Most Infamous Places Because of Tragedy

Best known places, towns and islands associated with tragedy, including war time but excluding scenes of battle.

The Top Ten

1 Hiroshima, Japan

Where the atomic bombing in 1945 happened. - JoeBoi

2 Auschwitz, Poland

The most infamous concentration camp people suffered and died in during the Holocaust. - JoeBoi

3 Chernobyl, Ukraine

Where the 1986 nuclear disaster happened. - JoeBoi

4 Tenerife, Spain

Where the worst plane crash in history occurred. - JoeBoi

5 World Trade Center, New York City

Where the infamous 9/11 attacks and 1993 bombing occured. - JoeBoi

6 Lockerbie, Scotland

Where the infamous 1988 airplane bombing occured. - JoeBoi

7 Columbine High School

Where the infamous 1999 school shooting occured. - JoeBoi

8 Bhopal, India

Where the 1984 nuclear disaster occured. - JoeBoi

9 Whitechapel, London

No, its where he dumped his victims after killing them. In the Whitechapel church. - MattAffterburner

No, you got it wrong. It was where Jack the Ripper both killed AND dumped his victims in. - JoeBoi

Where Jack the Ripper’s infamous killings occured. - JoeBoi

10 Parkland, Florida

The Contenders

11 Ford’s Theatre, Washington D.C.
12 Humboldt Saskatchewan
13 Stockwell Tube Station, London
14 Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut
15 Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX
16 The Dakota, New York City, NY

Where John Lennon was Assassinated. - JoeBoi

17 Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
18 Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Where the 2001 plane crash which was part of 9/11 occured. - JoeBoi

19 Verdun, France

Where one of WWI’s most infamous battles on the Western front occurred. - JoeBoi

Ah, dang it! I should've read the description saying that scenes of battle are excluded. - JoeBoi

20 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
21 Jonestown, Guyana
22 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City
23 Utoya Island, Norway

Mass shooter killed 77 people, and wounded 110, most of them at a youth summer camp in 2011. Received a sentence of only 21 years in prison.

24 Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota

Where the infamous 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre occurred. - JoeBoi

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