Top Ten Best Things About The Legend of Zelda Games

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1 The Storyline

I LOVE THIS SERIES because it's a lot like lost you make your way through a unique world in every game no two games have the same map and every game they give you just enough answers to be satisfied but at the same time raise even more that make you have to keep playing to understand I've had so many debates with a friend over what means what probably the most fun I have debating is which game came first skyward or OOT?

Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword nailed it with the story. In fact, if there was someone new to the series, I'd tell them to play Skyward Sword then Ocarina of Time 3d. They are my 2 favorite games in the series, and they supplement each other well.

The story is very important almost every game needs a story, with out it what do you do? Zelda games must have good stories it just makes the game even better.
It also gives you the reason to start your journey in the first place.

Story is in my opinion the most important thing in a game (ahead of gameplay I'd say). Legend of Zelda is certainly no exception to that.

2 The Dungeons

THIS is what drives people to play the Zelda series, something that it has that's unique that no other game series has.
You don't hear praise for OOT because of its music. You hear praise because of its masterful dungeons, such as Forest Temple and Spirit Temple.
You don't hear praise for TP because of its story. You hear praise because of its Snowpeak Ruins, Hyrule Castle, and others.
Dungeons is what really drives the Zelda series. For god's sake, people such as Axle the Beast, me, and a few others write dungeon reviews for that reason.

Without the dungeons, the game wouldn't be as long, as awesome, as fun, as challenging, and as musically creative as it would be with it. Zelda dungeons are one of the main reasons I like the Zelda franchise.

The story is not that good. If you compare it to the likes of Suikoden it's laughable. The Dungeons and the sense of exploration, on the other hand, are fantastic and that's what makes LOZ special.

I think Miyamoto even said in an interview the dungeons were the highlight of the zelda games

3 The Bosses

Stallord, Helmasaur King, Zant, Ganondorf, Majora... the list goes on and on.
You don't hear of a Zelda game with terrible combat.

That Golden Guy in the Wii one.

I like how the monsterous things are created.

only battled 2 bosses so far

4 The Adventure

With my second choice being the story-line, I love Zelda games for the exploring aspect. I love riding across the over-world more than I will ever enjoy the convenience of portals (like in Twilight Princess) simply because I love it. I love The Legend of Zelda because I can explore a beautiful, unpolluted, imaginary land, something I will never do outside of the T.V..

Whether you're traveling across the Gerudo Desert, solving the challenges of Stone Tower temple, or just riding across the Great Sea, the exploration and feeling of being an adventurer is something that will never leave your side.

So Much Adventure Which Is So Good

not to mention the enviroment. it's beautiful

5 The Music

What I like best about the music is on OoT it can warn you when an enemy is near but it all sounds really cool. It gives me chills sometimes, mostly in dungeons.

The music is fantastic! You know you've got great music when it sends a chill down your spine!

Koji Kondo is a genius. Absolutely underrated. It's music for EVERYONE, from classical music buffs to dubstep fans.

Go to YouTube now. Search Legend Of Zelda songs. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!

6 The Items

The items are great! The things they add to combat are what keep me coming back! I loved the sandbox-ish feel you got from Wind Waker when you felt like you could do anything with the items at your disposal!

the items are the base for the whole game

7 Link Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

So beautiful. in twilight princess the graphics looked like something out a world war 2 survival game but it was still worth it to see those hot eyes that shine like a hot summer lake.
in ocarina of time and mj mask he looks adorable as an 8 year old cutie muffin

How can you not vote for link he's amazing he's LINK!

He can kill everyone! Amazing!

Why is he wearing a skirt?

8 Solving Puzzles

The amazing puzzles are so much fun and when you beat them you laugh and then there are even more harder puzzles to have fun with.

I love things like this

9 Zelda Princess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.

She acts like a serial killer. I meant disrespectful to everybody.

The only bad thing about the series.

Didn't deserved to be alive.

Seriously, somebody kill that goddess/pirate/ninja/princess/normal girl!

10 Killing Things
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11 Collecting Heart Containers
12 Getting Killed by Cuccos

Lol this is the best one

Hitting Them Multiple Times And Getting Killed By Cuccos Is Hilarious

13 Turning Into a Wolf

Link is the best as a wolf! Especially because it brings out many new things such as talking to animals, digging into places, fighting certain monsters, and having Midna!

Twilight Princess not only improved upon Ocarina Of Time and The Windwaker, but it added this amazing mechanic!

Gives a whole different advantage in which ever situation your in. you can choose which form you take later, but sometimes it's required which action it is. it really depends how far along you are.

cool how it's full wolf and not part wolf

14 Ganondorf Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.

Why do I have to kill him? I am 0K with killing Ganon, but not Ganondorf!

The Main Vilian

he’s way cooler than bowser especially in wind waker

15 Smashing Pots

How hasn't anyone put this on the list yet? Laugh out loud

€Best part of the game series, hands down!

16 Exploring the World

So Much To See And Do

17 Bonus Items
18 Finding and Collecting Items
19 The Sidequests

Fun things to do after you beat the game there are so many sidequests in majoras mask and sidequests give you amazing rewards too!

These are properly my favorite thing about zelda having all of these cool side quests

20 The Master Sword

I am not even close to pulling it out yet. I just beat my first divine beast

where is the forest? I want to find it so I can come back to it later

Pulling Out The Master Sword (aka The Sword That Seals The Darkness) Is So Cool

21 Midna The Twilight Princess herself, Midna was transformed into an imp by Zant, who usurped her and turned her subjects into monsters. She set out to retrieve the Fused Shadows so she could take down Zant and save her kingdom.

She has such a good backstory

22 Overworld
23 Shadow Link
24 Dark Link
25 The Weapons
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