Top 10 Why You Shouldn't Become a Model

Sorry to burst anyone's dream of modeling or offend any models here, but I have to say that modeling is actually one of the worst jobs on the planet. Even though modeling might sound like a glamorous job where you can get rich, famous, and attract every man in the world, it's not like that at all. In fact, it's actually far worse than that, and for many reasons. Ranging from society's stereotypes to actual proven facts, here are the ten reasons why you shouldn't become a supermodel or model.
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1 It's All Just an Illusion

People, not even celebrities, need to Photoshop themselves to make them look good. Everyone has their own natural flaws to accept, even though some can't. Everyone is very beautiful in their own way, no matter what. And people do realized is that when celebrities (especially models) are Photo shopping themselves, they are setting a very bad example to their fans, etc.

Whoever is reading this:

You are beautiful just the way you are no matter what. Plus beauty is what matters on the inside that counts, not just the outside.

It's a false beauty, who photoshop themselves while they are model needs to stop, you can't photoshop yourself just to become more beautiful.

2 It Causes Eating Disorders and Death

Do you know how many girls (and even men) develop eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, or commit suicide because they feel inadequate beauty wise compared to models? It's a lot. According to National Eating Disorder Statistics, about 50% of women use unhealthy methods to attain the body of a model. What's even scarier is that 13 out of 100,00 women commit suicide annually because of body image. So if you become a model, then your basically contributing to this epidemic.

I agree with this: Eating disorders is never a good thing to experience at all, especially when people are body shamed. Also humans need food and drink to survive, same with animals because there are poor and homeless people in some countries that don't have good food, clean waters are dying from starvation, thirst and their bodies are very, very bony.

That hilarious picture reminds me of all the models that want to have their dream bodies like the fat men in the picture.

3 It Causes Self Esteem Issues

There is this Victoria Secret model named Kelly Gale and she was fat shaming others for no reason. She was making g a fool out of herself by exercising outside the fast food Restaurant called In N Out Burger and she acts like as if she's NEVER eaten any junk food before. Kelly Gale should've exercised at either the Park, Gym or her Home like a normal human being. I mean, models already have self esteem issues, and yet, they are body shaming others for no reason (which is very hypocritical). If Kelly Gale and the rest of the models, and also celebrities, want to encourage healthy eating, then they should either at least be a GOOD EXAMPLE (unlike Ariana Grande who licked a donut, hates both America and Americans and lied about healthy eating) or otherwise they should mind they own damn business!

Yikes! Is this what models go through. Being a model is terrible, plus they (models) put others down just to make themselves feel good.

4 Models are Objectified

The List Maker the part when you said about how women were mostly objectified as objects by men is very sad and I know where you're coming from. Models were not only told to have a slimmer body and a height somewhere around 5-6 ft tall, but they also have to wear less or reveling clothes in the runaway, in photoshoots, in music videos, in movies (which they can't act at all), etc so that people can view those models like as if they were a sex symbol and get very attracted to it. Plus, sex can also sell in the modelling industry.

Not trying to be sexist (sorry) but it's true, most men who watch porn or glamor modeling are objectifying women in a way because they are just seen as objects. All models are basically seen as eye candy or just glorified dolls and nothing else (except meat statues, of course).

Models that are objectified are also very desperate to hang out with lots of creepy men every 24/7.

5 Models Have an Unfairly Bad Reputation

9 years later, in 2008, Naomi Campbell's attitude was a lot worser. Naomi Campbell got banned from British Airways FOR LIFE because while her luggage got either lost or stolen by mistake, the airport receptionist had to calm down became she was very aggressive. When the airport receptionist couldn't calm Naomi down, they had no choice but to call the police on her. The police came over and told her to calm down. But Naomi refused to calm down and started playing the race card game. This is where it gets worser: Naomi Campbell then kicked and spitted on the police officer (discusting)! After that incident, she had to do community service (including scrubbing the toilets on the last day of her community service). Also Naomi Campbell had lied about what had happened in her airport rage interview. And this is why NO ONE should assault a police officer because they protect the law.

6 You are Constantly Judged and Criticized

Models are not only judged and criticized; but some of them can also be pretty racist, rude, aggressive towards each other and they put others models down so they can think of themselves as if they're far more beautiful than others. They are very snobby, vain and a bit stuck up (I don't mean it in a bad way but I'm being honest).

In order to be a model, you have to meet the abnormally high (and harsh) expectations the modeling agency gives you. Also for every physical flaw, you are judged for, or they photoshop your appearance (which can create a feeling of imperfection).

No one deserves to be judged & criticised.

7 Models Aren't as Rich as You Think

Yep, that's 100% true because they act very happy on social media with designer's merchandise, but in reality Models lifestyle is not as glamorous as you think.

The average model makes an average of $42,180 a year. It isn't bad for income, but it shows that modeling won't make you hundreds of thousands (or millions either).

I agree. There are other better jobs with higher salaries to achieve on than modeling.

8 It's Unhealthy Physically

I may feel insecure about my looks, but

1. I'm being openly honest about it.
2. I LOVE & ACCEPT myself for who I am no matter what, coming from a very beautiful woman. And that's me!

Did you know the average model is 5'10 and only weighs 110lbs-120lbs. That's extremely thin and unhealthy for a women. That's on the verge of being dubbed anorexic. The average woman is 5'4 and weighs usually around 124lbs.

Smoking and alcohol can both speed up your aging process. Same with illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc).

9 It's Too Much Stress and Pressure

This is why I don't like Naomi Campbell. She has an attitude problem, makes fun of others, hires ugly and stupid girls to become models, and she (along with the rest of the models) lacks respectful sympathy for the dead. First, they want to become objectifying models, then they want to try acting, singing, dancing, etc., when they should stick to modeling and that's it. They're just a pretty face with no talent whatsoever! These models are very selfish and only think of themselves. Good luck to models finding another job because modeling is the only thing they're good at.

Models have to go through so much when it comes for finding an accepting agency, paperwork, and long days of hard work with posing while only being payed very little. They also go through much perfecting their bodies to just be accepted by an agency. Not to mention that models have a very restricted diet and exercise plan.

10 It's Just Not Worth It Overall

In the beginning of staring a modelling career it looks pretty satisfied. But is a lot difficult than others thought. They have to be a certain type of body (both TALL and SKINNY), there would be no larger size clothes for women especially and this part gets very sad: Even though there could still be an argument with another person at school/work, I feel like the modelling industry has argued quite a lot, compared to other careers because behind the scenes before their Runway, a lot of models would argue about the size of their wings because they wanted the biggest wings ever, so they can stand out far more often than the other models.

This is for the models:

Boo Hoo Hoo! Cry me a river! You chose modelling to make others hate how their look, this is what you get!

Why work a stressful job for only little money when you can be going big with what you love.

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11 Too Revealing

Models want to boost their confidence by wearing clothes that are "too revealing" & then they complain about being objectified.

One minute models wants to be objectified & then they lie about being sexually harassed! All tall & skinny models are ugly!

Eww! Models are so overrated and can't even make up their minds on whether or not they should be objectified! Ugh!

12 You'll Only Be Known for Your Looks

Models have zero talent whatsoever, let alone wanting to have talent when they can't do anything at all that's full of talent.

That's what happens when you want to become a model.

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