Top Ten Internet Slang Words and Phrases That Should Be Banned


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1 Bae

I won't really care if it meant poop in Danish because that is like calling a girl a lesbian if you say she's tomboy just because "tomboy" means "lesbian" in Filipino. But what annoys me with this "word" is the fact that it's already 4 letters and you still have to shorten it just because you're too lazy to pronounce the second "b" sound.

Bae means poop in Danish. So by calling your boyfriend or girlfriend bae you are essentially calling them a piece of poop. - RiverClanRocks

That probably makes 3 year olds laugh. People try too hard to be funny on thetoptens, it's embarrassing. - Organ

It means poop in Danish. So if you're calling your boyfriend or girlfriend this horrible excuse of a "word", then you're technically calling him/her a piece of poop. - PizzaGuy

Poop on danish. - ---ChargedZircon---

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YOLO is the worst out of all of these. I typically say it in my YouTube videos as a joke. I make fun of the people who do say it, by saying it. - Tilde_Tilde

The worst thing about YOLO is that nobody sees the irony. You Only Live Once? Same for me. And everyone. - PositronWildhawk

Yes please get Rid of this silly Phrases every-time I hear this I feel a little most stupid! - Curti2594

You only live once but you're dead now - TwilightKitsune

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3 Cray

Demographically constructed words should stay with their own demographic, otherwise everyone sounds the fool for uttering it.


There's a song that's called "We Go With Swag In Forest" in swedish. - darthvadern

Irony aside, what does this even mean? - SwagFlicks

SWAG, N***** - venomouskillingmachine


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5 Do You Even Lift?

I do not lift weights. I lift backpacks filled with books over my shoulders and just run. - SwagFlicks

For those of us who are NOT bodybuilders or into sports like that, what kind of sense does this make?! Do I even lift? Lift what?

Yes, I lift idiots and throw them in therapy. - naFrovivuS

If you have no arms how are you typing

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6 You Tried

Well, it's true if you actually did try. - SwagFlicks

This one is hilarious.

7 Ayy Lmao
8 That Really Rustled My Jimmies

What I almost pissed myself laughing after seeing this

Okay, this one is hilarious. - SwagFlicks

I love this one


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9 Trolololololololol

This is my life


10 Bite Me

Makes absolutely no sense.

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11 That Feel

That Feel ban this! - I-Hate-This-Site

12 Boom Panes

You can only understand this if you're Filipino or have lived in the Philippines. - 2cool4u

It so annoying even though its underrated

13 Illuminati

"It's funny how stupid you are! " -Bill Cipher


Ban this... BILL I KNOW YOUR THERE! - Danguy10

It's a meme now - TwilightKitsune

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14 Swole

Is this the retarded way to say swollen?

15 Booty

Even if this "word" was made in the 70s or something, I still hate it.

First invented by KC & The Sunshine Band

16 U WOT M8


17 Haters gonna hate

Often used several times by Taylor Swift in one of her songs. Could anyone guess the name of her song that had a beautiful ballerina? - playstationfan66

Of course haters are gonna hate this phrase!

So annoying... Nearly hit someone for saying it

Captain Obvious strikes again! - SwagFlicks

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18 That's so gay

Would you really take a shortened form of homosexual as an insult? No? Didn't think so. - naFrovivuS

Calling what you don't understand gay is the surest sign of immaturity on the internet - RecklessGreed

I don't know if that phrase has to be taken seriously. Most likely it's a joke.

Ha ha, GAY! - LordDovahkiin

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19 Butthurt
20 Cringeworthy
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