Top 10 International Ice Hockey Teams

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1 Canada

About 60% of the NHL players are Canadian. Historically, Canada has won the most World Junior titles (16) and the most World Championship medals (47). Presently, Canada is the two-time defending men's Olympic Champion, defending World Junior Champion, defending World Champion, and four-time defending women's Olympic Champion. Enough said.

If you want a team that can win a Stanley Cup, make sure there are a lot of Canadians on the team. If you want to draft the best players on the planet, go to Canada. Canada is the current hegemon in the hockey world, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Far and away, it is the greatest hockey nation on the planet.

2 India

If you have not seen Indian hockey recently, stand by, buddy. Pakistan is the best, but India should be higher. Coach Felix Potvin has done a great job with this team. Go India!

India has a glorious past, and they should regain it.

Indian players are the best in every aspect!

3 Russia

Russia is the best! They have strong defense and good offense. The Russians are probably even better than Canada! I have no idea why someone would prefer a different team!

Russia/Soviet is the greatest hockey team of all time. The Big Red Machine.

Not everyone can resist a red car. Russia is quite strong (from France with love).

4 United States

The USA has to be a top contender, as we can beat Canada, Finland, and other top teams. Seriously, not all of us are fat. Canada is also a pretty good contender, but we can beat them, as we have had chances to.

The USA is a historic team with a beautiful dress spanning many hundred years. The colors are blue and white, and the dress features the USA flag at the center. They also have good players.

Canada is the best, followed by Russia. However, the US should be third. An overtime loss to Sidney Crosby? There's no shame in that.

5 Sweden

Sweden has beautiful blue jerseys featuring three crowns. Good players include Mats Sundin, Daniel Alfredsson, and legendary goalkeeper Tommy Salo.

Sweden is a no-limit team, with intelligent players on the ice. They have a three-crown emblem on yellow and blue jerseys. Their defense is superb, and their rivals are Canada and the Czech Republic.

6 Finland

Finland should be above India for sure. From what I know, Finland plays a lot better than India.

There are only 5 million of us compared to 310 million Americans. And we can still beat them.

I love their names too! If I translated my name to a Finnish name, it would be Kari Hackinnen! I don't know about you, but I love it!

7 Czech Republic

They have great heart. They are able to pull themselves from the pit to a gold medal. I honestly don't think they are the best there is, but they are definitely historically better than the USA, which has a better ranking on this site. They have won Olympic gold since Nagano 1998, a gold medal from WCH 1999, a gold medal in 2000, and a gold medal in 2001, to become only the second team in national ice hockey history to win a gold medal in WCH three times in a row.

Czech Republic, many years back as Czechoslovakia, is a very fast hockey team with great goalkeepers and defense. They have many years of coaching experience and many gold medals. Today, the best hockey player on the planet is Jaromir Jagr.

8 Slovakia

I think Slovakia should be ranked higher than 8th because they have beaten almost every team last year, making it to the finals. The USA has not beaten them as many times as Slovakia has beaten the USA. They also have an outstanding quality of players like Zdeno Chara, Satan, Marian Gaborik, and many more.

Slovakia plays very, very nice hockey, nicer than the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

They're bad now, but I hope that they'll surprise.

9 Germany
10 Latvia

It's almost a miracle for such a small country with a population of roughly two million to have an international-level hockey team that can compete with most of the hockey giants.

The Latvian hockey team is the best in the world!

The Contenders
11 Malaysia
12 Switzerland

If David got to play on the team again, they would dominate!

13 Australia
14 Belarus

Sergei Kostitsyn is the best! Go Belarus!

15 Italy
16 Poland
17 Jamaica
18 Spain
19 South Africa
20 Brazil
21 Greece
22 Austria
23 Norway

Norway is a historically very speedy team. Its power in hockey is evident, as Norway has managed to draw matches with hockey elite teams.

24 New Zealand
25 Kazakhstan

They can beat Belarus and Latvia, so they should be on this list.

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