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21 Hoodtape Vol. 2 - Kollegah Hoodtape Vol. 2 - Kollegah

When Kollegah was not yet a platinum selling megastar who changed the direction German hip hop went in the 2010s, he was quite self-ironic and did not take his pimp/druglord persona all too seriously. And he rapped over trashy electronic/sample based beats. Nowadays, it is all big blockbuster cinema with dark orchestral beats and a menacing tone. Many fans missed the old Kollegah (even though I prefer the new one), so he released this mixtape as a bonus on the deluxe box set of his 2016 album "Imperator". The mixtape has a more laid back and comic sound, and is not as thought out as his major albums. The songs are mostly short (about 2 minutes each) and are arranged as a non stop megamix. Except for the last track which is an epic 12 minute storytelling song about the apocalypse and how a prophetic hero frees the postapocalyptic world. All of the songs of course have Kollegah's advanced lyricism. - Martin_Canine

22 Purple Reign - Future

This is a free mixtape from Future, which I downloaded on occasion. Some years ago I bought his album "Honest" and thought it was okay, nothing special, but this thing here is a huge step forwards and it feels hypnotizing and atmospheric. Are the other Future albums/mixtapes also like this or is this an exception? He's not very well known over here, so I don't know much by him. Maybe I should check him out? - Martin_Canine

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