Worst Things On The Internet

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1 Viruses & Malware

Why facebook so hated? Hating facebook only because of people in there is stupid. There are barely every celebrities, and I have smart friends in there

Scam emails like saying "You need to update" which should be in the spam not the inbox.
The ones who make the emails should also be arrested.

Google Chrome, Avast, ES File Explorer, Clean Master, etc was built in your device

2 Cyberbullies

Everyone isn't afraid to act badly towards people in social media because they are protected by that one amendment.

It seems like everyone is an ass on the internet these days.

Bullying is unacceptable. No bullying and hate should be a law

3 Ads!

Just annoying! Too much annoying! Sometime you cannot find your desired links to click for these ads!

Tired of pages freezing because the ads won't load. Sitting there waiting 5 minutes for the ads to load

Volume on your headphones on full+ a virus alert= death to all

4 Pornsites

Guys who watch porn are more likely to become sex offenders, human traffickers, consumers of illegal sexualized videos of underage children, rapists, sexual abusers and pedophiles.

Pornography is the plague of our generation. It views women as objects, and states that a woman's looks are more important than what's in her head. It also limits your ability to feel true love. I've never viewed porn before, but being the paranoid person I am, I know all the horrible things it can do to you.

In a study I heard on one of the news channels says that porn sites are actually safer than you think. Most of them don't contain viruses. Porn sites were actually at the bottom of the virus list

5 Pop Ups

More bad if Momo pops up.

Pop-ups! More like f***-ups!

I hate pop-ups so much

6 Spammers
7 Rule 34

I never liked this website to begin with. The fact that my favorite shows/VG Have been created in the most twisted ways possible is sickening. Some of the art is so messed up that I CRINGED. In fact, Some artists thought it was a good idea to make porn out of real people... are you kidding me. Not that but they even started lewding child characters too. But nonetheless, I do know that it's the rules of the internet. And I can't do anything about it. Besides, It did state that if it exist, there's P%rn of it. But I still hate it.

I just can't not believe My Little Pony have just a lot the show started in 2010 and I who said an random show Total Drama started in 2007 that haves about 2900 and mlp 200800! (I think)
I don't hate or like rule 34 I just leave it alone because I'm too young but this is a real reason why I hate bronies

Oh my god don't even get me started with the My little pony Friend ship is magic rule 34! EUGH! Disgusting! It's like EVERYWHERE! I try searching up Apple pies on my Google and then I somehow bump into a load of pony porn. what. lol.

8 Facebook

Facebook is awesome. You can find a lot of good people there still and this should be maybe at #7.

Its degrading. Makes the younger generation more and more stupid and idiotic.

The most annoying site on the Internet, in my opinion. I never was a big fan of these SNS.


Especially when it makes you do

10 Spambots
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11 Trolls
12 500 Internal Server Error

A group of highly trained monkeys have been dispatched to deal with this situation.

13 Obsessive Haters

What bugs me is that they click on something they hate (ex: MLP) and argue with people on there for no reason. If you want to hate go join a hate group, don't hate where people that like it are. (by the way I have nothing against MLP it was just an example)

14 Pedophiles

They belong in prison, not on the internet

15 A Glitch
16 Google+

YouTube's finally leaving this stupid excuse of a online carbon copy of Facebook. That way, it'll fix itself up from all the damage those imbeciles have done to it. It's like they say:

Google is a headache! And this is their latest stupid invention!

17 Clickbait

I don't care what the thumbnail is even if its clickbait I'll still watch it anyways

18 DeviantART DeviantArt is an online artwork, videography and photography community. The website was launched on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens, and others.

This is just a site for people who want to show off their, otherwise, masterpieces. Sure, there are some real talents usibg that website, but they be like: "I draw better than you"

I remember pokemon arts as a teenage boy until the nsfws made me feel like everybody is an idiot. Now I'm angry about this website!

Some fetish pictures on deviantart are awful, but the thing I hate the most is the horrible adventure time fanart!

TheHyenasSBE is the worst user on this site. You won't like his gallery, it's full of disgusting art.

19 Animal Pornography

I absolutely hate it when people post videos and pictures of animals mating. You wouldn't upload a video of you and your partner going at it, would you? No. Also, if that's not what you meant here, it's also annoying when people make distorted fetish art of animals of any kind or when people have bestiality fantisies.

20 Child Pornography

Why is this only #25?

21 90's Kids

I think we all know who this is targeting. LOL. ETC.

BuzzFeed is full of 90s stuff

22 Anime

Anime characters are hot, tho

23 Deleted Websites
24 Feminazis

A bunch of flakes getting too much media attention and blowing things out of proportion. Actually harmful because they seem to think white cis women have absolutely no problems at all. Also harmful in creating preposterous alliances with oppressive cultures.

Thank goodness I'm not the only who's against the extreme feminists. I'm all for feminism and all but not when it crosses into machismo. Seriously, it's stupid for feminists too be all stereotypically manly. But it's also stupid for guys to be macho.

Annoying people who think killing men equals equality.

25 Hackers

Hackers suck >_< there not just on moviestarplanet or other games they can hack your personal info

Worst people you'll ever meet they ruin the fun

They're bad so stay away whenever you can.

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