Best Judas Priest Album Closers

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One Shot at Glory - Painkiller (1990)

My 3rd favorite from Painkiller behind Night Crawler and A Touch Of Evil, which are just practically untouchable, especially the latter. I honestly think it’s better than the title track. The riff is simply awesome, and the Battle Hymn intro definitely emphasizes the song’s character.

Evil Fantasies - Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather (1979)

This song has definitely earned the gold medal. Rob’s vocals are excellent, and here’s the perfect mix of great riffs and short solos/licks that mesh perfectly with the drums and bass. My favorite from Hell Bent For Leather/Killing Machine by far, and probably my favorite 70’s era Priest song.

Sea of Red - Firepower (2018)

This closer sucks. why would you end an album with a ballad? Makes no sense - emilk

Great song but emilk made a good point. Ending a metal album with a ballad is just... weird. - Undistinguished

One of my favorites from the new album. It’s a classic Priest ballad, but it gets heavy at the end. It’s got a great solo and Ian really does a good job. It reminds me Of Evil Fantasies with the awesome guitar licks and Rob’s outstanding vocals. Wow, 38 years after Hell Bent For Leather/Killing Machine and I’m still able to make that comparison.

Devil’s Child - Screaming For Vengeance

For 1982, this album sounded awesome! Rob’s vocals sound amazing here, he’s doing both some great mid range vocals and some awesome clean high screams. The riff is also absolutely awesome, and I love Ian’s bass, he’s got to be the most underrated bassist in metal. It also has a very strange yet extremely well done solo to break the song up, it’s got a lot of whammy bar, and the distorted guitar tone of the Vengeance record from Sneap’s incredible production make it sound even better.

Dissident Aggressor - Sin After Sin (1977)

One of the heaviest and most aggressive metal songs of the 70s and one of my favorite metal songs of the 70s. That heavy riff and Rob's high pitched vox are awesome. - Metal_Treasure

Metal Messiah - Demolition
Monsters of Rock - Ram It Down

It’s basically a very well executed rock/heavy metal anthem. It’s a slower song, but it sounds absolutely perfect with the powerful production of Ram It Down by Tom Allom. I don’t know why they used this to end the album instead of Blood Red Skies, but this is still an awesome song. The snare in this song is thunderous and just feels very epic. I absoulutely loved the sound of this album.

Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith - Defenders Of The Faith

It’s got some really cool riffs and licks that complement the album’s production. Speaking of, this is definitely the best sounding Priest album, as well as my favorite. Rob’s entire vocal range is utilized in this song, and it’s overall an amazing song, even if it is the weakest on the entire album. This is my favorite Priest record, and in my top ten records of all time.

Heroes End - Stained Class

It’s one of the weaker songs on the album, but it’s still a very good song with some especially awesome and hard hitting vocals from Rob, as well as some more great guitar work from the unstoppable duo that was Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing.

Lochness - Angel Of Retribution (2005)

This song is very underrated. It’s thirteen and a half minutes long, but it’s worth it. The riff is very doomy and the distorted solos are just awesome. Hellrider is my favorite from AOR, but this runs a close second. It’s the perfect song to close off the album, it’s got a great chorus as well as some awesome lyrics about the Lochness Monster. It’s simply a very unique and well done song.

The Contenders

Beginning Of The End - Redeemer Of Souls (2014)

It’s a slower song, but it’s a very good closing track to 2014’s Redeemer Of Souls. People seem to hate the production to this album, but I honestly really like it. It could have been better, but it’s by no means a bad album or even that poorly produced.

Future of Mankind - Nostradamus (2008)

Nostradamus was a very proggy album, and prog is tied with heavy metal for my favorite genre, and this album blended them perfectly in my opinion. It’s got some great riffs and Rob has still got the golden pipes after all these years. The solo is also just very well done.
I’ve never understood the hate for Nostradamus. It had a lot of interludes, but past that, it’s actually a very solid album, and that is shown in this song and the title track.

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