Top Ten Judas Priest Songs that Aren't Metal

Despite the fact that Judas Priest is a metal band, they made some non-metal songs.
That doesn't mean that the Non-Metal songs are bad.
They made some very good ones.
(I don't count any covers, like Diamonds and Rust).

The Top Ten

1 Victim of Changes

Hmm, its not really a metal song. But it has some metal elements in it. The vocals was quite metal vocals. But the most important thing was the guitar solos. Structure-wise those are more likely metal than prog rock/hard rock. Even though those don't sound loud. Especially Glenn Tiptons's solo. Plus, the song was written in E-minor. Which is a very common scale in heavy metal. - zxm

Genre: Progressive Rock.
A very good and catchy riff, very good vocals, and just a good example of classic priest. - Kiyomi

2 Living After Midnight

Genre: Hard Rock.
A good and catchy riff, very good vocals, a catchy chorus, I really like this! - Kiyomi

3 Beginning of the End

A very soft and slow song.
Despite that, it's still awesome.
It surprises me that Rob Halfords voice hasn't aged. - Kiyomi

4 Rocka Rolla

Genre: Bluesy Hard Rock.
A very catchy song. I actually like it. - Kiyomi

5 Turbo Lover

My favorite Priest song. - JCHOW

Genre: Hard Rock (with Glam Rock influences).
Despite the fact that this song is poppy, I really like it.
It's catchy, Robs vocals are still good, and the chorus is pretty good. - Kiyomi

6 Metal Messiah

Genre: Nu Metal.
Despite the fact that this song is heavy, it is not heavy metal.
It is more Nu Metal to me, and Nu Metal isn't real metal, so I decided to add it.
I like this song, because of the great chorus and Tims awesome vocals. - Kiyomi

7 One for the Road

Genre: Hard Rock.
Good song! It has a very nice riff. - Kiyomi

8 Cheater

Genre: Hard Rock.
I really like Rob's vocals on this one, and the harmonica sounds good too. - Kiyomi

9 Never Satisfied

Genre: Hard Rock.
A good song with a good riff and good vocals.
Pretty good solo too. - Kiyomi

10 Parental Guidance

Genre: Hard Rock (with Glam Rock influences).
This song is very poppy, but I really like it.
It's catchy, and it sounds pretty okay in my opinion. - Kiyomi

The Contenders

11 Beyond the Realms of Death

Favorite Priest song.
Victim Of Changes < Beyond The Realms Of Death

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