Best Pen Brands

The Top Ten Best Pen Brands

1 Parker

I have a beautiful silver Parker pen which I've written with for years. I find this brand is the best for lengthy writing sessions as they're lightweight and comfortable to hold. Parker, I know, is also a popular brand with the British Royal Family. And if it's good enough for them... Seriously, this is too good a brand for writing shopping lists or filling in crosswords (use BIC for those). For proper writing, Parker is by far the best brand around. - Britgirl

It's the best

2 Lamy

High quality, comfortable writing - Xenothor

Beautiful, innovative, writes well.

3 Mont Blanc

Elegance, precision and craftsmanship

4 Peliken
5 PaperMate
6 Uni Ball

Uni-ball the best writing experience and also it’s in economical prices and affordable to everyone. - Badaralgheseini

7 Camlin
8 Maped
9 Pilot

The best pen for writing

Pilot is the number pen, it's cheap, it the smoothest, effortless, and relaxed pen!

10 Scheider

The Contenders

11 Cross

How is this bad - fighter098

12 Cello
13 Canco
14 Berol

The best pen to write with. We all had one at school.


Many high-quality pens for less-than-high prices are made by TWSBI, such as the TWSBI Eco.

16 Pentel

One of the most famous pen in the world. - Badaralgheseini

17 Rorito
18 Luxart
19 Sailor
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