Top 10 Best Minecraft Minigames

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1 Hunger Games

Hunger Games is awesome! It always has my heart racing and adrenaline pumping through my veins, especially during the deathmatch! I love the luck tied into the PvP, so even if you're not very good at PvP, you still might win! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

I like all the possibilities with this gamemode. There are so many maps, items, and other aspects overall. My friends and I had a blast playing this, and we were playing for a few hours. The biggest reason I like it was the maps we saw were all awesome!

2 Hide and Seek

The fact that you need to pick the right spot to blend in as much as possible is important, as well as luck, hoping the seeker doesn't realize he's in front of a hider. Quite the intensity!

This is the best game I have ever played. I think that it is easier to win if you are one of the last five because people have no idea where to look, and you can hide in the most obvious spots as well. Best game EVER.

I love this! I have spent so much time hiding, and have played hundreds of games of it. Only twice have I ever been the first seeker, though...

3 Cops and Robbers

If you're playing with the right people and you can communicate well, it's by far the best. The map also has to be good enough though. My favorite by far.

This is one of the best games out there. I love the custom map made for it, and if you play with mods, then it just makes the game a whole lot more fun.

I like it because you can easily make it and put it in one of your servers!

4 The Walls

I haven't played this game in a long time, but I love it a lot. On Hypixel, you've got 10 minutes and boom. The walls come down and it's time for war.

This game requires much more strategy than luck. It should be number two! The only one in my opinion that might be better is Hunger Games.

It is awesome! This is my favorite mini-game to play when I have time.

5 Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is actually pretty fun. And competitive. Maybe not as competitive as something like BedWars or Sky Wars, but it's up there.

I love games where you have to capture and take over their whatever and destroy whatever it is they are protecting or just kill them like they're nothing. This game is probably a 7/10. It is that good but not nearly as good as Spleef or Splegg, and this game is the best capturing game EVER! It doesn't just involve capturing. It also involves PVP (which I am a master at in the console version), and that is why I wish it was on PS3.

6 Skywars

This has always been my favorite minigame. You spawn on an island, you get loot, and then you can play whatever strategy you want to. You might rush to mid, maybe go to another player's island and steal their loot, or you could just camp and wait until there's 2 people left. That's the beauty of the game. It's very competitive, and there's many strategies.

I like this game because you can take your time but at the same time you can't. If you're in the middle island, you are under a lot of stress when you search all the chests for gear. I like it because it is so easy and fun to knock players off, and I love the island idea. 8.5 out of 10.

7 Spleef

This is my second favorite minigame, behind Skywars. Whenever you have a few minutes, you can always jump into a game of Spleef. It's not long-paced like The Walls, and it's not riddled with hackers like Skywars and Bedwars. Did I mention that it's original, too?

Spleef is a true original. Playing it has the strategy of knocking people down, the suspense of thinking you could be knocked down at any moment, and the skill of parkouring over jumps and trapping methods. Spleef is also a very easy game to build, using minimal resources. There are many versions of the game, but this is one of the best Minigames out there.

8 Super Craft Brothers

SCB is basically Super Smash Bros. Brawl but multiplayer, so it's much more interactive and exciting.

I like the various kits that are available in the game.

This game is so cool. I want to play it again and again!

9 Battle Dome

Prove which group is superior in combat in factions, without losing anything but bragging rights, worth it.

Battle Dome was invented by the 3 best PvPers ever. Combines brawn and brain.

Frustrating, but the satisfaction of winning is well worth the effort.

10 Parkour

This is my favorite, you never need to worry about what kit you have or what you need, and you can slow down and actually relax, and enjoy yourself! How games are meant to be built and played!

Parkour is an awesome game because it is all about practice. You might not be good at first, but as you play parkour, you get better and better until you succeed. That is why this should be in the top 10 at least.

This game is the best! Why isn't it at the top?! Is it because other people who aren't good at it rage quit? Definitely should be top ten! (In my opinion)

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11 The Blocking Dead

Really cool game, especially with resource packs and guns created using command blocks. Cool in multiplayer when looting other players becomes a priority. This should be at the top, but I guess not too many people like it.

I can never find this game on servers. It seems to be a cool game, as far as I can see.

It's really fun to play because it has a mixture of PvE and Hunger Games.

12 Bedwars

I love Bed Wars. It is like Sky Wars but it has additional features that make building a more crucial part of the game. You have to not only watch out for and take out the other players/teams but you also have to defend your bed and take out the other players/teams' beds.

The best minigame ever released on Hypixel. It blew up like crazy and is just overall fun for the player! It was in the prototype lobby for forever and stayed the most popular game on Hypixel while it was INDEV! This game really sucks you in. I love Skywars, but this game topped Hunger Games, Hide and Seek, and TNT Run. Truly the best Minecraft minigame.

13 Mega Walls

With the staggering amount of numbers in your army-like teams, it may as well be all-out war, like the more the merrier! And the map is really huge! This is a really recommended game.

Mega Walls is very cool and is mostly on Hypixel. You guys should really try it. There are 4 teams and you have to protect your wither from dying. You can fight other teams' wither, etc.

14 Splegg

In my opinion, this is the best game ever. It's very different from Spleef but fun!

A shovel that shoots eggs! Eggs destroy blocks! The hardest game ever.

This game is my favorite mini-game of all time!

15 Wipeout
16 TNT Run

GAME: Running on blocks which later disappear after you've stood on them.

Fun and can get your adrenaline levels up, and it includes a lot of parkour if you're one of the longer surviving players. But I hate when people decide to walk in front of you. Even though that's one of the strategies in the game.

It is a fun game, just like spleef, but you don't need a shovel. You try to be the last one alive. It is a great game and better with friends. Compete with your friend to see who is the last one to survive!

Grian made this game. He is OP at Minecraft and has amazing creativity. He should get all credit for this mini-game.

17 Trouble In Mineville

Possibly one of the hardest Minecraft minigames out there, this game takes days to fully understand and to create the best strategies. As an innocent, you never know who could be a traitor, innocent, or just an RDMer, losing karma is an easy thing to do as innocent. As a traitor, you have to blend in and act as innocent as possible while killing people, a very hard thing to do with many, many strategies to pull off. Overall, this game has you on the edge of your seat all the time!

I played it several times before and see it's hard to blend in as an assassin. You would have to adapt, prove innocence, confuse, and make deception to be successful as detective, innocent, and murderer, but the best qualities I like is how you would have to try coordination, making unity amongst everyone much more important while still remaining susceptible.

18 Bounty Hunter
19 One In the Chamber

This is a good game, but you get hit with karma a lot.

20 UHC

Oh my gosh, this is just as good as Hunger Games, maybe even better.

It's hard but it's fun. The game rules are to get all the things you need and you have to try to kill everyone. Plus, you do not regain hearts.

21 Build Battle

GAME: You're given a certain amount of time and a subject where you build something relating to it. You can then vote on other people's builds.

Fun and can improve your building skills. Requires creativity and imagination.

How this isn't in the top 10, I do not know. It is like the funnest game I have ever played. You can never get bored of it because it comes up with a new word every time. I really recommend this game!

Build Battle brings out the creativity in people and shows how much you can bend the rules by building one word.

22 TNT Wizards
23 Death Run
24 Quake Craft

Fun running around and shooting everyone! Also, a server XP booster as you will have a lot of kills.

Intense and fast-paced. Luck, skills, and playtime required to master this game.

Fast and mindbogglingly fun! Should be a must-play when you visit Hypixel's server for the first time.

25 Creeper Invasion
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