Dance of Death


When I first heard this song, I was stunned someone could handle guitar so very amazingly. And as the song progressed, I knew it was taking me along with it to a magical, mystical journey like nothing before. Maiden rules forever!

This song defines the word "epic". The first 2:50, you hear Bruce tell a story and you know what he's talking about. Then comes the brilliant level of musicianship from Janick Gers and Steve Harris, a classic Maiden all way through with mind-boggling lyrics. All 3 guitarists play a guitar solo and then comes some melody. The song ends with Bruce ending the story. If you like metal and a epic fantasy stories, this will be your favourite song ever. Maiden at their absolute best.

This was the first and the best heavy metal song I ever heard. I got attracted to metal and Iron maiden only because of this song.. I have still heard many other performances of Iron Maiden but nothing gave such a great impression of DANCE OF DEATH. Wonderful song. I listen to it almost everyday. It is better than FEAR OF THE DARK in all aspects. There are always many metal bands.. But IRON MAIDEN makes both metal and music. HATS OFF!

Awesome intro... Fantastic notes... A solo with a voice of it's own and most of all the feel of the song that is expressed by the magical blend of every element that is there to it... Especially the subtle switching from one scale to the other and getting back without disturbing the essence of the song... Gotta say... A masterpiece... I love this song... Rock n Roll...!

Awesome guitar! Without a doubt the best Iron Maiden song ever! It should be #1. You can listen to it over and over again without getting bored. The guitar solo is a highlight! Anyone who has not yet heard this song should definitely do it immediately. Anyone who hates this song should jump off a cliff!

Dis song should be made into a movie... Because its just so creepy... Would surely make a great horror movie... Kudos to BRuce...! And the music makes you dance even in the darkest of the hours... Just awesome

Amazing song, it should be second only to Fear of the Dark.

I have always liked Maiden, but it wasn't until I listened to this song that I really became a fan of the band. Once I sunk my teeth into Dance of Death I began exploring the rest of their music. I'm not a fan of their mid-90s stuff, but everything with Bruce is awesome as hell. Up the Irons!

Just put off the lights, plug in your earphones, up the volume and bass, and listen to this song, you will know where this song must be. Obvious respect for the other two "Hallowed be thy name" and "Fear of the dark", but I would give this at least a second spot.

This is the best of them all! Its got a great tempo, excellent lyrics, it's a great story too. Iron maiden's dance of death is the best song ever! What more do I write here? These fools are asking for a minimum quality. I mean what does that mean?

Its Dance of Death... Nothing more is needed to describe the song... It's the Best... Man its Dance of Death just imagine... Man its dance of Death... Just think it man... Its Dance of Death... Unbelievable man its DANCE OF THE DEAD...

This is the song that captures the dream of Steve Harris. It truly should be number 1 on the list. The intro, the outro and the lyrics are just amazing, not to mention the music in the song itself. Iron Maiden truly put a lot in this song.

Best song by iron maiden in my opinion.1) Dance of Death 2) Paschendale 3) Aces High is the top 3. Its not easy to describe this song. Everyone who don't listen to metal says that metal is just "noise" this is the best proof for the opposite!

This song took the story and the feel of Number of the Beast and vastly improved it. I count this song among one of the best ever written due to its narrative content and amazing musical quality. Long live heavy metal!

This song is the trademark of iron maiden. The guitar played is something beyond the imagination and moreover the terrifying and breath-taking voice of Bruce Dickinson makes one go crazy and 'deathless'..!

Everyone thinks that Maiden stopped existing after Seventh Son and straight-up refuse to acknowledge the fact that they had 8 other perfectly good albums. The 80's stuff gets old and stale after a while. This doesn't.

I was blown away the first time I heard this song. Has a perfect balance between power, beauty, and haunting lyrics. Almost brings a tear to my eye when I hear it because it sounds so perfect.

This is more than AWESOME. LYRICS, GUITAR just simply awesome. Whenever I hear this song I just become hypnotized. Iron maiden, thanks for your wonderful hypnotizing song. I love you guys.

This is what Iron Maiden is about. The lyrics are great, the singing is great, and the solos are amazing. The pacing is simply perfect. The story takes you on a trip out into the imagination.

It is an amazing song with amazing riffs and solo. The lyrics are amazing your brain is travelling while hearing this awesome song and you make a story into your head. It is like a book!

This song is simply awesome! It makes my bones dance... I don't know, it's an unique experience to listen to this song. I feel like I'm flying, I'm drugged or something. The best song ever made!

Dude this song should be right on top... The story it tells is just amazing... Portrays the feeling of the guy to. One of the lyrically best songs I have ever heard... Its quite underrated

This song is just a masterpiece. Every time I listen to this I go crazy..! The lyrics tell a story that captures you. The riff is powerful and the intro is just perfect. I love this song...

Iron Maiden proved that they are guitar legend in this music. Incredible guitar work! I heard this song thousands time but still get the same taste. I love you "Iron MaiDen"!

This song is exactly alike to 'Stairway To Heaven' by Led Zeppelin. Both songs, Masterpieces which cannot be replaced! The best Unique song by Iron Maiden! Up The Irons!