Top 10 Inappropriate Episode Ideas for Kids Shows

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1 When a perverted girl goes on stupid adventures with her family just so she can go to the toilet - Nina Needs to Go

I don't get this list.

Good idea dude

2 When two park groundskeepers mess up their bosses work by making it difficult for themselves and saying they've done something and then their boss fires them and he's so strict - Regular Show

He fires them for no real reason sometimes. Everyone messes up from time to time

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3 When monster trucks meet a kid who is about to die because he might get ran over by a wheel,they race in a stadium and then crusher starts beating them up - Blaze and the Monster Machines V 1 Comment
4 When a sea sponge enjoys the wonderful life under the sea in Bikini bottom - Spongebob Squarepants
5 When an ordinary boy goes in his dreams with Jake a morphing dog to go on adventures - Adventure Time
6 When the school bully is your main arch enemy and then starts to fall in love with you at the schoolyard - Hey Arnold
7 An American football cheerleader of the bulldogs tries to go to quarterback and fails - Bella and the bulldogs

The sexism of Nickelodeon in a nutshell...

8 A cow and a chicken hang out - Cow and Chicken
9 Arthur and the Toilet Cam - Arthur

DW believe Arthur stoled her Crazy Bus CD and sets revenge by installing the cam to Arthur's toilet when Arthur uses the bathroom and made it go viral

10 When Teen Titans Go ruins kids psa morals - Teen Titans Go!

Imagine if the Titans teach kids it's ok to ride in the car without buckling their seat belt or telling kids that the medications are candies

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11 A Pal For Groot - Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy

Poor Groot

12 Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to smoke weed everyday - Teletubbies

Lol - JPK

13 When Yondu becomes pregnant - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Yondu: I'm pregnant Poppins Y'all!

14 Angelica in Toddlers and Tiaras - Rugrats

That Would Be Hilarious Because She Is Quite Bratty - JPK

15 Rocket takes a bath - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

A SpongeBob parody When Quill was trying to give Rocket Raccoon a bath

Image 1: Bathtub, Image 2: Soap, Image 3: Rubber Ducky, Image 4: Shower, Image 5: Creepy Alien Girl with Buck teeth Subliminal Message (giggle)
Quill:😮😳 (To Rocket) Sorry you have to see that

16 When Disney try to ripoff spongebob with fish and then go really perverted with teens - Fish Hooks
17 When teenagers hang out and do what teens do and then the whole thing goes wrong with teen jokes - 6Teen

Haven't seen it, but it should be on here

18 When a Cat and a Dog have a drug night out - CatDog
19 When twins go out to the mystery shack and incredibly haunted place all summer and the brother thinks there is mysteries,with Illuminati - Gravity Falls
20 When three chipmunks have a spinoff of the 80s cartoons and the horrible movies to teach kids havoc instead of their 3 times tables - Alvin and the Chipmunks 2015 CGI educational spinoff
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