Top 10 NHL Moments of 2014-2015

This list talks about some of the best moments of 2014-15 regular season. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Calgary Flames make playoffs

Even though #1 was a previous non-playoff team that made the playoffs, this one also sticks out. Calgary Flames were one of the statistically worst teams in the NHL last year, and nobody expected then to make it at the beginning of this season, but thanks to the improvement of the goaltending and also with players like Johnny Gaudreau, they managed to make it. Talk about proving analysts wrong.

Coupling with knocking of the Kings.

2 Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs

Why this is #1 is because a lot of hockey fans are Winnipeg Jets fans and they really wanted them to make the playoffs, and when they did, Jets fans were ecstatic.

3 Canada wins 2015 WJC

Why this ranks so high is because Canada hasn't won a gold medal since 2009, and Russia looked like they could take the gold, but Canada also was a favourite to win and they came through and beat the Russians in the gold medal game.

4 Canucks miss playoffs
5 Denmark makes the WJC quarter-finals

This one was a surprise to the hockey world, specifically because they have never made it this far before and defeating Switzerland made history for Denmark, advancing to the quarter finals. Ultimately, they would lose to Canada 8-0.

6 Jamie Benn wins Art Ross Trophy

Even though Jamie Benn didn't win by a long shot, he still won by scoring a hat-trick and an assist to pass the runner-up John Tavares and win with a total of 87 points.

7 Devan Dubnyk's revival

Devan Dubnyk last year was considered a #4 for the Montreal Canadiens goalie system and though he would get nowhere. After he went form Nashville to Edmonton to Arizona, he went to Minnesota and that's when everything changed. He became one of the most talked about goaltenders in the league and he even became a Vezina trophy finalist.

8 Los Angeles Kings miss playoffs

Yes, you heard right. Los Angeles. Missed. The. Playoffs. Now for some of you its hard to believe, but the Kings ran into some troubles in the beginning of the season and when they became a playoff contender, it was too late. Hence #2 on this list.

9 Boston Bruins miss the playoffs

The Boston Bruins were also among the biggest surprises the season, but for some fans, it wasn't in a good way. The Bruins were having troubles keeping their best players healthy and had big injuries to Zdeno Chara, Dougie Hamilton, David Krejci and those took the biggest effect. Tuukka Rask also had a bit of problems staying consistent all season, which ultimately led to their demise.

10 Carey Price's superb season

People can argue he is one of the best goalies in the world. For the people who think that, this season for Carey Price at least can help your case. He led the league in wins, had the best save percentage, and the best goals against, he also placed second in shutouts with 9. Analysts say he's already a lock for the Vezina trophy, but he is also a nominee for the Hart trophy for MVP of the year, and they say he has a good shot of him winning that too.

The Contenders
11 Andrew "The Hamburgular" Hammond's emergence

Andrew Hammond was among the biggest surprises this season, being just a minor goaltender for most of this season, then being called up to the struggling Senators, then going 20-1-2 for the remainder of the season, in which he almost single-handedly brought the Senators to the playoffs this season.

12 Petr Mrazek making unbelievable lunging stick save

Coming from a Lightning fan. This was one of the most sickest saves I have ever seen in my life

13 Oilers miss playoffs
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