Reasons Why the 2010s Was Better Than the 2020s

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1 No COVID-19 Pandemic

The economy crashed. Everyone can't show their warm smiles because of mask mandates. Children can't play outside anymore. Covid-19 is finally over but many people in Japan are still doing it.

First off my mom lost her job in September 2020 as the business she was working at closed. My dad was fired because he wasnt vaccinated in November 2021. We had COVID in February 2021 so hard I though I was going to die. I have to wear masks everywhere I go and inside the freaking plane flight!

I'm sorry Gen Alpha, but you want COVID back? What the hell are you thinking?!

2 No Russian invasion of Ukraine

It is all coming to WW3, it is the biggest war since WW2. Someone needs to invent the time machine ASAP before WW3 starts so we can go back to the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s or something.

If I had a time machine I would go back to those decades with 2019 being my limit for going back to. If 2019 ends during my time travel experience I would repeat those decades by going back to the 1970s and if 2019 comes again I would repeat those 50 years again and again as long as I live.

Myanmar War began previously. Now Hamas is attacking Israel. 3 wars I have to worry for now. This is why since 2022 I have been having nightmares about WW3.

If time machine gets invented, I suggest you doing the same like I did thing over and over again.

It is 2024 and I am worried.

3 Politics were still good

The 2000s were the good part of this century. The 2010s were okay. But the 2020s ruined this 21st century when corona came.

It was better then 2020s politics. But still bad because its just politics!

As someone who was a child in 2013, I am dissapointed by the politics now more than ever.

4 It was more eventful

Everything changed in the past few years. I feel bored everyday and I wish to go back to 2017. In my opinion, it should be higher in the best years of 21st century list. Politics changed. Music changed. By the way, last decade was more eventful than this boring decade. We had iPods and better video games. My friends relationship with me was still good. My friend betrayed me in 2022, it was so sad. I miss the old days, right? Too bad Generation Alpha has no good part of their childhood, even 2012 borns because looking at their birth year their childhood sucked and 2013 borns got their "nostalgic" 2020 in their hands. No, 2020 was a bad year and I feel bad for the 2012+ borns. I will miss 2017-2019 forever since they were the last good years.

5 TV was still good

2019 will always remain the last good year in human history. Not even later this decade, 2030s or 2040s will have a good year. Trends and everything has been worsening since 2019 ended in my opinion

Slightly better. Nothing makes sense now.

6 Music was still good

Back in 2010-2019, we had The Black Keys, The Fray, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift. Now it has gone downhill as 6ix9ine's pure torture, Leah Kate ruined a nursery rhyme, Lil Pump ruined the Mona Lisa painting, and Justin Bieber's immature song Yummy.

We had better music; Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were not bad as today back then. Now we have terrible stuff like Justin Bieber's Yummy, 6ix9ine, & Leah Kate ruining a nursery rhyme. Please listen to pre-2020 music instead.

The most annoying sound music EVER. I think 2016 was the last good year for music. 2017 & 2018's music were trash. 2019 was when music came back to life. Then it died out again in 2022 with hardly ANYTHING made. :'(

7 Takeoff didn't die

Another celebrity death of 2022 with countless more. Screw the year 2022. I wish I was back in 2012 again. 2022 was the second worst year of my life, I hated it with a passion.

He was only 28. Another celebrity death of 2022. I literally hate the year 2022 with a passion

8 Queen Elizabeth didn't die Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; 21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022) was Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms from 6 February 1952 until her death in 2022. Elizabeth was born in Mayfair, London, as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and... read more
9 George Floyd didn't die
10 Chadwick Boseman didn't die Chadwick Aaron Boseman (November 29, 1976 - August 28, 2020) was an American actor born in Anderson, South Carolina. He was best known for playing T'Challa/Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

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? People were more laid back

My friends are awfully stupid now.

? No Israeli-Palestinian war

JUST HIT ME! I went on a trip to Israel/Egypt in November 2019. My 2nd favorite cousin who was 5 years younger than me. He was 8 in November 2019 and he had two teddy bears and they were the same. He lost one at some hotel in Israel. But he was still happy because he had his other teddy bear. But he is still worried. The hotel people couldn't return it because we were living on the other side of the continent at that time. We can't go back because of the war. I just hope his teddy bear is kept safe by someone in Israel during the war 😢. When the war began my younger cousin burst into tears because of his missing teddy bear.

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11 Kobe Bryant didn’t die

Why did he have to die in a helicopter crash with his daughter?

We all were shocked when he died in a helicopter crash with his daughter

12 Betty White didn’t die
13 Lata Mangeshkar didn’t die

Another celebrity death of 2022. I hated that year so much I had to nickname it "Year of Celebrity Deaths".

14 KK didn’t die
15 Anthony Johnson didn’t die

Another celebrity death of the infamous year 2022.

16 Kevin Conroy didn’t die

He was Batman. Another celebrity death of that infamous year. I hope 2022's influence will never come back in the future.

17 Trump didn’t talk about banning TikTok from the U.S.

TikTok is the dumbest and worst app ever. Your privacy is shared to the Chinese government, people dying from the challenges and people recording selfies and cursing in public including near children. TikTok should be banned in all parts of the world. I hope it should die out. Vine was good, musically was meh, TikTok is crap when musically merged with it. TikTok began ruining stuff in 2020 and it was terrible. It ruined Youtube, other social medias and other video games.

Tiktok is WAY worse than Vine. It merged with musically. Tiktok is monitored by the Chinese government and people are dumb on there, dying from the challenges and spreading it all around. People getting killed by the tiktok challenges, spreading dumb things around, how is this decade good?

I don't want the 2020's anymore.

18 Virgil Abloh didn’t die
19 Keenan Cahill didn’t die
20 Jerry Lee Lewis didn’t die
21 Don Lewis didn’t die

Man, this decade has so many deaths.

22 Vangelis didn’t die

Man, 2022 had so many celebrity deaths!

23 No U.S. Capitol riots

Back in the days I could visit Washington without these riots disturbing my day off.

24 No hurricane hit Florida as badly as Ian

I lived in America in 2022. I despise the year 2022 so much. I was living in South Carolina from March 2022 to February 2024. The hurricane destroyed the bridge to Sanibel. Thankfully the bridge was patched up afterwards. Looking back at 2022 from April 2024, I am deeply grieved.

25 Robb Elementary School didn’t get attacked

Just feel bad for the kids in that school in America. Salvador Ramos really made the year 2022 worse. 22 killed and 21 were injured. What a dreadful situation to be in. My god, there were so many shootings in 2022 including the Assassination of Shinzo Abe where guns are strict and the Buffalo market attack. I despise the year 2022 so much. Trust me. 2012 was WAY better than the crappy 2022. May 2022 was a dreadful month for America while the most dreadful month of 2022 for Japan was July.

Same thing happened in Japan. Shinzo Abe was murdered and Japan was a country where guns a strict! Really worried for Japan that there will be loads of shootings occuring there in the near future.

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