Top Ten Worst The Legend of Zelda Bosses

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1 Moldorm (A Link to the Past)

Cheap and frustrating. There is no other word to describe that weak, ugly monster.
It's gimmick is just being unnecessarily annoying. Why was it programmed in such a way that if you fall under the battle arena, you have to climb back and start over the fight from 0 (yes, the boss has regained all its health)? And why a single hit from that thing pushes you back so far away?
Fortunately, just a few hits are enough to take it down, but geez... there is a high chance of you falling down the arena at least twice before defeating it.

Even though I love A Link To The Past, I still dread fighting Moldorm!
It's one of the bosses that are so easy yet so hard!
Moldorm, as a boss, is an extremely weak opponent which isn't hard to defeat. However, its quirky movement and the narrow platform makes it very easy to fall off, which is what is so infuriating about this fight!
But still, because of this, ALTTP's Moldorm is my arch nemesis and my sworn rival, when it comes to video games!

2 The Imprisoned (Skyward Sword)

This boss is infamous for ruining your progress in the original Wii version. Now, granted, you think that this would be only one form, but no. There are three forms you have to beat. The first phase is simplistic. You cut his toenails, making him fall down and drive the sealing spike into his head. The second has the Imprisoned growing arms, but thanks to the Grooseinator, you can beat him in less than an hour. And the third phase is the worse one of the bunch. This time, he has a halo that makes him fly upwards. Good luck trying to aim the catapult on his back. You're gonna regret it. It's a good thing this was fixed in the HD version thanks to button controls, but still.

Come on, three times? Honestly, I'm only 25% okay with it because you use Groose's dang cannon! But this boy here is an epic concept: a huge beast trying to get out of a pit to get revenge on the world. But this? This is just disappointing. It's slow, its fingers are weird, and don't try to defend it by citing its crawl thing. That barely ever happened during the fights. I'm mad its ugly face got into Hyrule Warriors. At least it didn't get into Age of Calamity; that would have been very bad.

3 Angler Fish (Link's Awakening)

Super obvious weak point. When I fought him, I killed him so quickly that I didn't even know he had any attacks!

I never played the original, but from the looks of it he was trash and at least in the remake, he can do more stuff but that doesn't really do anything. if you have the red tunic you can kill him even before he attacks.

What a super boring boss!

4 Big Green Chu Chu (The Minish Cap)

It's not really big, your just small. And he appears later again as a mini boss

5 King Dodongo (Ocarina of Time)

If you don't throw throw the bomb in time you get hit with this op fireball! and if you miss you don't have time to try again. And if you forget to equip your hylian shield instead of deku shield you can't lock on block because the stupid hylian shield is to damn heavy

So easy. I've had more trouble with a smaller dodongo.

Throw, Hit, Shield. No strategy whatsoever.

6 Gyorg (Majora's Mask)

What kind of messed up name is that? I know majora's mask names are bad, but what the hell is a gyorg? let's call him george. curious gyorg.

7 Jalhalla (Wind Waker)

After a dark and creepy temple, I wonder what boss awaits me...

I get a fat ghost who wants to squish me, and looks like a Studio Ghibli character on raging 'roids. Real original, Nintendo...

8 Armogohma (Twilight Princess)

Unfortunately, this boss was very boring and extremely easy. Darknut was way better of a highlight in the temple of time.

What? Armogohma was fun!

I really hate it when a game makes a late game boss laughably easy

9 Genie (Link's Awakening)

I don't want to see him in the remake. He may look even stupider. Even more stupid than Zant after you first meet him in his throne room.

How dare you insult genie. He is the coolest boss in links awakening and the boss of bottle grotto which is a fun and easy dungeon.

Looks stupid, talks stupid, and overall a very bland battle. Nothing interesting. Just pick up jar and throw it. Doesn't deserve to be a boss

10 Fyrus (Twilight Princess)

Woah, look at this giant grotesque firey goron... thing! This is gonna be epic! So how do I do damage to him? Oh... you pull on his chain... and make him trip... then slash him a bunch... rinse and repeat... How exciting...

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11 Dark Beast Ganon (Breath of the Wild)

For a game that can be really difficult, this comes off as one of the easiest boss fights ever. Plus, it's a "hit-them-in-the-eye" type of boss. Seriously, Nintendo? This is the worst thing out of Breath of the Wild.

I hated the final blow part. And that beam if you get hit takes like 4-5 hearts!

Easiest boss in the entire game is the final boss...Makes sense...

12 Scaldera (Skyward Sword)

How could Ghiriham trust such a rock? A 4 year old can take him on. Big joke.

The Indiana jones reference saves this boss.

13 Tentalus (Skyward Sword)

You followed up my favorite dungeon in Zelda history with this.

14 Fraaz (Spirit Tracks)
15 Thunderblight Ganon (Breath of the Wild)

the stupid electric powers! if you have your weapons out you drop them and then have to chase them around while thunderblight kills you. And he does like 5 freaking hearts a hit! A horrible boss to top of a horrible dungeon

16 Queen Gohma (Ocarina of Time)

This battle was for the beginners it's literally the first the bods battle in the game! It took me a long time though to beat her in my first try

So. Freaking. Easy. I can beat this thing in literally 30 seconds.

My fastest time beating it was 28...seconds

17 Morpheel (Twilight Princess)

In his second stage, all he does is swim in a circle. That's it.

18 Gohdan (Wind Waker)

The most disappointing boss in Wind Waker.

19 Demise (Skyward Sword)
20 Possessed Zelda (Twilight Princess)

When I first saw her I got so scared by the way she looked and attacked. Curse you Ganondwarf.

EASY. Would be harder if she wasn't possessed.

21 Mothula (A Link to the Past)

Poorly designed bossfight, you basically don't understand what's going on with the map when fighting that thing, and thus you end up dying once, twice... right at the end of an already frustrating dungeon.
Mothula... looks good, its sprite is awesome, but its fight is unnecessarily annoying. Why is it immuned to the fire wand on its wings? Why is that moth always moving everywhere when you already have to avoid 2 to 5 moving spikes at the same time?
For all these reasons, Mothula might be my least favorite boss (yet)

I don't mind mothula. I actually thought she was fun along with the skull woods dungeon

22 Ganon (Link:The Faces of Evil)

This should be top 1, as ScrewAttack says.

23 Twinmold (Majora's Mask, N64)
24 Ganon (Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon)
25 Bongo Bongo (Ocarina of Time)

I love and hate Bongo-Bongo. So hard. he beat me like 8 times. Fun. But hard.

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