Top Ten Mario Kart Wii Tracks

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1 Maple Treeway

Best track by far. Shows off the capabilities of Mario Kart Wii at its finest with a very unique theme, fun music, tight turns, halfpipes, and tricking sections. Super nostalgic and very fun to play on!

Nothing tops maple treeway in my mind, its just beautifully designed. I love the tonnes of branching (no pun intended) paths and the amazing shortcut at the beginning. I also just love how there is so much variety, maple treeway never gets old. I also love the visuals and the autumn concept. My favorite track on Mario kart Wii and is still my favorite in Mario kart 7 along with airship fortress.

This track is so awesome! It has an original theme to it. I love this track's music. It begins on the ground at first but than a cannon shoots you into a tree and you drive there and than back to the ground! Who would think of a track like that? No one but Nintendo!

My kids love the colors and the caterpillars. I love the mix of speed and technical pats, and unique features like the bouncing net and the prizes (or bananas) hidden in the leaf piles.

2 Koopa Cape

I love this course because my personality is water and this course takes place in water. Also, it’s a Koopa track so you can’t go wrong.

Easily the best Mario Kart Wii track because you are driving underwater and avoiding electrical lasers and trying to use that river for the boost. Better than Maple Treeway and rainbow road. My cousin also gets excited because this is also her favorite Mario Kart Wii track. Mario Kart 7 used that underwater driving feature inspired by this track. Imagine not having this track! Then it will not have underwater driving. Of course they returned this course in Mario Kart 7, but there are no electrical lasers:(
Overall, This track is awesome, has the catchiest song, and inspired Mario Kart 7 to use that underwater driving feature that will be use for later games to come.

My favorite track, it is just a blast and the water current makes it very fast paced, and I will never forget the first moment when I went down the underwater pipe, it was amazing.

It is quite frankly the most amazing track ever and, to this day, is still my favourite track. It’s music is upbeat and reminds me of beach bowl galaxy from super Mario Galaxy( that’s the track not the song) as it is so tropical. I love the tunnel and how the music sounds different underwater. It did become worse in Mario kart 7 where the pipe was turned into a half pipe and was therefore in the water and not dry.

3 Rainbow Road

I love this track! It's challenging, and that's what makes it fun. There's even a U-turn that's difficult to make, but there's a trick ramp that you can use to your advantage. Almost no walls makes it hard, but not impossible, to stay on track most of the time. The only way I fall off at all is the items that opponents use against you. Lightning and spiny shells are the worst. Love the theme and the music. Rainbow Road is a Mario Kart tradition! Don't hate!

I love this track I used to play it a lot when I was eight and rage on it. The track starts of going down a hill which can be tricky but the hard part is just arfter the circles in the road with a bit of track that is so thin ugh!
I still love the track I love the rainbow star I love I just love it ok. This track is a blast and plus I rage a lot on the holes in the road part. The half pipes are an ok addition. You gotta be carefull using a mushroom or a star or things like that you end up flying of the track because you went to fast. But great track enjoy it.

This is the most amazing track ever! 8t has catchy music, cool twists and turns and it has a chance to show your tricks so it must be No.1?

Mario kart classic! Rainbow Roads been around since the start and nothing beats the wii version! The music is awesome and blends perfectly in with the space track! Love this map

4 Coconut Mall

Probably my second favorite course, you drive through a mall and come across escalators, stores, fountains, and drivers that can't park.

Why isn't this Number 1? It's the best track of all time! I never saw such an original track!
First off, we got the music. So much catchy!
Next, it's like a maze! You can pick so many paths!
And lastly, who would allow karts to drive in a mall? So much original!
Does anyone else understands what I'm saying and hope this should be Number 1?

I love this track and not just because of the concept it uses. Honestly, I can't even describe why this is my #1 Mario kart track (all-time favorite). Wario's Gold Mine and Coconut Mall haters can go back to playing the overrated Mount Wario.

Someone deny that they wouldn't love to drive through a shopping centre with awesome music playing in the background and no worry that you might run someone over and get taken to jail. Yes, I fit that all in one sentence.

5 Mushroom Gorge

Maple treeway at 2? No! That's overrated! All you do is drive on a tree! Mushroom gorge is much more creative. It's very unpredictable as the race can be decided by some excellent jumping (on mushrooms) or a sloppy landing. It's fun, creative and like able by everyone!

The second best on wii after coconut mall. Your on a mountain using mushrooms to bounce through gorges. Inside the cave is epic. Perform tricks bounce you way through it. This course wii be remembered.

Mushroom Gorge... I can see why it's in the Mushroom Cup definitely, and it's certainly the fifth best track in the game, the soundtrack was really good, the design and layout was really satysfying! I really think this is a grreat course.

I really love this track. Rainbow road is overrated this needs to be number 1 its unique and uses the tricking ability well as you are on the mushrooms or the air for about 60% of the time

6 DK Summit

SUPER TRACK! Not quite sure why shy guys are in it, there should be DK's. The barrel cannon at the start is a great way to start a great DK race. Try not to get stuck in the patches of snow. The half-pipe ramps are great for tricks and shortcuts as they help you avoid snow patches. The single is the ultimate shortcut, but if you do the double, suberb!

This is an amazing track. It is one of the most designed in MKWii. You can try to use the halfpipes to create little shortcuts. You then have bumps you can trick off of and you can cut off chasms of the S shaped bend in the road. Then you have halfpipes to try and avoid the thick snow and Shy Guy and you will relive this adventure for two more laps.

It's got everything. The iconic cannon, halfpipe, jumps. There are plenty of places to gain an advantage, but it is also unforgiving if you make a mistake. It's build like a racecourse and feels like it too, but not the same as a standard paved course, like a Mario or Luigi Circuit.

Yoshi Falls at #4? Way overrated. N64 Bowser's Castle is overrated as well. Bowser's Castle is way underrated and Dry Dry Ruins, Grumble Volcano, and DK Mountain are underrated as well. DK Summit is really nice because of all the halfpipes and the shortcuts and the snow.

7 Bowser's Castle

This is by far the best Bowser’s Castle Nintendo has created. The sharp turn and boosts to take are abundant so you never lose speed.

Bowser's Castle is meant to be a challenging course. The scenery is good and it deserves to be better than Luigi Circuit because of it is not item based and is skill based. There is the one glitch shortcut on the track that can cut off a lot of time, but that can only be done by people who have a high amount of skill. This has got to be one of my favorite tracks and I think it deserves a better place than last of this list. I am not saying it is of the best tracks, it is just not THE worst.

Definitely the best Bowser's Castle in any game. It has awesome music, a great difficulty curve, and a huge variety of obstacles. I especially love the wavy corridor at the beginning, and the half-pipe section with the giant fire breathing Bowser statue.

It's very fun, in my top ten ever, I also give honorable mention to Grumble Volcano, Koopa Cape, Dry Dry Ruins, and Maple Treeway, Mushroom Gorge, and DK Summit, for new tracks. I like BC3, Parkway, DK Mountain, Sherbet Land, and BC64 when it comes to retros.

8 DK Mountain

I have to say, the ramps are questionable, the ultra shortcut didn’t have to be there. The regular shortcut where you steal all the items is pretty cool. It’s overall a good course.

This is so underrated. DK Mountain is my 2nd favorite track behind Koopa Cape. It's so creative and fun to play.

Epic course. That feeling when you zoom down delights me and the fence flying is just insane.

Why is this the last one, although it is not my favorite it should be higher

9 N64 Bowser's Castle

Favorite N64 track and now we have the same tight corners, thwomps, and obstacle. Still a really good course.

Retro tracks will forever be much better than nitro tracks!

This is my second favorite retro track and 7th favorite track

This track makes it really easy for defensive items

10 Grumble Volcano

This course is beatiful, challenging and one of the best in mario kart wii. In addition, the remake in mario kart 8 is totally better and it makes this awesome track look 10x better.

Grumble volcano is great because it gets progressively harder because the ground crumbles.

I like the original better than the remake because the track falls apart way too quickly in MK8.

Fire all around in this action-packed raceway from the lava sea.

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11 Toad’s Factory

This is, hands down, the single-most underrated track in Mario Kart Wii. It's got the hazardous deathtraps lying around to keep you on your toes, er, wheels, and the catchiest Mario Kart music I've ever heard.
Support the Factory!

Not my favourite course in the game. I think the factory makes item boxes. The shortcut over the lake is often forgotten. Are there fire alarms going off at the end of the factory. It's alright, but maybe #9.

Epic soundtrack and totally fits the theme. Awesome track though it is underrated, it may look easy but can be harmful to a blinded eye

One of the most hazordus mushroom cup course in Mario kart history. This so fun and the music too. Do not say it sucks just because it is in the mushroom cup

12 Delfino Square

Perfect difficulty, perfect music, perfect design, and it always has a nice race. Probably my favorite ds track and a great retro track too

Fun and entertaining, with many shortcuts, alternate routes, and sharp turns!

There are tight corners and nice shortcuts

Five stars for this course honestly

13 Wario's Gold Mine

This track can be annoying, but this is a great track. First you have the name Wario's Gold Mine, which very well seems like something that Wario would own. You have the background with all the houses implemented into the cliffs, and the bats that will most likely run into, which I thought was a nice touch. This is clearly the most underrated tracks in Mario Kart Wii.

ONE OF MY LEAST FAVOURITES. Out of the 16 new tracks, it would probably be around #13. very difficult course with one or two glitch shortcuts and a minor one at the end of the mine. fab music, and I love the setting, but the course is just not there.

Wario's Gold Mine is the best! It's a fun track to race on, you navigate your way to avoid mine carts, and it's probably the first Wario race that doesn't involve stadiums or colosseums.

Besides Rainbow road, this one is pretty challenging and deserves more love. It's a classic one with probably my favorite music out of each track.

14 Dry Dry Ruins

So good that I get excited just thinking about it! For me this is #6 (after Rainbow Road, Koopa Cape, Grumble Volcano, Wario's Gold Mine and Coconut Mall. Mirror mode though... what the?... wha?... WHY?

It's amazing how you can go inside the temple. While it's not the best wii track out there, it's my favorite desert themed track out there

I love dry dry ruins I'm the best at it laugh out loud

This course is easy if you have a vehicle that is good at off roading

15 GCN Waluigi Stadium

Really love this track. It's my 19th favourite Mario Kart track ever.

I feel like I'm at a monster truck show, but I am the monster truck

Love this track 1Waluigi stadium 2 toad factory 3 4 Yoshi falls

This is also tied for my 2nd favourite mario kart Wii track.

16 Moonview Highway

I am a fan of this track, well, I used to hate it, this track is not easy, but you can easily be in the middle road and get saved from the cars, speaking of cars, the cars are hard to dodge and some of them come out of nowhere. I used to beat this track without hitting traffic.

I LOVE MOONVIEW HIGHWAY! The fact that it was Toad's Turnpike on steroids made this track revolutionary in these games! The music fits it, and I personally love the fact that there are bomb cars are well. In fact, I could even hate on Rainbow Road and Maple Treeway if you trigger me about this course! Because I do indeed hate them.

The track is really beatiful but hell oh no! This track is extremly hard. If you play it for the first time then you will be terrible at it. It would be better if the cars were going in one direction, but no...they even switch roads! This is very hard!

Honestly I hate this track. The traffic is so stupid! :( I always lose this track because of the bomb cars that blow me up! And the fact that the traffic is on the opposite side of the road makes this track almost impossible. It just pisses me off!

17 Daisy Circuit

This is honesty underrated, the scenary is incredible and the music is one of the best.
Also I think it's funny hit the other racers with shells and bananas when they are on the other side of the road next to the lighthouse.

How is it the same as rainbow road? It boring, and owned by one of the worst Mario characters ever, daisy!

Haha, look at all those whiny 6 years old that downvoted the comment. Grow the hell up, and deal with it.

This is the best circuit in this game! The other two are too boring!

18 Yoshi Falls

I like this track more than Baby Park (not saying much since GCNBP is my 145th place track).
You call this track an oval but at least it has ramps. You only hate this track because
they labeled a "boring" track by Yoshi. I honestly like this track and how is it
overrated? Almost no one like this track. Are the CPU's the "people" who love it?
A highly hated track can't be overrated in my book.

The track is so stupid... It's just a loop... So overrated, at least I don't hate yoshi as much as I did 2 months ago.

Yoshi Falls is nicely designed, has good music, and is named after one of my favorite characters, YOSHI!

I love Yoshi and it's my favorite character but this is probably my least favorite Mario kart Wii track. yawn, so overrated

19 Bowser Castle 3

The music is really nice. The shroomless ultra shortcut is really hard to pull off even though the rest of the course is great!

My favorite retro, it's just super fun to drive on and I get such an adrenaline rush making all those turns and avoiding thwomps and lava

The course has sharp turns and is pretty easy

For some reason I really like this track

20 Mario Circuit

The chain chomp is my favorite part of this course. I love the great bouncey music. It's also named after mario! The last thing I would like to say about this is that my 4 year old brother can win it

I usually do pretty well on this course. It has nice shortcuts and I like the chan chopper.

This is a great one because this in e has lots of creatures! Mind out for the Goombas!

The music is awesome and I like the chain chomp

21 SNES Ghost Valley 2

This course is said to be one of the hardest, considering how many twist and sharp turns there are, but I really love this course! Sure it's hard, but once you're really good at the game, it's like a cake walk! Trust me, this course is really amazing!

I love this place! Although you have to be careful in this course, I love it either way.
Also, I love spooky places in gaming!

This is a very short track but I like it. I don't get why people find it hard, it's the easiest track in the game to me!

My family always says that it is a very hard game but it is actual really easy for me and I love it

22 Moo Moo Meadows

One of my favorite tracks for the relaxing music, and I just really love the cows.

Great track. I love the idea of the cows and well-designed.

This course is short and pretty boring sometimes

Short and sweet

23 GBA Bowser's Castle

GBA BC1! awesome music, music is EPIC EPIC EPIC !

24 N64 Mario Raceway

Underrated, it may be a beginner course but it is super difficult and chaotic to play with other people because you can take massive shortcuts almost everywhere.

It's much better than the Wii one I like the big mushroom and the hill and the pipe

Classic, and perfect for beginner's. I am glad they brought it back and I enjoy it.

Already on list

25 GBA Bowser Castle 3

So much fun tech here! Also kickin soundtrack!

To much awesomeness I love it


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