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41 El Dorado

Great Song. Won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance, should be higher than 29. Pretty sick rhytms and guitar riffs

Third best Maiden song ever after wasted Years and Aces High

Really awesome heavy song with a really cool intro. This song is defenetly one of their best!

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42 No More Lies

This song deserves to be in top 5
Who didn't listen this song please listen
Amazing song!

Amazing! This has GOT to be the Best piece of music I've come across for a long long time... The Tune is just Mesmerizing! Can keep listening to it again and again..

I just can't believe this is so far down. But I understand there are so many good ones these guys have made, but I'd definitely put it at top 5.
Finally realizing there are so many different kinds of people and IRON MAIDEN has given JOY to all of them.

Guitar and vocal just awesome

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43 The Longest Day

Not their best song, but it definitely deserves to be on this list! -

HOW ON EARTH IS THIS SO LOW. its obviously not as good as Hallowed be thy name but it deserves second place - wolphert

This song is one of the reasons I love NEW Iron Maiden songs and I love when they play them live in concert! "A Matter of Life and Death" is my overall favourite Iron Maiden album!

This is the song that got me into the band Iron Maiden. Literally one of the best, should be rated much higher.

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44 Be Quick or Be Dead

I don't know why, but this is my favorite besides rainmaker and Hallowed by the name
Catchy intro/main riff and nice lyrics...

This one of the best songs in "Fear of the Dark" and deserves it. Because not all of the Iron maidens songs are this fast and catchy. by the way, this song is how I wake up in mornings (Alarm sound).

Okay I did it again, but you can't really blame me, because some of you probably would do the same... Be Quick Or Be Dead is just bad@ss and one of the main reasons why Janick Gers is my favorite guitarist among them, the song is just crazy. As for Afraid To Shoot Strangers, when I heard it for the first time, I didn't really like it, I guess it's one of those songs that take time to comprehend their beauty, It took me some time, but I DID cherish it eventually

I think it has to be in top ten!

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45 Running Free

Wow! I would have expected this song to be way higher than 89! This amazing song should be in the top 20's. Everything about this song is awesome! Like I said, this song should be way higher! You guys should listen to this song. It's worth listening to! Vote.

Wow 77, you guys are not Maiden fans if you not listen this song should be below Run to the hills, Aces High, Rime of the Ancient mariner...

78 is just ridiculous. This song should at least be in the top 20-30

This is top 5

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46 Ghost of the Navigator

This is great song and lyrics should be in top 10, ghost of the navigator, its rock in rio version too good...

A song I probaly rate higher then the average Maiden fan.

For mine it's an extremelty catchy tune which I love singing along to. - LonelyLongDistanceRunner

Why the is this song not in the top 10? , its on of my ALL-TIME favourites. Come one people this song deserves more votes

This song should AT LEAST be top 25. Tells a gripping story. Great work by Maiden again on Brave New World.

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47 Flash of the Blade

It's so expressive and brilliantly fast song! Amazing guitar playing! I do like it!

Overall one of the fastest songs by iron maiden and some of the best guitar playing of all time

For me the most underestimated song of MAIDEN! It is simply EPIC!

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48 The Legacy

Easily my favorite Maiden song. I consider this the Hallowed Be Thy Name of new Maiden. It so poetically tells a story of war and death. Almost creepy in the beginning, but around 5:40, Bruce begins slaughtering with powerful vocals as the rest of the band supports him with killer riffs and beats.

We seem destined to live in fear
And some that would say Armageddon is near
But where there's a life while there's hope
That man won't self destruct

Why can't we treat our fellow men
With more respect and a shake of their hands?
But anger and loathing is rife
The death on all sides is becoming a way of life

We live in an uncertain world
Fear, understanding and ignorance
Is leading to death
Only the corpses are left
For vultures that prey on their bones

But some are just not wanting peace
Their whole life is death and misery
The only thing that they know
Fight fire with fire, life is cheap

But if they do stop to ...more

A pretty good maiden song -

Love every second of this song. Simply cannot get enough!

This is the best Iron Maiden song. - helpless_slug

49 Heaven Can Wait

I know this is cheating, but it is just really hard for me to choose just one from these 2 masterpieces, I love them both! (who doesn't? ) Do I like Stranger In A Strange Land or Caught Somewhere In Time? I love them, but if I had to choose, I would choose Heaven Can Wait and Alexander The Great instead.

This is one of the GREATEST songs from Somewhere in Time, Caught Somewhere in Time edges it slightly...

59? Seriously? I thought this was their second greatest song after Rime.

Really? One of their best live songs ever!

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50 Journeyman

This has to be way higher. Maiden's one and only true ballad. It's brings tears to my eyes every time. I'd argue that this is Maiden's most underrated song.

One of Iron Maiden's many masterpieces. Great ballad and an amazing live performance on Death on the Road. Up the Irons!

This song is awesome great love it

Love this song

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51 Purgatory

I don't get it how people who listen to Iron Maiden don't appreciate this song which is the pure essence of metal music.

Definitely without a doubt deserves to be in the top 10 songs of this list. The ridiculous goodness of this song is extremely under rated.

Sadly, a lot of Maiden fans seem to forget the two first albums. Purgatory is just pure gold.

Should be higher!
Very underrated!
Best song on Killers! - Dendo

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52 The Book of Souls

Nobody is voting for this just because it's from the new album, well that new album just happens to be pretty much the best one they ever made, topping even the number of the beast. Iron Maiden have flopped quite a few albums, and unfortunately, we've seen quite a lot cheesy maiden over the years, but their new album has been far from disappointment. This is where Bruce's voice is at it's best, deeper then previous albums, more powerful and operatic then ever. His singing in this song represent what metal vocals should be, not grunting growling, snarling and screaming, but pure, deep, immense, powerful and operatic. Dickinson is truly the greatest singer of our age, and the book of souls is one of the only songs that show him at the pinnacle of his might and power. Topped with superior poetry by Steve Harris, epic guitar work by the trio of riff masters Smith, Murray, and Gers, Book of Souls is a display of Maiden at it's best, yet it is still underrated and placed below the inferior ...more

Greatest Song from the New Album!

Definitely one of the best songs Iron Maiden has ever made! On my top 3 Maiden songs list

Amazing song from amazing album.

53 Wasting Love

One of the most beautiful metal ballads I've ever heard, check this one out off the fear of the dark album

One of the greatest metal ballads ever! Amazing tune, progression and voice! Can't stop listening!

This song, is AMAZING, a lot of people don't kow it, but come on, it's the greatest metal ballad ever heard.. Please, SHARE IT! WHERE ARE THE TRUE METAL FANS? And the CLIP? God

Top Ten!

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54 Dream of Mirrors

I don't know why this song is not in top 10. This song MUST BE in there. Really.. OK I love all the songs in top 10 already but this.. Really.. This song just awesome and awesome and awesome..

Think I've heard your voice before
Think I've said these words before
Something makes me feel I just might lose my mind
Am I still inside my dream? Is this a new reality?
Something makes me feel that I have lost my mind

Just.. Awesome..

Simply the best.

Awesome song with great lyrics. I heard Blaze Bayley wrote this song before he left Iron Maiden.

This is one of the best Maiden Songs. Just love the lyrics.
"I only dream in black and white, to save me from myself. "

Maby the best modern Maiden song! Probably to long for some...

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55 Transylvania

Can't believe it's so far down. My first love with iron maiden - and simply the best instrumental ever.

Great instrumental from Iron Maiden's earlier days. Great song and excellent guitar.

The best instrumental song by iron maiden

Song that got me into this beast of a band

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56 Prowler

A less serious iron maiden time, a little disappointed that this is so far down the list, gotta love prowler! Gotta love Iron Maiden!

Come on guys, this song kicks SO MUCH ass! Why is it so low down, this is a travesty!

Maybe not their #1 song, but definitely up there. That main riff is so catchy.

Good debut song!
That was the beginning of Iron Maiden! - Dendo

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57 Speed of Light

One of my favorite's from the Book of Souls album.

Amazing voice. Bruce is the best.

Great one off the new album

Amezing song. Hope Books of Souls will be as good!

58 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Brilliant song that is about an extremely mundane subject- Long distance running.

Love the chorus 'Runnn onnnnnnn and onnnn run onnnnnn and onnnn the lonnnliiineoss of the loonnnngggg diotaaannccce ruunnnnnerrrrrr' - LonelyLongDistanceRunner

Greatest intro ever! Plus it's a great vocal performance by Bruce (as always).

This song is ace. So underrated. One of their fastest and underrated songs. The opening is addicting and most of it is instrumental. But it delivers some legendary stuff!

Deserves so much more recognition! Bloody perfect song!

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59 Rainmaker

Is catchy as hell and the solo is incredible. A great song of the greatest band ever! UP THE IRONS!

Great song, great opening riff/solo and extremely catchy. I listen to this at least twice a day

Vote, vote, vote! It is one of the best Iron Maiden songs! It should be in top 10! - ThePavkostek999

The opening riff is amazing and Bruce Dickinson's vocals are outstanding! Up the Irons!

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60 Still Life

Very, very awesome song! Another great song from the awesome Piece Of Mind. In my opinion this song should be in the top 20's at least. I love the beautiful solo in the beginning of the song! The whole song is just kickass! Should definitely be higher than 68! Please vote. - jennifersanchez

Another awesome song from the awesome Piece Of Mind album! I think Still Life should be a little higher on this list. At least in the top 40.

How the heck is this so low? One of their best songs, in my opinion.

Wow Really.. The song is at least top 30 it's an amazing song and there's little songs like it, piece of mind all the way!

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