Best Led Zeppelin Songs Released After Physical Graffiti

"Physical Graffiti" is considered by most fans to be the last truly great album that Led Zeppelin released. While "Presence" and "In Through the Out Door" do not measure up to the impeccable quality of the band's first six albums, there are quite a few good songs between the two of them. These are the best songs from Led Zeppelin's later career.

The Top Ten

Fool In the Rain Fool In the Rain Cover Art

The funny thing is Led Zeppelin were added to the list of artists whose success was short lived I guess due to the assumption that they started flopping with these albums actually they were huge at the time they just are not remembered as well.

Physical Graffiti was released in 1976, I don't think 6 years count as a short success span given there are usually 3-4 highly acclaimed albums per artist on average and 6 years is a typical span to produce 3-4 albums for an artist in their prime

Achilles Last Stand Achilles Last Stand Cover Art
All My Love All My Love Cover Art
Nobody's Fault But Mine Nobody's Fault But Mine Cover Art
In the Evening In the Evening Cover Art
I'm Gonna Crawl I'm Gonna Crawl Cover Art
South Bound Saurez South Bound Saurez Cover Art
For Your Life For Your Life Cover Art
Hots On for Nowhere Hots On for Nowhere Cover Art
Royal Orleans Royal Orleans Cover Art

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Carouselambra Carouselambra Cover Art
Black Rain Black Rain Cover Art
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