Top Ten Hello Neighbor Theories of the Neighbor's Family

Why? Because there is a scene where we find the Neighbor crying. Second, in a basement gameplay trailer, we hear someone coughing and a kid saying, "It's DAD!!" And the wife says, "Shh!". We might wonder why is the Neighbor crying, and that's because the family is DEAD.

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1 The family are ghosts

My theory is that the reason why he's so worried of anyone going to his basement is because he killed his family a few weeks/months ago and hides their bodies there, but is always in check with the corpses to see if their still all right. And I think there was a grand mother, but the grandma wasn't shown. Talk about the grandma doll he buried in a room. Another reason why he's afraid of anyone going to the basement is that they would call the police and arrest him, since at the time he murdered his family, no witnesses actually saw the murders. But the neighbour is a psychopath. It's obvious - MLPFan

2 He tries to hide their souls in their basement


3 The neighbor killed the family
4 The guy is the neighbor's son
5 The neighbor made a pact with the devil in order to trap the family in the basement
6 The men kissing in the picture represents the love between him and his son
7 The neighbor wants his other "son" to not find out about the family
8 The neighbor had a brother that killed his family

I support this - TwilightKitsune

9 The neighbor went to jail once
10 The guy is an ex-convict

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11 The guy is dreaming

Well, he is in act 3.

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1. The family are ghosts
2. He tries to hide their souls in their basement
3. The neighbor killed the family


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