Top 10 Most Important Companies in Video Game History


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1 Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

Without Nintendo, video games would've died.

They made wario so yeh

Mario made the gaming industry going again.

Nintendo created Mario and pokemon. Their the biggest game franchises of ALL TIME.

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2 Sega Sega Sega Games Co., Ltd., originally short for Service Games and officially styled as SEGA, is a Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with multiple offices around the world.

Atari created and almost killed video games, Nintendo saved video games, Sega advanced video games.

This company created Sonic. Enough said.

Genesis does what Nintendon't - MaxPap

3 Atari Atari Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972, currently by Atari Interactive, a subsidiary of the French publisher Atari, SA.

The cause of both the rise and fall of gaming. They invented the home console then later made the industry fall with the flood of bad games - YourWaifuSucks

Popuarlized Gaming - christangrant

4 Magnavox

They created the first ever Home console the Odyessy - christangrant

5 Activision Activision Activision Publishing, Inc. is an American video game publisher. It was founded on October 1, 1979 and was the world's first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles.

Yes hate them all you want but they changed gaming forever - christangrant

6 Sony Computer Entertainment
7 id Software id Software ID Software is a video game developer, founded in February 1, 1991 by John Carmack, John Romero, Tom Hall, Adrian Carmack (Not related to John Carmack), and Jay Wilbur. They made heavy contributions to the video gaming industry, as they are considered the founders of the fps genre, with classic games more.

Changed gaming forever. - phantomblock

This company created the fps genre - ExcaliberDG11

This company revolutionized how we play games. Invented the FPS genre with wolfenstein 3D and later the DOOM series and brought about the era of online fps with Quake. They may not be as big today as they were in the 90s but make no mistake, gaming would not be the same without them.

8 Namco

Namco created Pac-Man and other revolutionary arcade games, so they are pretty important.

9 Naughty Dog Naughty Dog
10 Capcom Capcom Capcom Co., Ltd., or Capcom, is a Japanese developer and publisher of video games, known for creating multi-million-selling franchises such as Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Ace Attorney, and Monster Hunter, as well as highly successful games based on the Disney animated properties. more.

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11 Konami Konami Konami Holdings Corporation is a Japanese entertainment company that formed in 1969. Konami does a high amount of distributing products such as slot machines and arcade games, anime, video games, and trading / game cards. Konami also
12 Rare Rare Rare is a British video game developer located in Twycross, Leicestershire. The company was established in 1985 by Tim and C hris Stamper, founders of Ultimate Play the Game. During its early years, Rare was backed by an unlimited budget from Nintendo, primarily concentrated on Nintendo Entertainment more.
13 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.
14 Rockstar Games Rockstar Games Rockstar Games, Inc. is a multinational video game developer and publisher best known for their Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Midnight Club, Max Payne, Bully, and Manhunt games.
15 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, Inc., also known as EA Games, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games headquartered in Redwood City, California.

SimCity? The Sims? Madden NFL? Spore?

They've created many loved and games have still stayed popular for years (e.g Spore, Sims and SimsCity). They have shaped the gaming world for the better and influenced many people.

16 Microsoft Studios Microsoft Studios Microsoft Studios is the video game production wing for Microsoft, responsible for the development and publishing of games for the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Games for Windows, Steam, Windows Store, and Windows Phone platforms.

Creates competition for sony which keeps online levels on a not oversized scale - EliHbk

17 Ubisoft Ubisoft Ubisoft Entertainment SA is a French multinational video game developer and publisher, headquartered in Rennes, France.

It is good company It has a lot of amazing games like Assassins creed watch dogs farcry - LordOmar

18 Bethesda Bethesda Bethesda Game Studios is an American in-house development team at Bethesda Softworks established in 2002. Previously synonymous with parent publisher Bethesda Softworks, the studio's name and logo were established with the release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in 2002. The studio is currently more.
19 EA Sports EA Sports


20 CD Projekt RED CD Projekt RED

They redefined Role Playing game!

21 Bungie Bungie Bungie, Inc. is an American video game developer located in Bellevue, Washington, United States. The company was established in May 1991 as Bungie Software Products Corporation by University of Chicago undergraduate student Alex Seropian, who later brought in programmer Jason Jones after publishing more.
22 Taito
23 Coleco Industries
24 Avalanche Software Avalanche Software
25 Insomniac Games Insomniac Games
26 Valve Valve Valve Corporation is an American video game developer, publisher and digital distribution company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

Introduced story driven FPS and the steam platform. Come on people.

27 AWE Productions, Inc.
28 Microïds
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