Top Ten Worst Things to Hear from Your Parents

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1 Because I said so

This will lead to your kids disobeying you because they will no reason not to. As a parent you should be ready to explain to your anything he asks (unless it's a personal question of course) and your kids will love you for that, believe me (I know I would).

I get this from my mom all the time, it seriously annoys me and it is the most cliche saying a parent can ever say to a child!

I mean, what's the logic behind that? Just because you're older and that automatically makes you king of the world?

2 I like your brother/sister better than you

Happened to me few years ago, this is even more horrible when the parent said that in your face,
saying stuffs like "you are a disgrace, I prefer your older sibling",
when I ceased to see the manipulative idiot, I felt better,

having a favorite may be common, but, treating the other kids like trash is dumb, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed.

They say they love me and my sister equally, yet they answer my sister's question first even though I asked them a question first. And my questions are often important while my sister's are just like "Who's evil in Underfell? " or "How much do you play Minecraft? " or other stupid questoons. That proves that my parents lied

Parents: "I'm sorry, but your brother is far superior in every way because he wasn't a mistake, he doesn't act up like you and he's older so..." Like, can parents chill out? All I wanted was some broccoli!

3 You're adopted

What's wrong with being adopted? I'm not, but still..

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with being adopted.

I'm not adopted, I'm born by my parents.

4 When I was your age...

It happened to me one day when I was in eighth grade, in middle school. I was just jamming on some Bollywood songs on my mom's phone, and Mom came to me and said, "Honey, get off the phone and do your homework. At your age, we used to stay in a hostel(boarding school where students sleep overnight there), and there were no cellphones invented at that time. Not even any computers or any internet at that time."

When I was in eighth grade, I was very immature, and Mom and Dad excessively told me to stop crying and get to work and be mature. Even Mom and Dad too were immature in their eighth grade years. And yes, we're Asians.

When I was your age, my life was so much harder, so much more successful. Yeah, we are living in a different generation so stop whining about yours.

5 Now don't be nervous...

The one statement that makes you more nervous.

This never helps at all.

6 What are you doing?

I ALWAYS here this from my mom when I'm on my laptop. It's starting to get annoying.

We need different ways to protect social media from parents.

My mom's fave catchphrase.

7 We're getting a divorce

Well this is almost happened more than twice...

8 I looked at your computer history...

This is my one worst fear.. I cringe just thinking about it...oh, all those things I've looked and she would find out about this site. If my mum ever says this to me, I would run out of the house at full speed.

I don't look at bad stuff but I always delete my history because she takes everything the wrong way. Me: Mom? What are you doing on my computer?
Mom: You want to talk about this? (Points at web history)

If I ever heard this from my parents I would jump out of the window and sprint away so fast, It's the one time my sports teacher would say she was proud of me.

9 You have a problem

If they say the word "mental" before the word "problem", then that's not good at all...

My dad says that to me sometimes.

10 I hate you!
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11 Shut up!

My mum says this to me everyday! I used to love my mum, but now I hate her for this! She's rude and mean to me, which is disgraceful! I want to punch my mum HARD for doing this to me! I wish she wasn't too mean!

Parents are such hypocrites. They teach their kids that telling people to shut up is incredibly rude and disrespectful, and yet they say this to their kids. Parents should just die

My mum said this to me everyday! She trash talks about me and tries to cover my mouth and my nose and I can't breathe! I'm sick of you mother, you always treatme like I'm a serial killer!

12 You are the worst child ever!

My parents say this to me all the time! They hurt my feelings, I cry all day long! They tell me that I'm the worst, most useless child ever and that I shouldn't exist! They've ruined my life!
Worst child ever? For what, doing some tiny mistakes? How can I be worse than people like Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin? I've only made some tiny mistakes!
by the way, the difference is that I've done some little tiny mistakes that can be forgiven, whereas Mao, Stalin and Hitler killed millions of people, which can't be forgiven!

If only I could afford a trip to another country... But sadly, I can't! I can't afford it!
If someone gave me money to go live in another country (at least outside of Europe), I would happily say yes!

If your parents ever say that show them the video about the guy who killed his dad just for grounding him.

I get this a lot from my dad, forced to make him lunch, breakfast, dinner... it's better when I'm with my mom

13 Hurry up!
14 I read your texts... We need to have a talk...
15 This is all your fault

My parents blame me for EVERYTHING just because I am the oldest child in the family and I am sick and tired of it.

16 You're grounded

I have ears this from my parents and my sister.

17 We’re moving

I'm actually really happy when my parents tell me we're moving. I lived in NYC until I was 11 and then we moved to Florida and in a few months we're moving to Virginia. YAY! My cousin who is also sixteen lives there with her mother and me and my family are (it's a big-ish house) moving in with them!

I actually want to move. Our house is very small compared to my relatives' houses, and it is so old that its falling apart.

18 Why can't you be like your brother/sister?

It is annoying when they say that because your siblings probably behave worse

19 He/she is young, that's why

When I was in seventh grade, I was playing some Korean doll games on my computer, then all of a sudden, Dad reminded me, "Why are you playing those childish games? Remember last night why you didn't get a gift at Ruth's show at the church last night? Because the gifts are only meant for elementary kids and you are in middle school, and Jude didn't either, for the same reasons why. Now you should be doing your history homework instead of these stupid baby games!" And remember that I was then in seventh grade, not third grade, and Ruth was then in fourth grade and Jude was in seventh grade with me, but if it happened in my third grade year, I could have easily got a gift at the show and Dad wouldn't have minded me playing those games, and yes, I'm Asian, particularly Indian.

When I was in eighth grade and my little sis was in second grade:
Me: "How come sis has a blue and green sweater and I have a black one? I wanted a red one! That's not fair!"
Mom: "It's because she is in elementary school and you are in middle school, and we couldn't find any good red ones for you, only black was the best we could find for you, and red is for elementary school kids. Black is a more perfect color for a middle schooler, especially in eighth grade."
Me: "What about white?"
Mom: "White is good for any age, elementary or middle school."
Me: "So which one do you like better, elementary or middle school?"
Mom: "I like middle school better, because middle school students are smarter, more mature, and more hardworking than those in elementary school. You are acting more like an eight year old than an eighth grader. Now stop crying!"

20 Who are you texting?
21 When you grow up, you can be anything

When I grow up, I want to be a homosexual! My parents are happy that I want to be a homosexual! I don't care about the 2SLGBTQIANBGF+ community

22 Let me see your Instagram account....

I'm not allowed to have any social accounts...

No need to explain

23 You're stupid

Yeah, like ever since I was in fifth grade, my dad frequently said I was stupid, even if I tried to show nice behavior to him and got good grades at school. But I feel I was relatively not that stupid in fifth grade, compared to middle school, where I had a bad habit of looking up clothes and paper dolls instead of devoting myself in schoolwork, and not even wanting to show him(or even Mom) my poor grades. And then in ninth grade, Dad called me stupid again for not turning off the fan that Mom told me to, and he even told me to turn off the radio because listening to music makes me stupid, while listening to them(Mom and Dad) makes me intelligent.

I was called an idiot instead of stupid and commonly called an idiot

24 I cleaned your room for you

My mom just cleaned my room for me and lost very important church stuff. I cry about it a lot because they were very important to me. This honestly makes me so mad.

"Did you... Find anything? " O. O

And threw my stuff away

25 No

This isn't the worst thing, but it is annoying.

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