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1 Music Star

I'd love to do this because you get to play music and turn even the downs in life into a fun song that could be enjoyed by millions. Unfortunately, though, my songwriting is very limited, and I sound like a cat being strangled when I sing.

So, it would be impossible for me to make a living from this or even make it into the music industry. So, it would have to be a hobby for me.

I play piano pretty well, I sing well (some people say very well), and I can write a song. I think I write well enough to make it big, assuming I had the right amount of luck.

I'm going to try. I shall see what happens.

2 Actor/Actress

Imagine me in a shiny gold gown with heavy diamond earrings hanging from my ears, walking down the red carpet in Louis Vuitton, Givenchy Paris, or Balmain.

Saying hi to all the famous acting legends like Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, or Viola Davis. Sitting in the red cushion seats and watching people's emotional speeches about all that they have done.

Then boom, my name gets called. Imagine me walking like Audrey Hepburn up the stage to my beaming awards show host and receiving my shining award.

3 Professional Athlete

This would mean suddenly I have the health and ability to really do what we secretly dream of. Running without getting tired in the fresh air and sunshine, smacking a ball, or diving into a pool, just feeling the success and freedom.

Having the body and winning attitude of a pro-athlete. There are so many sports to choose from: Olympic swimming, rock climbing, running, softball, martial arts, etc.

How are both music and movie stars better than professional athleticism? This should be ranked way higher because you become a well-known person in the human world.

You make some crazy statistics, have new friends in the locker room, and become famous all over the world, earning millions of dollars a week.

4 Pilot

Bingo! What could be more awesome than zooming through the air and around mountains, deserts, oceans, and islands at 2,000 MPH? Flying upside down and in loops, racing your fellow comrades, and just being free from the world.

You're tightly strapped into an aerodynamic cockpit with loads of power on both sides of you, feeling the oodles of G-force sucking you into your seat while you drive the absolute snot out of a multi-million dollar machine that you don't own, yet treat it like a child or girlfriend/mistress of yours.

Laugh out loud! I think we have a winner!

5 CEO of Whatever You Created

I am just a girl who is trying to write a comment before my computer instructor walks in. It would be awesome to be a CEO and blossom to write it before he walks in.

Being a CEO is cool, but being a shareholder is the real deal. Your idea can be unique, but the problem is people will do everything for profit and power, turning a good idea into something weird or cruel.

If I were the CEO of my own company, my ideas would be so large that they would cover up half of the comment section.

6 Video Game Tester

When they say video game tester, they really mean you sit there for hours with an old-fashioned computer and create the game. Not with an HDTV and just playing it.

Wow! Play games all day and get paid for it. Where do I sign up anyway? Please tell me where - Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation. Please tell me.

Awful job. No creativity. You're just playing video games and looking for bugs. Probably voted by lazy teenagers.

7 Author

I've always wanted to be a writer, specifically a fiction writer. Ever since I was in the third grade, I've secretly harbored this dream, but my parents discouraged me a long time ago.

I made it seem like I'd grown out of this dream, but it's always been deep in my heart. The "good" jobs my parents would like me to pursue include doctor, engineer, computer scientist, etc. The problem is, they all involve science, and I hate science. Please don't judge me. Science just never interested me.

Why does every so-called good job have to involve science? Right now, I have no clue where my life is headed...

8 Inventor

I would love to be paid to reinvent the world of jobs!

I would love to be the future Elon Musk. If my invention is good enough, I could be a billionaire.

You could make millions of dollars as an inventor if your invention is good enough.

9 Porn Star

How can someone not vote for this? You get paid to have sex, and you get paid a lot too!

Look up the name Ashlynn Brooke, and that will immediately make you regret not voting for this.

This is one of the best jobs because you get paid for sex that you enjoy most. No need for wet dreams.

10 Playboy Photographer
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11 Model

Every girl's dream job. Unfortunately, you have to have a beautiful face for it. No "inner" beauty can help you in this profession.

This is why it's so difficult for girls like me to watch all the beauties on the runway, hoping that someday I will be as lucky as those models. Obviously, we do not stand a chance. This world is tough for people who don't fit the conventional standards of beauty.

Yes, a world of Photoshop. It would be nice to be told that you are beautiful and get paid for posing and wearing fun outfits.

Paid $$$ like crazy, has beauty, has happiness, and brings all the boys to the yard. What could go wrong?

12 Video Game Reviewer

This gets my vote over one that is higher on the list, video game tester, which would get tedious and boring. But reviewing new fresh games all the time would be great.

Getting paid to express my opinions would be awesome. Video game journalism deserves my vote.

13 Chocolate Tester

Someone's got to do it!

I have the next best job. I work for a chocolate company as a sales rep. Any food tester job would be great!

14 Race Car Driver

A dream job can vary depending on who you're asking, so the winner of this list will just win by the background of the majority. For me, however, it was, is, and always will be being a race car driver.

A bigger adrenaline rush than anything else, the competition of winning, and the art behind handling the beast with a motor and four wheels. You're doing what racing dreamers do, go out and race with no restrictions to noise, speed, and cops.

For a car guy, this is the one. Personally, Formula-1 would be the one for me, but WRC or WTAC would be a close second.

15 Movie Critic

I'm a big-time movie fan. Using it as a way of escapism gives me a little time to disconnect and go on a much-needed mental vacation.

This would be a great career.

I love watching movies, so I would love to be paid to review them.

16 Video Game Designer

I would love to be a video game designer and/or a marine biologist.

17 Travel Advisor/Analyst

Getting paid to travel all over the world so you can rate the places you visit would be awesome!

This job is best for you if you love to travel around the world.

I like this job very much. Travel is my passion!

18 Computer Designer
19 Animator

I am currently working on my art style, and I think I have already found one. The reason I want to become an animator is that I want to make my own anime.

But I would need a lot of people to help with that.

I want to animate my stories on YouTube someday!

I would love to do this for a living. Epic!

20 Stunt Person

Haha, I would do anything for a buck.

21 Hitman

I would never be able to kill someone unless it was for self-defense. I couldn't hurt a fly, let alone be a hitman.

Why play a video game when you can be the real thing!

22 Poker Player
23 Biologist

If I were ever a biologist, I would want to be a marine biologist.

24 President of the United States

I guess I can understand why someone would want to be president, but the stress would be enough to kill me.

Being the president would be a good and bad job at the same time.

Do better than Donald Turnip. Women, are you ready?

25 Movie Director

My movies would make everyone's eyes bleed.

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