Most Humble Players of UAAP Women's Volleyball of 2014

Humblest UAAP Players, inside and outside the court. From a point-of-view of a Psychology Student.

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1 Alyssa Valdez (Open Spiker, ADMU Lady Eagles)

Alyssa, hands down! The only thing she does when she scores is either she points where the ball fell (to emphasize) or simply jump happily and celebrate a point with her teammates. And whether she creates a point or an error, she'll smile and recognize it anyway.

Her smile, whether she commits an error or she scores, it's just adorable. She's indeed one of the most humble players of this generation's women's volleyball.

Alyssa, when she is angry her face is always smiling;;;like an angel in the sky;;;go baldo I puts in a way mo;!

I love the way she played and lead her teamates
Shes so humble and adorable

2 Victonara Galang (Open Spiker, DLSU Lady Spikers)

Ara Galang is Ara Galang. I just love this player. Inside and outside the court, she stays humble. Not to mention that she's a great player. She rarely reacts whenever she scores, but when she does, you'll surely love it.

Not only she is dangerous inside the court but also silent and very humble person..

True star of the 76 team, but you would never hear her say it. hopefully will never adopt her former captains attitude (taunting, trash talk, complete lack of humility, etc. etc. etc. )

3 Yna Louise Papa (Setter, FEU Lady Tamaraws)

Yna Papa may be criticized for being inconsistent. But even so, she does not rant back not even once on all these destructive criticisms and bashes. She just held her head high, do what she do best and delivers at the right time

Yna Louise Papa is an adorable setter with just the right amount of swag. She has this great leadership in her which her team mates look up to. Very humble and unassuming.

Recently crowned as the Best Setter for the 11th season of Shakey's V-League. Go and add her on Facebook, she'll gladly accept you.

What she lacks in height, she makes up with heart. She plays behind the shadow of Gyselle Sy for the longest of time, yet won the best setter award (SVL) when she played as first setter for the first time. had she bragged about it? Not at all. Her passion when she plays is all over the place. She is gracious in defeat and humble in victory. #Team captain

4 Ivy Jisel Perez (Setter, NU Lady Bulldogs)

This girl is approachable. I love her attitude, inside the court but outside it, you can actually hug her when you see her.

5 Abigail Marano (Middle Hitter/Blocker, DLSU Lady Spikers)

Beast Mode Don't Care. This girl surely has a lot of haters because of her court attitude. But who cares? We love her. True volleyball fans love her. If you don't, you're surely not a true volleyball fan. Oh, did I mention that she's also an epitome of a true captain?

6 May Jennifer Macatuno (Setter, AdU Lady Falcons)

She's one of the underrated setters in this season. I love how she belongs to the players who are just silent on court, those who don't show any facial expressions.

7 Carmina Aganon (Open Spiker, NU Lady Bulldogs)

The "Silent Assassin" of the Lady Bulldogs. She rarely reacts whenever she scores, like Ara Galang, and when she does, her smile just melts the hearts of everyone.

She really is very humble. I can't find another player like Mina Aganon who just simply gives a straight face despite a very strong spike.

8 Ma. Carmela Tunay (Utility Spiker, UST Tigresses)

This girl is so cute. Her smile on court is something.

9 Dennise Michelle Lazaro (Libero, ADMU Lady Eagles)

Denden can easily be mistaken for 'maldita' or 'snob' on and off court. I think it's her eyebrows and her eyes. But then she's really humble. Very underrated libero when, in fact, she's one of the best in her age.

10 Kim Fajardo (Setter, DLSU Lady Spikers)

I love her especially when she's on tough position doing aerial toss, best setter what can I say but stay on the other side without saying anything.. humble person

A friend once told me, "Si Kim Fajardo, nakita ko! Grabe sobrang bait and approachable." I actually agree to her. Kim made a fansign for my friend and gladly poses for the picture.

The Contenders

11 Bernadeth Pons (Open Spiker, FEU Lady Tamaraws)

I actually had a chance to chat with her on her legit Facebook account and she's really nice. She kept on thanking me for supporting her and her team. Just by that, I can tell that she's a humble player. Not all players will give their time chatting with you on social networking sites.

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