal_Treasure

This genre and hard rock helped me to get into metal - zxm

Some may consider this as a loud genre rather than heavy metal. but this genre is good for beginners. many listener may enjoy this genre - zxm

3 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. more.

Just classic heavy metal. - zxm

Like I said, only heavy metal. Not the whole metal genre. you'll like heavy metal. - zxm

Was my first step to "metal genre". and still one of my favorite metal genres. - zxm

4 Grunge

Grunge is a sub-genre of alternative rock with some elements of hard rock. grunge is kinda a heavy genre. and I've seen many new listeners love this genre. smells like teen spirit for example - zxm

5 Symphonic Metal

I agree with this, too. But there are differences between the bands - Within Temptation and Avantasia are often too poppy (this may actually help the beginners to get used to the sound). Nightwish and Epica have both poppy and non-poppy songs. Blind Guardian version of symphonic metal isn't poppy but some songs are softer. - Metal_Treasure

It's a very catchy genre. I liked this genre when I listened it for first time. - zxm

6 Progressive metal

Progressive metal is also a good idea because it isn't very heavy. Only one potential problem - may be too complex for beginners. It's very individual though - a retired Top Tenner started with prog metal and got into it at 13. - Metal_Treasure

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7 Alternative Metal Alternative Metal Alternative metal is a music genre that infuses heavy metal with influences from alternative rock and other genres normally associated with metal.

I agree with zxm - it doesn't have much metal in it (if any) but it's still loud and heavy so people can start with alt metal if they like it. - Metal_Treasure

Not really a metal sub-genre (to many). but its quite heavy. and many new listeners love this genre. - zxm

8 Post Grunge Post Grunge
9 Glam Metal

Yeah, it's more hard rock than metal but I agree it's good for beginners. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Psychedelic Rock

On last, because its not really a heavy genre. but considering the time and musical impact, its heavy - zxm

@zxm yes, it's not that heavy genre at all, but psychedelic rock has a form named "heavy psych" which is heavy enough. Try these stuffs: Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer, Night Sun, High Tide, Stray, Flower Travellin' Band, Andromeda and many, many more... - somekindofaguy

The Contenders

11 Power Metal

It's good for beginners because it's fast but isn't extremely heavy. And it's very melodic. There are differences between the bands but overall it's good for beginners (ex. - Blind Guardian version is heavier, darker and more complex than the average in this subgenre). - Metal_Treasure

I'd add power metal. But I wasn't sure. I had no problem when I tried to listen it for first time. - zxm

12 Electrohouse
13 Melodic Dubstep
14 Hard House
15 Folk Metal Folk Metal Folk metal is a fusion genre of heavy metal music and traditional folk music that developed in Europe during the 1990s.

Very good for beginners - loud, fast and fun but not very heavy or complex. Most of the songs actually sound like metal covers of folk songs. Example: Alestorm - Keelhauled, Drink. - Metal_Treasure

Yes, it is. But I didn't add this cause some folk metal songs have growling and some folk metal bands even use some black metal elements. That may be bit heavy for beginners. I hadn't problem with those songs though. But most other things are OK. - zxm

16 Hard Trance

Sonically the most impressive and the staccato riffs I enjoy listening to Metallica Slayer Megadeth and System of a Down but real underground Hard Trance and Old Hardstyle

17 Drum & Bass
18 Drumstep
19 Newbeat
20 Nu Metal

I'm only voting for this because it deserves top 5 on this list.

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