Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels or Prequels that Surpass the Original


The Top Ten

1 Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

To be fair practically all the friday the 13th movies are better than the original lol, all the first one really had was the ending, everything else was directly riped off from other better movies.
The only fridays movies worse than the original: Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell, and the new blood, the ones that could be debated are Jason X and part 3 - germshep24

2 Child's Play 2
3 Friday the 13th Part 2
4 Friday The 13th Part 3
5 Ouija: Origin of Evil
6 Final Destination 3
7 Evil Dead 2
8 Hellbound: Hellraiser II
9 Jaws 2
10 Final Destination 5

The Newcomers

? Saw IV
? Saw: The Final Chapter

The Contenders

11 Aliens
12 Jason X

Greatest sequel of all time and very faithful to the original. I would probably be working an actual job at the local convienience store if my passion for this amazing sequel that surpasses the original wasn't so strong. Plus, the idea of Uber Jason is just top tier. Jason in space. I understand why Leprechaun 4 would want to rip this movie off, but to give Leprechaun 4 credit, it was better than this film, which isn't a small feat in itself.

13 Annabelle: Creation
14 Final Destination 2
15 Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives
16 Final Destination 4
17 Bride of Chucky
18 Cult of Chucky
19 Saw III
20 Saw II
21 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
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