Top Ten Best Mario Kart Wii Character and Kart/Bike Combos

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1 Funky Kong + Flame Runner

This is by far the best vehicle in the game. With beastly speed, drift, weight, and mini-turbo, it dominates on every course. However, the one thing that makes this the best is inside drift. Without inside drift, I don't think I would still be playing Mario Kart Wii. This makes this combination the best in the game.

I mean, it's got the best stats like speed, drift, and weight, which are really the only important stats in the game. Without talking about stats, it just feels so smooth to use, and you can take corners very tightly with this combo. There's a reason most world records are set by this. Get this up to number one!

2 Yoshi + Mach Bike

Not bad at any stats, but good at everything. Yoshi has an off-road bonus which the Mach Bike is lacking. 9/10 for winning and recommended for starters that want to be good at competitive Mario Kart Wii.

I mean, I didn't even think it was that good, but I've loved Yoshi since I was 3 and I always used the Mach Bike with him since it's in his art a lot. I only found out it's amazing recently, but I'm really glad it is.

Not only is it fast, but it also has good stats for everything else! Yoshi's stats are what this bike has low of.

3 Daisy + Mach Bike

My gosh, this list is a popularity contest. Of course, people have Yoshi at number one. Yoshi is awesome, but in Mario Kart Wii, his bonuses are so low. Look at all the comments that say, insert looks so cute in insert. Uh, we're talking about the best here.

Toad and the Quacker has the best acceleration and good in most other stats, but who really wins all the time with it? Daisy in the Mach is behind Yoshi and Luigi in it. Daisy is the best medium-weight character. My top ten would be:

1. Either Daisy/Mach or Funky/Runner, depends on your style
2. See 1
3. Baby Daisy or Luigi on the Bullet Bike
4. Toadette/Magikruiser for its off-road
5. Mini Beast, Flame Flyer, or Wild Wing - Baby Daisy, Funky, and Daisy
6. See 5
7. See 6
8. Baby Daisy on the Quacker or Cheep Charger
9. Funky-Spear
10. Anyone else on Mach/Runner

4 Toad + Quacker

I like it. It quickly helps you recover from hits, but I got pushed far too many times off the Rainbow Road track. It needs more weight.

For those of you who think acceleration matters, well, you're wrong. It only matters when you lose half your speed.

The Quacker has the highest acceleration in the game. Nothing beats that!

5 Dry Bowser + Flame Runner

I have seen this combo in action, and I can assure you - it is deadly. Dry Bowser may not provide anything good in the speed and handling department, but once you see his off-road and mini-turbo boosts, people will just be begging for mercy on the battlefield.

Dry Bowser is hard to get, but you can actually get Dry Bowser and Daisy at the same time if your 150cc win boosts your ranking on the 150cc Special Cup and you already have a star rank on all others.

This is the best combo in the game! I got a star rank on the Mirror Mushroom Cup with this combo, and it was my second attempt at mirror mode.

6 Rosalina + Shooting Star

Personally, I think this is the best combo in the game. It looks really cool and has good drift and decent mini-turbo, two of my favorite stats. I use manual, and this is a really great manual combo. Thumbs up.

Fast with great drift, what more could you ask for?

7 Baby Luigi + Blue Falcon
8 Dry Bones + Bullet Bike

Dry Bones is the fastest I have ever gone, to the point of seeing the red and green sides switch in Toad's Factory. Though I now prefer the Magikruiser aesthetically and for more handling, the Bullet Bike was my go-to for a long time.

This is my favorite combo in the game. I tried it out by going through all races in order in a versus, and almost got the big 460. This combo is very quick and cuts turns like a breeze. And let's not forget the mini-turbo...

This is my main light combo and it is amazing! I use this every once in a while, but I usually use the Funky Kong + Flame Runner combo. My secondary light combo is Baby Mario on the Tiny Titan.

9 Koopa + Mini Beast

Mini Beast plus any smaller character is just amazing. Great acceleration, speed, drift, everything. Got enough weight to defend when you bump into another character.

Koopa is best with the Bullet Bike. It's got decent stats on everything.

10 Toadette + Magikruiser

Statistically, the best character and bike combo for off-roading. Time trial with it on Shy Guy Beach, driving through a lot of the shallow water inside the course, and you'll be well on your way to a good time.

This combo's speed is, however, average. So, I wouldn't suggest doing general racing with it if you can use a much faster combo effortlessly.

The Magikruiser's high off-road gives the game a whole different feel. This vehicle is not the best on tracks with no or low off-road, but this bike absolutely dominates on some tracks, like Shy Guy Beach, and is a lot of fun on tracks with a lot of cuttable off-road like Mario Raceway. Toadette is the best character for this bike because of her slight speed stat and high off-road stat, which complements the vehicle well.

The Contenders
11 Baby Daisy + Bullet Bike

This is probably one of the best combinations. The Bullet Bike has the most drift and mini-turbo of any vehicle, meaning you will be able to make hard turns with ease. Baby Daisy is statistically the best lightweight character to use. She offers a speed and mini-turbo bonus.

Statistically, this is the best small combo. Baby Daisy adds a +5 speed, a +6 weight, and a +3 mini-turbo boost. The Bullet Bike is awesome for a small character.

Best drift in the game plus great speed thanks to the speed and drift boosts Baby Daisy offers. She is a lighter Baby Luigi with better drift. I love that combo and I am a boy.

12 Luigi + Mach Bike

This is a great combo. Usually, the Mach Bike is very good, with amazing drift and mini-turbo. However, it is lacking in weight, and Luigi gives it a tremendous weight bonus, allowing it to not get bumped off on tracks like Rainbow Road.

Luigi adds +6 weight to the Mach Bike, a stat it needs, and also adds a small speed boost. Overall, Mario or Daisy is better with the Mach Bike because Mario adds a +6 weight bonus, a +2 for acceleration and handling, and a +3 boost for drift.

I'm not that good at Mario Kart and don't really play a lot, but this really helped me get better. It's a good combo if you don't have a lot of characters and want to do well.

13 Waluigi + Spear

Waluigi adds a ton of much-needed drift to the Spear.

14 Bowser + Flame Runner

This is better than Funky Kong and Flame Runner. Bowser doesn't have as much speed, but he also has 3 drift and infinite weight.

This was my go-to heavy combo before I got Funky.

This was my first great combo, and it is awesome.

15 Bowser Jr. + Dolphin Dasher

I always play this combo because it's so darn cute (and works well with how I drive). Pretty sure the fastest/best combo used by pros is Funky Kong on Bowser Bike though.

This is a good combo for GBA Shy Guy Beach or N64 Sherbet Land. I use the Dolphin Dasher all the time.

I love how the Dolphin Dasher is a very fast bike, and Jr. is cool.

16 King Boo + Honeycoupe

Honeycoupe is the best kart. The Flame Flyer is overrated. This is underrated.

17 Peach + Mach Bike

Peach is great with the Mach Bike. She and the Mach Bike have the highest drift in the game! And Peach's +6 acceleration makes you not have to SSMT anymore! It should be at least 3rd, in my opinion.

The Mach Bike is already a great vehicle, with great speed, amazing drift, and mini-turbo. Peach gives a drift bonus, making this combo the best for tight turns.

Peach is pretty much the only character I use anymore, and you won't find me on any other vehicle. I love this combo so much, especially when driving manual. Her mini-turbos are phenomenal.

18 Funky Kong + Spear

How is this not above Bowser and the Spear?

19 Rosalina + Flame Runner

Overall, there are better options for the Flame Runner, like Funky Kong and Bowser. However, Rosalina adds a +3 for Speed, a +3 for Handling, and a +3 for Mini-Turbo.

This is the best combo in the game! I always win with this combo. Funky Kong is good, but he cannot beat Rosalina.

Not one of the best Flame Runner options, but it is still pretty good.

20 Diddy Kong + Classic Dragster

Use this all the time

21 Mario + Wild Wing

Nothing is better than the Wild Wing. Mario in the Wild Wing is just the best!

Used this as a kid, didn't know about stats, it just looked (and looks) so good!

This car is the No. 1 car. It's the best on Rainbow Road!

22 Bowser Jr. + Sneakster

This is just so fast! One of my friends plays this every time and absolutely destroys everybody else.

23 Baby Luigi + Bullet Bike

The Bullet Bike is the third-best vehicle in the game, with good speed and the most drift and mini-turbo of any vehicle. Baby Luigi offers a speed and weight bonus, allowing the vehicle to get slightly less air off ramps and more overall speed.

Yet another great small combo. Baby Luigi adds a +8 weight boost and a +5 speed boost, which is great for a small character. Baby Luigi is also cute!

I unlocked three expert staff ghosts with this combo. It's very good for SNES Ghost Valley 2 and DS Delfino Square.

24 Dry Bowser + Phantom
25 Koopa + Bullet Bike

My goodness, where do I begin? This combo is so overpowered! It has great speed, drift, and mini-turbo, and decent acceleration. The Bullet Bike is overpowered!

If you like using lightweights and you don't have Baby Daisy, this is a great combo.

I have always used this combo, and I win every time. Nothing can beat this combo.

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