Most Annoying Things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Ok, I love this game. I think it's a masterpiece and SO much fun to play. But at some point, every game is gonna have something in it that's annoying.
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1 The Crazy Flower Lady

She beats you up just because you step on her flowers. Who does that? And why of all places did she plant them in a shrine? And that last part is so difficult

This got me killed so many times. While it was very annoying, it was also very funny when she went absolutely cuckoo and made me lose hearts.

I spawned at the shrine and forgot about the flowers. good thing I needed to get out of there anyway

Yes very annoying. Link should destroy her flowers then beat her up

2 Something Almost Kills Link, and then He Dies by Just Rolling on the Ground

Now that I am advanced in the game, I have good armor and lots of hearts, so this never happens. However, when I was a beginner, this happened so many times.

I made-wait no I didn't

3 Guardians

These things are annoying to come across. They show up randomly and will massive damage if you can't avoid them. Everything else about this game is awesome so far, though!

Guardians are fun to kill. I use to be terrified of them. I even put my sheikah sensor to tell me when a Guardian is near! But once you learn the technique they're practically harmless.

The reason the tower in Hyrule castle is so hard to get to. And don't even try to fight one if you're in the early game.

You know what's more annoying than regular guardian? GUARDIAN SKYWATCHERS! You can never escape from them. They spot you no matter what, and at least for parrying guardian lasers on regular guardians, it only takes three hits. But for skywatchers it takes like almost 15! God I want them to just burn.

4 Climbing in the rain

For me, I always like climbing. I always climb. Oops, the rain comes up. NOO, you slip! Low stamina, you fall, blah blah blah.
PS: Slipping in rain lowers stamina? That's like tripping in rain makes you lose one heart! Seriously?

This is very hard, because whenever you jump for height, you lose a lot of that height because you slip.

I often do something important to a quest only for it to start raining, so I have to wait for it to stop.

Let me climb up to the top of this mountain so I can get the tower, I saw. The rain says how bout no.

5 Weapons always breaking

There's just no way around it. Weapons breaking in the middle of a fight is irritating. And don't you hate it when a weapon you really like finally gives out? On the bright side, this mechanic does make finding new weapons more rewarding & exciting, because you really need them!

I don't dislike the weapon durability system its just that the weapons break ALL THE TIME! Like you can't even go one monster without breaking a weapon! So annoying.

This is probably what ruined the game for me, this discourages you from using weapons at all because you know they'll just break soon and it makes the game not fun.

If I have a really good sword, and breaks in two hits, I have to use a rubbish club against a Lynel or a Guardian. Bam. Dead.

6 The Blood Moon

My 4th blood moon occurred during the boss fight against the Yiga Clan leader. The 1st was in Hateno Village. If the scientist at the duelling peaks stable says that there was some event coming up but he can't remember what it is, a blood moon will happen.

I actually enjoy the blood moon. There is this ruin where the bomb trial shrine is with like six stationary guardians that I always farm for ancient materials after a blood moon

I love this. Without it how are you supposed to farm lynels? Or get monster parts for upgrades?

I actually don't know why this exists. It just makes the game longer!

7 The Yiga Clan

Oh, dear Hylia, the Yiga Clan. One of the most annoying Zelda enemies of all time, that's on the same route with Like Likes. In the beginning of your journey, when you first set foot into Hyrule, they're alright, you just talk to a disguised member and fight him/her, but after you beat Master Kohga, they start getting on your nerves. They randomly spawn out of nowhere, they deplete your health like no tomorrow, and the huge ones with giant cleavers are the worst. They just let the wind chop you up with their swords. Apparently, they're a goldmine if you want to get Rupees. Yeah, right. I only got a measly few green and blue ones.

Th Yiga Clan members use to only appear when you talk to someone disguised as clan member. But after you raid their base to get back the thunder helm, they will appear out of nowhere to kill you. I cannot tell you how many times I missed an event, just because of the Yiga Clan.

I hate the mission where you have to raid the Yoga clan, namely because of the swordsmen. If they spot you, every door locks you in, and they attack you, as well as these annoying bowmen. Oh, and fighting them when they appear out of nowhere is equally tedious. At least there's Kohga.

I actually took a break because I was stuck on trying to raid their base. I got so close at one point, but then my thing glitched and link fell down the ladder and I got spotted. a friend of mine said to use ancient arrows. should I use them and the master sword in case I get spotted next time? or is there another way to beat the 600HP ones?

8 Lynels

They're so tough. I just use ancient arrows to get them out of my hair. I really don't care about properly defeating one.

Lynels are not that hard.

You just dodge and flurry until they ded.

I have never beat one. mainly because I don't have a good electric resistance meal/elixir

Almost impossible to kill. If you see one, just run like heck cause there is a 1/9999 chance you will be able to kill them

9 Korok Seeds

Why do so many people hate these? Oh, it's because of the Hestu's Gift. Can you just be quiet and be happy with the fact that you can expand your inventory and do fun puzzles? Besides, why would you want to collect all 900 in the first place?

There are so many and there probably isn't even a reward.

I enjoy getting them

"Yahaha! You fou-"
Korok Seeds are a pain. A pain with little reward. There's 900 in total across the whole map. Koroks will hide in random places, and when you find them, they'll commit a "yahaha" and give you korok seed in return for playing the game of hide-and-seek you never agreed to. The only thing that you can use these seeds for is to expand your inventory. For that, you need to find...
He's a giant Korok.
Anyway, Hestu isn't always in the same spot before you find Korok Forest, so newer players might have trouble tracking sneaky little Hestu down after the first encounter. You can pay Hestu a korok seed to expand your inventory.
You can't get 900 inventory slots.
Which means,
If you played hide-and-seek with all of those Koroks, got all 900 seeds and thought you'd be able to get the great reward, no.
Just no.
There's a max to your inventory, which means SOME (and I mean many) korok seeds ...more

10 Motion Control Shrines

The shrine by Hateno Village was so annoying. It took me ages to complete it, as the Switch's motion controls aren't exactly accurate.

It is so annoying how sensitive the motion controls are for these puzzles.

Have so much trouble with these!

This one should be top 3

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11 Stamina Wheel

You're swimming, and drown.

I hate it when I drown

12 Octoroks

They will just shoot you out of nowhere. That is annoying, as most times, I don't even see them until I already lose health. The only good thing is that they are weak and have little health.

Yes they miss. I never get hit by them. You have to trick them by making them think where you will be by the time their shot gets to you. Basically just run or walk and then right when he's about to shoot, just stop. It'll land where you would have been if you had kept running or walking.

They don't miss. Ever. Even when you're at full sprint, they nail you. So annoying.

These snipers are so annoying when you're near water.

13 "Your inventory is full!"

This prevented me from getting so many good weapons. That was very annoying, as all of my weapons are good, so when I get more good weapons, I have to drop a good weapon.

Hate hate hate.

14 The Master Sword trials
15 That one "stranded on remote island" side quest

I know how to beat it with good weapons you
drop all you want to keep on the raft and go to island on the raft and BOOM you have stuff you can fight with.

I found it and I went back one save file because I want to wait until I get 3 more hearts.

The moblins on top of the mountain are armed with soldiers broadswords, and just destroy you.

I'll have you know, I beat this and only cried 34 times!

16 Revali

He's such a SHOWOFF! These are his words that go in my head every time someone mentions him:
"Unless you can prove me wrong? " and "You must pardon me! " and that ever popular "Hpmph. Don't preen yourself for doing your job."
HONESTLY, go on youtube and watch all parts of "If Link could talk", what Link said to Revali was so halarious and SO worth it.

He thinks he's the best. He's the worst
In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, he says that the Champions would be a off without Link, they would be better off without Revali, in fact, Age of Calamity, Breath of the Wild, and the entire series would be better off without him

I hate him he is such a show off he acted s. Like he is better then link hate him so much and his sassy vose and he calls link little he should give some respect to link like every one else

"Good luck sealing the darkness!"
That. Jerk. I. Will. Strangle. Him.
After you defeat the Divine Beast: Hmm, he's alright.

17 No Reward for Finding All the Captured Memories

You get to learn some of Link's backstory. You get the Champion's Tunic which looks SO COOL. Also the Champion's Tunic can help you see enemy HP and it can be upgraded to level 4 with 32 defense points! Which is the highest of any piece of armor in BotW. Really? How is this a waste?

A person who has 100% botw and beaten ganon twice here. You DO get a reward. After beating the game, you get a nice memory in return. AND the champions tunic. So yeah, there's a reward, people.

You also get the Champion's Tunic. It's cool, I guess.

Why? It took me 2-3 days and it was painful.

18 Link showing almost no emotion

So annoying. I know the developers made him like this so that players could project their own thoughts/emotions onto him. But I personally find it a little detracting to the impact of the story. Makes it less interesting, in my opinion, because everything feels one-sided. And really, it breaks the immersion too (kinda ironic, huh? ). There ends up being an in-game explanation for his seriousness, but that's not till the very end and it still doesn't excuse his almost eternally blank expression. Just a little bit more emotion would have made the story better, in my opinion.

Toon Link, Twilight Princess Link and Skyward Sword Link all had emotion.

He just looks soulless.

Not a problem.

19 Link Noises

Most Annoying thing ever

20 Thunderblight Ganon

He is super speedy, you have to time flurrying perfectly, and then starts raining down pillars, before electrocuting them and everything.

Literally took me a week to beat this bastard because I did Naboris second

21 Horseback archery minigame

It's so inferior to the one in OoT. I did not enjoy it one bit. I would never have played it again, if I didn't want that new tack. Even the music is super lame and annoying. I actually got angry playing this one.

Most the other things here aren't so bad. Rain climbing becomes no problem later on. The Yiga clan can be ignored. But this... I wasted so much time for such a stupid reward.

22 Cooking

It was fun the first couple of times, then it got kinda tedious.

23 Horse getting stuck

My sister had a problem with this when she was doing that horseback time trial at one of the stables.

24 Kass

Whoever thinks that Kass is annoying, fight me. Seriously. Why is he on this list, along with Mipha and Sidon?

I hate his annoying accordian Music. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Music is kinda annoying

25 Princess Mipha

Gross fish. LINK DOESN'T LIKE YOU get it through your empty head. No personality and THE most annoying voice in the game. (Yes Zelda's voice isn't great but Mipha is more grating in my opinion.) And she is mean to Sidon and tries to show off in front of Zelda. Pathetic.

She's so sweet and I love her she is so cute. I love that she has healing powers.she is my favorite champion not Uborsa.

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