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21 Queen of R&B (Beyoncé)

She's straight up the best in the game and she is the greatest living entertainer while Michael is the greatest of all time but Beyonce is the closest thing we have to Michael Jackson today!


22 Godfather of Shock Rock (Alice Cooper)

Even though he was the first to have horror imagery in music he has shocked countless of people and is still singing in his 60's

23 Queen of Hip-Hop (Nicki Minaj)

What?! Are you serious? Nicki Minaj is not the queen.

Nicki Minaj is definitely the Queen of rap. The girl has made talent.

Nicki Minaj is the best selling female rapper of all time.

The best rapper I know,

24 Godfather of Heavy Metal (Ozzy Osbourne)

But Alice Cooper is the Godfather of Heavy Metal!
Ozzy Osbourne is the Prince of Darkness!

Funny that he got the nickname doing nothing. If Tony Iommi had gotten this then it'd be better. Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi helped the band to develop metal and Ozzy becomes famous. He again becomes famous for Randy Rhoads in the 80s. - zxm

25 Princess of R&B (Aaliyah)

I believe that Aaliyah should be the QUEEN of R&B

Aaliyah is most definitely the princess there's no other like her

26 Asia's Popstar Princess (Sarah Geronimo)

Yes sarah is the pop star princess

27 Queen of Pop (Katy Perry)

One and only queen Katy..

Katy Perry is the best


I love her all songs,the one and only queen of pop the next Madonna😀

28 The Father of Rock and Roll (Chuck Berry)
29 The Prince of Pop Music (Bruno Mars)

The prince of overrated, annoying, overplayed music. - RiverClanRocks

He deserves it. He is so talent

30 God (Eric Clapton)

The exact expression is: "Clapton is God".

31 Godfather of Punk (Joey Ramone) Godfather of Punk (Joey Ramone) Jeffrey Ross Hyman, professionally known by Joey Ramone, was an American musician and singer-songwriter, lead vocalist of the punk-rock band The Ramones.
32 Cowboys from Hell (Pantera)
33 Godfather of Punk (Pete Townshend)

Pete Townshend also got it. But I think it'd be better if he got Godfather of hard rock. - zxm

34 America's Sweetheart (Taylor Swift)
35 King of Music (Prince)

He deserve to be king of something

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36 Queen B (Beyonce)
37 Queen of Hip Hop Soul (Mary J. Blige)
38 Queen of Avant-Garde (Bjork)

Björk found her own unique way of saying art. Rather than bringing million-selling albums, she shows much character in her voice, composition, and musical structure, making her one of the musicians who discovered the unique ability of music, suiting her for the title.

39 Teen Queen (Miley Cyrus)

Miley geniuses of world record 4 time she made time magazine 2x the new Britney spears

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40 Pop Rock Queen (Avril Lavigne)

She's in the music industry for almost 2 decades,and until now, she keeps rocking the world in every song she releases, that's what makes her deserving for that title " The pop rock queen"

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