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Also includes the songs released as Prince Kay One.

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Tag Des Jüngsten Gerichts

A 25 minute epic diss track and at the same time autobiographic and deeply personal. It's cinematic, climatic and filled with rage, Kay One's technical skill as well as the song's content is top notch, the beat is absolutely fantastic, the entire feeling of the song is intense. In the first part of the song, he tells his story from the bottom to the top, and while doing so mentions several well known rappers that have done him injustice. Then, in the second half he aims at his nemesis: Bushido. Bushido is the most successful German rapper of all time and Kay One's ex-label boss. The two have them have had a spectacular feud since Kay One suddenly left the label in 2013, which resulted in the two heaviest and best diss tracks of the 2010s, "Leben und Tod des Kenneth Glöckler" ("Life and Death of Kenneth Glöckler") in 2013 and Kay One's "Tag des jüngsten Gerichts" ("Judgement Day") in 2014. Both of them are simply insane. Kay One's counter ...more - Martin_Canine

Das Öl Wurde Zu Blut
Asozial 4 Life
Herr Reichert
Shake That
Lagerfeld Flow
S 63

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Kokain Cowboys
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