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21 Anata - L'Arc~en~Ciel

I could feel that Hyde sings this song with all his heart and the band plays well.

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22 Ikimono Gakari - Sakura

Can't understand why it's not the best song?

I love this song very must. This song should be number 1! Ikimono Gakari's songs are very great!

Love this song and Ikimono's Blue Bird

Yes agree with below

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23 Shiver - The Gazette


I vote this song

This song is totaly rocking'.

I love love love this song! First heard it on Kuroshitsuji II since it was the theme. Awesome song!

24 Heavy Rotation - AKB48

Hey this song can cheer you up!

I am totally in love with this song! ♥


25 Lotus - Dir En Grey

Dir en Grey's most dynamic song. I love it, its outstanding, beautiful lyrics and amazing instruments. Its a big step for Dir en Grey. - Buddha

This is the great song... Never bored to listen it... I love dir en grey >. < and all of song

26 Crucify My Love - X Japan

Excuse me? I'm a "youngster" (I'm 15, so... Young enough) and I love this song. It's very rude of you to generalize all young people. Not every teenage girl is fond of Justin Bieber (Like me, also most of my friends dislike his music)... Most people don't even know that young people do have a good taste of music and this is from their best songs (I like Orgasm the best, my first and favorite X Japan song). Well I'm sorry the youngsters you've met don't know music and you sound like an old man.

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27 Ai no Katachi - Shunsuke Kiyokiba

I love all his songs they are so amazing

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28 Itoshiki Hibi Yo - Ken Hirai
29 Forever Love - X Japan

Best song on earth!

30 Again - Yui

First Japanese song I ever heard in my life, it literally grabbed me and pulled me in. I wasn't even trying to listen, man, but it was so cool with its epic, driving force, so unique... I was like "What IS this song? " and then I looked it up and learned the Japanese lyrics and was obsessed with it for a very, very long time.

This song introduced me to the world of addictive Japanese music. "Again" will always be my first love!

The opening to my favorite anime, the song I listen to in my spare time, and one of my favorite songs. This song is great, and the lyrics' meaning really grabs you.

Best song ever next to rain by sid


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31 A Shared Dream - U-Kiss

The lyric of this song is so beautiful and meaningful.Besides, this song make me cry every time I listen to it because it remind about my childhood and about my dream.
I love their voice especially kevin because he has angel voice.
I hope the other people will litsen to this song,

This song is nice to hear,
Good job u-kiss!
Although u-kiss is korean artist but they can sing japanese song very well

U-KISS is Awesome! I love this song very much! Good job kissme putting this song on top 20

This song is the best! I love it!

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32 Over - K


33 Best Friend - Nishino Kana

This one should be the one of the best too!

34 Kazamidori - Kobukuro
35 Scandal Baby - Scandal

I love thi song because it's good to my ears and that's because haruna's voice was so goodin this song! She's the best! :D

36 No Pain, No Game - Nano

The opening to BTOOOM! and on my playlist twice. I know all the words, English and Japanese. It was my favourite song for a really long time. Then I listened to more of that band, and now Magenta by nano is my favourite.

Great song. I love Nano too.

37 Only Human - K

This song is so sad and Meaning Full~ every time I listen this song it make me cry T__T

38 Sunao - Noriyuki Makihara
39 Konayuki - Remioromen

Seriously? Nobody ever mentioned this amazing band? The voice, the music is just perfect. You will be most certainly fall in love with this beautiful song.

40 Harukaze - Scandal
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