Most Infuriating Types of People to Play Video Games With

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1 The spoilt brat who cries when he/she loses

What's even more annoying is the fact they cry and scream over nothing more than pixels on a screen. - Entranced98

"Wah you cheated you ass. I'm telling my mom Wah. " - Every 12 year old moron on Call of Duty

My sister does this but she ain't spoiled. She does it when I kill her on Call of Duty and when I win at football(both backyard and Xbox).

2 The cheater

Competitive pokemon in a nutshell.

Honestly guys.

They ruined Roblox's 'Prison Life'. >:( - LemonComputer

3 The person who takes the game too seriously
4 The person who complains about the game all the time
5 Call of Duty fanboys

Imagine how hellish it would be to try and play a game such as Mario with a 12 year old Call of Duty fanboy. He would be like "MARIO SUХ, CОD IS BETTER YOU NOOB! "

6 A lolicon
7 A hypocrite
8 The hacker

The same thing as the cheater.

9 The fake gamergirl

The people who use these fakes as a stereotype and lump legitimate female video game enthusiasts in with them are a hundred times worse. - Entranced98

That one girl who's like, "I'm NERDY and wear [fashion] glasses, so therefore I know how to play! " but they're that one person who plays out of their league, begs for weapons/food, can shoot everything except the opposite team, brags about their "skills" so the cute nerdy guy at school will notice them, buys ALL the merchandise for the series and knows ALL the characters but still can't play, thinks using game slang will somehow make them an expert, choose the items with the WORST stats/powerups to use, the list goes on and on. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 A religious nutjob

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11 People who constantly bash the healers

"Hey! I need healing over here! This healer sucks! "
Well maybe I can't heal you right now because I'm healing someone that is actually on the objective who needs it more. Don't make this all about yourself, you self-centered prick. - Atham

Being a healer is the worst thing ever because hardly anyone respects them and treat them horribly. It's also a hard role to play. I'll be honest and tell you I let some people die for being so rude and ungrateful to me. Be nice to healers because not all of them will put up with your crap. - Rue

When I play Mercy in Overwatch, my cousin blames me for losing the match, even when everyone sucks on the team and when we win, he acts so surprised. - Ultron123

I used to play MMORPGS. I was the healer and I dealt with DPS causing their own demise and blaming me on a constant bases. And dear lord it was hell. - Rue

12 A pervert A pervert

Lol. Perfect image for this entry. - cjWriter1997

13 A weaboo

I once met a cheating weaboo on Roblox's 'Prison Life' today.. - LemonComputer

14 Feminazis
15 Splatoon fans

Splatoon might be one of my favorite online games of recent memory, but there is so much salt in the community they might as well rename it to "Saltoon." - Atham

16 Trolls
17 Stupid people Stupid people
18 Rage quitters
19 People who scream and swear


20 A rabid Amy Rose fan

What's so bad about these? - Entranced98

21 Button mashers
22 Try hards

It's just a game! Take a Midol, sweetie.

23 Noobs
24 Undertale fans Undertale fans
25 Kids with Autism
26 Special Snowflakes
27 Little Kids Little Kids
28 Excessive Swearers
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1. The fake gamergirl
2. A hypocrite
3. A religious nutjob
1. Call of Duty fanboys
2. The spoilt brat who cries when he/she loses
3. The person who complains about the game all the time


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