Top Ten Hindi Songs to Play In the Car

What are your favourite Hindi songs, that you play repeatedly in your car? They may be 'mega bass' songs, peppy numbers, or easy listening...

The Top Ten

1 Dil Chahta Hai - Dil Chahta Hai

If you are old enough to drive, you've been there

Motivate to enjoy lofe

Best song

2 Kandisa - Indian Ocean

12 minutes, language no barrier, time flies and soon you want to repeat the song - amazing companion for long journeys, especially when driving on your own.

3 Bhool Ja - Shaan

What better song to reflect on bitter sweet memories while driving to meet that old friend you haven't met in ages?

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4 Pal - KK

Mellow, slow, but speaks volumes. Amazing singing, seems easy, so hard to emulate

5 Alvida - Life In a Metro

This OST can play in my car anytime, but especially this song

6 Bombay - Theme Song - Bombay

No, not 'Jai ho', this one... Though I could settle for any number on this OST

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7 Tera Naam Japdi Phiran - Cocktail

Love dis song can't get enough of it

8 Dooba Dooba - Silk Route
9 Maaeri - Euphoria

Sing along, struggle to do so, but it'll keep your mind off the traffic

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10 Duur - Strings

I hope this counts as a Hindi song. It takes you places. Watch that foot on the accelerator though

The Contenders

11 Khalbali - Rang de Basanti

Restlessness - channelled through music, keep up the beat and beat the boredom

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