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1 Soldier

Being a Marine is the most badass job in the world. You are all over the world either destroying cities and killing bad guys or giving humanitarian aid.

Not only is it always depicted in movies, it's also one of the hardest jobs to get.

They fight for their country's honor. We have the right to give it to them.

Imagine being able to help your country and have mad respect!

2 Firefighter

Only position you can break into somebody else's house without a search warrant! Firefighters break all sorts of things, crawl through an unknown environment seeing almost nothing and feeling heat, cut up cars, and do all kinds of other things that many people think aren't possible! We're the people everyone else looks to (yes, even other jobs on this list) when they get themselves in trouble even those "badass" fighter jet pilots crash their planes every once in a while and who's there to take care of it? Firefighters!

Very Dangerous and Hard. You just Help People in Fire Buildings. Also you need be Good Exercise. Forest Fire is where Firefighters Fight it. Even they can Break Windows and Cars with Axes and Hose. They can be EMT.

They literally do everything. Take people from burning buildings, rescue people, provide medical care to those dying, cut open cars, help those who are in car accidents, and get PAYED good money to do it?

Very good for either female or male. I'm going to make the mother in my book, Hollie Starr, a firefighter.

3 Astronaut

It's hard to become an astronaut. And if you ever gets to become one, only 600 person in history (as of 2021) gets to leave Earth. And it's very dangerous.

I love to be an astronaut. And it is the world's coolest job. Being into outer space that can only astronauts can fly is a rare chance.! Astronauts are badasses because they are flying to "outer space" . Not only a badass, A badass nerds. I wish I'll be an astronaut.

I can't stand those little kids whose dream jobs is astronaut nowadays. You don't get paid that much, is a very dangerous job, and is very very boring. If you are one of those kids, think 4 times again if you really want to become one.

Undoubtedly, Astronaut is the most badass job ever. You need to be very competent, otherwise you will be useless in space. There is no place more hazardous, than space. If you screw up, nobody will be able to save you.

4 Police Officer

The system is broken, and those who think it's so heroic are both wrong and right. Yes, police can be helpful but I have never met a helpful police officer, and why are there so many stories if police brutality? Hmmm...

It would be fun being a police officer because you get to not only use criminals, but be a detective. But of course, it is entirely dangerous.

Fight crime, protect people from evil, incredible tactical and weapons training... An unsung hero, the epitome of a bad ass.

If you are a cop you are allowed to kill some people in peacetime. Also there is a chance of rioters and mafias attacking you.

5 Spy

I surely love to be a spy! But I know it very danger. And! I not scare of anything! Even tho I a little girl! I don't know what a badass jobs mean.. But I sure being a spy is my favorite!

People think being a spy would be full of glory and stuff. Really, you're stuck in 3rd world hellholes for up to YEARS at a time. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

You get to sneak around and go James Bond on people. Cool gadgets and bad-ass cars.

I think that spy is THE BEST job you can have. Its awesome!

6 Ice Cream Truck Driver

Absolutely the most badass job. I mean, think of all those kids whose lives you're touching.

Cruising around and delivering smiles to children's faces is what REAL men do!

Just remember, never trust a gray ice cream truck.

It takes a real man to do a real job that is needed.

7 Lawyer

Protecting people's most important part of their life: their liberty.

Be that ace attorney!

Really a badass job.

The defense rests.

8 Rock Star

who wouldn't want to be both a solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth AND a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity?

So totally, you dress like whatever you want and still sing your heart out. travel the wourld, and lots of other things!

Imagine sing to hundred people and rocking it wow.

Nirvana... do I have to continue

9 Judge

Law down the law. Most badass

10 Butcher

Nowadays there isn't as much Butchers as there were years ago. A lot of the new generation are sensitive and won't work at a Butcher because "tHeY hArM aNiMaLs!" NO THEY DON'T, I've worked a little while at a Butchers, it is fun and you can do a job where you provide one of the most enjoyable meals. by the way the Bucher doesn't harm the animals, they are already dead, they just chop up the meat and package it, go target the main warehouse dumbasses.

If you've ever met an old school butcher? Guanteed to whoop anyone on the list. So much that everyone would be sure to keep their distance. Also, they come with the real 1000 yard stare.

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11 Animator

Deserves its title. You work countless hours to keep drawing so that when filmed, they appear to move, and it only gets harder with deadlines and stuff.
Not to mention the RSIs we don't often hear about.

Would love to do this

I love drawing

12 Cowboy

If you can brand cattle, repair fences, and then wake up in the middle of the night again to help a sheep give birth, than you're a tough man.

Wild, wild, west job. Nothing gets adrenaline pumping faster than leading a horse, with hands,legs, and voice while attempting to herd another animal. Total BADASS job.

Won the west! Might be time to play Cowboys and black lives matter soon

13 Pizza Maker

So badass...beating up that dough

Haha no one gets it. It's true!

Best job in the world

14 Guitarist

Like drumming, it's a musical job that involves lots of repetitive movement, which can cause injuries.
It's important to be healthy when doing this.
But at the same time you're entertaining the audience.
Badass alright.

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you surprise your friends with an amazing guitar solo.

15 Weapons Tester

Get to shoot guns all day. What more do you want from life?

My dream job for sure

16 Criminal Profiler

Definitely the most badass of them all - to be able to put yourself in the mind of a criminal and not become one? That take some serious skill, not to mention a huge time commitment (and a badge and gun to top it off).

17 Martial Artist

UFC guys kick ass. I did the training and it was legit.

18 Doctor

Doctor is best

Like firefighters, they do nothing but try to help people all day

19 Movie Director
20 Teacher

Teaching the future leaders the information to carry the world to greatness. Also, putting up with misbehaving kids and pointing them in the right direction. Like another mother or father, if you get the right ones.

If there were no teachers, nobody would be thinking about what they would want to be when they grow up. Teachers are underappreciated and under-paid. Give them more credit!

Teaching is the profession of prophets. It is a highly respectable job. I like it.

Genuinely feel pretty bad that teachers tend to be overlooked.

21 Government Assassin

A government assassin? Badass times 3

Oh my gosh I want this job, I want it bad.

You're a ghost! In. Out. You don't exist 10/10

I want this job!

22 Pornstar

I am a pornstar and I really enjoy my work. I prefer doing lesbian porn . totally bad ass. 69/10

I want to join

23 Heavy Metal Drummer

Drumming of any kind involves fast repetitive motion with the hands that can cause repetitive injuries, which are common, and performers exert so much energy and sweat, and can end up being dehydrated.
It takes planning, practice and preparation.
It's pretty tough anyway.

24 Fighter Pilot

Heck yeah, Neil Armstrong was a fighter pilot in Korea before he walked on the moon. And those Brits who flew spitfires and won the Battle of Britain were total badasses!

25 Lumberjack

I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay! I sleep all night and I work all day!

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