Top Ten Most Powerful Titans In Greek Mythology

The most powerful Titans in ancient Greek mythology
The Top Ten
1 Cronus Titan of Time, Evil, and Harvest

ok for the dude who said cronus is the strongest titan of all time, rhea tricked him into a ROCK and cronus thought it was baby, and poseidon didn't nothing, it was zeus that did that poseidon was in cronus' stomach. and you do know cronus is a myth right and why do want all the humans to be dead and that's not even true because cronus made humans. next time you vote read the myths first.

What do I say about this powerful legend he is without a doubt the most evil, most darkest, and the most cruelest villain in the Greek mythological world.
The most epic thing about this character is that he is very fearsome so much that he would be the equivalent to Dio Brando.
Another thing is that he is so dangerous and terrifying that it would make every character in the Greek Mythological World including the villains to go on a chaotic rampage and fear to know if he ever resurrects from the lowest depths of the underworld.
To think he was the youngest out of the first generation titans but yet manage to overpower his older siblings.

I would say Atlas, but strength isn't only physical. If you need a reference, think of tornado from 1 punch man. Not physically as strong as saitama, but could probably go toe to toe with him. Strength is many things so kronos is technically the strongest.

Ok where do I start...

First of all Cronus is the strongest titan of all time! He would have killed Poseidon if his wife didn't trick Cronus into thinking that she gave first to a sheep then Cronus ate the sheep. YIKES. And without Poseidon Cronus would still be ruler of the world and all humans would probably be dead. Thanks Rhea! |

2 Atlas Titan of Strength and Endurance

You have to remember, especially in Greek and Roman mythology, these being of great power respected strength of will and conviction. Cronos was the only one who attempted and succeded, in killing their primordial father, Uranus. Atlas didn't, he was Cronos' top general.

Atlas is said to be the strongest titan and the second most powerful.

Holding up the skies and heavens isn't easy.

"But wasn't he proven to be the strongest? "

3 Iapetus Titan of Pain and Mortality

Since Iapetus is one of the Elder Titans, he has very enhanced strength, speed, and endurance, which allows him to survive Tartarus.

As the Titan of Pain, Iapetus has absolute control and divine authority over pain, as well decreasing or increasing pain.

To be honest the only thing I don't get is that Lapetus should be the best Titan because couldn't he made Cronus mortal and kill him.

He could take the away the Immortality and the other Titans Immortality bow to him!

He held up the sky at one point! I think he would've been better ruler than Kronos

4 Hyperion Titan of Power, Light, and Fire

He is very powerful and wise.

Hyperion, should be king

He is awesome

5 Oceanus Titan of the Sea

In my opinion, Oceanus is underrated. He is a great Titan, and deserves to be treated with the respect.

"I think oceanus is somehow underrated if he so wish he can send a tsunamis and will swipe everywhere."

He is as strong as Poseidon or even stronger. He deserves respect.

He was peaceful he should be Number one for that!

6 Krios Titan of Constellation and Stars

Krios has to be powerful, I mean he could just pelt the other Titans with stars and use the Constellation against them.

7 Helios Titan of the Sun

So godly, so hot, ahh my eyes!

Son of Hyperion he could cause blindness or just vaporize someone with the heat of the sun

8 Koios Titan of Farsight

Nobody will be able to defeat as he will know it long before. Kudos KOIOS!

9 Prometheus Titan of Forethought

He helps man at his own risk, Zeus once offered to free him from the vultures if he took fire back from man, and HE REFUSED. EPIC

He was the creater of humans! you should put him higher up because without him we wouldn't be here. (if Greek mythology is true of cause) and also he could probaly out think allmost anyone else exept for Koios.

This dude is little

10 Rhea Titaness of Motherhood

Rhea had withstood Cronus's brutal enforcements and ideas. She can definitely be seen as a strong female figure in Greek mythology

If those three main gods (Zeus
, Posiedein, and Hades) are powerful than fear the woman that created them!

The Contenders
11 Gaea Mother Nature

You might think think that Gaea (Goddess of the Earth) is so nice and forgiving since she is Mother Earth, but if you do think again.
Gaea is the personification of the Earth itself. She was the one who enticed the titans to kill their father, Uranus.

Gaea created the giants to destroy and replace the gods after the gods defeated the titans.

Stop saying she is a god she is a primordial a child of chaos all the gods are ants compared to her she could literally 1 million time stronger than them.

People wake up Gaea is the most powerful being on earth. she IS earth. she controlls earth and in ALL MYTHS, is the most power god/titan of all time

She is a god not a titan

12 Typhon Father of Monsters

He almost overthrew Olympus and Kronos never did so this titan's obviously the strongest.

Father of monsters speaks for itself.

Strongest titan ever

He is the strongest character in greek mythology and can tower over kronos and even his father

13 Perses Titan of War

Because he is a titan he is most likely more powerful than Ares

14 Uranus God of Universe

He can use the universe. So he can use a planet to block attacker's swords. He can also spin planets so fast that the gravity on them would fail and everyone on that planet will get throughn out into space and die.

Isn't he suppose to be Cronus father whose got overthrown by Cronus?

15 Hecate Titan of Magic

Along with being the goddess of crossroads, the abandoned, she is also the goddess of magic. With magic one could do anything. Therefore Hecate can do anything unlike the limitations of being your average god Hecate has it all

Magic isn't limited at all, is she wanted something she could say some words and it would be done?

She could cast spells that can kill, and lives in the depths of Tartarus as one of Persephone's lieutenants.

16 Thanatos Titan of Death

I think death is cool

17 Tethys Titaness of Rivers and Lakes
18 Pallas Titan of Destruction

Yes this dude would be powerful.He could probably destroy Tartarus if he wanted to!

19 Briareus, the Eldest of the Hecatoncheires

The dude didn't even know his own power, he could throw up to fifty boulders the size of mount olympus at once. Not kidding, the whole reason the Olympians won the Titanomachy was because the this badass and his other brothers, Cottus and Gyges, hurled boulders like a bunch of savages.

Not a titan he and his two other brothers were a completely different race from the titans that would be like saying a cyclops was a titan,have the same parents but completely different race.

20 Selene, Titan of the Moon
21 Coeus, Titan of the Mind
22 Styx, Titaness of the River Styx
23 Elder Cyclopes
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