Top 10 Iron Maiden Songs People Take for Granted


The Top Ten

1 Flash of the Blade

This is a song from powerslave that people belittle, it tells a good story about a kid who lost his family and is out to become a samurai. The reason I didn't put Be Quick Or Be Dead as number 1 is because it has been recognized more than these songs. - Itsyaboiharambe

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2 Childhood's End

This from fear of the dark is a song that hasn't been completely ignored, but is should be a little more popular. - Itsyaboiharambe

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3 Sun and Steel

I like this song because it was a little more exciting than the others, it had the fastest tempo on the album, I think it's great all around. - Itsyaboiharambe

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4 Mother Russia

This is one of those songs I classify as a "solo with words", like phantom of the opera. It has a lot of music, but the problem is that it doesn't have enough words to balence out. It's a great song though. - Itsyaboiharambe

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5 Back In the Village

This was a great song, I really enjoyed it, the reason why it didn't get very popular was that songs like "powerslave" and "2 minutes to midnight" we're taking over. Still a fun song to listen to. - Itsyaboiharambe

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6 The Alchemist

This was an amazing song. It was just the perfect ideal song. It had a great riff, verse, pre chorus and chorus. This song shows maidens ability to write and preform catchy songs that you can't get out of your mind. - Itsyaboiharambe

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7 The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

This song was a great slow and mellow track to the album. It shows that even though iron maiden is a heavy metal band, then can still blow your mind with slow songs like this. This was one that really tugged at your heart strings. - Itsyaboiharambe

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8 Quest for Fire

This one was a good slower paced song. It was completely ignored though, I like to listen to it. I think it would be a good song live. - Itsyaboiharambe

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9 Chains of Misery

I love this song. It has a great starting riff, it has that kind of mysterious feel to it, that's what I like most about it. - Itsyaboiharambe

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10 Isle of Avalon

This is an epic song, it starts out with a howling breeze, then nicko comes in and the guitars follow, it creates an unsettling feeling that makes you want to listen on. - Itsyaboiharambe

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