Top 10 Best Zombie Strike Nerf Guns

The Zombie Strike line is basically the Elite Line worked into a zombie apocalypse style toy blasters. At first the blasters seemed awful but then decent blasters came out. Vote which one of these blasters are superior! Repaints are not included.

The Top Ten

1 Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Definitely a fan of this blaster and I can even shoot one handed. Awesome, 10 out of 10!

Agreed with op. Ammo may not be it's strong point, but what it lacks in that area makes up with being possibly the farthest and most accurate gun in the zombie strike series. Ability to dual wield and fan fire makes this versatile in so many ways. So worth the low end price for this blaster!

It is a great weapon and is very accurate. Plus the fan firing mechanism is good for a guns blazing attack style. Overall very practical weapons.

It doesn't have a 6 dart barrel like most other Nerf revolvers, but it has a unique mechanism and it fires very far.

2 Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire

This is my second favorite gun it is fun to use and is very accurate

I love this gun! It has some good range and accuracy! Although it only carry's 6 bullets it still is a good backup weapon. I suggest only getting this gun if you are conservative because this gun will need to be reloaded a lot, so if you are a good shot and conservative, this is the gun for you!

This gun is cool as you can operate it one handed by flipping it while holding the reload trigger written by Jaycus

It comes with a small 6 dart clip, but that's the best ammunition for it. This blaster includes a new lever action priming mechanism and you can prime it in cool ways.

3 Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury

Bought this blaster yesterday and has now become my favorite primary. Yup, a pistol that stacks 12 darts in two revolving barrels with slam fire hitting elite ranges has become my primary. If you're lucky like me, I got mines at Wal-Mart with bonus 12 darts for $14.99! You can't get a blaster that performs out of the box like this bad boy... In fact, I might go back to buy a second one for the heck of it!

This is a great gun because it's that mix between primary and secondary because it has both of their good qualities it's pretty light and holds lots of ammo I only bought it for $30 and the clear shot was $20 so comparing them the flip fury is pretty good! I would rate it 9/10

I orders it on 17th September of 2
2019 I am waiting for it I think it will be fun in the internet it shows that it is rated good by most of the people and I will send comment again after getting it

Nice! A gun with double barrel and it can slam fire. The two barrels flipped fast, very accurate. This blaster can shoot a very far distance. I must say this is my favourite Primary gun, it doesn't jam at all. Pretty amazing blaster. I got this gun on June 2015!

4 Nerf Zombie Strike SledgeFire

Epic for taking out multiple enemies! Good looks, but slow reloading and bad range. Its also definitely not a beginners blaster to mod.

Not the most practical, but definitely very cool. It uses a shell loading system, each shell holds 3 darts and can be stored in the back of the stock.

Good gun. the only problem is it takes too much time to reload

Great blaster if you have a bigger mag then a six dart mag. You can even one hand prime it! I've seen people dual wield these!

5 Nerf Zombie Strike CrossFire

I got one of these guns and the darts started to pop out every time I had a nerf war. When I got another one, I still had the same problem with the darts popping out. Sure, this gun is accurate, but after using it for a few days, you toss it into the trash because it is malfunctioning and go online to order another blaster.

Very fun and interesting weapon. Not super practical, but gives off a very zombie apocalypse vibe. Accurate and fun. Recommend buying it just because it looks cool too.

This crossbow style Nerf blaster is primed by a handle at the back which you can attach strings to.

I love this gun so much it is the best

6 Nerf Zombie Strike SideStrike

To be honest I think in my opinion it should be first it is my favorite gun of all of em' it reminds me of a real pistol and it's range is really good and it's range has increased ever since I got it.

This blaster's small size is great for concealment and surprise attacks. Reloading is a bit slow, but not a big deal

I am a professional nerfer and this gun makes it useful to attack the enemies when other guns are not in ammo the best gun ever had THIS SHOULD BE THE 1st ONE!

It's the Zombie Strike counterpart to the NiteFinder/ Firestrike style blasters. Instead of a pull-back handle it has an easier to use slide. It also includes a very useful holster that can also be used by a FireStrike.

7 Nerf Zombie Strike DoubleStrike

Great little gun for what it is. It is a very good secondary, and can be concealed or holstered easily. Plus it looks awesome!

It's a incredible sidearm it's very accurate and has good range in my opinion this is one of the best zombie strike guns

I love the "Double Derringer" look. It looks cool and feels right in my little hands

Horrible. Do not buy!

8 Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator

Great gun shoots really fast it is beast, only problem is it isn't super accurate and it doesn't shoot very far.

Great gun tons of ammo and slam fire and looks like a bad ass easily the greatest zombie strike gun

This gun rocks! A least it looks like it does, if I had enough money on my amazon gift card this would have been my #1

It is cool looking and has 4 barrels that has 6 zombie darts in each.

9 Nerf Zombie Strike FuseFire

Its railing system features a glow in the dark feature. and it uses Vortex style discs. This concludes the "good" Zombie Strike blasters. The next ones are all AWFUL blasters.

10 Nerf Zombie Strike Ripshot

It is fine if you like it as a secondary but not good to you when it comes when you are using dart blasters not disc blasters

At least it is better than the Ricochet

The Contenders

11 Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw

It has a great chainsaw and is deadly enough to break drywall.

Epic! Can't wait for release

So cool I want it so bad

too good

12 Nerf Zombie Strike Richochet

Don't get this either it's ugly and really boring.

It is so bad small slow firing incredibly bad

It is ok gun but it is like the nerf vortex poton

13 Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot CS 12 Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot CS 12 Product Image

Good sniper to shoot

This thing sucks. it took an hour to get it to shoot without jamming, and it finally shot, but only went 10. it is like the deploy DO NOT BUY

Shut it you ass!

Zombi strik rocks

14 Zombie Survival System Scravenger

Easily the best in the zombie strike series. With all the add-ones it has something for everyone. Plus it looks super intimidating and has a slam fire switch, which can toggle slam fire on and off. The green light is awesome, in my opinion it makes everyone green like a zombie and so that just adds to the zombie strike part. Having a secret double jolt in the stock is probably one of the coolest things about the gun when your out of ammo and. Then all of the sudden pew pew! You got another gun. Not only that but the scope also doubles as a magazine holder for quick reload. Add-ones aside this gun is also super-accurate and sleek. looks awesome and so does the box art. I like the box art so Much I kept it! Definitely the best nerf zombie strike on the market. 6 out of 5 stars. 3 thumbs up!

I love this gun and it is my new favorite gun I think this gun is 10/10

The best nerf rifle according to me

Super op when you camp in a bush

15 Nerf Revreaper

Revreaper saves your time don't have to press the fire button and has a amazing styled dart

This gun is awesome! Costs 25 dollars. It has a lot of versatility and can fire very fast! Comes with ten darts. It is a great bang-for-your-buck gun.

16 Nerf Zombie Strike Rough Cut Nerf Zombie Strike Rough Cut Product Image

THIS isn't zombie strike, either

Better than the sledgefire, I really like this blaster. Pump action, slam fire, double shot, single shot, best shotgun by far.

Up on the housetop
Santa roamed
He gave these to some kids
And they all groaned

I love this weapon I don't have the zombie strike version but I do have the nstrike
fast rate of fire
slam fire
8 bullets
single shot

17 Nerf Zombie Strike Mega Magnus

I have the normal version and it hurts more than the centurion, so it must shoot like 130 feet or something, even though it advertises 80 feet

Best nerf gun ever! Shoots more than 70 feet and is extremely accurate.

This isn't zombie strike...

No it doesn't you half -wit.It hurts less than the Centurion and it shoots half as far.Plus I have the version,so I expected more from it until I found out the blasters are no better than the regular ones! It's still a lot better than the CycloneShock,and that's one good thing you can say about it.

18 Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut

Not that big a fan of the shooting mechanisms, but I like how it has two places to shoot bullets, plus the saw.

I could have got it before it got of store shelves but I got the n-strike elite retraliator

It has blade

It's so bad

19 Nerf Nailbiter

I saw that at the store I want to get it it was too much or I wanted something else I can't remember but I think it was another Zombie Strike gun but if I had that my parents would be annoyed a lot and I would enjoy it

Awesome gun, no priming needed! Extremely fast shooting.

20 Nerf Zombie Strike Clearshot

Love the scope it makes it really accurate it's also really light without the scope also there's a cool secret bullet holder! There are some disadvantages though like only holds 5 bullets it gets really heavy for a pistol with the scope so I would rate it 8/10

It is light and pretty accurate but not that strong 1-10 I would rate it 6

It is the worst nerf gun ever

It's pretty good

21 Nerf Zombie Strike Strikeblade

You have harnessed the power of killing zombies you should duct tape that thing to a rough cut or not your choice but definitely would be my choice if I head a rough cut or a strikeblade or some kind of Nerf melee weapon I don't have one I only have guns

Awesome melee weapon
Looks sick
Saw someone deflect 12 bullets

22 Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

They should make zombie strike rival guns wonder what crazy stuff they can make with that. they can make a doominator but with balls instead of zombie strike rivals it could be rival strike or zombie rivals

This gun is awesome! It shoots a hundred golf looking balls per second!

23 Doominator

Is it meant to be a shotgun it seems like a shotgun maybe there's a mod for extended clip make more rounds for it and it looked like it was getting sucked up each time you reload it it probably isn't but it looks like it

It can hold 24 bullets total.

24 Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster Product Image

It looks like a pistol is it I can't tell even if it isn't it does not matter I like pistols but it also looks like a small mini gun with few shots

I love this gun

25 Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

It is Amazing I used it in a nerf war worked really well, It is AWESOME!

It Just Has Great Accuracy and Good Handling It Is Also One Of The Greatest Berf Guns EVER!


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