Favorite Edmonton Oilers

I decided to make a unique list on something I love a lot The NHL & the Edmonton Oilers!

I've been Oilers Fan for a long while maybe since I was born but I mainly remember becoming a Die Hard Hockey Freak in 2003-04.

The Top Ten
1 Ryan Smyth

Hands down my all time Oiler and NHL player ever! He's my idol and my role model!
This guys had Guts and Heart! He left Blood, Sweat Tears and Teeth during his hard working career!
He was a True Blue Oiler. He bled The Oiler colours!
He's player the 2nd most amount of games of any other Past Oiler! He also finished tied at #1 in Powerplay Goals as an Oiler!
He also finished his career on the recent april 12 2014 a game in which I was at and was very emotional. Seeing Smyth Retire was hard!
The 1 thing I wish Captain Canada would have accomplished out side of Gold Medals in the Olympics and World Championships & all star Games, Fastest Hat Trick in Oilers history & many other Records and stats.
But sadly he was never able to win a Stanley Cup..
I could describe Smytty for ever but #94 is my Hero & my all Time #1 Fave Hockey/Oiler player!

2 Wayne Gretzky Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League for four teams from 1979 to 1999.

What is there possibly available for me to say aboot The Greatest Hockey player Ever!
61 Career Records, 4 Stanley Cups, most ever amount of Goals, Assists & Points, World Cups, Gold medals, All star games, Hall of fame, etc.
He is the Great One for a reason!

Greatest Hockey player coming from a Bruins fan.

3 Mark Messier

This Legendary Oilers Leader was what being an Oiler mean't back in the 80's and early 90's. Mark happens to have been born in St Albert, Alberta Canada ( were I live now! )
He's won 6 stanley Cups 5 with the Oilers! ( one in which he was Captain)
The Moose was a mean, rough, tough, leader and was great player.
To many Oilers Fans he's still the Captain & boy was a a great Leader and a Competitor.
Not gonna tell you how many points he had & Games he played because all you need to know is he's a True Oilers Legend & he's one of the Greatest All Around Good Players ever to play NHL! And he's a Hall of Famer!

4 Ales Hemsky

He was hands down mine and my Dad's favourite player to watch when we go to Oilers games because of what he can do on the ice with the puck. He is so entertaining to watch as a Oiler fan with his Dekes and moves he pulls off. Me and my Dad came up with the Term "Dipsy Doodle" For how to describe Hemsky's puck moves!

He was also a fine Oilers player for the years he was here including in 2006 when he scored a few huge Playoff Goals!

5 Jordan Eberle

Yeah he's only been playing since 2010 but first impression speak volumes! His first ever NHL Goal I witnesses myself and wow was it beauty Goal! Now also he's a cool player to watch on the ice & Something aboot him I really love!
He's scored a lot of other beauty goals since I first saw him and he's also player a huge role in a few of Team Canada World Junior Gold Medals! In other words he's Creative and Clutch.
Jordan Eberle is a Beauty!

6 Paul Coffey

Paul is The greatest Oilers defense man ever! He's racked up so many points as an Oilers D-men or better know as Gretzky's D-men because other than Kurri, Coffey got a lot of points because of Wayne or for Wayne cause of Chemistry.
Also mainly cause of how Coffey played like. He was not a stay at home D-men at all no that's what Charlie Huddy Was for. Paul Was a offensive d-men big time. He's one of the best d-men ever!

7 Dwayne Roloson

I was already a Hockey Freak before Dwayye became an Oiler but when he joined the Copper and Blue in march on 2006 he helped lead the Oilers to their 2006 cup run... We didn't win but it was just so memorable and Roli played amazing! Also the fews years after he still played great and was a fan Fave. Also you knew when he was having a good game because he would take the Puck and bat it with his stick and cleared in out of the oilers end!
Point is 2006 was when I was becoming a bigger NHL fan and Roli Helped grow my love for it because he helped my Oilers go on an amazing Run!

8 Glenn Anderson

This guy is a fun Oiler to watch old clips and highlights of because of the way he played! When he drove to the net either the puck went in or he went in or the Goalie went in... Something went in the Net when Glenn came to the net!
Glenn has a lot of oiler records too & won 5 of his 6 Cups with the Oilers
Anderson also was apart of one of the best Lines The Oilers had Anderson, Messier & Simpson

9 Connor McDavid Connor McDavid (born January 13, 1997) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and captain for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Keep the hate coming. The CUP is coming back to Canada.

Stupid goof pansy ass

10 Sam Gagner

Sam Ganger was a hard working and Passionate Oiler since we Drafted him in 2007! He was a solid player every year and he's still young. Sam has scored some absolute Beauty's in game and the Shootout! You always know he's try his best each game even if he's small!
His most famous NHL moment so far was his outstanding 8 point night a coupe seasons ago Doing something that hasn't been done in an Oilers uniform since Wayne and Coffey did it!
I'm gonna miss him now that he's no longer an Oiler but I hope his career continues to be great!

The Contenders
11 Steve Staios

There aren't many stats I can share aboot him because um he wasn't know for scoring or getting a lot of points though he got his fair share... Because he was a Rugged Defensive D-men who was willing to rough it up, get physical, Sacrifice his body and be a leader!
Also he's never gonna win a Beauty contest but most Hockey player that play the way Staios, Smyth, Horcoff, Moereu & etc wouldn't neither.
Staios was a awesome d-man indeed and one of my faves because of his work ethic!

12 Jari Kurri
13 Jason Smith
14 Ethan Moreau

One of the toughest hockey players I've ever seen! he stood up for his teammates and rarely had any teeth in his mouth!

He was clutch on the PK as well!

15 Darnell Nurse

Nurse is great looking defender with the good offensive side to his game! it makes him a threat and a likeable person too

16 Leon Draisaitl
17 Shawn Horcoff
18 Grant Fuhr
19 Fernando Pisani
20 Dustin Penner
21 Tommy Salo
22 Ladislav Smid
23 Todd Marchant
24 Craig Simpson
25 Bill Ranford
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