Top 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Creepypastas

What are some things you probably didn't know about creepypastas? With your help, we've dived deep into the murky waters of the internet to fish out some less-known tidbits, behind-the-scenes info, and trivia about your favorite online nightmares. And here's where the fun begins: you get to vote for the facts you find the most intriguing.
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1 Masky and Hoodie didn't appear in a Creepypasta story.

Fun fact: they aren't even proxies or connected to Slendy. They were tormented by a similar being called the Operator.

Yeah... No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere on the net.

Slender's proxies first appeared in the web series Marble Hornets.

2 Ticci Toby is the only Slender proxy who didn't appear in Marble Hornets.

Did Kate the Chaser or Rouge appear? Because then it's not just Ticci Toby.

Did Kate the Chaser or Rouge appear? Because then, it's not just Ticci Toby.

Well, THAC probably had their reasons for not including him. Maybe they just didn't have enough people?

3 NES Godzilla is among the longest Creepypastas.

TRUE DAT. Luckily, it was quite engaging and overall, just very cool.

And the only one with a good ending.

4 There are two versions of "Squidward's Suicide": Red Mist and the original.

There is Red Mist and then there is the original Squidward suicide.

5 Many fans have shown affection for Creepypasta characters.

Hey, we should be friends. I scare a lot of people. But I killed. And I got away with it. I don't know why. I should be in jail. But I am not. The reason why I killed one person is because they broke my phone. I have my mom's phone. I don't know why. But I killed another person because they killed my grandpa. Another died because they killed my grandma. Another died because they killed the rest of my grandpas and grandmas, so I have no more grandparents. I am depressed now.

Well, I am really annoyed to hear one of my friends likes one of the male Creepypasta characters. I mean, who in the world would want a killer as a boyfriend?! (I would, but not with the Creepypasta character.)

I know these people. They are so weird! Hello, he is a serial killer, not your bae. If he was real and he met you, you would probably end up six feet under!

6 Jeff the Killer has multiple origin stories.

I've only heard of the other origin - he burned himself with acid, I think? I like the version of him killing his family better, and I don't know which one is the original version.

This is the one I remember:

Jeff got bullied as a kid and his bully poured bleach all over his face. He was later taken to a hospital but when he came home, he acted weird. So he cut his mouth, burned off his eyelids, killed his parents, and said, "Go to sleep." After reading this, I don't want to "go to sleep".

The 2015 remake was excellent and an improvement from the original!

7 There are multiple Creepypastas with "Jack" in their name.

There are three actually. Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, and another... Those who have read his story understand why I am not saying his name.

I think that it is kind of cool how they both have the name Jack.

There is Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack. Personally, I like Eyeless better.

8 Slenderman is often portrayed with multiple "siblings"

There is Trender Man who is obsessed with fashion. There's Splendor who is the opposite of Slender. Enderman from Minecraft. And then there's... Sexual Offender Man. His name is self-explanatory.

9 Sonic.EXE has a sequel.
10 The relationship between Ticci Toby and Clockwork was once considered canon by their creators.
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11 There is a Creepypasta mod for Minecraft.
12 Sally's age is often debated, but 16 is a common claim.
13 There is a female counterpart to Laughing Jack named Laughing Jill.
14 Ticci Toby and Clockwork were once considered a canon pairing, but this changed after the creators' wishes.
15 There is a Marilyn Manson-themed Creepypasta.
16 There are two female counterparts to Jeff the Killer: Nina the Killer and Jane the Killer.

Jane the Killer is SO much better than Nina. I mean, really, Nina is just a freaking fangirl who wanted to be like Jeff! Like, what the hell! But on the other hand, there's Jane the Killer who hates Jeff for killing her family and burning her. The only reason she even kills is because it reminds her of Jeff. I hope Nina just gets forgotten someday...

Nina is a fangirl and a Jeff wannabe. Jane is Jeff's rival and the complete opposite. Anyways, it's Jane the Everlasting, and she's way better than Nina in my opinion.

I like Nina the Killer better. She was the only girl who was willing to become a monster like Jeff!

17 Squidward Suicide has two versions, Red Mist and the original.

Which is already on this list.

18 "16 Slender" was not originally a Creepypasta.

He actually started as a few pictures that circulated the internet, but gained popularity and a few games. :3

19 Herobrine is among the most impactful parody-type Creepypastas.
20 Jane the Killer seeks revenge on Jeff the Killer for killing her family.
21 There are multiple "smiling" animal Creepypastas: Smile.jpg (or, Grinny the Cat, and the Smiling Owl.
22 The image of Jeff the Killer is said to be an edited picture, but its original source is debated.
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