Top 10 Legendary Skins in Fortnite


The Top Ten

1 Black Knight Black Knight

The only reason you like this is because it's "Rare", if it came out yesterday, you wouldn't like it - B1ueNew

Ah yes, Black Knight, of course based off the fighter in Shrek Super Slam. - DapperPickle

2 Ragnarok Ragnarok

His horns are annoying for me. - MrCoolC

3 The Reaper/John Wick The Reaper/John Wick
4 Raptor Raptor

Yeah it's really cool - Lucasbck36

Amazing skin. - DarkBoi-X

The best - B1ueNew

5 Drift Drift

I'm sorry, but my main problem with this and the carbide skin is that you'll see them all season long, even when your tier 100 you'll see them, even on the last few hours of them the season you'll see them you don't see squad leader very often at the last day of season 4 - B1ueNew

Yeah I guess I see your point but this list is bast on looks so that's why it's in the top five - Lucasbck36

Really? , this skin is bad in my opinion nowhere near top 5 - B1ueNew

Give me a break it's my opinion dang - Lucasbck36

He isn't disrespecting your opinion, he's just showing why he disagrees - SpectralOwl

6 Red Knight Red Knight

Still it's a cool looking skin but you are right about it giving season two a bad name - Lucasbck36

So overused and tryhard skin it gives season 2 a bad name - B1ueNew

7 Omega Omega

Worst of the tier 100 skins out there - SpectralOwl

I own and gain usage of this skin. - FortniteTotalDramaFan

Pretty good skin - B1ueNew

That is awesome.It also reminds me of Genji from Overwatch. - DarkBoi-X

8 Raven
9 Dark Vanguard Dark Vanguard

Personally love this skin

10 Cuddle Team Leader Cuddle Team Leader

The Contenders

11 Oblivion

So bad in my opinion, I 100% regret getting it - PeeledBanana

I actually don't like this skin but I let my sister put an item so that's why it's on here - Lucasbck36

12 Wild Card
13 Battle Hound
14 Warpaint

Walmart skull trooper LOL - B1ueNew

I hate this skin - Lucasbck36

15 Valor

She's one of the coolest skins - B1ueNew

16 Rex
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