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1 Pieces
2 Now You Know
3 Sorry About Your Parents
4 Get Well
5 Hope of Morning
6 Nerves
7 Cynics and Critics

This is by far their most powerful and exciting song.

This is their most powerful song. Its genius and fun! Should be number one!

They did this one at warped tour it was amazing!

8 The Grey
9 Make a Move
10 Theater

The Contenders

11 Rock & Roll Thugs

Powerful, yet melodic. Everything you want in a good song!

This is just a perfect song

12 Sugar and Spice

Very catchy and melodic. Still waiting for a music video for this hit.

13 Pop Culture
14 Slow Down
15 Only a Memory
16 Off with Her Head
17 Fix Me

This song is so beautiful. "Every scar one day will heal, every tear one day will dry." This is what Christian rock should be about.

18 Up in Flames
19 Watch Me
20 Conversation With a Rockstar
21 Think I'm Sick
22 Iodine
23 SNO

This was just one of their first EP's, but it was beautiful with a sharpness to Ariel's passion in the song.

24 Bam Bam Pop

Fun and catchy, new addition to their sound. Another beautifully executed sarcastic play on the pop industry and it's "mindless music."

25 Here We Are
26 Get Well II
27 Supposed to Be
28 Happy Hurts
29 You Were Wrong
30 Pulse
31 Under the Knife

This song is too beautiful, I can't believe it isn't higher on the list, defiantly made me love myself, this song changed my life forever. It will totally change yours too

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