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1 Chinese

As a Chinese speaker, words that you don't know sound hilarious, but once you learn them they sound less funny. I think the reason it sounds so funny is that sometimes foreign speakers can mess up the pronunciation, making it sound hilarious (John Cena). Once you speak it, though, as long as everybody pronounces the words right, it sounds pretty normal.

I did a skit with my friends. At the end, we were all supposed to say "Remember, don't try this at home kids," in different languages. I did it with my friends, let's call them Ash, Misty and Brock (because I can). Ash didn't really know any languages other than English, so she said it normal. Then Misty did it in Spanish, and I did German. Then it was Brock's turn. And oh my god she couldn't stop laughing. It almost ruined our skit. She was like, I don't even remember. Anyways, this language sounds weird, and had the four of us cracking up. No offense to any of you that are Chinese, and speak it, not trying to be racist.

So when I was in middle school we had a Chinese teacher with the thickest accent even when speaking English, and the kids would call her Ms. Ling Lang, and that's why I failed that class cause I couldn't understand what she was saying.

Yeah ass. but about the people in this world who have guts to learn Chinese only Chinese people...yeah cause it's their traditional language and its maybe 10000 of years old I think hm...but there is no way that you all make fun of a language.

2 Hindi

Very funny. Partially voted because Indians are so but hurt at all criticism they get, even if it is not serious.

Hindi is funny and fascinating compared to the dull monotonic rotten languages of the west.

Hindi is the funniest sounding language. As a German, I like India and the language Hindi.

Can you get a goofier sounding language?

3 Japanese

I just don't know when they're serious, or not. I dated Japanese girl once and only found out she was serious on stopping me when she tried calling the police, so I stopped doing her because she wasn't clear on consent or that she was probably trying to scam me.

I am a 7 year old kid and I'm from Japan.I wish I was dead. I wish I was not from Japan You have ruined my life, matty101.I wish I wasnt even a human.I wish I was a tiny ant so nobody will notice me.

4 Danish

One time I chated with a danish girl...he send me a voice and I think that she hiccups all the time

5 Korean

Sounds like Japanese but gibberish.

6 Mongolian

A mix between Russian and Chinese. So cool!

7 Dutch

As an English speaker, where many Dutch words look and spell very similarly to English words, spoken Dutch sounds like a stereotypical "Lucky Charms" Irishman trying to speak German. This is not an insult, it actually makes the language that much more endearing!

It sounds like they're trying too hard to not be English but at the same time to be English. It's a cute language.

This language is really underrated in my opinion. Because it's hated by a crap ton of people

Sounds like the netherlands know how to mess up the english language

8 English

What I find amusing is some of their attempts to say words that the Brits use constantly, like "Use" becomes "Oose" and "Art" becomes "Aat". Not all of them are like this, but some are.

Everything in english sounds like a joke, I can't take this language seriously.

English is a pretty weird languages, like some of the words are kind of funny to pronounce... for example, gurgle, patty, boom, cheese, whatever, it's sort of an awkward language when you think about it.

Sounds way more funnier than Hindi or any other language. and that guys, is common sense.

9 Arabic

Sounds like the speaker is trying to spit and gargle at the same time. Very harsh and gutterish. Don't believe me? Just listen to any Arabic commentary in a football video. Allah hu mobarak hu goalll.. fatu hu khwadh ha..

I think its very funny

It's the weirdest one

Arabic and Persian both sound like someone is gaging up something

10 Finnish

This language is so funny, when we are trying to speak it.

Look up "Pasi Viheraho" if you want to hear how true Finnish sounds.

Funny but it's also cute for me.

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11 French

My problem with French is that the words are pronounced nothing like they are spelled. In French, Paris becomes Parii, Versailles becomes versii, Brittany becomes Bretagne and so on. I'm not trying to sound like a stupid and culturally insensitive American, but this just makes it much harder to learn and pronounce French.

Can't stop laughing when people speak it sounds funny because it sounds like they reading fast French is a silly language!

Sounds very rudimentary and romantic as someone who says love you.

It's funny because the words are incredibly weird when pronounced.
Vingt is 'vaah,' and a crap ton of other words are nearly identical. C'est is 'say,' travailler (to work) is 'travai-ay'
The sentence 'etudier l'anglais' is weird, as well. 'etudiay lunglay' when pronounced. It IS fun to speak, though.

12 Swedish

I've been watching some Swedish Pingu subtitles made by Youtube and searched up the subs in Google Translate. It was so comical and funny yet they were very inappropriate.

It's sounds a bit like they have no tongues... To vowel heavy.

13 Vietnamese

I find Viernanese an interesting language, but yet funny. Their pronunciation is loud, strong and just sounds weird in my opinion.

Sounds funnier than chinese should be number 1 I guess these people never heard viet language before.

Like that other person I find Vietnamese an interesting language but think it sounds hilarious.

You people never heard Vietnamese I guess so it's not on top 3.

14 German

When I was a little kid, whenever I heard German accents I would laugh because of how funny it sounded to me. I'm not like that now but it was the funniest thing for me back in the day.

I remember watching Inglourious Basterds and I couldn;t help but laugh during the long dialogue scenes because there accents sounded so funny.

I never knew German could be so funny until I tired to study it myself. And I know my fair share of languages.

I laugh so much, and keep trying to learn it, at the same time. People ask me, "Progress? " And, I smile.

15 Thai

With family in Thailand I spend a lot of time there. The tones sound like straining and are quite nasal. Some sounds cannot possibly be a form of communication.

It's very funny to hear thai people talking each other.

It good language

It's sound so funny

16 Polish

It's funny, unique, weird, beautiful and awesome at the same time!

It does sound does every Slavic language to me except Russian.

It just sounds hilarious.

I'm polish and I'm ashamed.

17 Russian

I don't know but something about how they pronounce some of their words is really funny to me. Currently learning the language too!

The accent is very funny when they speak English with a Russian accent. The cafeteria lady at my school speaks with a Russian accent and whenever she says "chicken burger", it sounds like "chicken booger", and I can't stop laughing my heart out when I hear it.

18 Slovak

Its like Polish, but most funny.

19 Albanian
20 Macedonian
21 Italian

Definitely the most elegant and melodic language I've ever heard.

22 Filipino

Filipino language is a bit funny but it is a good language. Tagalog is very similar I think because I can speak Filipino a little bit because I traveled to Philippines when I was a kid. Now I'm at home (America)

We speak these languages and sometimes I'm so confused on how to pronounce a word.

Philippines languages composed of english, spanish, and filipino that's why it's unique

23 Turkish

The women on the turkish shows my mom watches sound like aliens

24 Norwegian

As a swede, it sounds hilarious sometimes.

25 Serbian

Serbian language is so manly and cultural language. You can express so many emotios with this language.

Majority of the sentences start with a curse or an insult, also comes out nasty, bu intentions are good.

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